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Image 4 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 30, 1948

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

-- deeded filncd as APHIL -- r .:?r:n c? r 7 Beginning at a point In center line of Bardstown Road and south line of Gardiner Lane, thence with line of same, to a point in east line of Newburg Road; thence with east line of Newburg Road to a point in center line of Old Shepherdsville Road end Buechel Bank Road, thence with line of Newburg Road, extended 61' East, to a point in center line of Fern Creek and southeast line of Stansbury Tract; thence south 63' 00' East to a point in southeast line of Westerman's Tract; thence with line of same and east line of Williamson; to a point in south line of J. W. Bryan; thence with east line of J. W. Bryan to a point in south line of August Fischer thence with east line of said August Fischer Tract to a point in north line of August Fischer Tract and south line of Bardstown Road; thence with line of aforesaid to a point in center line of Fern Creek; thence with center line of same to a point 500 feet northwardly to a point being 400 feet and paralleling Watterson Lane; thence with line of same to a point 400 feet east of ' Nachand Lane; thence parallel with Nachand Lane to a point in the north line of Six Mile Lane if extended; thence N 40 00 W. 2,400 feet; thence N. 28' 30' W., to a point. 200 feet, north of north line of Hikes Lane; thence with line of same to a point 200 feet north of north line of Eon Air Lane; thence with line of same to a point 200 feet north of Goldsmith; thence with line of same; to a point 1,000 feet east of center line of Goldsmith Lane; thence west with south line of Gardiner Lane if extended 1,000 feet west to the beginning. COMMISSIONERS BUECHEL WATLR DISTRICT J. C. Kirchdorfer, Chairman J. Frank Vogt, Treasurer Maurice Luker, Secretary. I70TIC2 C7 fAT Ey virtue of V. E, No. CAW directed to me, which Issued from the Clerk's office of the Jefferson Circuit Court, in favor of J. Raymond Barrett doing business as Barrett Funeral Home, esalnst Thomas Wheatley No. I, or one of my deputies, will, on Monday, the 10th day of May. 1948, between the hours of 10 o'clock A.M., and 2 o'clock P.M., at 11 A.M., or as soon thereafter as is possible at Mayflower Transit Co., 810 E. Broad-wain the City of Louisville, Jefferson County, Ky.. expose to PUBLIC SALE to the highest bidder, the following described property (or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy plaintiff's debt, interest and 303-14- 5. to-w- LODGZ II0TICZ3 Jeffersontown Lodge No. 774, F. & A. M., will meet in stated communica- - n A eaiuraay evening, May 8, at 8 ociock rQT w01 f w'i SchooL V' k at the Jeffersontown Members expected and visiting brethren invited. R. L. EPPIHIMER, Master E. WARD JEAN. Secretary POULTRY AND SUPPLIES FOR SALE New Hampshire chicks, hatched from U.S. approved pullorum clean eggs, direct from New Hampshire; 30 - day guarantee. Simpsonville Phone 2852., Turkey Farm, Shelbyville, Ky. Brit-tai- n 6, Route 44tf costs) Gas stove Frigidaire Breakfast table and 4 chairs Dinette suite Table and 4 chairs 5 overstuffed chairs , 1 divan 12x18 carved Wilton rug Philco cabinet radio 3 maple lounge chairs 1 studio couch 1 Philco cabinet radio 1 9x12 carved Wilton rug 1 double bed to-w- it: 1 1 2 west-ward- ly Classified Ads Bring Results 1 INSURANCE PROTECTION! . FIRE . i 1 1 1 LIFE AUTO . i j Res. HL 6019-- dresser chest double bed Thomas Wheatley. - VM. VESTERMAN, JR. chest night tables vanity dresser wardrobe chest. Amount to be raised: $777.50. Levied upon as the property of YOUR AGENT - vanity dresser Twin beds 