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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), September 22, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian ALL KINDS OF PRINTING Executed to Order in the Latest and Best Style Reasonable Rates. Apply at The Jeffersonlan Office or Call Cumb. Phorc 36-- 3 for Estimates. t SAVE MONEY HERE. . TL. jcucrsuman ana uc I Louisville Times Evening Post Daily Courier-Journa- l Daily Herald MM Both year! I $4.50 3.50 6.40 3 25 ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, September 22, 1910. Vol. 4. No. 14. public purposes. For instance, a after spending the summer with Mrs. Her guests Lucy Chamberlain and family. road for autos 200 feet wide could be were Rev. J. T. Daniel, of Louisville, Rev. Jones Kirk, of Louisviilt , has built from Washington through and Mr. Nelson Clore. been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louisville, Mrs. Bessie Muller, of Louis, to Kansas City and could Smith and Miss Annie Bright. with Mrs. E. T. spent the week-enA number of people from here at- Follows the Crowd On Earth Is Through the Real branch from there over the Southern Pleasant Surprise Shower Given Mitchell. And Goes to Free Educational Lecture at There will be a free lecture at the to Southern California and over tended the fair and reported it very trail Prince of Peace. good. Miss Amelia Kaiser. The State Fair. the Northern trail to Oregon Methodist church Saturday evening, Methodist Church. The choir of the Portland Avenue Another road of the same kind could stereopticon views upon modern with Christian church came out Friday run from Albany, through New Yrk, education. night and kindly assisted with the Rey. Buchanon, of Louisville, will Of AH Conservation the Conservation of Men Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washing' ton to Jacksonville and Tampa. Meeting Closed at Fairview Baptismal Ser- singing at the Worthington Christian Is Proud of Her Folks," for They Are of Interest Concerning the Good preach at the Christian church SunEverything is Most Important, Writes Horace "Some Pumpkins' church. Another from Cleveland through Protracted Services vices Friday Social News day. People of This Thriving and Miss Louisa Miller, of South Park Columbus, Cincinnati and on to W. Moremen. Miss Mamie Clore, Mrs. B. T. ColeAt Worthington. of Interest. Community. spent the week-en- d at her home. Pensacola. Another from Chicago man and Mr. Will Tharp will return Mr and Mrs. Roy Gable and son through Indianapolis, Louisville, and from Owensboro Saturday, where Chester, of Chicago, are visiting her on to New Orleans. Another West they have been spending a week, atWhen Christ quit the glories of of the Mississippi from the Canadian St. Matthews. Sept. If. The news at this Sept. 19. Mr. and Mrs. Wm.Fegen- - parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. LittreK Middletown, Sept. 20. Miss Alma tending the state convention. Heaven and came to earth, died and to the Mexican line and connecting bush are receiving congratulations Mrs. Wm. Hibbs has been visiting place has been sent in in a haphazard visiting Brown, of Bardstown, is fashion, consequently has the appearance Mrs. Will Tharp and children are rose atrain for men, he set the value the Oregon and California ends of on the arrival of a little son, born her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Bald, of a Chinese puzzle, so I will put you on your Miss Sallie May. at Cloverport. visiting relatives mettle to solve the problem. Mrs. Cassie Blankenbaker, of Louisof a man not some particular man, the road across the continent. If the Wednesday, Sept. 14. Mrs. Fegen-bus- in Eastover Park. Mrs. Jas. Ellingsworth entertained Everybody who could raise fifty cents Miss Alberta Netherton, who spent profits of the metal and mineral was before her marriage Miss ville, was the guest of Mrs. A. K. a dinner party Friday. Her guests but any man, Caucasian, Mongolian resources of the country had been in Effie Seay. some time in Eminence, has returned went to the state fair last week: some went Maddox Monday. to see. but the greater