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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 30, 1948

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

as UcdV2 viU-ic- d o WISDOM OF THS WORD Where no council is the people falL but in the multitude, of counsellors there is safely. IIOILE THAI I T i .,- 1701 Iz-rcTez- Ilclhdhl At Field snt Nexl Tus:day several points in the central section of the County will be covered. Wm. C. Johnstone, field agent in agronomy at the College of Agriculture, will accompany Mr. Anderson and take part in the discussions, covering methods of improving land with pasture mixtures, fertilizers and weed control practices. The group will assemble at 1 o'clock at Clarence Bond's Fescue field at the Sportsman Club Farm on Indian Trail Road, between Poplar Level and Old Shepherdsville Road, south of BuecheL There they will inspect plantings of Ky. 31 Fescue. Leaving this farm at 2 o'clock, a visit will be made at George Eady's farm on Hurstbourne Lane. There, at 2:30 the group will inspect planting of Fescue, now 2 years old. They will also inspect improved pastures and study a soil building program that has increased the producin 10 tivity of this land 300 years. Leaving Eady's at 3:30 the farmers will proceed to Hurstbourne Farm to inspect large acreage of Fescue and Lad in o Clover and observe results of for weed spraying with 2, control; also inspect a homemade assembly suitable for applying 4-- D 4-- D for weed control or spray- ing corn for corn borer control. Throughout the afternoon the discussions will cover methods of improving land through the use of improved pasture mixtures, fertilizers and weed control practices. In announcing the meeting Anderson said that many results of interest will be seen and discussed. All are welcome. For further information interested parties are invited to call the County Agent's office, WA-ba- sh 8636. To Select Soloist To Appear With Orchestra Audition dates are announced contest being in a 6tate-wid- e sponsored by the Louisville Philharmonic Society to select an outstanding vocal or instrumental soloist. June 10 is the date set for the Louisville area. The contest is open to vocalists, violinists, cellists and pianists 18 to 25 years of age. Those having service records will be admitted up to age 30. The winner will appear with the Louisville Phil- Lkt tional information. Final audition will be held in Louisville, at Shackleton Piano Company recital hall, 621 South Fourth, on June 11, starting at 10:30 a.m. Y.W.CJL Presents Usual May Day Breakfast The doors of the gaily decorated Louisville Y. W. C. A. cafeteria will open wide at 6:30 and remain open until 9:00 a.m. on Derby Day to welcome friends and strangers alike to the traditional May Day Breakfast enticed not only by the clever and dainty corsages made by the bus-meand industrial girls, but also by the aroma of bacon and eggs plus such delicacies as home made biscuits and jelly, as much as you can eat, fresh strawberries and cream, fresh orange juice, and the inevitable cup of coffee. Although there is a sale of tickets anyone may attend, the procedure being one of usual cafeteria style. The money earned through this project will go toward club sponsorship of representatives to the educational summer conference. Join the traditional crowd to meet old friends and make new ones. ss Bishop Paul B. Kern, president of the Council of Bishops of The Methodist Church, will speak from Boston, Mass., on The Methodist Hour, Sunday, May 2. This program will come from the seat of the 1948 General Conference of this church and will feature music by the Boston Seminary The Suburban Baseball League, composed of Jeffersontown, BuecheL Okolona, Taylorsville and Archer Boys of Louisville, met at the Jeffersontown Engine House Monday evening and elected officers for the coming year. Walter C. Harris, Jeffersontown, was named president; Arthur P. Denzinger, BuecheL vice president, and John B. Carr, Taylors. ville, secretary-treasurer- ., Sunday afternoon May 2, opens Bue-ch- OF EEHVIC2 TO ALL JEFFEIISON COUNTY Per Yc: Every Friday el c f : Hi Ufcpia Club Organized Fcr County's Ycuth New Building Program For County Schools A Utopia Club, an