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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, March 12, 1963

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

; Sc.- - Today's WeatheM Student Negro Opinion; Page Four S Hi Rain Highl 52, Lo niv v r sit y of Kentue R( H LEXINGTON, k.. TUESDAY, Vol. UV, No. 7i arm M m : :i ky 12, Ekrhi Pas I9fi i Fire Destroys Car At Greek Carnival; eekend Marred A "SIICCI Ssful Greek W hen an auton ibile, pai fire. destroyed Ut at 11:23 The broke p.m. in front of J yland Casino, where the carnival was being held. The car had been brought to the amusement nark by Delta Tau Delta fraternity so that .students could attempt to dismantle it by hitting it with a sledge hammer. John Burkhard. president of the Delts. estimated the damage at S35 for the car. which had been obtained from a junk yard, and w I k i h as marred Friday night mitj game booth, w as ; l I ridav Till' Greek Wfi'k carnival KM ni:;ht when lire destroyed a car brought to SoybmO1 by the beans aaed Delta Tan Delta fraaeraity. Tbe car s an umhbmI ulit fcl.v students to dismantle it with i riedae a i iniiiiuik) it v;.v COUld hiirr attempt Damage 'Operation Abolition' Controversial HUAC Film To Be Shown Tonight A minute version of the 41 ' highh controversial film, O- will be abolition, shown .it 7: p.m. today in the Student Union Social Room. peration ) of Thi- - Ohm hi Use result hearing! held Bouse by the Activil es Lancet Lancet, jaariot nu n's honor -ary. is now accepting appaVa-- t ion far me: ibevsMp from juniors anil weanal lanHBster opheaneres. The awilifif if ionr are f in a Leasee's Point S iem PJaah arhieh awj be obtained" by interested at the pernaani office ot the dean :t men. All appMeaatf must prase ad Iheir letters al appMeatiew at a :i meeting at i.aru - - at pin Tl:uiscla hi S05 of the Student L'nion BniMtne. Committee in Ban Pranclsco in the spring ot IStaX I tie wi the hearing! )i : aras to develop fee legedatrn purposes inform it ion relating ta the extent, rharaceer, and af Communist Farlj i Uvitie and C'omiMntM int It ration in Northern California and i" receive testimony on related matters. the hearings, which During were held In the San Francisco Cttj Hall, there eras mob rioting in the rotunda outside the bearing room, disruption of committee proceedings within the hearing room, and picketing of the City Hall. Local television cameramen filmed the rioting unci unruly behavior of witnesses and spec-tato- rs at tbe hearings. The film ww supeoned by tbe conunittee In order to protect tbe local police from posrihle charges of brutality and to give import -and evidence concerning legislation then before Congress, one High School Papers Earn SDX Awards section of which dealt With misbehavior of Witnesses and spectator- before congressional committees. From the footage which the local cameramen shot. commercial film in the Capita made tbe documentary, "Operation Abott- - Bc fatal groups, huladlni the National Council al Chawches, have expressed opposition la the filaa. riie ia-- i oi awaseal r th ll the fikai is a distortion of tliiactual events that eecuread dm lag the hi lingi On the other hand, almost ev- front organizaery Communist tion in the United States has im d in attat Icing the film. .; Tbe huac defended tbe film in several publications and later followed it with another film to answer the challenges. "Opt ratio!' Abolition" was previously shown in Lexington but never at the University. Mr. T. H. Bartindale, a Cincinnati Inand retired dustrial engineer c mmander in the DSNR, will present tbe lilm and answer any questions regarding it. (See Abolition Stery, page 5) for touring fees. small group ot unidentified persons turned the ear over and set it at ire I red Straehe. assistaj ant la the dean of men. said that he -- till ti( not know who started tin fire. He added that he would lontinue to attempt to boat.' the pevaaent responsible and that when Ihej are located the appropriate r aetion wil! he taken. Straehe. who is in charge of fraternity affairs, said. "It is a shame that a few individuals marred an otherwise successful Week." Straehe called a special meeting of fraternity presidents on Saturday morning letting each one that they would be responsible for their group at the dance and to control the actions ot their member.