number were there were Mrs. G. A. McDonald, Shawnee, or Ethiopian, and the price is infinite. the past used for the benefit of we Mr. and Airs. (Jharles hsusath are home. to be seen. The motto of these gatherings is. Miss Olivia Orr, of Brandenburg, Okla., Vance McDonald, Mrs. E.T. So, any man is of infinite value. the people there would be no one the recipients of a baby boy, born "We will meet each other there." Really, is visiting friends here this week. Mrs. A. L. Maddox and Christ says, "and if 1 be lilted up hunting a charter for five hundred this week. was impossible Miller spent Tues- Mitchell. ILLUSTRATED Miss Elizabeth to get an answer. I took a circuitous route Master Max Mitchell. wilt draw all men unto me," and the millions for the benefit of mankind, as Mr. and Mrs. X. S. bkiles had day with Miss Viola Weatherbee. and rattled every telephone in the country Mrs. A. C. Durr entertained Rev. "kingdom of Heaven is like a little but if these sights have been re- their guests at dinner Friday the Saturday for news with no result, until the Rev. B. F. Orr, of Brandenburg, ser- leaven which a woman took and hid linquished heretofore, why in the Rev. T. S. Tinsley and Bro. Herbert Lecture on "Schools Here. There and Every exchange, in sheer desperation, besought was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ellsworth, of Jeffersontown, after me to cease, for the whole community was vices at the Lutheran church Sun in three measures of meal till the things that remain should this policy Tinsley. where" By Prof. James Speed at Hoard last week. at the fair. Then I followed the multitude, pro be continued, and an'acre or square whole is leavened." The lifting Mrs. Jacob Hikes has just returned Mrs. Mattie Kelly and two sons, day. and was amply repaid. The exhibits were Middletown. Mrs. Edgar Wiseheart, of Fisher-vill- cess is going on and the leaven is mile worth $1,000,000 or $100,000,000 from St. Louis, where she has been excellent. I am proud of "our folks." for and Rudy, of Owensboro. are James others must acknowledge at last we are entertained Sunday Mr. and working and more and more the be sold for $10.00 or be appropriated visiting her brother, John Ayres, who visiting her sister, Miss Sallie Wood-smalProf. James Speed, now a teacher "some pumpkins." Mrs. Elijah Yeager. Mrs. Joe Durr, nations and people are believing the without any compensation? And the is ill of typhoid fever. A ounday-schoo- l conierence was of English in one of the leading School began Tuesday, which sobered Mitchell, of Louisville, Emma Yeager and Jas. Hockersmith ten commandments and the sermon profits on whatremainsof our mineral Miss Bessie on the mount. They are the best wealth together with the useless war held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. schools in Louisville, will give an down to work our "younger visited relatives here last week. set" after a guide for human conduct not an in- expenditure would build roads and S. Skiles Sunday afternoon by the illustrated lecture on "Schools here, vacation of ten weeks, when not a w ave of Mr. and Mrs. John Gates, of PrinceFISCAL COURT decent dream and the Prince of school houses for industrial and members of Fairview and Hike'sSun there and everywhere" on next Sat trouble rolled across their peaceful brow. ton, was the guest of Mrs. Hugh Peace will soon be on his throne and agricultural instructions and where the Rev. T. S. Tinsley of urday evening, Sept. 24, at 7:.;o The finishing touches of enjoyment was Milliken Friday. brought to a climax last Friday evening. . o'clock, at the Methodist church in Mrs. Clark McDonald and Mrs. G. Members May Buv "Auto"' and Electric nations and people be ruled by love the bible could be taught in every ficiating. Meeting closed at Fairview church Middletown. instead of war and hate. There is a township of the United States and Mrs. J. Foreman chaperoned a party of A. McDonald spent Thursday with Fans Judge Kirby Overrules Modifference of opinion about the best the roads be made so good that we Sunday evening with nine additions. Mr. Speed was formerly of Spencer young people to a ball