organization of young farmers and homemak' ers, ages 19 through 29 was The Jefferson County Board of Education, launching a new launched in Jefferson County $5 million building program, expects the first construction unit April 23 at a meeting held in the to be that of a new elementary school, to take care of 600 pupils, county agents office, Federal near Deering Road and Dixie Highway, according to an an- Building, Louisville. I nouncement just given out. Pro- Carl W. Jones, of the University vision will be made in the new of Kentucky, state director of 4-- H Rally Day building for twenty classrooms. Utopia Club work was present The building program, ground at the meeting to help organize Planned May 8 for which is expected to be brok- - . the club and explain its purpose. en sometime this summer or The following temporary officers Club early fall, is the outcome of .a The Jefferson County were elected: John Elmer Kal- mey, Kosmosdale, president; Ed- Spring Rilly Day will be held at study made and a survey conward Metzger, Mill Creek, vice the Camp Taylor School Satur- ducted by George Peabody Colpresident and program chairman day, May 8. H Club leaders lege for Teachers, Nashville, and and Earl Rhea Jean, Fern Creek, and County Extension Agents recently presented to the Board. have made plans for a full day Calling the study "a challenge to secretary. of activities at the Rally. the survey staff," Dr. John E. The Utopia Club is a means High light of the event will be Brewton, survey director, said by which youth can discuss their that the report is submitted to the problems and also improved tion farm andin home demonstra- the Board, "With the hope that which boys and contest, practices in farming and home- its contents will be of use in girls from the different communmaking. Each member carries at ity clubs will compete for free strengthening the services of the least one project, similar to the trips to the State Club Week schools to the children, youth and Club plan, since the club was which will be held at the Uni- adults of Jefferson County." formed principally for those be- versity of Kentucky in June. The report covers, curriculum yond the age of club work. Miss Edith Lacy and E. E. Fish, and instruction in the elementary Meetings will be held each Field Agents in H Club Work, and secondary schools, school month, the next being at 8 p.m. will act as judges for the contest. plants, and administration and May 20 at the county agent's A special attraction for the girls supervision, and recommends ex- - ' office, when all interested rural will be the clothing and foods tensive changes throughout the young people are invited to at- project exhibits along with a entire system. Prof. O. J. Stivers, County School Superintendent, style review in the afternoon. tend. During the afternoon the boys referred to it as a vision and said will take part in a dairy cattle that, "It will be a guide for the Businesses Change judging contest and a seeds and School Board for reorganization." The report advises six-ye- ar Management, Location crops identification contest. were elementary and six-yehigh The following committees named at a recent council meet- school courses, instead of the Advertisements this week give ing, to have charge of the Rally present eight to four set up. The recommendations assume that the Day events. notice to a change in two of proposed annexation of approxibusiness enterprises. Registration Doris Smith, Sue mately 24 square miles of County The firm of Redmon Cleaners Terry. territory by the City of Louislocated on Main Street will on Home Practice Demonstrations ville will be carried out. Four May 3 be known as Kenny's Mrs. Henry Huflage, Mrs. Robt. county high schools are proposed, Kleeners. The new cleaning es- Marquess. to be provided as follows: contablishment will be operated by Farm Practice Demonstrations tinuing and enlarging Valley Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Fietsam, who E. Farmer, John Luhr. establishing a new high formerly were in business at Red James Exhibits Mrs. L. W. High, center and erecting a new Food school Bud, Illinois. The shop will be Richeson, Patsy Magruder. building for the area now served .closed a week to necessitate reClothing Exhibit and Style by Fairdale and Okolona high arranging of the furnishings. V. L. Kendall, Mrs. schools, expanding the present Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Redmon, Show Mrs. L. Collins, Mrs. A. W. Metcalf, Fern Creek high school area and proprietors of Redmon Cleaners Mrs. W. H. Settle. enlarging its building to provide . are planning a vacation before for pupils now being served by Dairy Cattle Judging Contest entering another business venHigh School, and E. J. Willis, John Elmer Kalmey, Jeffersontown ture. Since ill health forced a establishing a new high school partner, George Hunter to quit Earl Rhea Jean. center to serve that part of the, Seeds and Crops Identification County lying on the north side work, Mr. Redmon found his cleaning and pressing business Contest H. C. Brown, William of Shelbyville Road. The latter more than he could manage alone. Stutzenberger. contemplates the merging of AnLunch will be served at the chorage and Jefferson County Lauraine's Beauty Shop, Redrhon Cleaners moved Camp Taylor School cafeteria and school districts. The system of" this week to her residence on reservations should be in the elementary schools provided for Market Street. Mrs. Joe K. Reid, County Extension office by May in the report includes fifteen, to be located as follows: one in the Jr., operator of the shop will 3rd. Medora and Kosmosdale area; carry on her business under the one in the vicinity of Dixie same name at the home she and Dr. E. Sfomberger's Highway and Greenwood Road, her husband recently purchased to serve the area now in the from Reid Martin. Dies In Ohio Greenwood district and parts of Valley Station and Kerrick disRecreation Workshop Dr. J. E. Stomberger, pastor of tricts as now constituted, and reAt Berea College Christ Lutheran Church, was taining other elementary schools called to Brookville, Ohio, last at Cane Run, Mill Creek, Fairdale, Prestonia, This year's Kentucky Recreaweek, at the death of his father, tion Workshop will be held at John E. Stomberger, who died Okolona, Fern Creek, Melbourne Heights, Jeffersontown, Middle-towBerea College, Berea, Ky., May 3 April 18, in his 85th year. Lyndon, Anchorage and to 8, according to Miss Zelma Mr. Stomberger was victim of v Monroe, assistant state leader of a stroke 12 weeks ago, at which Ballard. home demonstration work, Col- time he fell and broke a hip, the lege of Agriculture and Home results of which finally culmi- Lot Sale Postponed Economics, University of Ken- nated in his death. In his early To Saturday, May 0 tucky. life, for several years, he was Instruction in music, folk foreman for the Brookville WagThe auction sale of eleven lots games, playground organization, on Works, until the business was residence on crafts, nature study and party discontinued, when he took up and an eight-roogames will be given by Miss farming. Several years ago he Billtown Road announced last h realMarie Marvel, recreation direc- became an antique dealer at week by tor, Southern Mountain Workers Brookville, until retiring at the tors, has been postponed from May 1, to May 8, on account of Council, Berea College; Frank age of 82. 1 being Derby Day. The lot Smith, field agent in recreation, Mr. Stomberger was widely May Berea College and University of known throughout his state as a sale will start at 2:30 in the after Kentucky; Oakley Brown, assist- collector of Indian relics. He was noon. ant director, Jefferson County also a collector of old coins, This property, the Otto Roemele Playground and Recreation Board. stamps, old powder flasks, pistols, place has been subdivided into' and molded or manufactured eleven very desirable lots, leaving Harder Working Gentle dogs, of which he had 470. He 6.88 the intact. residence with The lots are acres was, for ten years, president of the Brookville Loan Association. large and well located, all' facing Due Bees Are Scon A member of Trinity Lutheran one of the widest and best blackChurch at Brookville, he is said top highways into Jeffersontown. Bees that sting less, gather to have attended, according to The sale is being conducted to more honey and resist disease the records, more of its services