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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 11, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

iTrr7i y 9 7rrr i- J i < w i i v j Z 1 uc M aL S Jrf a J 7 VOLUME 9 fI i DIED AT 81 YEARS THE FISCAL COURT J Thos Morrison was born and reared in Adair county his home being Valuable Improvements Outlined ii Milltown About ten years ago he removed from this county to Sum ¬ > and the County Enters a mer Shade Green where lie J New aflfliC Era member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and had teen for His wife who GOOD SOLID ROADS WILL BE BUILT more than fifty years survives him is 72 years of age but is il afflicted and since the death of her husband she has made her home with The Fiscal Court adjourned last Fri day afternoon after being in sessio the father of Mr James and Mr John from Tuesday morning and from start Morrison of this place both of whom to finish so far as we were able to observe did its duty in a fair square ma ner meeting every proposition that were conducted at the late residence by came before it in a manner well befi ing competent men who have the goo present of the county at heart As is usual the remains were interred in the Cof r the many claims for aiding the working roads etcwere presented a allowed after finding same to be jus In matters affecting the future welfare respected by all his friends and will of the county some important ste were taken but taken cautiously discreetly The advocates of good friends The surviving members of roads are feeling jubilant since the the family return their heartfelt court gave an evening to the citizens to thanks to all those who kindly admin express their views and to aid in devel ¬ istered to the disceased during his oping a plan by which to accomplish long illness the building of macadam roads After YINCEYT iDQCKERY due deliberation a levy of 20 cents was made for this purpose and which means that at least a few miles of road will Three weeks ago the News announced be built this year the plan yet to determined The court also decided buy a farm for the purpose of keeping ysis and was lying in a critical condi all county charges for less money to tion He lingered until Sunday night the county and more comfort to the un- of last week when death ended his suffortunates In this as in the move fo r ering He was about sixty years old stone roads we believe an important and was a good citizen He step has been taken The levy for or- ¬ Jailer and Deputy Sheriff hadbeenI dinary county expenses including a su to be invested in buying a farm an erecting buildings foots up 26 cents on ery who is the President of the Bank the 100 A committee to find a suit- ¬ of Jamestown For years he had been able farm and one to inquire into the best methods of road making was a pointed and will be in position to report in a few weeks The sum total now be given by us but with no discreit to former courts of this kind we Re ¬ lieve that the present set of Magistrates The following dates show that their and entire membership of the court has been a change in thetimeofJiold combined has given more evidence o fing the courts in this district The progress than aiy similar body that ev-¬ order in which they now come is er convened in Adair county The en- ¬ Adair 3rd Monday in January May tire makeup are men of good judgment and Septemberand their start shows them in touc h Metcalfe 1st Monday in February with the progressive spirit of our times June and October This paper is in full accord with th plans and actions of the court an stands ready to aid in the good won k Casey 1st Monday in March July outlined and undertaken and November Cumberland third Monday in March In this issue Coffey Bros advertise July and Novembertheir fine horse Lincoln Squirrel an d Monroe 1st Monday in April Auyour attention is directed to it if in gust and second Monday in December any way interested in raising high class DEAD AT 71 YEARS horses His pedigree shows him to be equal to the best in the entire state and as an individual he can be seen in Sunday night April 1st 1906 at the their stable any day Coffey Bros J Burress are too well known throughout thi country to need comment or recommen- ¬ died at her late home at Elkhorn Tay dation from us for in all their experi ence they have dealt strictly on the was afflicted several months before her square and have handled only such demise She was an excellant Christ stock as could be well patronized in any ian lady a member of the Presbyterian section In the makeup and breedinMr G P Burress of of Lincoln Squirrel they are convinced of this place being one of the number tHat they never had his equal and in view of this they solicit the patronagof their many friends who desire to cemetery many relatives and friends raise good horses Read the advertise ¬ being present I devout at o Jamest0 Lyon Buggy Special T 1906 The THIRTY FOUR Valuable Features Will Sell These Buggies < padded 1st Full Depth Top 44 in 2nd Deep ¬ waterproof roof 5th wood faced head linings 6th woodfaced lined rear cur¬ tains 7th mole skin front valance on top 8th Leather open sanatary spring cushion 9th Leather oven stuffed spring back 10th High leather padded dash 11th Leather fall on cushion 12th Four rollupjstraps on back cur I taint 13th Full length velvet carpet 14th Inside panel finished or carpeted 15th Leather padded seat ends 16th Round seat corners 17th 36 in shaft leathers 18th Double braced shafts 19th Long distance dust proof axles 20th Bradley shaft couplings 21st 8 point center clips on front axles 22nd slick painting 23rd extension spring toerail 24th Threeprong oval steps 25th Guaranteed select hickory wheels 26th All wood whip socket rubber