at Lakeland. Mrs Swan. Mrs. Chas. means to bring this result. Mr. could tro all over the country on rol Baptismal services will be conducted county and is well known in this and F's.. own girlhood is of such recent date sh e tion of Two Squires. Miss Leona Carter, of Anchorage, s in all Roosevelt is a leading figure in the ler skates. As it is my people perish Friday evening together with aJBible adjoining counties, and it is needless theseperfect sympathy with the pleasures of is teaching the Poplar Level school. "buds." To add to jollification. eyes of this country and of the world. for the lack of knowledge and the school institute, which will continue to say a large crowd will turn out to Miss Hancock, from Pewee Valley, joined, Miss Gertrude Swan spent the County Clerk's His opinions probably are more in- preparations for war go on. If the Saturday and Sunday evenings. The six fans in the hear him. He will have something the party, in which was included Miss week-en- d as the guest of Mrs. Ben office, installed some time ago at an fluential than those of any other liv- sums wasted in alcoholic drinks and Bro. Herbert Tinsley left Monday to say concerning the proposition of Julia Dorsey. Miss Gladys Gresher. Miss Swan. expense of $100, will be paid for by ing man. His idea is that peace is if tobacco were added there is no morning for Lexington, where he will better schools for Jefferson county, Virginia WhiDps and escorts real live Mr. and Mrs. Claude Tatchell and beaus making these little ladies feel like the Fiscal Court, and there is no ques little daughter, Mildred, spent the tion but that the automobile for the best promoted by being prepared for telling what could be accomplished continue his studies at the Bible and everybody should be present. No grown-ups- . m mm war, while righteousness is all cor- At any rate the sums spentby Canada school there. admission will be charged whatever. week-en- d visiting her mother, Mrs. Some of our babies have started to school use and benefit of the members of the rect as a peace promoter, an army and the United States for armies and Mrs. George Wilhelm and daughter, Be sure to attend and take the chilTom Hoke, of Jeffersontown. and feel so important, and their mothers so McDonald, of Shawnee, Fiscal Court also will be purchasedat and navy are indespensable, and navies without waiting for an inter Mrs. Theodore Wallace, had as their dren along to see the pictures. Prof. lonesome without their prattle such is life: Mrs. Geo. a cost of about $4,300. In an opinion while his tour of the navy around the national disarmament would be spent guests on Monday Mrs. J. W. Sum Speed will deliver his illustrated Okla., spent last week the guest of handed down Saturday Judge Samuel world was good practice for the sail- in schools, roads and churches and mers, Mrs. T. S. Skiles, Miss Cleone lecture at Bell Station schoolhouse Protracted services, day and night, at Mrs. Clark McDonald. Kirby overrules the motionsof Magi- ors and soldiers, it was actually like be much more conducive to peace Summers and Miss Sadie Skiles. Shelby-ville- . at Harrod's Creek tomorrow night, Worthington Christian church is in progress Mrs. J. C. Warfield, of this week. Practical precepts are being week-enSept. 23. Mrs. strates Hollis and Dorsey seeking to a man in a crowd of other men going than immense monuments and if the Mrs. Katherine Schmidt is enter with spent the proclaimed each day. which, if followed. enjoin the payment for the fans and to each and shaking his fist in the $5,000,000,000 used through the world taining would be advantageous to all in this world relatives from Ohio this Wm. Hoard. automobile. face of each, and saying "I can just for war services yearly was so used week. and that which is to come. But Mae Cook, of Cvnthiana, the Miss Elda $5.25 FOR $2.00 In their petitions filed Magistrates whip any man here." This trip had the Prince of Peace would soon "We eat and drink and scheme and plod. Miss Juiia Penn, of Sulphur, and Dorsey and Hollis declared Miss Amelia Kaiser, who is to be And go to church on Sunday; that the about the same