settle the estate. soon will be available as a result than any other member. Sur of new discoveries in breeding. vivors include the widow, Mrs. So Prof. W. A. Price, head of the Martha Stomberger, and besides Eastwood News entomology department at the Dr. J. E. Stomberger, another By Mrs. Gilbert Bryant Agricultural Experiment Station son, George Stomberger, and five Lexington, told a meeting of daughters, Mrs. Lulu Bucklew, Sunday school and Church serat the Kentucky Beekeepers Asso Miss Gertrude Stomberger, Mrs. vices were held last Sunday ciation. Margaret Milligin, Mrs. Ada morning in the new Christian Applying methods used in arti- Ressler and Mrs. Stella Burn-heise- l. Church which is almost comficially breeding dairy cows and pleted. The members of this . in producing hybrid corn, scien church are indeed grateful to Mr. i Lee Curry who gave all his time tists found ways to control queen mating. Thereby they are workto the supervision of this work. ing to produce superior Mr. Howard Ditrick was the week-en- d not so anxious to guest of Bob and Norsting, and willing to work harder. man Spencer. They will also produce better Mrs. Wade Pearce spent Fri- - ' pollinizers and bees more resistday afternoon with Mrs. Gilbert ant to foulbrood. Bryant. Plant breeders also are deThe young peoples class of the veloping plants with more sugar Christian Church met last Friin the nectar, and with flowers day evening in the home of Miss W meed tomeont So tho tu Ihingt having shorter stems, 60 bees Dot Singleton. The following of- that thtuld be eppvnt to dL short tongues can reach the with fleers were elected; Bill Milton, sweet food. If the flower neck of AFBH w president; Jim Hunt, red clover were shorter, bees M Coxy army nUrt and Betty Bryant, secre would work this plant more. Wcarungton. 1WV tary and treasurer. being given More attention is Purchase, Miss Laura Mae Smithers is ill to the use of bees as pollinizing 180A with rhumatic fever. The comagents, Professor Price said. It munity wishes her a speedy reKAY has been shown that the yield of covery. red clover seed can be increased Day. Child rtalth The men were hosts at a social from a bushel to the acre, which Day. and banquet given in the Baptist average yield withis about the oapturad by Ald Church last Thursday evening. out bees, to 12 bushels an acre mam, iwta. turvi n. Mrs. Burke Casper, of Crescent with bees and 100 per cent dltcoTtrt Hill, was the guest of Mrs. Yar-re- n Jamaica, U9i Russell, Sunday afternoon. The new sulfa drug treatment, rioto In CWThe following children in the coupled with the breeding of community are reported ill: L.'IIa bees, will eventu -resistant lCorrQl.or (all to Lee Morgan, Jackie and Barry ally wipe out foulbrood, which JapanM. and Vicky Long. has long been a menace to beeWllll Hedges Recreation grounds were The said. keeping, Professor Price again opened for the season v,l t i::3 nircrscri the lights were turned on I t r.o Monday nl Turns r:L-L- L 'I Ij JU Fcr 4-- H -- V el 4-- 1 h) league, is composed of local boys. There is an opening for one more competitive team to enter the Suburban League which will bring the total number of teams up to six. " YEAI-- 3 AN IN DEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER the summer baseball season when Jeffersontown meets Taylorsville at Jeffersontown; plays Okolona at BuecheL and Archer Boys bat against La Grange on the latter's diamond. James Eddleman, manager of the Jeffersontown team, solicits the support of all baseball fans. His team, like all others in the 4-- H 4-- 4-- H 4-- High View Club To Talk Fire Rates May 4 i fV Bishop Paul B. Kern Singers under the direction of Dr. James Houghton. Bishop Kern will speak on 'The Church and Its Hour of Peril" and in his message will present a challenge to the Methodist constituency to live up to the demands the present crisis is making upon the church. Widely known as one of the great leaders in the field of edudenomination, in his cation Bishop Kern is recognized as one of the outstanding writers and speakers of Methodism. He is the author of several books and this year has been heard over more than 125 radio stations on a series of radio addresses on church school membership