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Page 667 of Plays / by Clyde Fitch ; edited, with an introd., by Montrose J. Moses and Virginia Gerson. (vol. 2)

THE CZIMBERS ized for the first time that my old friend did love me, love me with an ideal devotion the noblest woman in the world might be proud of! I didn't tell him then I loved him, but now I take this chance, I take it GLADLY before you !-forced by you! I tell him now, what perhaps he has already guessed, I love him with all my heart - I love him I I LOVE HIM! STERLING. Damn you both! then it's the end of meI [He pulls out a pistol and tries to put it !o his temple. BLANCHE. [Cries out.] Ned! WARDEN. [Seizes STERLING, catches his arm, and wrenches the pistol from him.] So that's what you planned to do, is it - make a wretched scene like that [It begins to snow more heavily. 6('7,

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