result. The other reign and the Volopuk, the language HOME AND FARM, the South s greatest Mr. Jas. Guthrie, of Clarksville, purchase of an automobile wasan inmarried this fall to Wm. Balke, was farm paper, for a full year, regular price Many are afraid of God But. more of Mrs. Grundy." Tenn., were the guests of Miss Kate stance of extravagance, and was not nations have increased their navies of love, would be heard in every land given a surprise miscellaneous show 50c and worth it. and armies and Canada, with as little and every clime and be understood, er by about one hundred of her This Bro. Friend made a very personal ap. Guthrie last week. UNCLE REMUS MAGAZINE, founded by plication, by having each one of us provided for by statute. Judge Kirby reason for a navy and army as we ask our and none should say to his neighbor Mrs. Chas.Swann entertained Monespecially-maddecides that the Fiscal Court, in its have, is excited on the subject and is know the Lord, but all from the least friends from Buechel and Louisville Joel Chandler Harris, a magazine year, reg- selves this question: "What kind of a church for Southern people, a full day for Mrs. Elijah Yeager and Miss operations and work in maintaining would this church be. if all its members was at the home of her parents, Mr. and to spend millions, that should go into to the greatest should know him. just like me:- As yet. there has been no Emma Yeager. Mrs. Henry Kaiser, on Saturday even ular price $1.00 and worth it. and looking after the making of roads roads and schoolhouses andchurches, I am sure the work Mrs. Johnston ing Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes, of last. Delightful refreshments GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, the best mag additions, or outward manifestations of infor ships and armies and one appro- (and of other like her), is doing were served and the dining room and azine published for home and housewife, results, but frequently the greatest and guests of Mr. and the building of bridges, cannot Shelbyville, were the one full year, regular price $1.50 and worth most lasting good is accomplished in the telligently vote on the expenditureof priation for the navy is almost 140 is more conducive to the peace and Mrs. Jas. Urton last week. hearts of the congregation, which in after large sutnsof money unless they have millions for this year. Righteousness of the world than all the war prepar table were beautifully decorated in it. ears brings forth fruit to the glory of God. THE EVENING POST, a daily newspaper Miss Mary Lee Weisen, of Cres- means of making examinations and of red and white. Many lovely and use is better than armies and navies. ations of all the nations, and besides ful presents were received. devoted tothe best interests of Kentucky, as the cent Hill, spent the week-en- d being conveyed over the roads. Judge David only had a sling and five they new buildings at Springdale are going to any that take the sword shall perish Miss Dorothy Bischoff was the guest euualmonths, daily newspaper in the county. upThe rapidly I can soon guest of Mrs. S. D. Weatherbee. so regular price $1.25 and worth for 3 Kirby says that an automobile could pebbles. report them com by the sword. D. Conn was The sale of Mr. C. pleted and the families moved in. of Mrs. George Wilhelm Sunday af it. not be purchased for the convenience Mr. Roosevelt is vehement, and Very truly yours, THE JEFFERSONIAN. the only news well attended and everything sold of any one member of the courtorthe A. B. C. ternoon. paper entirely devoted to the interests of Horace W. Moremen, brought a good price. Mr. and Mrs. County Judge, but if severalmembers rightly so, against race suicide, but Mr. Thomas Bradley, of Indian- the people of Jefferson count)', onef ull year, Inspect Midway School. Conn expect to go to the city for the have to investigate certain workthey there is the futility of the various Valley Station, Ky. apolis, and Mr. W. A. Benson, of regular price $1.0o and worth it. nations filling the earth with men to Messrs. John B. McFerran, E. S. winter. have to have means of going overthe Nashville, have