and attendance. Since 1938 he has been the resident bishop of the Nashville area which includes the Tennesse and the Holston Conferences. The General Conference sermon by Bishop Kern will originate in Boston through the facilities of WBZ and will be heard over an independent network of 68 stations. This program may be heard in this territory over WHAS at 7:30 o'clock. ek May Fellowship Meet At Christian Church May 7 J. E. Carlin Dies At Home Of Sister James Elmer Carlin, who has been ill for several months died at 12:10 p.m. Tuesday, April 27 at the home of a sister, Mrs. E. in Jeffersontown. Mr. Carlin, in his 75th year, is survived by six sisters, Mrs. Charles Bethel, Mrs. Arvie Wheeler, Mrs. E. W. McMahan, Mrs. Charles M. Walker, Mrs. John Patterson and Mrs. J. H. Knapp; and three brothers, M. E., W. E. and W. T. Carlin. Funeral services were from Myers Funeral Home Thursday afternoon at 2:30 and interment was in Jeffersontown Cemetery. W. McMahan Sunday Is Go To Sunday School Day May 2 is Day in Kentucky and workers in hundreds of Sunday schools over the state are making efforts to see that each person within the community receives at least one invitation to attend Sunday school next Sunday. In some places individual Sunday schools are promoting the observance; in others, ministerial associations and various groups engine-ma- n, Leslie Wilbur Spivey, are cooperating in the attempt to first class, USN, son of J. C. have a banner attendance in all Spivey of Route 2, Shively, is the Sunday schools of the comserving aboard the submarine munity, next Sunday, and to help USS Queenfish. increase regular Sunday school Spivey who previously served at the Submarine Base, Pearl Day The Harbor, T. H., entered the Naval movement was launched 34 years service in 1930. ago. under the leadership of the . Dr. George A. Joplin. BeREPORTS ON "CONSUMER'S late coming a part of the annual proResearch" and "Flower Arrangegram of the Kentucky Sunday ment and Living Room Accessor- School Association sponsors oi ies" were heard last Thursday at the movement it has been ina meeting of the St. Matthews strumental in bringing increased Homemakers Club. The reports numbers into the Sunday schools were given by Mrs. Keith Bishop of the State through the years. and Mrs, C. H. Keeling. The This paper joins the Sunday luncheon meeting was at the schools and churches of the state home of Mrs. Burton Stevens, in urging you to attend the Sun Norbourne Boulevard. day school and church of your choice next Sunday May 2nd National Home Demonstration DAY T.eck is Usy in Kentucky. 2-- 8. 'XOiixlilZ-Mix- l Lit Observance of May Fellowship will be participated in by all the local churches on May 7, at the Jeffersontown Christian Church, beginning at 1:30 p.m. harmonic Orchestra, under the The observance represents and direction of Robert Whitney, cur- seeks to promote interdenominawinter tional and inter-racia- l ing the regular 1948-4- 9 fellowship concert series, and receive a fee) among all the different racial and of $250. Applications must De denominational groups of the loaccompanied by a letter of rec- cal communities. The announced ommendation from the present theme is, "Every Child is my teacher, or from the last teacher Child." A worship program will under whom applicant studied. be followed by a fellowship hour. Mrs. William Jackson, 115 West The general public is invited Ormsby Avenue, is chairman of to attend. the area, and will supply addi- . J Recent JeffersonVUle Wedding Scene Eiihcp Ikdio fvnukl giu.Mijf County Agricultural Agent S. W. Anderson has announced a feld meeting for next Tuesday, May 4. Starting at 1 o'clock p.m, 2, JJ JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1943 0 OhcrveLsnd II::!irj . No. CD J -- ESTABLISHED JUNE 1907 VcL 41 J last-minu- te The High View Improvement club has called a spcial meeting for May 4, at 8 p.m., to discuss ways and means for securing fire insurance rate reductions. In letter to Club members G. B. Lane, president of the civic body, says that rate reductions are possible if the proper steps are taken and necessary cooperation given the local volunteer fire department. Said Lane, "If we meet the standards set by the Kentucky Miss