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Image 3 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 30, 1948

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

TIE vriu JEFFEHSOniAII IVUT ntlDAT TO TUB rxOPLB OF ALL TBX COUHTY PVBUSRZO n. c A. PuLlUcg Co. (laej NArUa - rrlcel 1907. icu a, Moa. Yeu by Msib SLMr c AHer Ector AdTwtklatiw Uuuw w at the postofflc at " ' . ..wrUWf n tr?crs m matter June IS, Entered tl second-clas- s iiartontown, ry., unoer nn 01 vwrea CubscrlpiloB - Publishers I 101 . $Mln Advance P.M. Call Residence Phone Jeflereontowa 5S4? APRIL 30, 1948 FRIDAY "WAR TALK" GETS DEFENSE MONEY The persistent "war talk" which has been going on of late at least has had the effect of getting "defense money" in big sums, despite the fact that most of us were hoping the subject before the world should rather be "peace". The war talk has, of course, brought a certain amount of fear and this has had its intrinsic value to those who use or have used it for business or political nurposes. Our last war cost this nation more than three hundred billion dollars, not to speak of its "blood, sweat, and tears," and we still owe on billion! the nation's debt some two hundred and sixty-fiv- e A new war will probably cost as much, if not more, in money alone, and there should be no hurry for the plunge. Some say there will be no new war. Some say it may not come oil-g- ool lor vears, if at all. Many think intelligence can head it At any rate lew should try to leadership-diploma- cy. hasten it and less talk alout war and more thought of a new, a brighter, and a belter world, and how to attain this, might we serve to keep excited minds down. Then, who knows?-Ijomb! war-ev- en with the atom might lose the next STASSEN'S STRENGTH IN G. 0. P. CONTEST Harold Stasscn's recent upsurge in his standing among the Republican presidential aspirants is i.uising jiolitital observers to take a more lively interest in his tamlklaiy. 1 he leaders are doubtless wondering how far his new pace will take linn by convention time in Philadelphia. Outdistancing all of his opponents in the Wisconsin and Nebraska primaries, he now shows up leading the held in a mil bv Dr. George Gallup taken April 9 to 17. I he poll shows that Stassen has more than doubled his strength (liom l.V' to :',vc) since the last Gallup poll, ic jxnted March -- H. EDUCATIONAL PLANTS "BIGGER-BETTER- " As in industrial production so in the production of cultured human beings, operation en masse seems to be the accepted method for the modern age. Assemble the biggest pile of raw materials possible on the production line and touch the button. Turn out the finished product with the least possible effort, in the most expeditious manner, individualists beware; your wits may get caught in the wheels of learning. Mure seriously speaking, small schools are evidently to be a thing of the past, according to the report made to the Jefferson County Hoard of Education by the I'eabody Teachers' College of" a survey made of the county's educational svstern and its recommendations. We agree with the Louisville Times in the opinion that there are advantages to be derived from a survey by outside critics. Our humble judgment, however, can but question some of the recom- JEJTERSONIAN, JUTZZZOinOTTll Lamb with 23 ladies present and six children. The W. M, S. gave a stork shower for Mr. Claude Hardin whose husband recently died. She received many nice and beautiful gifts. The next meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. Myrtle and Joe Wallace In May. Mrs. Clara Fidler was a guest of Mrs. Lizzie Branham and Mrs. Fred Gentry this week. Some of those who called this week on little Peggy Whitehouse were Misses Tommie Sue and Donna Parish and Lois Grant, Rev. and Mrs. Wade Hale and baby, M.r and Mrs. Ernest Ray Shake and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Douglas and daugh ter. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Stevens had as dinner guests Thursday, Rev, and Mrs. Morris and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Whitehouse, all of Sellers burg, Ind., and Mis. Lizzie Morris of Cynthiana, Ky. Mrs. Ray Tinsley was given a surprise birthday dinner Wednes day at her home. Mrs. Catherine Phillips called Thursday afternoon a while on the writer. Mis. Dell Sanders and Miss Geraldeen Gallahue were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Whitehouse and Miss June Gallahue. Rev. and Mrs. Wade Hale called Sunday afternoon in this same home and also Mrs. Ber-nic- e Carey. Misses Donna and Tommie Parish and Lois Grant called Sunday afternoon on Miss June Gallahue. Mis. Clara Fidler will be the guest of Mrs. Robert Smith this week. A birthday dinner was given for Mrs. Bell Brown, Sr., Sunday at her home. Those to enjoy the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Douglas and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Delbelt Montgomery and family and Miss Wynonia Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Alcorn and family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cox and family, Mr. and Mrs. Billie Brown, Jr., and family and Mr. and Mrs. Nervin Cox and Son. Death Valley Scorry" Still Is Alive "Death Valley Scotty," a and a nationally known character of the old pioneer days of the west, and for twelve years with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, is reported to be still alive and in good health, though well along in Ins seventies. .Some thought he was dead, as, recently he has Jived sucJi a quiet life in DeatJi Valley in Southern California which had such a tragic reputation in the days of the covered wagon. Hundreds of mendations. old prospectors couldn't make it The report indicated that members of the survey staff and died in the dusty vaJley. consider the bringing together of large numbers of students Walter E. Scott, of Kentucky,! went to California early in Jus both elementary and secondary both expedient and economical. In that regard they probably have the facts to career and prospected like the to Jiavej was rest. produce the right answers. They say four county high owned He seci et thoughtmine from gold a schools should provide the ideal set up, instead of the six which money llowed as lie wished now serving, and quite a large aggregate number attending it, but this has never bee n eon-- 1 Louisville high schools. firmed. He had a i ich friend, a v i.o is supposed The strength of appeal, to most modern experts, by the i tired banker, to have staked loin from time to bigness of things will probably be afforded great possibilities through the ever increasing and multiplying suburban time, and on ore occasion lie is said to have flashed a bankroll population' of this county's area. Our best wishes are exwith hands t'uil of thousand-dolla- r of what is V be a reorganized tender! to the administrators bills, chartered a special train educational svstern. speed-tri- p and n a le a record-makin- g to Chicago where he stopped HOMEMAKER CLUBS at a aleading and expensive Jiotel Ml. Washington News "fling." then returned to for By Mrs. T. H. Parrish Death Valley, where he has a MT. WASHINGTON "castle" which took seven years M:. W. D. Kil;il,y is r.fined 0n Saturday, April 24. four- - to build. ).i r bed Mi'! In ,rders ,,.n l.,dirs of the Mt. Washington '!'" t j to Scotty was well known to are, Keep qu:et. M.e lell rn- - Home-Makc- i s Club attended the those who from year to year used .shock and bi uises North Central District meeting to see Jiim drive a team proudly day and then 'a, a slight concussion. at Male High School in Louis- - in the Buffalo Bill parade. He Cullers of Mr. Mid Mrs. T. H. ville. was always a conspicuous charParrish the pat week wenThey were Mesdames C. L. acter about the show and made , K. Val'ie Kins. M. Stamburv, S. F Smith, Clyde and retained many friendships. W. O. Swearir.j.'