returned home after Above you have a value of $5.25. which we Monahan,T. H. Kurz, J. P. Shively. Automobilists Dismissed. Mr. Geo. Schench left Thursday work, and they can purchase or hire have them shoot each other down, areoffering fora limited time fifl a visit to Miss Corrine Alderson and for only J5.UU Prof. R. H. Snively and Dr. S. D. for Nashville, Tenn., where he ex- the means. Judge Kirby says itisnot or to have them burdened with a Shelby News: The cases against her guest, Miss Mabel Haile,of Nash Where persons can secure The Post trom Wetherby went to Midway, Ky., last pects to make his future home. Mrs. within the purview of his courttopass load of arms and armored ships till J. Lowry Bullock, of Louisville, and ville. agent this offer is void. Address. Monday to inspect the new $i.3,000 Schench will go the first of October. on the extravagance of the Fiscal the load is overwhelming? Why Hampton Gilliland, of Fisherville, THE JEFFERSONIAN. should the United States be influenced charged with exceeding the speed Mrs. Lena V. Conrad and nephew, school at that place. They came Mrs. Geo. Schuster returned home Ky. Jeffersontown. Court. home full of praise for the people of Friday, after spending a month in As to the purchase of fans, Judge by the course of other nations and limit on a public thoroughfare in Mr. Elvis Smith, of Macon, Ga.. and Mr. RobertLynn have returned home, the people burden themselves with For fire insurance at best rates see that enterprising little town, and reLouisville. Kirby says they have become a ne- the machinery of war, when peace automobiles, came up for trial yes after a delightful visit to Mr. and port that the same can be done in and Lucille Misses Josephine Judge Ralph J. C. Alcock, Jeffersontown, Ky. Jefferson county if our people make cessity now in all public buildings and the arts ot peace are what we terday morning before Mrs. M. L. Conrad. Gwathney entertained Thursday for like any other modern conveniences, Gilbert in the Shelby County Court, up their minds to do it. Cumb phone want? War is a young man dead in The case against Mr. Bullock was Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Weatherbee, and he sees no reason why the Fiscal the midst of a vast plain with a APPRECIATION Linny and Viola Wetherbee. Court should not pay for them if it vulture standing on his breast and first tried, and after hearing the Mrs. L. P. Arterburn entertained so desires. Courier-Journaevidence from the Commonwealth picking out the young man's eye witnesses, Judge Gilbert sustained a Thursday for Mr. J. W. Roman and balls, with hundreds of vultures motion by the defendant's attorneys Of the Stand Taken by The Jeffersonian in family. VALLEY STATION soaring in the air to alight on other for Mrs. John Brentlinger entertained instructions, and he Cause of Education From Former dead young men, dead because of was dismissed on motion of the CounSunday for relatives from Fern State Superintendent. Sept. 19. Mr. and Mrs. Robert war. Mr. Roosevelt says the There are, in this neighborhood, agents for several Creek. will be remembered Miller, of Shi vely, spent Sunday with civilized nations must keep prepared ty Attorney. It Mrs. Hugh Milliken entertained Mrs. John Miller. on Thursday of the Shelby Fair that "bucket bowl" cream separators. "Bucket bowl" separatfor war from fear of the uncivilized. Mr. Bullock's machine was wrecked makes us feel that our labors It Mr. and Mrs. Kelly D. Alsop spent ors are the kind with wide mouth bowls, full of parts, set Sunday with Mrs. Mariah Stewart. Under the rule of war every nation a few miles west of town, as he at- are not spent in vain when we reCLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. on top of their spindles. These Mrs. Anna Fenley, who has been is uncivilized and barbarian to every tempted to pass a car driven by Mr. ceive letters like the following, visiting relatives at Brandenburg, is other nation. Mr. Paulhan's flight Gilliland. On the stand the witness which is from the former Superinagents say, to farmers intending expected home this week. on England was not appreciated in es