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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 15, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian A NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, June 15, 1911. Vol. 4. No. 52 JEFFERSON HEIGHTS Sold at Public Auction and Brings $18,366.87. the way in which they responded. Everybody was then invited to partake of the good things to eat and this movement here as being a worldwide one and that people all over the United States were watching the results of the proposition to build a school here, according to the plans provided for by bonding the counties. He said the county bonding proposition was the only way to place Kentucky where she belongs educationally, and said that the graded Beautiful Site of Five Acres Donated to Jefferson tovn School Splendid Address, music sanu Good Things To liat. MM 1 sub-divisio- n first-clas- sub-district- s, n ( Jeffer-sontow- property. Thousands of dollars were spent in building macadam streets and sidewalks, in grading and in otherwise improving the property. A noticeable feature of the sale was the fact that local people purchased the greatest number of th lots, the majority of whom bought for the investment, A number of Louisville people also purchased lots. Rev. L. K. May. termer pastor of the Methodist church here, now al Irvingtou, bought two beautiful lots. The day was ideal and a fair size crowd was present. The greatest occasion ever known in .leffersontown. or in Jefferson county, so far as a progressive move me n t is concerned, took place Monday, June 12, when Jefferson Heights, in Jefferson the prettiest county, was sold at public auction by Geo. H. Fisher, of the tirui of (Jeo. Ninety H. Kisher Is. Co., Louisville. lots were sold at an average of a fraction over $200 aggregating over fix, 000. While the above amount seems; to be a large sum. it is a very low price for such a magnificent piece of Lincoln Way. the Bardstown and the Preston Street Roads, and then some, and this tax could be continued till all the roads leading from the city limits to the county line could be put I run sat e s in condition. the fiscal court will favor this plan and have the right to make the levy for the purpose, and I am sure it would benefit Louisville, the county and the state far more than ttie one mill from the dollar will damage any one. It fact the mill will return dividends a hundred fold. Our motto is, "United we stand, divided we fall." Let us stick by our count v paper, work together for good roads and schools, love God supremely and our neighbors as ourselves, anil we shall never fall. UNITED drink. After dinner E. R. Sprowl spoke on the terms of the sale aud the amount of work required to bring about the County is Desired By H. W. largest sale of lots ever attempted H. Fisher, in Jefferson county. Geo. Moremen. the auctioneer, made a tew remarks before beginning the sale, and spoke of the generousness in giving the school ground and the advantage it schools, now proposed by a few would be to the community. He read would not only not improve a letter from Edward E. Albert, a Says Ths Jeffersonian Represents AH One Mill Tax Would Build All architect of Louisville, conditions, but place us- - lower down offering free of charge plans for the scale of education. The Roads. After the address of Prof. Snively. building the first house to be erected Mr. Semouin arose and said that the on Jefferson Heights. Every speaker and every body Ommercial Club started out to present were enthusiastic in their day in make.Iuuel2 a gala Valley Station, June 12. -- Some one To do this it was necessary praise of Messrs. McFerran, Sprowl gift to ask the help of the ladies, and and Monahon for their