Inspection Bureau the insurance rate for the High View community protected by the High View i. yr Volunteer Fire Department will be reduced approximately 40 percent." The club president, therefore urges all local residents to lend cooperation for their mutual - Juanita Ellingsworth. formerly of Fern Creek, Becomes Bride of Charles L. Schlosser, Jeffersonville Memorial Service For Sgt. Clarence Roemele The body of Sgt. Clarence A. Roemele, 31, of Jeffersontown, a member of the 2nd Division, 38th Goodwill Trucks Ccme Infantry, who was killed in action in Germany December 17, Monday 1944, arrived at Myers Funeral To This Home last Thursday, April 22. Monday, May 3, the Goodwill Memorial services were held at trucks will make their regular Myers Chapel Saturday afternoonr. Stom-bergecollection of discarded materials at 2 o'clock by Dr. J. E. Burial was in Resthaven Housein the Jeffersontown area. wives are urged to donate any Cemetery. Military honors were conductdiscarded clothing, furniture, rugs, bedding or other household ed at the grave by G. I. Joe Post goods that can be given to the No. 244 of the American Legion. Son of the late Otto and Elise afflicted and aged workers at Goodwill Industries. These handi- Klingenfus Roemele, he is surcapped persons are employed in vived by four sisters, Mrs. Lena the repair and renovation of Mittler, Mrs. Louise Payne, Mrs. donated discards. Freda Hester and Mrs. Helen AlAt the present time Goodwill bert; and three brothers, Otto, has a waiting list of one hundred William and Walter Roemele. disabled men and seventy-fiv- e and women seeking work at this industry. The unemployables of w regular industry, Goodwill gives them the opportunity to earn decent wages and learn a trade in a program that equips these ELLINGSWORTH-SCHLOSSEMuss Ellingsworth, persons to find work in the busidaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garnett ness world. Ellingsworth, formerly of Fern Goodwill Industries is the now of Jeffersonville, Ind., agency that exists for the re- Creek, was married to Mr. L. habilitation of the handicapped. Schlosser, son of Mr. Charles and Mrs. By contributing discarded ma- George Schlosser, also of Jefferterials to their employ you help sonville, in a soft candle light serremove a burden from charity. vice at 8 p. m. April 5, at New The Goodwill trucks will pick Chappel Methodist Church. up donations in Jeffersontown, The bride was given in marBuecheL Fern Creek, Hikes Point and Taylorsville Road. Con- riage by her father and Rev. T. tribute the articles you can no J. Francis read the double ring ceremony. longer use on Monday. The bride wore white marquisette apliqued in satin over white satin, fitted bodice and full skirt forming a train. The neckline formed a scalloped bertha and long tight fitted sleeves pointed at the hand. Her finger tip veil of illusion was worn with a small close fitting cap. She carried ' Among those chosen from the a boquet of white roses, sweet 13th and 14th grades at Kentuc- peas and baby's breath, tied with ky Female Orphan School to par- white satin streamers. ticipate in the annual May Day Miss Lois Barnett of Borden, program appears the name of Indiana, was the maid of honor Mary Benard, whose mother is and the bride's sisters, Misses Mrs. Gladys Benard, Jefferson- Martha and Norma Ellingsworth town. They wore were bridesmaids. Mr. E. H. Menart is in Detroit identical gowns, fashioned similthis week, representing his firm, arly to the bride's, of dotted The Monarch Equipment Com- swiss over taffeta in yellow, blue pany, in a conference of business and orchid with matching gloves executives. and head di$ss, also matching Mrs. George H. Hite was host boquets and ribbons. to the Teachers Council of the Walter Schlosser was bis brothMethodist Church at her home er's best man. Ushers were Monday evening. George C. Schlosser, brother of Rev. W. F. Huddleston has the groom, and Harold Ellingsbeen confined to his bed this worth, brother of the bride. week with a back injury suffered Mrs. Hugh Marble sang "O Saturday while doing some work Promise Me" and "I Love You in his garden. Truly" accompanied by Mrs. Don Mrs. W. C. Harris and sister, Pennington, who also played the Mrs. Adele