.' n, H. P. W;!jin-ton- . Troutman, Sallie MeClure, Dewey W. V. MaUus, Miss Georgia Alexander, Dan old Harris, M. R. Potter and M. A. Harris. Porter. Will Calvert. Marion Jas-- ! Oak Grove News An clectnc oigan has been per, Lloyd Tichenoi , Leo Bleemel, By Mrs. M. B. Graham. placed in the Baptist Church on H. P. Wiggmton: Misses Eunice trial. Sunday night a musical Stout and Georgia Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coving recital was given by a profesWe had a most porfitable day ton delightfully entertained at sional as a demonstration. and after hearing reports from dinner Sunday in honor of JimMi Pope Sheehan was hostess the several counties and hearing mie, who had a birthday during Saturday evening at ln-- home in some of the state officers speak the week. Those to enjoy the Baidstown to six o'c lock dinner we can more fully appreciate occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Harin honor of Mr. Sheehan's bii tn-- j Bullitt County making it possible vey Tyler and Linda. day and the fifth wedding - to organize Home Demonstration and Mrs. George Workman versary of her sister, Mrs. Bryant Work and we certainly arc; most girls were guests of Mrs. Chester Mooie and Mr. fortunate in having Miss Mary WiJJiams Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kllaby D. Porter as our Home DemonWilliams continues quite ill. and family, of Indianapolis, and stration agent. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Millett, Mr. Miss Bertha Trunnelle. Louis and Mrs. Ray Jenkins of Louisville, spent the week end with AUBURNDALE ville were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Ellaby. The May meeting of Auburn-dal- e M. B. Graham Sunday evening. The condition of Miss Elmira Homeniakers Club will be Those on the sick list are Mrs. is on the upward Friday, May 7, at 10 a.m., at the F. A. Kuntz and Shirley and Miss trend. Robeit Wo dden, Jeffer- - home of Mrs. Ray Betzoldt, New Carolyn Smith. h sontown, spent the wee k end Cut Road. "The Care and Mrs. Smith Hundley is reported his wife who is caring for langement of Pictures in the quite ill. Mr. and Mrs. John Miss Bridwell. Home" will be the lesson subject. Hinton, of Louisville, called to Miss Elizabeth Smith recently see her Sunday afternoon. spent a week of her vacation Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ziegler have CEDAR CREEK with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mesdames Powell and Calvert concluded their visit in Los An W. G. Smith. were hostesses to the Cedar Creek geles and will start toward old Mr. and Mrs. Chester Porter s at the home of Mrs. Kentucky this Monday morning. and family were We are wishing for their safe Powell on April 14. guests ot his parents, Mr. and The Major Lesson was on Home journey home. Mrs. Tom Porter. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Graham Accessories and Their Proper Miss Birta Harris is still with Use, given by Mrs. Thorp. called to see Mr. W. A. "Bud" Mrs. Walter Knapp, who is ill. ' Clean-U- p Martin Sunday afternoon. He The County-wid- e Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Harris Paint-U- p Campaign is on and continues seriously ill. However, and Mrs. Georgia Moore spent Mrs. btandiford urges everyone. he knew us and said he was so Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. How- - whether a club member or not, glad we came as he had been ard Wheeler, Buechel. j to participate in this campaign hoDine we would. Mrs. Vallie King and Mrs. Nola to make our county lovelier. Messrs. Fred Kuntz and V. M. y Harris were recent guests j The Club donated $15.00 to the Abell returned Thursday after-noej- n of their sister, Mrs. John Lloyd Cancer Relief Fund. from a very pleasant fishing on bhepherdsville Road. After partaking of a delicious trip in Cherokee Lake, Term. ivir. ana Mrs. jvi. a. narns, luncheon the meeting was con They caught 50 or more nice Miss Mariana Harris and Kosser tinued with the Minor Project ones. All the family shared In the guests j Mcciure were atter-churc- h catch and they were very deli' Zena M. Schroeder of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Tichenor Publicity Chairman cious. and in the afternoon went to the Mr. Lewis Martin was rubbing ritv in vicit tha fumilv f.f T)q1a ' down some ground recently when Carrico who died suddenly Fri- King's Church News he fell from the board and rupday night. tured a blood vessel in one of By Mrs. Lowll Owen Rev. M. B. May, Mrs. May and his legs. He thought at first it family, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Porter