capped 27th Curtains stitched tucked and reinforced 28th Option of Bailey body loops or woodspring bars 29th Body screwed glued and plugged with heavy sills running full length of bed 30th Seat well bolted on to bed31st Longitudinal spring when desired 32nd Lined holder on dash 33rd Option of open head springs when ordered 34th Plain or nickel trimed as desired PAINTINGBody Black Gear Green Vermillion Red or Black as ordered f Axles 1516 inch arch or drop 48 or 52 track Wheels Sarven f or 1 in tire 3640 3842 or 4044 inch high Bodies 18 20 2or 24 in width and 55 in long While the body is painted plain black regular it can be furnished fancy stripped and ornamented seat risers or if prefered can furnish it in rosewood or marbleized green noticeWe features with any other buggy that will cost you from 10 to more sold by other dealers 15 c THE LYON BUGGY CO Eihhorne CAMPBELLSVILLE JUST RECIEYED KENTUCKY J H Murrell a representative Mrs Tim Bradshaw has recieved her of this paper was in Monticello Burn stock of millinery the nicest line she side Somerset and Liberty last week has ever offered to the public The At Monticello he found business fairly goods were selected by Miss Effie Brad good though but little work was doing shaw who has been in the market twoin the oil fields on account of we t weeks Ladies are invited to call weather There is much talk in Monti satisfaction gauranteed cello of a railroad striking the town 2l3t MRS TIM BRADSHAW and the people have a great deal of faith in the project He found DrJTaylor the health phyis Dr H Grady and family well At Burn clan has given notice to the citizens to The Standard SawMill Company of Buffalo N opened a lumberside and Somerset he met a number place and is now ready to yard at this acquaintances and his stay at bot places was made pleasant and profita- promptly so that when hot weatheble Circuit court was in session a t sets in the town will be in condition to is in a twoacre lot on the Campbells Liberty and Judge Baker was dispatch- ¬ fight a contageous disease should a case ville pike justbeyond the bridge The ing business rapidly The people ofJmake its appearance The Municipal business is managed by Mr B F Rake and E H Newberryhas charge Casey county are very enthusiasts c Board should at once turn its attention over the prospects of a railroad and to the streets and alleys of the yard This enterprise will pay out thousands of dollars addinggreatly her citizens believe that the iron horse the business of Columbia will be plowing through the county tr to an early day fined to his room since the first of Jan- ¬ Miss Fay Cain daughter of uary until a few days ago with a bone The Committee on Arrangements and felon wztsin town Saturday Mr Hen las Cain died ether late home near Ii the Committee on Program for the son is not yet well and it will be a long Glenville ilast Sunday night 1She was Home Coming week are requested Mr 2N SSL Presents to the Vehicle users of Adair and adjoining counties a New Years Business Wjnner and Money Saver In our Lyons Special Top Buggy Es andi seve ment UMBER > TIlE LYONpGGY CO CAMPBELLSVILLE KY Februaryd d 11 1906 0 1906 YP > APRIL v I officerd COURTSd WEDNESDAY t m > oo wasn whichn friendsd then mant manyand thePs a 1o 6WJt4 nor y 1n- COLUMBIA ADAiR COUNTY KENTUCKY Yj p JWk 5 rr t w t I C I att I UL Miss Lina Rosenfield entertained last chafing dish Saturday evening party in honor of Miss Mary Ricbie Burkesville Others present Misses Hattie May Penland Margaret Taylor Daut Marcum Jean Duncan Nina Marcum Dr and Mrs C M Russell ProJf RE Seat Prof QWenmacher Mr Jo Russell Mr Jas Dr sanitaryhbusinessr toa Ybas ¬ tMrp T > offb WalkeriW spent consumption r egperieacewithaf J HIN u MAN CHAIRMAN 5I j t f < n r j1 JS1f t> x < VY f t- Jy f ve1himtom buildingin worship the old church t Jbemg toolJD to accommodate the y pr lldf ofNlatmfiieIWI1J P it t r it n is finishing Reeds mother inwbicbI Capt W W Bradshaw purcnaiedb v from the Harmon hens last week tIe house on the public square in which Bradsahw Jones are conducting tieir undertaking business for TOO V> The second motorcar arrived tait V IThurlJday afternoon a d two mtctjto bon during her long Jllneis I being a r aggregation It studies Reed iz an excellant pure tntw s4 this jOac far recovered f voriteof tlie family The iirterroeet that a committee hM been appointed youngmari and hk progr s m coltege i andCa pb lkvill TLe last car tfav glad to se e JfUiDtbe friJterewere JI ly gntIfy tawi ref ds anitito Ii his ast +twelve pas ngar to i 1JkL j M fctrdiit tbib1 fri tlyh < oclock This will to an important JDetmcandjtjs hoped that all the know that he has so conunitteettini will attend Hk niany JD YQf1ectingane the county J The principal of the coll egejat Mar- yIvilleTennan institution which School census I testimonyIWill The Methodist people members of cation sends the church at this place are thinking lac T tomeet intheoffce of tie Adair Coun ¬ ty News next Thursday evening at 730 are being taking There are ninety from two hundred Adair county citil two common schools in Adair sevehtys zees It will probably take all the I nine white and thirteen colored week to conclude the case It is our Miss Kate Walker entertained last understanding that seventyfive wit nesses have been summoned It is also Thursday evening in honor of her cous ¬ in Miss Margaret Walker of Nell Refreshments were served and delight ful music rendered t r served and the evening delightfully JrrSi t IThe t illT d 7k r5P L t irCOIuJ ta ill t krli kMridr bJ fr m f > j a SfcM LIjJSSS fj W fJ fTF t r c Ittr J i 41i > r tiOWrt T >j T itt 7f MMi ifcl i theJ < feowi Ct J I 4 i I t L a r yt i f iff Y 0 rf a 1 0 i- S T

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