1 . it ' TERMS: CASH. REES H. DICKSON, Service Savings Satisfaction Office CL. 2181 Stock Yards Bank Bldg. Sheriff, J.C. By Wm. A. Rosenfield, D. S. April 1 SEE US FOR THAT WARM MORNING STOVE OR 8TOXER hunting, Order your spring fertilizer now I Best quality Eastern Kentucky coal for siove furnace or stoker. I By virtue of an order entered in the above styled proceeding by the Jefferson Fiscal Court on the 14th day of April, 1943, the undersigned, Clerk of the Fiscal Court of Jefferson County and Special Commissioner appointed as such by said Fiscal Court will on the 3rd day of May, 1948, at the hour of 10 A.M., at the front door of the Court House, or in the corridor thereof, in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, offer for sale at public outcry to the highest ana best bidder a franchise, the terms and conditions of which are: Section 1. The purchaser, its, his or her personal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns shall have the franchise, privilege and power to lay, maintain, operate, repair and remove pipe or pipe lines, on, along, across and under the public roads and highways of Jefferson County, Kentucky, for the transportation and transmission of natural, and, or artificial gases or a mixture of said gases and , or crude oil and products thereof to or from producing wells, storage tanks, storage reservoirs, loading stations or other pipe lines at wheresoever they may be located, whether in Jefferson County or elsewhere. Section 2. The term of said franchise shall be for a period of twenty years from and after confirmation by this court of the sale thereof. Section ' 3. The right and privilege granted by said franchise shall not be exclusive for any part of the term thereof. Seption 4. All excavations or r ; " f ' i. J Mi otherwise 45-1- : u TO CULL f J Middle-age- d white woman t liceSaneous LIVESTOCK FOB 6 ALE stay with elderly woman; goc nemy of leather nARNZCS Young mule, 5 years old. Jacob home, salary. Call Jeffersontov i for new and repair work, tee 43-5417. our line of new and ued harr's! Bom, phone Anchorage 4202 after 47-J. Schneider, 12) 12. Usrket; WA. 6:30 P.M. Farm labor, experienced, whitj 3t ZllJ. 10-X- X Used Hoffman and Crane elec trie water heaters, good condition. Kentucky Gas Service, 112 St Matthews Avenue, TA, 8813. 7-- tI Washers. , used or new: terms per week. Settles Sales and bervlce, Jellersontown 0038. 40-- tf $1.30 Refrigerators, used or new: terms $2 per week. Settles Sales EDWIN H. STIERLE, ap end Service, Jeffersontown 6638. SDecial Commissioner 40-- tf pointed by the Jefferson County 49-Fiscal Court. living room suite; maple chest of drawers and bed; end tables; odd dresser: table model WANTED record player combination; lamps and miscellaneous. Call Highland Room and board in suburban 6662-48-hnmc for elderlv ladv: must have Range, coal or wood, white modern conveniences and be on 47-porcelain table top with reserbus line. Call HI. 6761. voir and oven thermometer. Jef48-fersontown 02124. 2t 3t 3t NOTICE o 7IIAT IIAVS YCU V.yjJ I n 3t 1 Bottle gas stove with two bottles. Call Anchorage 690-J-- tracTwo fresh cows and eight pigs. only, able to drive truck or tor, $100 per month and houn. Lee Reel, Tucker Station Road. 60-t- ! TAylor 2812. t 48-3- Young man to establish dry, cleaning route out of Jeffersontown; must be willing to work on commission basis; must be neat and have references. Apply Tues-, day. May 4, at Redmon Cleaner-Jeffersontown. No phone arpJi-catioti-accepted. Two Guernsey cows, dairy type, fresh; 2 fresh Jersey cows. J. W. Ellis, Route 4, Box 864, Cedar Creek Road. Pair dandy young mules, have been worked some, break to suit yourself; call after 6 P.M., week days, home all day Saturday. Stanley Robinson, Route 2, Box 14, Jeffersontown. t SO-- tf ns 49-2- HELP YAIiTED! Your choice of two fresh cows, one 2 years old and one 6 years old. L. A. Hawes, Ferndale Koad, Fern Creek. 