There were 167 in Sunday was broken, but happily it wasn't, and children were guests Sunday School Sunday morning, with a we are glad to report and hope of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Porter and larger number for the morning he will soon be good as new. Mrs. Marion Porter. worship and 63 in B.T.U. Sunday While Mrs. Vernon Smith end Miss Retta Long, Jeffersontown, evening . Mrs. M. B. Graham attended the spent the week end with relaThe Kings W, M. U. met Wed- Fairmount Homemakers Club tives here. nesday in the home of Mrs. Chas. Tuesday in the home of Mrs. Bain Kcn-tueki- i ' i ( JE7FEHS0N COUNTY ) KEIJTUCHY Personal IIclss I By Mrs. Sadie Cinnamon Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rlsinger and son, Jerry, spent last week end with Mr, Willie Royalty and family of Burgin, Ky, Mrs. Sadie Cinnamon returned home from St, Anthony's Hospital last Friday, She was there for a gall bladder operation. Those who called to see her recently were; Mr. Birge Rlsinger and family, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Frederick, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stevens and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aubin and son, Mrs. Stella and Mollie Walden, Mrs. Sally Brinlcy, Mr. and Mrs. Acie Cook, Mrs. Everett Brinley, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rlsinger and Mr, and Mrs. Paul Cinnamon and Mr. Guy Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cinnamon visited relatives of Elizabethtown last week end. Mr. W. T. Jones is leaving Wednesday for Miami, Fla., to spend the summer with Mrs. Angaleen Jones and daughter, Glenda Lois Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Brewer and children spent last Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. Clifford Brin ley and mother. Mrs. Fannie Risinger and son, Leon, are spending several weeks with Mrs. Sadie Cinnamon and family, during her illness. Little Glenda Lois Jones has had the measles this week. She is getting along nicely. MAPLE GROVE The regular monthly meeting Club was of Maple Grove called to order on April 5, at Melbourne Heights School. re The secretary-treasurer- 's port was given and approved Plahs were discussed for a skat ing party to be held at the Fourth Avenue Skating Rink, with opened The program everyone singing Folk Songs. Mr. Clay led us in a game called, which "The Musical Umbrella, everyone enjoyed very much. After a few comments by our leader, the meeting was adjourned. KmiJy Stut.enberger. 4-- Newburg News the fish fry given for tna ben efit of Newburg School Saturday night was a great success. People from the surrounding communities patronized it largely and generously. Mrs, J, E, fctanford furnished two beautiful boquets for the tables, then wanted us to enjoy them at church on Sunday. Large crowd at Sunday School and church service and splendid sermon, subject, "Pray Without Ceasing," The choir rendered a special, "He Lives On High." Many visitors present. A large delegation went in Friday in the interest of the bus line being extended from Indian Trail to Old Shepherdsville Road Mr. Swaim said we would get it, but would have another hearing after the Middletown application was settled. So sorry to have missed the Sutherlands who called Friday Mr, Lucien Rains and family guests of Belview were week-en- d of Mr, and Mrs. Henry Lentz and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kaiser attended the fish fry with them Saturday night; also services at Newburg Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stanford and Mr, and Mrs. L. P. Jones attend ed a banquet at the Seelbach Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Cook and Mrs. Shively called to see Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sutherland, Earl and Denver in their attractive home in Crescent Hill. The yard is beautiful with flowers blooming We enjoyed pickeverywhere. ing a huge bunch of lilies of the valley to bring home. Mrs. Martha Fitzsimmons was guest of Miss Catherine Hart Saturday and attended the fish fry at Newburg School. The Newburg Choir had their weekly rehearsal Thursday at the church. We hope to hear a good report from the meeting Thursday night at Miss Emma Fegenbush's. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Arnold and Frank Hart Arnold were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hart. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Shipp were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Jones. Several classes Sunday had a perfect attendance. Mrs. C. R. Hart was week-en- d visitor of Mr. and Mrs. V. P, iMlurdi? CbiiCIuuoui It's HOUSE CLEANING TIME AT HOME And AT WORK Complete line of janitor's supplies and cleaning materials. WE DELIVER LOUISVILLE JANITOR SUPPLY CO. 209 W. Main N. W. Corner 2nd & Main Phone WA. LISTEN Saturdays 1 :00 P.M. WKYW Lesson for Msy "CASS TIMBERLANE" with grow i CALL JOHN HARDEII For free Estimate PHONEi FERN CRESS Mr. M. M. Thorne has been sick for more than a week. Mr. Kenneth Bailey has come to stay a month with Mr. Robert Ball. 234-- J HEW CARS AND THUCI23 MR. IIE1IIIY ing. W Abash 7431 MA Night PboM 1004-- Heady Road News By Mrs. S. C. McMahan '-i. feott-Atwata- SAVINGS "" AND MAT ml. SAT. James Stewart, Jane Wyman "MAGIC TOWN" Margaret Lindsay Jimmy Davis set the people NEHEMIAH families, with tools for work and weapons for defense against the enemy. And in this union of numbers there was both strength and courage. We need to day to learn anew this lesson of working together. So often we witness evidence of people pulling against one another. We see it In the home and in the school and in the wider areas of life in politics and in the clash between capital THI'BK. "' '; HOME LOANS ENCOURAGE- ll'll! 3826 OUR SHARES ACCOUNTS ARE LEGAL INVESTMENTS FOR TRUST FUNDS y TJ CURRENT DIVIDEND RATE 3 Wilmington Ave. In St. Mailhewa TA. 0853 At Your Grocer's and labor. IIOXfilZED THOSE WHO OPPOSED NEHEMIAH not OUR lesson describeswisdom only PASTEURIZED courage and of Nehemiah in getting the Jews to M W. Hi work and work together, but tt MAeaaKa 7M0 tells ui about those who opposed the rebuilding of Jerusalem. was the governor of Samaria, In the convenient and when he heard that Nehemiah PURE-PA- K CREAM was rebuilding Jerusalem, he put In to defeat him by many schemes of sabotage. mlllllll!l!I!!!!!!S!11ll!II!I!!!ll!!!!!!!l!S?!!!!!llll1S!l!l!ll!!!!!1!IH!I!!"r,!V He began with ridicule. "What rfnili4ilHllillltUIIIHMIIIMMiltUIIIIIMIIIiUMlilliiUiilMMllllMltltllltlia y do these feeble Jews?" he Ray F, Etelienpohl Vice Pre. asked. Ridicule Is always Walter Crady, Pres. one of the weapons of those who J. E. Hughes, Vice Pres. and Cashier would tear down and destroy. Young people will do well to guard themselves against the snare of cynicism. It is a dangerous thing. Banballat and his cohorts, Tobfab, 3111 Adults 27c Plus Tax SEA-HORS- E SUN. MON. TL'FS. AND IMS MAT OUTBOARD MOTORS WED. Ban-ball- BOB HOPE SIGNE HASSO WILLIAM BENDIX ARE NOW AVAILABLE container "WHERE THERE'S throughout an scof-fingl- LIFE" RD. 37S0 LEXINGTON St Matthews TArlor 4421 Errol Flynn Ida Lupino "ESCAPE ME NEVER" REAL ESTATE WANTED jT FARMERS and DEPOSITORS &:i;ISH?fc M-- h ) m D. Y. GRUNDY CO. REALTORS WA. 0951 MAT I SATL'BDAT ONLT Dorothy McGuire Guy Madison "TILL THE END OF TIME" The Bowery Boys "HARD BOILED MAHONEY" ONCE MORE MATINEE ONLY CARTOON CIRCUS We are able to take new customers, since ALSO REGULAR FEATURES all restrictions are ted. SUN, AND MON. ANY SERVICE lilMAT t-- l Betty Grable Dan Dailer "MOTHER WORE TIGHTS" I DESIRED TLCS. WED. THL'BS. MAT Pat O'Brien Janet Blair George Raft DIXIE Laundrers Dry Cleaner JACISON 1211 ti m J ST. MATTHEWS' KY. