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Image 7 of The Adair County news., August 28, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

ITHE i ADAIR COUNTY NEWS COLUMBIA KY < LOTS FOR SALENOW Desirable Building Lots get higher every year WHEN GET YOU do not Ito live know of a HEADY more desirable Chas fEfE SLF1r k iF fE ar 5L 3F ciE t v ci- lE F F r tci I lElElE f4 is f F r SiEL 3 STAVE BARDIN I COMPANYI INCORPORATED 10000 Capital 111 MA I ¬ BEER STAVES NEAR COLUMBIAII FULL DRESSED ¬ ¬ i ¬ Will buy your timber at a good fair price can use timber that will not staves Will also sell you the I Iand + COAL at 22 at Columbia cents per Call on or LPB I bestg addressI KENTUCKY GREENSB1RG BIi lit IIlitII 11111 ¬ lfr c7 r Bi88IS r I HiSm oJ CO < > < Proprietor FEED AND LIVERY STABLE IN > O Russell L1 KIMBLE Oo Springs 0 o Kentucky Frank Corcoran O HIGHGRADE MARBLE CEMETERY WORK OF ALL KIND ADJOINING COUNTIES SOLICITED SEE ROM ADAIR AND us BEFORE YOU Lebanon J BUY Building Material visiting his parents Mr and Mrs PLAYED HANGING H L Folly near Kingsville IAnd TenYearOld Boy Was Found this week Dead in the Barn by His Father A G Bernard visited his son Unity Wis Aug 20Whlle attlast week empting to imitate the hanging of a Frank at Dunnville criminal about whom he had read J B Ford J H Bolin and H Carl Justman the tenyearold son of his life 1 Louis Justman lostwas playing about C Wilson attended the camp The little fellow the barn when his father was hauling meeting at Burnside several days When the men returned last week in grain field they found the boy hangfrom the ing from one of the barn posts by a short piece of rope attached to a C C C stapleThe supposition is that the little with fellow was playing hangman the rope fastened around his neck and fell off the beam upon which he was standing C- Ky SILL COMPANY OF Rough and Dressed Lumber FURNITURE I Made Coffins to Order and pn Hands at all Times A Full Line of Windows and Doors COLUMBIA KENTUCKY Atlanta Ga Rub20Two Jap- ¬ Rev J R Grider of Russell Springs and Eld B F Phelps of Esto will preach the funeral of Mrs R C Simmons at Christ ¬ ian Chapel Sunday Born to the wife of B G Wil ¬ son on the 21st a son J A Wilson sold his steam and grist mill to Jonah McKin ley and Sylvanus Popplewell last anese were discovered in the rear of Port McPherson taking views and sketches of the buildings and grounds A former enlisted man who first observed the men after talking with them reported the matter to the Thursday for 200 department of the gulf The officials of the department say no action will I A Bernard sold a 3 months be taken unless other discoveries are old calf to Mark Coffey Thursday made Law Declared Valid San Francisco Aug 2QThe state supreme court rendered a decision in the McKannay salary case sustaining the legality of the removal of Mayor Sohmitz and the appointment of Mayor Caskets I keep ready for use all kinds of Caskets which will be sold at short profits Give me a call and be convinced that it would be to your interest to pa tronize my shop H Coffins and J E Russell Springs Snow W Everett LesterD- Tr- Ruined e Crop Aug las ru Mn 29A 50disastrous per cent tfhe Bluefielda dis ENTIST Kentucky Liberty Columbia Hotel NELL SMITH Props FirstClass AccomodationsGuaranteed COLUMBIA KENTUCKY Dr O S Dunbar DENTIST OFFICE FRONT ROOMS IN BUILDINGJEFF 40 RING NO c VY PHONE for 650 Kentuc1la Columbia A protracted meeting will be- ¬ gin at this place next Sunday TRIPLETT John Coe of Wesley visited JAMES here last Sunday B J Bolin attended the burial RESIDENT PHONE 29 40 RING 2of Dr Hopper at Jamestown OFFICE DENTIST TUCKYy lirOFFICEIN JEFFRIESBLOCK Monday I r j AND ¬ Discovered Taking Sketches + ALL KINDS Crenshaw S ¬ I COLUMBIA PLANING I ¬ AND GRANITE C TRADE Main Street 1 CONNECTIONC = and Precious Stones 1 I t Kimble Hotel o W SON J ¬ r WISEMAN cutting and yarding the John Ar¬ Jewlers and Opticians nold timber Cooley Bros will do the sawing H Special attention given to work and all orders in Only a few attended the Fair of goods in our line from this place owing to the rainy weather Oposite Music Hall Ben Thomas and wife visited W Market 11132 1st 2d Stlouisville Ky Mrs Nancy Jones of Neatsville last Saturday and