49-- 3t Couple 60 to 60 Caretaker years of age, white or colored; will furnish 6 room brick house and garden plot; year 'round employment; references required. Beagles, A. K. C. registered; Derby pups, 8 weeks; male, 8 montns; female, 4 years, excellent 49-hunter. FR. 1523. -- 3t Two fresh cows, calf by side; self dump hay rake, $10; girl's bicycle in good shape, $10; Hanet Jr. cultivator, $10; Aspin-wa- ll potato planter with fertilizer attachment, $25; wheat drill, $15. Bed, spool, beautiful mahog- Mrs. Thomas AL5ERT EHACKLETTE Tobbe, Beulah Jeffersontown, Ey any, with springs, first class con- Church Road, second house on Phone 5645 dition; also large cabinet Philco rigni, soutn ol Manslick, Fern radio with attached record play- Creek . t er and popular WELL DRILLING 18-- J. tf D. ADAIIS Cannon's Lane TA. 6007 49-3- and classical records. Phone Anchorage 269-- SERVICES OFFERED Team of small work mules; alt so Model A li-totruck with Welding of all kinds, anything, anytime: all work single bottom tractor dual wheels. Jeffersontown 0394. anywhere, HORSES guaranteed, wheeler's Garage 49-(ACCORDING TO SIZE AND CONDITION) plow; plow; and Welding Shop, Mt Waihinj. plow: Emerson WE ALSO REMOVE SMALL STOCK Boars, O. I. C. pure bred, ready ton, Ky., or call Jeffersontown standard mowing machine; all in for 19-- tf 5305. Daily Service Including Sundays and Holidays good condition. R. Stephen, Fern 257-- service; cheap. Fern Creek t 48-Creek 272-General hauling, gravel, rock, dirt; dump, truck and own loadNew Perfection oil stove. Call Percheron mare; Madison fertiliser Company breaking plow; 2 pairs ing equiprrfent. Carl Buky, phone after 3 P.M., Jeffersontown 5562. 220-PHONE COLLECT Louisville, TA. 8044 Madison. Ind. 102 doubletrees; good spring Fern Creek t Telephone Service wagon; disc harrow; (J, b. FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Oliver Ann Arbor pick up riding saddle; Sears, Roebuck "We Meet All Competitive Priced baler, slightly used. Marvin Cren- cream separator; Universal vac- are still available. Drop in at our' shaw, Mt. Washington, Ky. 48-uum sweeper; nice mantel cabi- plant and see the convenience net. C. kt. Allen, Fountain Ave- and savings of our modern serv6x9 Axminster rug, Oriental de- nue, Warwick ices. Je. ersontown Frozen Food Villa Add., phone Locker f sign, like new, 'suitable for small TAylor HOtid. Plant, Inc., phone 6992, 50-l- t 33-t- f bedroom or halL Call Jeffersontown 5102 between 5:30 and 6 Registered Holstein bulls ready 48-Repair work of all kinds; P.M. for service; also bull calves from wood work, by Job or day. block Call dams and great dams up to 670 Fern Creek ., Avery Model A tractor with or Fern Creek pounds fat in 350 days, D. H. I. A. 266-- J. starter, lights and cultivators; W. B. Collings, Route 1, priced reasonably.Phone Anchor- records, sired by Major Ormsby Buechel, Ky. 47-t- f Ollie Korndyke No. 922837 who's age 663W3. 48-seven nearest dams have records Plowing and discing, large or dining room suite. up to 650 pounds fat. G. E. email anvanrtti "nll otA A Dtff fumed oak. Phone HI. 1912-W- ., Printing 48-- tf worth, 4 miles from MAgnolia 6618-49-after 6 P.M. Ind., on Middle Road. SIX-MIL- E ! 50-Plowing, discing and planting, PRINT SHOP mowing machine in Jessie Lee Barbour, Nachand "Quick Service" good condition, cheap. Phone Two Guernsey cows, first and Lane, Route 2, Jeffersontown. 