stated the accident resulted from tendent of Public Instruction, Prof. this head One Cent Advertisements under Mr. and Mrs. Ed Demply and little England as well as it would have to buy a separator, "Look out for blowing out, aud not from J. G. Crabbe, now president of the a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. son, Edward, of Louisville, were the been if an Englishman instead of a a tire speeding. Eastern Kentucky State Normal the Tubular," or "Don't try the guests of Mrs. William DempleySat-urday- . Frenchman had won the prize. School at Richmond, Ky.: For Sale. Tubular," or "Beware of the TuCLARE. Miss Irma Armstrong, of Louis- Patriotism is bound by stake lines, Richmond, Ky., August 30, 1910. Editor Jeffersonian: May I express iana, is the guest of Miss Dorothy while God thinks as much of a bular." To hear them talk you Fob Salk 100 oushels of Harvest Kin? Moremen. Sept. 19. Mr. E. A. Taylor and my appreciation of and interest in Frenchman as he does of an Englishat $1.10 per bushel. S. A. STIseed wheat would guess right away that Mrs. E. R. McAllister and daugh- man and has paid an infinite price daughters, Misses Harriet and Ruth, the stand taken by your paper in, the Buechel. Ky. VERS. Cumb. phone E. cause of education in Jefferson ter, Virginia May, and Henrietta for the Hottentot as well as for the spent last Monday in Louisville. As State McAllii.ter were guests of Mrs. J. R. Chinaman, who tninks not only the Miss Isabel Downes is visiting in county and in Kentucky. Superintendent of Public instrucLouisville. Fob Salb Several hundred locust posts, C. Jeffers in Louisville Tuesday. Hottentot but the Englishman and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Jones visited tion, I became very intimately infrom 7i to 10 feet long; also lot of locust Mrs. Gradie Davis, Mrs. J. E. formed in regard to existing condipoles. E. R. SPROWL, Cumb. phone Miss Eula Stovall and Mr. Neill the Frenchman barbarian. relatives in Louisville last week. in the rural communities and Jeffersontown. Ky. Stovall, Misses Bettie Hagan and The golden rule requires a world spent Saturday tions I am not now in a position to Mrs. Chas. Downes while Ida Ray: Messrs. John Lane and patriotism, and if race suicide is a with Miss Alice Downes. is the best cream separator made, give these conditions the same atRed Fob Sale. A lot of tine Rhode Island Dec. Richard Hagan, of Stithton, and heinous crime, war is murder. Rev. and Mrs. M. D. Austin, of tention, I am none the less interestat $1.00 each if taken before and that these "bucket bowl" felCockerels, Mr. Hart Hagan, of Trenton, were spent Friday with Mr. ed. I read The Jeffersonian from R. 1st W T. CARLIN. Buechel. Ky., R. the guests of Mr. J. B. Neill and Christ is the only remedy for all the Louisville, A. Taylor. lows are afraid of it. And they time to time and it is certainly ills of mankind, war included. The and Mrs. E. family last week. Hon. Mrs. Ida Walters has returned gratifying to know of the splendid guest of best means to usher in the reign of Mrs. Gus Scott was the are afraid of it. The Tubular d vies, weight about 50 her sister, Mrs. W. H. Brawn, of rht from Louisville, where she has been work which is being done by FOB the Prince of Peace is the only visiting her sister, Miss Vassie citizens for rural school concows giving milk and one Parkland, Friday. pounds each; two Observe the plumb surpasses every other separator question. Instead of super-dreaheifer. U. E. FLOORE. Jeffersontown. Kv. Moore, and attending the state fair. ditions in your county. toYour people Mrs. George Beahl's guests Sunday naughts, as in their power bob on rear of the Tub- in every particular, and you far as our country is Miss Cora Morris, of Lawrence- - have itschools the equal make their were Mis. Joseph Kern and Miss Agof the best rural concerned, I would suggest conser hnro-- is excected this week to visit anywhere. A judicious expenditure nes Mack, of Louisville. ular frame. It makes should take mighty good care Wanted. itfr. and Mrs. Fred Katzman and vation not of our water power and her cousins, Misses Harriet and of money raised