generous say- at the picnic said to me. "Why don't how well they succeeded was man- of the lovely school grounds, all you South Jefferson people start a ifested by the good dinner they had ing it was the prettiest part of the paper to boom your day was a whole interests?" I The prepared for the hundreds of guests present. A better lunch was never success and will long be remembered told him we had a paper already served, and Mr. Semonin paid a as the grandest day this communily one of the best in the state. The Jeffdeserved tribute to the ladies and ever experienced. ersonian- and my effort and my wish Ninety lots were sold, as follows: he good people of the community for was that all the South Jefferson people would take it What is to BLOCK A. the interestof South. lefferson is to the 175 feet at $3.7;" .$ 050.25 Wheeler & Owings Lot No. interest of the whole county, ami M at 4.50 2 D. A. Floere 154.38 what benefits Buechel or Prospect u at 3.25 3 D. A. Floore 17. 12 benefits South Jefferson. Paul says, 3.75 47i at " " 4 D. A. Davis . 178.12 "for none of us liveth to himself, and It at 3.75 5 D. A. Davis 194.00 no man die til to himself:'' our Savior t M 48i at 4.00 (J D. A. Davis 175.00 says we are to love our neighbors as 50 at 3.50. " " 7 E. V. Sprowl 171.50 ourselves, aud we are no more to do 49 " " 8 Ed. F. Wetstine it 3.50. 150.00 harm to our neighbor than to ourm 50 at 3.00. 9 J. C. Bruce 119.25 selves aud when we harm our neighM 53 at 2.25. 1() W. L. Herbold good, we .'W0. 00 bor, or fail to do needed 78 at 5 00. " " 11 J. M. Seabolt baXS onr..lveS. 875.00 175 at 5.00. " " 12 J. M. Seabolt .' There is Miss Wetherby. The 200.00 50 II H at 4.00 J. M. Seabolt J 237.50 whole county and the whole state is 50 at 4.75.. " 14 J. M. Seabolt 275.00 interested in righting her wrongs, 50 II II at 5.50. 15 J. M. Seabolt If 250.00 and removing the cause of them. II 50 at 5.00 1(J J. M. Seabolt 025.00 a wrong is done to any one in the 125 II II at 5.00 M. Seabolt 7 J. 189.00 mountains, the Pennyrile or the Pur54 II i. 18 E. F. TucKer at 3.50 183.75 chase the whole Cjuimon wealth is II 52 U at 3.50 J. C. Bruce 187.25 hurt till that wrong is righted, and if 3 50 at " 20 J. C. Bruce . 200.25 the mountains, the Pennyrile or the m 55 II at 3.75 21 D. A, Davis. 107.75 Purchase is lifted up from and ceases 61 at 2.75 ii ii 22 D. A. Floore. to do evil and learns to do well, or if $0,098.02 it is doing well and does better, the well-know- ' Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year n. Hok.u k W. Workmen. sub-divisio- n. -- CORN KING I Visiting His Uncle, Has Wan Thausandr. Our Middletown corresp mdenl says: W. T. Clore entertained week in honor of bis' nephew, Leonard B. Clore, and wi IV. ol Franklin, Ind. Mr. Leonard Clore has the distinction of being called the Coin King of the world. Today lie si ts the world pace in this cereal. He will talk corn day and night or Sunday. When but a boy he nude his first corn exhibit aud captured a first prize and year after year has continued to win. Mr. Clore waisuperiu-tenden- t of the agricultural department at the Chicago and St. Louis expositions. He was manager of the New England corn exposition held at Worcester, Mass., last year: also director of the National coin exposition held at Oinaiia, where 20,000 exhibits were competing for prizes ag- . BLOCK B. Lot No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 J. L. McBerne Chas. Cruse Mrs. L. C. Owings Mrs. L. C. Owings E. R. Sprowl E. R. Sprowl E. R. Sprowl... f oJ.lfVijjMpn: Beautiful Entrance to Jefferson Heights. W. 9 10 J. Ferguson 90 50 50 50 50 50 50 feet at $5.00. at 4.25 " at 3.25 102.50 137.50 102.50 175.00 212.50 JttSUM " at 2.75 " at " at " at sff " ai " at 50 $ 450.00 212 50 . 