Burford, Louisville, wedding march. visited with Mrs. May Hughes After the ceremony a reception Noland and Mrs. Nell Voigt in was held at the Ellingsworth Midway, Versailles and Lexing- home. benefit. Area & R Juanita ton last week-en- d. Marvin Frahlich entertained at dinner Sunday at Nicholson Hotel the following guests: Rev. and Mrs. John Brown, Messrs. and Mesdames J. R. Johnson, peorge Bridwell and R. J. ar .. Mrs. County Board Names Educational Divisions of the voting precincts in Jefferson County in recent years has resulted in confusion, particularly when school board members were up for election, since the educational divi sion lines did not, in all cases, CO' incide with precinct boundaries. At a recent meeting of the County .Board of Education the Broad readjusted the educational division boundaries to include certain local voting precincts in each of the five educational divisions. County School Superinten dent O. J. Stivers has released the boundaries as fixed by the Board for the educational divisions as follows: Division No. 1, Educational from which Mrs. Jane Norton is a representative on the Board and whose term expires this year, includes voting precincts num and bers A-- l through A-18, Division No. 2 embraces 19, 21, 22, 23 and B-- l through B-Division No. 3 covers precincts A-2- 0; 16 A-1- 6; 19, 21, through and 24; Division No. 4 covers 2 20, 23 and precincts through division No. 5 in ll and through eludes CB-- B-1- 7 6, B-1- 8, 22 B-1- C-1- 7, C-1- 8; -l C-- . Father n, m C-1- 9. There will also be a school election this year in divisions 3 and 4,' where R. B. Scherr and Dr. D. A. Bates are the respective incumbents. Fern Creek By Miss Maggie Johnson We 'had a good attendance at Beulah Sunday morning, 110 at Sunday School and at night the Senior Christian Endeavor had a program. The topic was, "Is It Christian for a Nation to. Arm for Peace?" The leaders were Hunter Lusk and Judy Medcalf. The solo by Joy Insko was greatly enjoyed. The closing hymn was "Youth Marches On" by the youth group. There seems to be a great deal of talent among our young people. They have 22 members. The president seems to be very much at home while in her position. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Ropke is living in Bloomfield now with her parents, Rev. W. A. Ramsey and wife. Beverly Moore is suffering with mumps. The Presbyterial will meet at the Second Presbyterian Church this coming Wednesday, April 28. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hickman were guests Sunday of Mrs. Lo- gan Leatherman at the Homestead Apartment in Louisville. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Leatherman and son, Harry, and Miss Gertrude Ellingsworth. Mr. William Brown and Jo Sue and Jimmy came out to Beulah, Sunday, and took dinner with her father, Mr. J. H. Bates. Glad to see Mr. Nelson Moody, wife and baby of Hopewell at Beulah, Sunday. Mrs. Lida Gray, who has been so ill and has been with her sis ter for a few weeks, has improved. so that she expects to go home this week. Club are having their The style show this Monday after Mr. and Mrs. Levi Frederick entertained Sunday at dinner for the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Farris. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Farris and l, family, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Boggess; Mesdames Maude Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Schafer Ida Burdon and Hugh Ross; Miss and daughter, Mrs. Wm, Kaufman Thelma Kramer, Messrs. Hugh and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Le Ross, Jr" and Fred Strohmeier, Roy Farris. Afternoon callers Jr., and Ricky Strohmeier. were: Dr. E. T. McMahan and noon. daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Broadus REGULAR MEETING OF THS Wigginton. Zipper weatherproof bags are i Ladies Aid, Protestants Orphans now used to protect Navy aircraft Home, will be held Thursday, A NEWS. ITEM: rhont during relatively short periods May 0, at 2 p.m. The Jcrsoi-a- . Tlil when they rt net in use. Mark-wel- J. 4-- H Sprowl-McDonog- honey-makers-be- mm vice-preside- nt, May wlln polli-nizatio- - disease- J cr -- tz mr

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