by local taxation Misa Lucille Miller, of Louisville, forests only, but of our mining land, Ruth Taylor. will work wonders and it will be inleveling quick, easy, ac- you do see a Tubular before you Wanted. If you want to sell anything er were guests of Mrs. J. W. Knadler. teresting to me to watch the rapid our gold, silver, copper, iron, coal We will be Miss Leona Martin spent the week- growth which will develop, because want to buy anything, this column is the curate enables you to buy a separator. Miss Mary Guthrie, of Campbells-burg- , and petroleum,or any other product, place to advertise. It is read by everybody. end with her parents atSimpsonville. the public are becoming aroused and Ind., is the guest of Mrs. W. and kept under the control of and Keep the Tubular level pleased to show you the latest Rates onlv one cent a word. Messrs. Frank and William Dur-- will demand the best for their childC. Kennedy. and get the best work Tubular and give you an illusforett and sister, Annie, spent several ren. Miss Hattie Dodge left last week for the benefit of the people. by the month. I have known personally for years, Wanted Good farm hand E. V. SPROWL. for Frankfort. When a farmer buys a farm the days in Louisville visiting Mrs. out of it. trated catalog. your good fellow citizen, Mr. John Good job for the right man. Mr. Willie Brown, of Parkland, supposition is he owns to his boundary Hungerland and attending the state B. McFerran, and I am confident phone. Jeffersontown: Cumb. spent last Sunday with his aunt, Mrs. as far as he can see up and to the fair. that his school ideas are sane and nsurance center of the earth down. This is Miss Mamie Bridwell, of Seaton-vill- safe and I think it would be a great Wanted You to place your flre C. A 'cock. Gus Scott. J. In the very best companies. See shame and misfortune should your Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Hagerman the way it is with "we the people" in is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. people fail to approve and to follow Agent. Jeffersontown. Ky. had as guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. the United States and in the first Tom Graves. C. Monroe, of Louisville, Mr. and his ideas for better education. barrels fancy Keifer pears. Mrs. Fred Watson. Mr. J. Hart, of place, we the people owned all the I am, very truly yours, Wantbd-5- 00 Miss Birdie Morris, of Lawrence-burg- , Cumb. phone. Big Clifty, Miss Nettie Hagerman mines, powers ana products, ana it J. G. Crabbe. E. V. SPROWL. Jeffersontown, is expected Friday night to we have given away and sold for a and Mr. Boyd Watson. week-enwith Miss HarRev. Robert Johnson will leave mess of pottage a large part of our spend the WORTHINGTON NEWS Notice I have several tons ot fertilizer Monday for Russelville to attend riet C. Taylor. domain, it is not necessary to confrom spring and summer orders, left over the annual conference of M. E. tinue this course of action and sell Mr. Guy Jones and sister, Miss Sept. 17. Miss Margaret Morris, Incorporated and parties needing anything in this line Church South. me. N. B. JOHNSON. will do well to call to the Guggenhiem and Rockefellers, Edith, attended the state fair Thurs- of Anchorage, spent the week-en- d Ky. Jeffersontown. Cumb. phone Louisville, Ky. the guest of the Misses Maddox. and Jefferson lFor fire insurance at best rates coal, gold and copper mines that can day. The Jef see J. C. Alcock, Jeffersontown, Ky. be worked by our representatives in Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Bridwell. Mrs. H. W. Simcoe and daughter, The Dailv Herald and Washington and the profits used for spent Sunday with Mrs. Lucy, returned to Louisville Monday, fersonian, both one year, $3.25 Ctmb. phone 36-- after services Sunday. MIDDLETOWN. BUECHEL. PEACE A. B. C. d h e, l. day-schoo- .. l, .. d e - .. .'$(-- .'. l. ARE THEY AFRAID? pre-empto- ry 111-- 12-- 3 The Sharpies Tubular Sto-val- l, 36-- t- public-spirite- SALE-Eig- d 14-- 1 . , 14-- tf e, 14- THE SOUTHERN SEED CO., -i d 14-- 0&-- 2 Preston Ton-Grave- 3. Li 1 s Sts.,

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