-- . A meeting of sorority presi- dents was also held on Saturday. Mr-- . Betty Jo Palmer, assistanl to the dean of women, adaaon-ishe- d the -- roup to heed the words of Dean Robert Shaffer. Dr. Shaffer, dean of students at Indiana c'niversitv. at a banquet Thursday nigbl called for a more mature attitude by Greeks. Mrs. Palmer aid the Greek Week Steering Committee should be congratulated for the fine job they dici in organising 'he week's sluune thai a activities, "it small group can partially destroy what tlie steering committee had worked so hard tor." r parts of Despite wide-spreextensive daaaagas t ) the Caabas a ebei k with the manager ihaojcd that daaaage was "too small to estimate." He also that he would continue to rent Joyland to University connected organization-- . Johnny Williams. Greek Week cochairman. said an inspection of the Casino sheared that two mirrors were broken m the men's rest room and that some tiles had been loosened by water from some of the booths. A student turned himself into Straehe tor damaginu a pm-ba- ll machine at the Casino. Straehe said, however, that the manaae-mewas not very concerned about the machine as it apparently had not been in working Order. The student has offered to pay lor damaues to the machine. 1.S00 atAn estimate tend d the canshral and a like number the dance at the Phoenix ii it el Satai da night. A onestronaiN Iffttflg tor opini: thi onweek wiS be distributed lo fraternities and sororities this week. The Greek Week Steering Committee will meet in two weeks to ai.alize the remarks ot the Greek organisation! and con-- c to make reeomeiidatiotis : tag i.ext year's Cheek Week. Tli" week included church services, a banquet last Tbursd iy s, night attended by about 600 and thi carnival and dance. Straehe said that the carnival will show a prof.- - of about S270 toward a which - slated to campus project Grand Hott l "Grand Hotel." an academy awrard wfaaacr, will be shown at 7:31 p in ladhvj in the (lui- nal Theatre. There is no aaV - on rharge. The Mm is spoasared aj the t:n,iish l)e- - partaai nt. n rt i.i It ri4ina i j tt.t t in. men s pr m s ;ional resented si lafgh school newspapi rs awards Fir vile riday during fhe annual lli'jli & Im il Pn ss ( linic. Jack Gutfturie, ;:i Louisville, hnpi ippearance ino leatdent of tiu University Sigma in etta Chi chaptw and editor ot Fifty-fowere at wipapm li K rm presented ai represented am! students hi the S hool ol tournalisai helped in wauls were In the evaaaaakm. total mt 591 high school students attended u s lis ur wen Bryan station I S is;nt: he duplii llih Si Manual Iful'otil hool, Itih loots vilh ( iark Count? Sthool. Uitiehester. and aparrav, itiuh Bchast, Murray, ol, nam Um dtvisii i aarards in the printed Th.e excellence awards in the duplicated division were presented to St. Henry High School. E: -Linger, and Beecrnvood BebooL Bee. b ood Kenton Hh County. More than 900 students and tlieir advisers representing high ctseati throtislii.ut the state attended tht clinic. The clinic is based on the eval-gutti- jtaa the new paper clinic. Approxhnately MS students attended tbe yearbook Clinic, n 41 high school annuals. mornThe students met in Sfcm I Ith Mr. diaries Do- -' ing f high Khool newspapers praubooks in an effort to During the afternoon session, Dolan presented slides of the 1982 Kentuckian. calling it "the best collegt yearbook in the U.S." adPerry Ashley. faculty viser for The BJentuckian, said, "The purpose of th.e yearbook clinic is to help the students with problems involved in 'he p of their yearbooks." K? concluded, "it also serves u an better to produce incentive yearbook..' Aa! The Persian Hand Played (hi

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