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Image 13 of Fairs and fair makers of Kentucky. Volume II

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

EEE ‘ OF KENTUCKY - lQZ_; "Whereas, Our neighboring States, viz., Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and 4 Missouri, are rapidly _forging ahead of us as breeders of livestock by "&S the annual appropriations of large sums to equip and maintain State fairs for the exhibition of the product of their respective States, and the payment of premiums of such exhibits, we deem it necessary to establish and maintain a State Fair in Kentucky for the exhibition of livestock, and the products of the farm, orchard, dairy, poultry, and such other interest as maybe helpful to all the people of our state: therefore, "Pe it enacted, Ry the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Ken- tucky: ` "That an annual State‘Fair for the exhibition of agricultural, mechan- ical, horticultural, dairy, forestry, poultry and livestock, be, and the same is hereby created, to be known as the Kentucky State Fair. "That in order to relieve the said State fair of any political appear- ance, the same is to be under the management and control of the board of Directors of the Kentucky Livestock Breeders' Associatirn, A ;orpo- ration organized and existing under the laws of the F‘ ..,», te or Kentucky (having its principal office in the City of Louisville) and their suc- cessors in office which Board of Directors are elected annually by the stockholders of said Association. ‘ "That the sum of fifteen thousand dollars annually is hereby appropri- ated, which appropriations are to be used as premiums alone; said fair to be held Vat such time and place as the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Livestock Breeders' Association may determine and the said Kentucky Livestock Breedersf Association are to pay all other expenses incurred. I. "The sum of $l5,000_is to be paid annually on lthe first day of July at which time the auditor shall draw his warrant on the State Treasury in favor of _the treasurer of the Kentucky Livestock Breeders' Association. , ‘ ‘ "The, treasurer of said Kentucky Livestock Breeders' Association shall execute bond with the State of Kentucky, in the sum of $l5,000 for the faithful disbursement of such moneys according to the provisions of zhe this act. in _ r ’ irk "The treasurer of such Kentucky Livestock Breeders' Association shall, ite within sixty days.after holding such annual State Fair, render to the ` auditor of the State of Kentucky, an itemized statement showing dis- bursements ~of such appropriation, which itemized statement shall be embodied in the state Auditor‘s annual report. ‘ o "Any part of such money unexpended, shall be refunded to the State of Kentucky."' _ Gov. J. C. W. Beckham took no action on the Renick State Fair bill, thereby allowing it to become a law without his approval on March 29, l902.

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