49-3- t Fern Creek 131-- J. Walter G. Knauer. Prop. second calf; also brindle cow, I 48-Old J'town 5494 Lane Baled alfalfa hay. Phone Jef- first calf. Edward P. Bischoff, Preston Street Road, FR. 8334. Radios and washers repaired; 49-fersontown 5131. t electric welding; lawn mowers White porcelain table top keroand mowing machine blades Hereford bull. T. C. Wheeler. sharpened. sene cook stove, 4 burners, perfect i phone Evert Tarrence, Jeffersontown 5956. 50-condition. Pewee Valley 6647. Road, Jeffersontown. t t Fresh cows; also nice mare and Hardware yearling Antique furniture; scales; work Tucker mule. Sam Mangrum, . Dressmaking of all kinds. Mrs. Station Road, Jefferson-townKIRCHDORFER bench and other things. R. CA1-ford- , Joseph R. Wiseman, Billtown 50-Fern Creek, Seatonville HARDWARE Road, at entrance of Spring Lake 49-Road. 49-Registered Holstein bull; Hol- Hall. Peat Moss We Deliver Refricerator. G. E.. monitor stein heifers, springers; Iron Age 6736 WA. 922 BAXTER AVE. PLOWING DISCING top, porcelain inside and out, two tobacco setter; two high - speed MOWING aoors; suitable tor restaurant or farm wagons; manure spreader; Prompt and Efficient Service BONNYCASTLE HDW. CO. large family; excellent running also locust posts. Arthur Butler, W. E. IMHOF phone Jeffersontown 5850. 50-Walter S. Schnelter, Prop. 1843-J.- , condition. Call HI. after Telephone! Fern Creek 328-49-Seeds QUALITY HARDWARE SJjVL Fresh cow. Phone Jefferson-tow5149. 50-- lt 1616 Bardstown Rd. HL 1451 Sand, rock, gravel, lime dust. DIXIE LAWN SUPPLY CO. Ellingsworth Bros., Jeffersontown Aged work horse. James Kauf-man- , See Us For Seed 5578 or JAckson 0174. t Independence School Road. Rummage and pastry sale, 922 Baxter avenue 50-motor with belt pulsponsored by Women's Missionley, mounted on skids; cheap. WAbash 6738 Fresh cow. Carl Swan, phone ary Society of Christ Lutheran 50-Fern Creek 328-- J. Church, Saturday, May 8, at the Jeffersontown 5066. t BERT FINZER SEED CO. Jeffersontown Engine House, be Cole's cook in i? ranee. il.V hiuh. Sow and pigs; also large gal- ginning at 9:30 A. M. 50-Tb Chambers 6m4 Co., WirthouM, Ine. pressure hot water boiler, lvanized culverts. H. W. Neal, JefFIELD SEEDS ion capacity; I Kitcnen cabinets; fersontown 5339. 50-1201 STORY AVENUE 2 drums road tar. Jeffersontown WANTED TO BUY FARMERS ! WE PAY FOR DEAD AND DISABLED STOCK ..... f 1L00 $8X0 COWS 48-3- 16-in- 3t h 50-3- McQUEEN BROTHERS 3t 48-3- Buechel Ey. USE THE CLASSIFIED BRING RESULTS. ADS-TH- EY 3t hop With These Friendly Jefferson County Merchants 3t , 117-W- Jefferson County DIRECTORY Business, Professional Service 3t El-lin- gs Farm Suppliee Florists LOU. FARM IMPLEMENT COMPANY Dairy Farm Equipment Poultry Equipment 319 E. Market JA. 0541 JACOB SCHULZ CO., INC. Flowers For Every Occasion 3000 Bardstown Road Phone HI 3838 Southern States Louisville Cooperative, Inc. MINISH AND POTTS Feed, Seed and Farm Supplies 1111 E. Washington JA. 2061 1577 Bardstown Road Auto Dealera Funeral Directors 3566-35- BANK OF JEFFERSONTOWN BANK OF BUECHEL BuecheL Ky. Service Since 1908 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BANK OF MIDDLETOWN TRIENDLY SERVICE" Mlddletown, Ky. Phones Anchorage 145 67 JOHNSON'S Modernized One-Sto- p Store Offers Service For Your Household Needs e Electrical Appliances e Wiring and Repairing Household And Builders Hardware e Lumber. Millwork And Building Supplies Conveniently Located On Bardstewn Road At Buechel Pay Us A Visit We Deliver HI 5074 Electric Service BUECHEL BAKERY BUECHEL ELECTRIC SERVICE Licensed Electrical Contractor Wiring Electric Repairs Cleaners TOBABEN BROTHERS Dry Cleaners Dyers Branch No. 1 BuecheL Ky. HI. 5497 or HL 3571 DIERUF CLEANERS SERVICE LAUNDRY SERVICE QUICK DYE SERVICE BUECHEL. KY. HL 