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Image 15 of The Quarterly Bulletin of The Frontier Nursing Service, Inc., Vol. 30, No. 3, Winter 1955

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

pf Fnowrrmn mmsrue smnvion is I am nursing twenty hours a weekmy second year on the _ staff. I love it, and the family cooperate. Our eldest son is almost sixteen and headed for medical school some day. From Mrs. Robert C. Webster (Barbara Brown), Cleveland, 0hioChristmas, 1954 { As you can see by the picture, I have done nothing in the g way of providing a future courierGraham, the fifth boy, was A born last January. Hes so adorableeach one seems that much . i more precious. They all have a wonderful time together. I have a hard time keeping one jump ahead of them. From Mrs. Ruth P. Chase, Mill Valley, California ` Christmas, 1954 _ The time has gone I dont know where and the kids as you can see, are growing. They spent a month with my brother in . Pennsylvania last summer and I took a vacation in Bavaria 1 A 1 again, after an absence of twenty years. It was like going home p againI loved it! By great good luck all my friends had sur- . vived. By more luck, I heard Albert Schweitzer play the organ ~ _ in Strasbourg and had the great fortune to meet him afterwards. ' Spent a fascinating time in Berlin visiting a refugee reception center in our sector, and prowling about the Russian sector. , Berlin, east or west, is an experience. g From Mrs. Samuel Newson (Sylvia Bowditch) , jj MiH Valley, CaliforniaChristmas, 1954 F "Chipps" will soon be ready to be a courier. I took her i horseback riding in the Sierras this summer and how she loved Q it. She took to a horse like a duck to water! I From Mrs. David D. Mackintosh (Sally Rice), Dover, MassachusettsChristmas, 1954 .. Dave and I are in the process of building a house and should all continue well, we plan to move in by March. We were held 2 1 { 1

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