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lord, SEE OR CALL (02 W. Jefferson t: t: BANK and certain Arabians and Ammonites and Ashdodites, conspired to hinder Nehemiah In many devious attacks; but the people worked and fought, in the name of the CASH BUYERS WAITING J all-da- t, I Ml up. STRENGTH MENT j j WE SPECIALIZE VX WATER WELLS $120.95 Ar-wit- h WELL DMLLIUG 9. M'-oie- after-churc- An ambulance was called and. took her to a hospital. Mrs. Clarence Keller and little daughter spent one evening last week with Mrs. Ed McCain, Mrs. "Leo Green well and daughter called on Mrs. J. S. Pendleton recently. Mrs, Fox, of Louisville, visited her daughter, Mrs. Bert Reeb and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Greenwelli and family were guests Sunday of James Jackson family. Mr. and Mrs. Geo, Powell are the proud parents of a little son. Mr. and Mrs, Everett Lefller, Mrs. R. L. Walters and children,; Mr, and Mrs, M. J, Eder, Mr. and Mrs Robt L. Meyer, Bobby and Wayne Meyer were guests of Mrs. Ollie Thorne Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Scott had company from Indiana Saturday and Sunday, Mr. Oscar Pendleton is Improv- Dr. E, T. McMahan, Mr. and and Mrs. Broadus Wigcinton TROLLS LCSl Miss Anna Elizabeth McMahan, THAN A MILl, of cloomneld, were cauers oi Mr. AN HOOS and Mrs, S. C. McMahan Sunday afternoon. They also made a call outboard motor boUJof Imacfaw with Mr. and Mrs. Levi Frederick dow to Uai lh a miU Bt hour, hour family. and Tha ftar hour, without will do UI Awl apaad Htw Mrs. Robert Speer and two 12 miUa an hour, tip to children, Mrs. Elmer Keller, Mrs. will mat yam wh Psalms 122:1-marUW. partormaooa , (fa Ernest Can ithers and Miss Alma and uttar aunplicky. Prkaal Carrithers attended a party at for BooUhman'a purat, WHEN FBIEND8 WORK the home of Mrs. Fieldon Jones girm you man OUC CartiAad honapow ay par dollar. TOGETHER Saturday afternoon. On their rein Jerusalem, turn home they made a short UPON arrival 1-- 12 made a tour of the call with Mrs. A. T. Ludwlck. city by night. He was shocked and tILUXi tlHOll visted from Mrs. Willie Coomes SlP..-SSk a. (OBCOrtMUd amazed at the ruins. He called up- Tuesday until Saturday with A Lt 4 tut riwi) vita A,ira m on the people to come and help reiUcwl Starwr Mrs. A, T. Ludwick. Mrs. Clark build the walls. And they were im McGraw visited Mrs. Ludwkk 'J I pressed with the earnestness and Mrs. Coomes Friday aftersincerity and courage of his calL and noon. "So built we the wall; and all the Murrell Ludwick came down PETERSON wall was joined together unto the from Lexington Saturday and half thereof; fur the people had a a visit with his parents, made HARDWARE STORE mind to work," Nehemiah 4:6". Mr. and Mrs. A, T. Ludwick and There Is work for everyone who Leslie. is of a willing mind There Is work Phonet Anchorage 201 Afternoon callers of Mrs. S. C. in the home. Boys and girls who KENTUCKY Mrs, MIDDLETOWN week were pitch in and share in the everyday McMahan last work of the home make glad the hearts of their parents, and at the same time they are learning how to Colonial Federal Savings & Loan Assn. care for their own homes when they Spencer Tracy, Lena Turner r Home-maker- till - Mes-dam- ADVANCE MOTOR CO. n. , Vj J..:-per- j V iv t ' VUitm Shushan. He was a favorite at court, due, no doubt, to personality his end training, plus a keen desire to serve his people. a j He obtained I royal order from ft I Artsxerxes, grant- Vr- I Ing him passage to Jerusalem. It was a long and danger Dr. ttmtm ous Journey, but NehemiBh travelled not only with letters from the king, but assur-anc- e in his heart that he was on the Lord's mission. He was given authority to seek help from other nations. Just how much help he received from other nations Is not certified, but we do definitely know that he achieved the high purpose which God had put In his heart. He governed the city wisely for a dozen years, and wrought many notable reforms. Read the first seven chapters of Nehemiah for the complete story. Read also be.-ki- e JOHNSON ".. I and reared in Persia, appears In the opening scene of his prophecy as cup bearer to King Artsxerxes in the royal palace at "LOUISIANA" Hi w. Market 1 occ-'o- BORN P.M.) 11 y i mav to mm Nehemicb Rebuilds Jerusalem "OUT OF THE PAST" HH). t. p I Boris Karloff, Ralph Byrd "DICK TRACY MEETS GRUESOME" -- lalflaW I. ; NAY I :I5 to II P.M.) (Sunday ( uiidnuaut 1:3 l ll'Pl PTI IRR' Wahftmlfttl 1 t. DEVOTIONAL BBAIJINOl 1'Mlm Mary Astor, Zachary Scott, Albert Dekker, Tom Drake 1571 "Newts" (I Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer SI K TT I A PB, ASU SAT. mi. Oil - 7 Navy recruiters urge prospective recruits not to Jeave nigh school prematurely. n..ii