6326 TINSLEY ROMAN All Kinds Of Electrical Work Phone :Fern Creek 29-- W WIRING LIGHT AND POWER B4loi n AppIUbm. Bcpalral rrtmpt Sarrle KunabU ttitt Cemeteries M. P. SIMMS STOOP. THE Tay-lorsvil- le 3t 49-3- 3t 3t J. 3t n Amusement Guide 50-4- at 3t 50-3- 2t 80-ga- JAckson 1047 T. B. MILLER & SONS 1350 Kentucky Avenue MODERN LUMBER & MILLWORK CO. Lumbe , Millwork, Storm Sash Insulation (Roclcwool) HOME INSULATION CO. Johns-Manvil- le Representatives 1323 HEYBURN JAcksoa 5265 WAbash 2139 1101 STORY AVENUE HUGHES LUMBER CO. Roofing Millwork Lumber BUILDING JAckson 1546 5168. dining room suite, Old English oak, bed, dress- Trucking Servlcr er with full length mirror, Jeffersontown DAVENPORT BROS. General Hauling 50-l- CITY STORM SASH CO l!!3!!!!ll!IIIIIIISI!!lillllillllllIHIIIIIIll Combination and Plata good condition. HI. All-Ye- ar FREE Groceries courtesy and attention at the stores and offices of Directory Members. The kind of courtesy that goes along with the desire to please. Buy where your steady patronage is appreciated. f;uy,y intM-YOU- 'Rt SPACE li!2fl2!E""AMDTKECES' fersontown Cm . 5a46. . A 15AKAJM1NJ Vpjj(j CD O A jYd'J is ey 15 bine. Phone Pewee Valley 6424. T 50-- 3t Kitchen cabinet, porcelain top, Mrs. A. T. Frey, Lakeside Farm, behind Southern Depot in Jeffersontown. slightly used. (r 7KV USE THE CLASSIFIED AE3 Dodge truck with Fern Creek 116-- 1937 rack, $350. 60-3- t REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ft Investment 71 K A WAUAW niEY GST EECULT3, 80-- 3t International wire tie baler for sale or trade for comNo. Half-to- n 18-- 50-- lt Frigidaire, old model, dition, $30. Phone Jeffersontown REc:::3YoaH:.v.ETa LOOKinGr 5525. good con- fYT0Kr,vofs6:;::- ALL OVER Hall-Lillar- 48-3- t Shouts, 10 to 12, about 50 or 75 NOTICE C, A. Carder, Jeffereon-toAnnual memorial services will pounds. 48-5464 or JA. 2357. be held at Chenoweth Run Cemetery, Sunday afternoon, May 9, at 2:30, "Mother's Day." A talk will be made on the hisLIST YOUR tory of the cemetery by Brother Martin, pastor of Cedar Creek Suburban Propsrly Baptist Church; also an election of three trustees. WITH "jeffersontown lodge NO. 774, F.& A.M. Jeffersontown, Ky. A. B. WIGGIIITOII w 3t 2t REALTY CO. 609 Ky. Home ! Opportunity, 1 Vt Acres Beautiful home, 4 bedrooms; Delco water system; garage, servant's quarters outbuildings, above; numerous lovely shade trees; located on Dixie Highway, adjacent to Valley Christian .Church; would make ideal home, tourist residence, suburban hotel; and suitable for any business. Phone J. B. Willis, CLay 1988, EHawnee 2312-- J. 50-- lt April 18, 1948 and WHEREAS, Jeffersontown Lodge No. 774 has lost a true and faithful brother and his family a loving and devoted husband and father, be it RESOLVED, that we extend to the family our deepest sympathy and commend them to Almighty God who doeth all things well, and be it further RESOLVED, that a copy of these Resolutions be spread on the minutes of the Lodge, a copy sent to the; bereaved family and a copy sent to The Jeffersonian for publication. GROVER C. BROCK, ROBERT L. BURTON, ARTHUR E. KAPPESSER, Committee Life Bldg. WABASH 3278 50-3- BUNDPCCftN TOES TO KEEP 'EM FROM ottl.Ja wHATS GOING ON POWV WALX Your home, large or small, city or suburban. Have many We have nice potted buyers with cash. "To sell or buy. roses at d Nursery, on see D.Y." D. Y. Grundy Co, Moser Road, Route 2, Jefferson- Realtors, 002 West Jefferson. WA. town; phone Jeffersontown 5080. 0951. 