Sunday Owen Arnold returned from New Hope last week where he D hauling lumber for sev ¬ has been VETERINARY SURGEON eral weeks The prospect for a larger acre ¬ age of wheat to be sown is good in this section The corn crop of this section is decidedly better than was ex ¬ pected and tobacco will be ready Special Attention to Eyes for the knife in two or three Fistulo Pollevil Spavin or any sur ¬ weeks The early setting is gical work done at fair prices I am Mon large and fine but the late set ¬ well fixed to take care of stock stock ey due when work is done or removed from stables ting is not so goodON D1SAP ONEHALF MILE I Watermelons are very scarce FROM COLUMBIA POINTMENT in this community owing to so groups here and there can be seen men some of them fathers of daughters and if the law is allowed to take its course in Wagners case it will be because Crawford county has a sheriff with nerve Wagner is charged with being the assailant of Anna Whitehead 14year old daughter of Rev R B Whitehead pastor of the Greenville Methodist Episcopal church The girl was caught by a man last Saturday night dragged into the woods stripped of all her clothing and kept prisoner all night by a fiend being bound to a tree entirely nude while the creature who held her captive at the point of a knife slept She was released Sunday morning staggered to her home more dead than alive He had real red hair was part of the description given by the victim and Crawford countys male popula tion started to find a man with red hair while a physician worked hours over the girl who is not expected to survive Sheriff Marshall and the county detective headed one posse Wag ner who Sheriff Marshall says ad mitted his guilt was found buried under railroad ties bloodhounds leading the detective to the pile of ties muchrain while the balance of the posse went Mr Lindsey Fare who was into the woods At several points on the road groups pick three of excited and enraged persons had struck with a road wreaking weeks ago is reported some bet ¬ assembled with a view of summary vengeance and punishment on the prisoner in the sheriffs automobile The sheriff however had no terWillie Feese and B Watson difficulty in deciding what was the intention of these groups and as each are yarding logs for Mr T B was reached he threw wide open the power of his automobile and passed HazzardMr them with his prisoner in safety M Hendrickson and When Wagner was arraigned here a mob stormed the courthouse clamor Dudley Absher made a visit to ing for his life They stoned the court Metcalfe County last week to see house and the jail and for a time it was believed that Sheriff Marshall and relatives and friends his deputies would be compelled to give up the prisoner but they succeed ELLER ed in retaining him Wagner will attempt no defense when he comes to trial at the Sep Wagner tember quarterly session P W Bernard left for Louis ¬ in his confession describes in detail his attack on Miss Whitehead in the ville last Tuesdaypublic road near tier home at Turners ville how he carried her into the G R Absher bought 2 calves woods and all that happened before he released her at daylight He ad- last week for 10 mits everything offering in palliation A L Foley and family are I dont know why I did it J J Simpsons Payne R l shallIn NOTICE I II ¬ f See the plat and price of lots at Judge k if 20In a cell in Meadville Pa Aug Crawford countys strong jail here William H Wagner aged 27 years of Lisbon 0 lies shivering while in front backed by a determined and armed force stands Sheriff R P Mar BISHOP CARTER place E Kept a Prisoner All Night at Once and Get Choice M Diamonds Typhoid fever is plentiful in this section There are two cases at G R Feeses J B INFURIATED MOB SOUGHT LIFE Russell and Thomas Russell also OF WAGNER have the same fever There are two cases of bilious fever at R CHARGED WITH ASSAULTING A Corbins and Johnson Hum phress has malerial fever Daughter of Rev R B Whitehead T B Hazzard has commenced She Was Dragged Into Woods and IN THE TOWN OF COLUMBIA BUILD C AND COURTHOUSE IS THE TIME TO BUY IF YOY WANT A CAEAP LOT WELL LOCATED Buy KNIFLEY THE JAIL STONED f t AUGUST 28 1907 > U cow y

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