Elmer Keller, tlrs. Joe Cr , Mrs. Eillie McMahan and tC.y, Zf lUi. C2U Tbcrn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lancer,: v . . ana. a and daughters were visitors c! r ,mr. wire. w. t. ru.n ceie- Fred oran Ciin brated their golden wedding last fT- - Bnd Wednesday night at Mr. Law- rence Frlck's camp. About 200' Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Tyler an! Mr, and Mrs, T. L. Huks-ion were present to enjoy the We wish them both manv wede and baby visited Mr. Ilea- more years of happy wedded life. rletta McMahan Sunday. Illri Mrs. Billie Williams and baby j Vernon McMahan spent the week spent the day Tuesday with end with her mother and sister. ' Mrs. Ida carritners has re Mrs. D. L, Williams. Mrs. R. L, Walters and children turned to her home after spendspent last week with Mr. and ing a while with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest, Carritners and family Mrs. Ernest Leffler, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Waterbury, since her return from the hos- her mother and an aunt called pltaL We, are wishing her a on Mr. and Mrs. D. L. WiJJiams speedy recovery, last Sunday. Immediately after tneir arrival, me aun. wno is ' quite old, fell and broke her hip. Thompson and Mr. ana tars. Charlie Palmore, We missed her at church. The beautiful banner given oy Mr. W. O, Lilly for the church is being enjoyed each Sunday as It passes from class to class. So glad to see Mr. ana Airs. Elder and attractive children at church Sunday. Mrs. Elder was before her marriage miss auui Stivers, one of our faithful Sunday School teachers and we are always glad to have our girls visit us. i ' .. . Williams, Miss Carolyn Smith was guest of her aunt, Mrs, Frank Corum, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Twyman were in Indiana Sunday visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kuntz and Martha Alice were guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Kuntz, Louisville, Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Graham called on Mr, and Mrs Tom Parrls Sunday afternoon. "BROADWAY" Maxleae Die trick Bruce Cabot TLAME Of NEW ORLEANS' WHAT MAKES A SEAL LEADER? will THIS is the question whichstudy arise as we this lesson. How could one man inspire people to undertake the impossible? First, Nehemiah relied implicitly upon God's help. Second, he threw himself into the task, fearlessly and Intelligently. Third, he possessed the quality of inspiring faith end hope in others. These are the qualities that make a real leader, anywhere, any time. How we do need such leaders today! And the Bible speaks to us. In the story of Nehemiah, reminding us how real leaders are produced. Read the 122nd Psalm. Here is the secret of It all "They shsU prosper that love thee." Every aimculty confronting the borne, the community, the nation, the world, can be met and mastered, provided we tackle It in the name of the Lord, relying upon his wisdom, his strength, bis poise. : 3 EJ J 5 ci uct r3 'z (Coovrlakm br tkm Imlmrmmlml aiglvu Cducatioa aa rtotMUunt daaoaiaaOoaa, WHU faafuafj IxSaM .iaad li rj tn hf This letter Is written you for two special purposes: First, to tell you that we have 1500 new safety lock boxes In which to 6tore your Important papers. The cost Is only $3.00 plus 60c tax, making a total of $3.60 per year. You : can't afford to leave valuable articles around the house to be lost or burned. We have even heard of some people leaving Government Bonds and other valuable instrments around the house, taking a chance on losing them. Why in the world would anybody take such a chance after working so hard to get the money? :i Second, if you do not already have your checking and sav- ings account with the Farmers & Depositors Bank, you should have, for It ia the best place to keep your money and it is insured up to $5,000.00, Now is a good time to save your money, A balance in the bank makes a fellow feel mighty good. :: When you come in, any officer, teller, or clerk will be glad to wait on you. : 3 I I : i t W DEAR FOLKS: 5 Very truly yours, WALTER CRADY, President. :

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