3.25 3.50 4.25 .:jsv: 4.25 3.75 2.25 2.25 2.50 130" at W.J.Ferguson.: school that would be a credit to any 474 at 11 ' E. K. Sprowl doing Rarlv in the morninir the neonle kommunity. As a stimulant for 45 " at E. R. Sprowl 12 he referred to beau to arrive from all sections of better things here 47 " at 13 R. E. O'Connoi Jefferson county: the brass band Buechel as "Stringtown on the from the Louisville Industrial School pike,"' because the town is strung out BLOCK C. was on hand playing tine music: the all along the pike. Prof. Keubelt 5.1 acres donated to school. committee appointed by the local said that the citizens of Buechel Lot No. 1, C. D. Tyler, 50 feet at $3 75 $187.50. Commercial Club was busy getting would jump at an opportunity like 1.. BLOCK D. !.: u.l I. u ff.uuiliaii evervthiBK in readiness, and the l& teet at people Lo take advantage Ol wnat Lot No. 1 Chas. Youngman ladies of the town, headed by Mrs 75 at 3.25 " 2 Chas. Youcgman had been given them. He presented K. H. Snively, were preparing one of 574 at 2.75. K. H. " " 3 Dr. H. N. Leavell the grandest picnic dinners ever the deed to the ground to Prof. 59 at 2.75 N. Leavell school aud a " 4 Dr. H. given. Too much praise can not be Snively, trustee of the 53J at 2.50 " 5 Dr. H. N. Leavell member of the County Board of Eduto the good people of extended 534 at 2.50 " 6 Dr. H. N. Leavell cation. The deed provides for the and vicinity, and es534 at 2.50 7 Dr. H. N. Leavell " pecially the ladies for the way in erection of a school building to cost 55 at 2.00 $10,000 and to be built " 8 C. F. Bryan which they responded in giving good not less than 874 at 1.45 " " 9, 10 E. R. Sprowl within live years. If the school is things to eat to all that attended the 40 at 1.50 not erected in that time, the land " " 11 E. R. Sprowl. sale. will le sold and the proceeds given Lots Nos. 12, 13, 14, 15, IK, 17 and 18 They had enough and to spare. lo the Children's Free Hospital in not sold. About 10:30 W. J. Semouin, presiBLOCK E. Messrs. B. N. Keubelt, dent of the .leffersontown Com- Louisville. 61 feet at fi.oo E. K. Sprowl Lot No. 1 E. R. Sprowl mercial Club, mounted the speaker's W. J. Semouin and 50 at 1.25 Sprowl svere selected as trustees to hold the 2 E. R. stand, aud after a tew well selected 50 " at 1.50 property until the terms ol sale are 3 E. R. Sprowl words of praise to the ladies' com' at 1.50 50 ,..-- ; complied with. 4 E. R. Sprowl mittee and the people of the com" at 1.50 50 Prof. K. H. Snively in accepting 5 E. V. Surowl munity for their hospitality aud 50 " at 1.50 the properly for the school, deliver6 E. R. Sprowl faithfulness in making the day a 50 " at 1.50 a very practical address. He said 7 Chas. Youngman success, so far as the entertainment ed 50 " at 1.50 Youngman mat while a lew people believed 8 Chas. was concerned, introduced Prof. H. 50 " at 2.75 mat $10,000 would be a large sum to 9 J. M. Seabolt N. Reubelt, who on behalf of the 01 " at 2 25 raise, that it was a very small sum, 10 J C. Bowles Jefferson Heights Land Company, 85 " at 2.00 11 Chas. Youngman iroui the fact that each boy and girl presented the . beautiful 60 " at 1.50 by the school was benefited 12 H. S. Gardner tract of land to the school. He de- lo be a great deal more than 60 " at 1.50 Semonin worth 13 Mrs. W. J. that livered one of the most eloquent ad60 " at 1.50 sum. He said this was the grandest 14 Mrs. W. J. Semonin dresses ever heard in this com624 " at 2.50 opportunity .J ellei sonlow u ever had, 15 Mrs. W. J. Semonin munity. He dwelt upon the advan60 at 3.00 16 Mrs. W. J. Semonin tages that a new school would bring aud ii the town did not raise the 024 necessary amount lo build the Semonin at 2.75 17 Mrs. W. J. about here and said that the dawn