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Image 64 of Annual report. 1926

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

. . W sg g » - ,.o;=+L-2; i g»>..>.rv:~; ij ‘ ff _*_ __YA_ 16 Kemtucky Bulletin N0. 264 As in the preceding year the steers h·ad become accustomed g to silage and were eating 45 pounds each daily at the beginning of the experiment. On November 4 this was increased to 50 ° pounds. They had become accustomed to cottonseed meal also and were eating 1.4 pounds per head. The first day ’s ration of » corn was 3 pounds per steer. As the com and eottonseed meal Wefe inefeiised the amount of silage eaten Huctuated slightly but did not begin to decrease materially until December 9, on Whiell date €HCl1 Steer was eating 11.4 pounds of corn and 2,8 pounds of cottonseed meal. From January 20 to the end of the l experiment the steers in Lot 6 ate approximately 20 pounds of i ; ·~ silage per head daily. From February 3 to the end of the ex- · periment the steers in Lot 6 were given slightly more cotton- seed meal than were the steers in Lot 5. This was not done in I the first experiment. ` After the substitution of clover hay in Lot 5 it was planned to keep both lots consuming the same amounts of shelled COPD, o 3 but much difficulty was experienced in keeping Lot 6 up to the Q standard set by Lot 5, so that from time to time the corn fed to I Lot 6 had to be reduced in amount. _ , , ii On February 15 an attempt was made to increase the corn ‘ to 20 pounds per head daily, but the steers in neither lot would i ° consume this‘amount, so that the practical maximum of corn , p fed at any time was 18 pounds. A Afte1· the steers had become accustomed to cottonseed meal · Y it was increased gradually so that it was fed at the rate of g Slightly over 2.5 pounds per 1,000 pounds of live weight i ·· . The steers ate very little straw, tho at times they would pick some out of their fresh bedding. No straw was fed to Lot 5 while clover hay was being fed. The amount of feed consumed per hundred pounds of gain j . l is shown in Table IX. l _ it , V — c i

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