24-- tf 50-- 50-- lt lt THEY PUT THIS SEEDS & PLANTS FOR SALE Girl's bicycle, wheel, Jeffersontown 5960. Three oil heating stoves; girl's bicycle; child's cherry bed. Phone 50-Jellersontown 5603. April 24, 1948 RESOLUTIONS Walnut dining room suite, WHEREAS, it has pleased Alin excellent condition. R. Uoak, Ferndale Koad, phone Fern mighty. God in His infinite wisdom, to call our Brother, Elmer t Creek 232-C. Moody, to pass through the Two sets harness. Phone Jef- valley of the shadow of death on ELECTRICAL SERVICE Bardstown Rd. at Frederick Ln. BuecheL Kr. Fern Creek 00-- 3t 20-in- MONOHAN'S CASH GROCERY "WE DELIVER' BuecheL Ky. Phone: Highland 9145 2940-J- . $15. THE CONSUMER WILL FIND MIDDLETOWN. KY. Phonet Anchorage 3C8 50-- 3t Porcelain table top oil range, good condition, reasonably priced, rnone Fern Creek 408-J- . t General Electric range stove, Storm Sash 2336 S. FLOYD ST. MAgnoIla 1029 EASTWOOD, KY. Phone Anchorage 4400 5438. bicycle type, buggy for show horse use. G. S. Smitn, 50-- lt Finchville, Ky. EASTWOOD, KY. Phonet Anchorage 2303 ESTIMATE Phonet SHawnee 2216 EASTWOOD GROCERY Feed and Hardware 50-- tf walnut TEST OF TIME 48-6- 3t WATCH Phone: Jeffersontown 5554 Bardstown Road At Buechel Phonet Highland 2983 3t Coal of Lumber Call Our Number MAgnoIla 2054 HUNT GROCERY Quality Food STEWART JONES Jeffersontown Phone 5282'1 RESTHAVEN MEMORIAL PARK 3t 3t Lumber Incorporated bakeries 'Cakes 'specially Baked For Special Occasions" HL 2836 AT BUECHEL 3t 3t Furniture SMYSER'S SALES AND SERVICE McAFEE FUNERAL HOME DeLANEY FURNITURE CO. 33 Years Personal Service Ambulance Service Complete Line Of BuecheL Ky Highland 3038 BUECHEL, KY. HOME FURNISHINGS Highland 1231 and 1232 Jeffersontown Kentucky Auto Service McDANIEL BROS. Hardware HILL SERVICE COMPANY Funeral Directors Bardstown Road DIERUF HARDWARE 4339 PARK BOULEVARD Lane And PHILCO EASY WASHERS FRanklin Louisville Highland 9201 Rent Our Floor Sander, Edger, Polisher Horn Supplies Banks Phonet 6554 Jeffersontown All Banking Services INSURED DEPOSITS Jeffersontown 5128 3t 50-3- FLORISTS PHONE: HI. 6700 ' n 42-2- 4t INSECTICIDE3 t CHISE. 409-M- trespassing. MILLARD AARON, Flsherville, Ky. i Highland 2380 fishing or RE: 3t The public is hereby notified that the premises of the undersigned are legally posted against INCORPORATED FERTILIZER 49-- POSTED NOTICE Buechel Produce Exchange FEED 19, 1948 ArriJCATTON 07 G,r5 1H?JA?ZlO:l CORPORATION FOil A FRANIN TrXAS work done in connection with layint, maintaining, operating, repaiung and removing such, pipe or pipe lines shall be done under, the supervision of the Road and Bridge Lngineer of said county, or someone designated by the Fiscal Court of said county and under appropriate permit, where required, from the Department of Highways of Kentucky, All excavations incident to the laying, maintenance, repair or removal of said pipe or pipe lines shall be made with the least practical inconvenience to the public and with all reasonable dispatch and shall be properly protected at night to ayoid danger. All damages to said highways or roads caused by such excavations shall be repaired by the purchaser at his or its expense and without unnecessary delay. The Purchaser of said franchise shall be required to pay cash or certified check therefor, plus all costs, including advertising, incident to the establishment and sale thereof. Right is reserved to reject any and all bids. Sale of said franchise is subject to confirmation and approval of the Jefferson County Fiscal Court. CD, 1 FOR SALE Bub Wire Cement Sewer Pipe Fencing Lime Drain Tile Sand Crushed Stone WATERSURY EROS. JA. 6171 700 Vine Street General Hauling Lino Dust Sprccd Call Anchorane 211 MIDDLETOWil, KY. FETE HOLLOVAY Auclioa Saks! Go direct te the auctioneer. CALL E;hv. L. Crabb Licensed ta. ci:i Auctioneer i:i ccrt&L avz. AUtCIlTf IX.. t

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