ol 07 at 2.50 school, thai ils obituary should be 18 L. M. Bryan a new .leffersontown had arrived. He : 744 as Jeiicrsoutow u would pass at 1.50 19 E. R. Sprowl said the people of Jettersontown hau ivrilten, O at 1.75 out ol existence as far as a school or E. R. Sprowl 20 been asleep for many years, but they 56 " at 1.50 21 B. F. Gardner are now awakening to the needs of any progress! ve mo emenl was cuii. 534 " at 1.50. Snively referred to 22 B. F, Gardner the community and would build a cerned. Pro:. School Site Donated. j "" 212.501 487 50 106.81 101.25 117.50 $ 406.25 243.75 158.13 102.25 f 7 133.75 133.75 " v i B. F. 50 50 50 Gardner..... v n MeKenzie F. D. McKenzie 110.00 109 37 09.00 $ BLOCK Lot No. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Ben Ford J. E. Carlin J. E. Carlin J. C. Bruce P. P. Litterer P. P. Litterer Harvey Stout Haryey Stout Fred Hoke J. C. Alcock 14 L. M. Bryan J. C. Bruce 15 J. C. Bruce 13 16 f R. Sprowl R- Snrowl r '18 Car Line Along the Front xa. Ben ' Ford I I It gregating o,ouo. At the National exposiliou ueid in 1907 at Chicago, Mr. Clore carried away the grand sweep staKe prizj. This and his other brought his total wiuniugs to $....... Teu ears ol" corn won this amount. One single ear was sold an aucuou tor J0. .vt LI LUVT M HinrTT , LUC nCXt anilml' of nis leu euis he captured the seed grand sweepstake prise, winning tic is liuowu as the Coin j4,0O0. Corn 17111 Mr. and .vl i s King by his w inimigs. Clore Keep house with his com Id the lisl ia evert thing prizes. to a GraiiU i rom a manure spreader uprignX piano, iuciudmg farming implements, watcb, clock, stove, mandolin, lawn swing, automobile, farm in Texas, and a silver losing cup. valued at $l,ooo. Mr. Clore is uov considering a proposition. The Czar of Russia has offered linn a position . takes work, time and money. What can be done to gel the money? A mill is the one thousandth part of a This means it takes one dollar. thousand mills to make one dollar. If a tax of one mill on the dollar was olagii-coturin the Russiau department levied on the assessed value of the to teach the Russian tanncity aud Jefferson county it will raise ers how to grow corn. The Czar has an amount sufficient to build the heard of him and wants him. e STYLE SERVICE SATISFACTION 91.50 02 50 . 7o.00 75.00 75.00 75.00 75.00 7500 137.50 137.25 170.00 90.00 90.00 90.00 156.25 iso.oo 171 87 167.50 111.75 112.00 84.00 80.25 75.00 87.50 " at 1.50. " at 1.75..: " at 1.50. 75.00 $2,619.87 L. K. May L. K. May is benelited. is $1,660.00 i 1 state what The Jeffersonian stands for in our county. ll is for the whole couuty. But 1 started out to write about the Lincoln Way, the Bardstown road and the Preston Street Road and all the other roads leading from the city iiujils lo ttie county line and ihw we may get all of them. We want all of them, and as far as am concerned, if calling all of them the Lincoln would Way would get us the roads, say do it; but naming them the LinThis 133.75 e 23 24 25 whole $2,750 62 coln Way will not build them. ' live-acr- Dollars Mr. . ...-.- Midile-tow- n in Corn Shows. . 1 of 1 . a" W. T. Clore, of Good buggy, $40 Best buggy, $ 1 00 Styles Are Ready for Inspection. Our 191 1 F. feet at at n5 at 146 52 50 50 50 50 i31 l2i 50 50 00 52 at at at at at at at at at at at at at at 55 at $2.75 5.35. 4.50. 5.25. 6.25 5.00 5.50 5.50 5.25 3.00 3.00 4.00 3.00 3.25 3.00 2.75 2.50 2.75 $ 401.50 615.25 261.25 275.63 312.50 250.00 275.00 275.00 687.75 McCormick Mowers, Binders, Hay Rakes and Twine. 145.50 145.50 496.00 150.00 102.50 150.00 144 38 131.25 151.25 $5,030.26 SOUTHERN SEED COMPANY Incorporated Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, Ky.

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