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Image 1 of The Beattyville Enterprise June 2, 2011

Part of The Beattyville Enterprise

The Beattyville Enterprise Serving Lee County, Beattyville and the Three Forks area for 127 years Feds charge five in Owsley for drug pipeline M e m o r i a l Five people were indicted last wee0 by a federal grand 5ury for allegedly conspiring to bring thousands of pain pills from Florida into Owsley County. The ve are identied as being from Owsley County. Named in the indictment are ?arvin Reed, Jason Reed, Thomas Little, Dristi Rae Davis and Donald F. Terry. No ages or addresses were given. According to an afdavit in the case le, Little and Davis were stopped ?onday, ?ay 16, near Brunswic0, GA by ofcers of the Georgia State Patrol upon the reNuest of DEA Agent Richard A. J. Dalrymple of London. Upon inspection of the silver Dodge Durango, the ofcers found Q,RST oUycodone tablets in a plastic bag concealed in the vehicle. After they were advised of their rights, the two said they were transporting the QV mg. tablets to ?arvin Reed and Jason Reed in Booneville. They offered to assist law enforcement in delivering the pills to their destination. The two were transferred to the DEA in London on Tuesday, ?ay 1S. Little said he had made three previous trips to Florida for the Reeds. He said he had been accompanied by Terry and Davis. He said that on the rst two trips, Terry and Davis met with a female he 0new as XLewitY in Florida. They received in eUcess of R,VVV oUycodone tablets each trip. On the third trip, he said he went with them to meet Lewit in ?iami to get another R,VVV plus oUycodones. All three times, he said that the two Reeds came to his home to get the pills. Little said he was paid Z1,VVV each by both Reeds per trip. Before the last trip, Little said he went to ?arvin Reed’s residence the night of Fednesday, ?ay 11, and received ZR],VVV. He then went to Jason Reed’s home and got ZRV,VVV. He and Davis left Owsley County for Florida on Thursday, ?ay 1R, he said. Fhen they got to ?iami, they called Lewitt, and then met her behind a Citgo service station. They paid her and got the pills of Friday, ?ay 1Q. During a separate interview, Davis said she had made three or four trips to get the pills, and was present when the Reeds received them. On Tuesday, ?ay 1S, Little received a call on his cell phone from a person who was later identied as ?arvin Reed. The caller wanted to 0now Little’s location. The phone was in the possession of the DEA when the call came in. Little returned the call and said they would meet at his home at R p. m. that day. At 1^RV p. m., Jason Reed arrived at Little’s home and too0 possession of a large bag of oUycodone QV mg. tablets. He was arrested as he was leaving. ?arvin Reed arrived at Q^QV p. m., and too0 possession of the remaining amount of pills, and was arrested. X?arvin Reed attempted to throw away the oUycodone tablets as law enforcement approached,Y Dalrymple said in the afdavit. The Reeds, Little and Davis were then ta0en to the Laurel County Detention Center. Charles Delly Dilgore, attorney for ?arvin Reed, reNuested on Thursday, ?ay R6, that his client be released on bond. In his reNuest, Dilgore included almost identical letters of support from 1Q private citi`ens in Owsley County who said they did not 0now what Reed was charged with, but that if he could not get a ride to court they would personally ta0e him. Also included were letters from Owsley JudgeaEUecutive Ronnie DeBord, County Cler0 Sid Gabbard and ?agistrate Jesse Bishop, Jr. Their letters were also almost identical. DeBord and Bishop said they had 0nown Reed most of his life. Gabbard said he had 0nown him all of his life. They went on to say that Reed had Xalways been a good person,Y and they did not thin0 he was a ight ris0. They said they would vouch for him that he would appear in court when told to do so. All three letters were on ofcial letterhead. A chec0 by the Enterprise on Tuesday, ?ay Q1, with the Owsley Circuit Court Cler0’s ofce to further identify the ve charged, showed people with those names with only misdemeanor records. There were three ?arvin Reeds. LCHS graduates 49 Sunday ! ! ! A class of bc seniors graduated from Lee County High School Sunday. Principal David Land presented the class, which included valedictorian Daylee Stic0ler and salutatorian Ni0isha Liesegang. Stic0ler and Brett Napier received citi`enship awards. ?embers of the class are^ Du0e Allen, Devin Arnold, ?ichelle Irene Baumgartner, Andrew Bird Broc0way, Chase Burton, Cody F. Caudill, Tiffany Dawn Caudill, Rodney Lee Childers, Hallie Broo0e Cornett and Delly Crowe. dachariah P. Dennis, Dristen Rae Ford, Jaima Fult`, Summer Nicole Gibson, Tabatha Renea Hall Gilbert, AleU ?ichael Gordon, Dimberly Sue Hayes, Eli`abeth Ana Heilman, Cody Ray Holliday and Fhitney Leigh Ann Hopson. Anthony J. Horton, Cody L. Johnson, Darrin Gale Johnson, Lendella Nancy Ann Johnson, Fesley Johnson, Ni0isha Rochele Liesegang, ?ichael ?athews, Rebecca Jane ?cIntosh, Clarissa Hope ?cDinney and Cody Dylan ?iller. Dayla Renee ?ontgomery, Shawna ?arie ?oore, Bradley Dieth ?orrison, Denny Napier, Jr., Brett Austin Napier, Dere0 F. Pelfrey, Dontarius B. Pittman, Gabrielle Faith Reece, Randelle Han0 Roach and Aaron Jacob Roar0. Randall James Ross, ?indy ?arie Rowland, ?ary E l i ` a b e t h S h o e m a 0 e r, J e n nifer Renee Slone, Dendra Nicole Snowden, Ryan Ben5amin Spencer, Daylee AleUandria Stic0ler, Terance Devin Townsend and Tyler Broo0s Fat0ins. Local jobless rate improves L ee County’s 5obless rate dropped by more than a full percentage point from ?arch to April, according to the Dent u c 0 y O f c e o f E m p l o y m e n t and Training. The April unemployment rate in the county was 11.] percent compared with 1R.6 percent for ?arch. All of the other counties in the Dentuc0y River area also showed declines. The counties, their ?arch rates and those for April are^ Breathitt e 11.R percent to 1V.T percentf Dnott e 1R.b percent to 11.S percentf Leslie e 1Q.T percent to 1R.c percentf Letcher e 1V.T percent to 1V.R percentf Owsley e 1R.R percent to 11.b percentf Perry e 1V.6 percent to 1V.R percentf and, Folfe e 1Q percent to 1R.1 percent. Febster County had the lowest 5obless rate in Dentuc0y for April at seven percent. Jac0son County’s 1T.1 percent was the highest unemployment rate. Unemployment statistics are based on estimates and are compiled to measure trends rather than actually to count people wor0ing. They do not include people who did not loo0 for employment during the period.

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