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Image 3 of The Adair County news., August 28, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

T E ADAIR COUNTY NEWS COLUMBIA KY m m r7i IH v v 7 ayeI OFt V t 7ts t III1 V VW 6 k n When you can Get a 1900 Ball Bearing I ti WASH i- 7i Em Cators 1NETTING DOORS SCREEN WIREI Fence Roofing Spring Hinges Sash Hang¬ ers Door Pulls Screen Door Catches dow Screens Ice Cream Freezers Refriger ¬ that a Child vForks Write for prices on Address Department A care of w n- This seems to be one of the fa ¬ vored sections so far as rain is and vegetation was in- concerned w never better Tobacco is fine while good prices stimulate good 11E + F n cultivation and careful handling The wheat is all threshed with a poor yield and low prices and this means a low acreage for the lV JOHN A HOBSON I v lCW v L m C lC I Lwti mCw m L mm r m VV n Vr 1 i 7I ir EfCEF reEEEEreEEEgEEEEfrEEEgEEEEEEEFEEe L 1 The sick of this section are all v- n nCv j kV i i m r e Et r HORD RiCE AiDEALERS IiRUBBER TIRES t I 7 V FEErrrEE Mrsr IN HARDWARE MILL SUPPLIES BUGGY SUPPLIES IriV Ii CALLjy IiTIRES Daves a very old lady is some better Bob Hancock of Kelley ville is improving and Mrs Lu ¬ ther Curry is much better- W w W BLACKSMITH SHOP IN CONNECTION WHEN RUBBER ARE TO BE PUT ON ON SHORT W DEHLER BROS NOTICEw LOUISVILLE KY Astarvelldigging The most eminent medicalscientists are unanimous in the conclusion that the generally accepted limitation of hu ¬ man life is many years below the at ¬ tainment possible with the avanced knowledge of which the race is now possessed The critical period that de termines its duration seems to be be- ¬ tween 50 and 60 the proper care of the body during this decade cannot be too strongly urged carelessness then being fatal to longevity Natures best helper after 50 is Electric Bitters the scientific tonic medicine that revitalizes every organ of the body Guaranteed iT E Paull druggist 50c ¬ I i I Ii 4lar i 4FIFTH Kentucky f wvLrlwi PItAcEI I The Noted Griffin Springs I jt Pi Sriti I pleasurew t I < I I JD Kt SHOP i j i I I R L Cole Warren JCoomer and G C Wilson were in Colum¬ bia Friday Thursday afternoon at the home of the brides parents Mr and Mrs S W England Miss Lucy England was united in the 0 holy bonds of wedlock to Mr John G Shirley of McGregor Texas Rev Bryant Wilson officiating only a few immedi ¬ ate friends being present to wit ¬ ness the ceremony There was quarterly meeting held at Morris Chapel Saturday and Sunday Mrs Virgie Sexton of Cool Springs killed a rattle snake one day last week which was 66 inches in length and had 15 J I r- M i rattlersMessrs Thomas Chastine and Thomas Janes left Wednesday for Kingston Ill Mrs Lou Sneed was on the sick list last week Wiley Wilson sold a cow to Fountain Pendleton of Grady ville for 14 Dock Coomer has flux at this writing Endorsed by the County The most popular remedy in Otsego county and the best friend of my fam ¬ ily writes Win M Dietz editor and publisher of the Otsego Journal Gil is Dr Kings New bertsville N Y Discovery It has proved to be an in ¬ fallible cure for coughs and colds mak ing short work of the worst of them We always keep a bottle in the house I believe it to be the most valuable pre scription known for Lung and Throat Guaranteed to never dis ¬ diseases appoint the taker by T E drug store Price 50c and 1 Trial Paullsr bettle free tririVV MACHINE ia ¬ > eer I Fifth Avenue Hotel i Louisville r J garet and Katherine Walker passed through here Friday en route home from the Institute 0 Thomas Cole is puting up a blacksmith shop for Charlie Sparks and L D McCawley Born to the wife of Marshall Roach on the 16th a boy The singing at J R Yates Saturday evening was largely attended and all report a nice timeMessrs outfit made u of Coburg and rounds 1 rr e EEC Sr- the t DROWNED IN CUMBERLAND RIVER inEirEErc struck some fine streams of wa ¬ ter Will Jones the blacksmith at a depth of 67 feet struck a On Sunday morning between S fine stream Charlie Morris and nine and ten oclock Forest Ray Jim Hare struck fine streams at Humble a sixteen year old son 30 odd feet of Mr and Mrs L C Humble PIKE CAMPBELL MGR Road overseers with their was drowned His body was hands and teams have been put ¬ found Monday morning about Refurnished Redecorated and Re ting our roads in good order the nine oclock Brother Etherton A Firstclass Hotel at Popu ¬ past few weeks preached the funeral and his Prices Convenient to Wholesale u and Retail Districts Churches and The question of personal priv¬ body was laid to rest on his fath ¬ ilege is one that may come be ¬ ers farm near Kendall eVEN E LOUISVILLE fore the observant mind each day Ray was a noble little fellow in the year A few years ago a boy that always had a bright BET GREEN AND WALNUT STREETS AVENUE the writer called attention to the smile and a pleasant word for depredations committed upon the everyone dutiful son to father farmers woodland by the and mother a loving brother to thoughtless people digging na¬ little brothers and sisters He tive ginseng and other medical leaves four sisters and two little herbs which served in a measure brothersOur heavens gain to suppress this kind of tresspass MMX the land owners How ¬ One fond hope remainsunblighted C upon Hopes of meeting Ray again ever the advocacy of this fact When we shall be transported does not in a measure destroy From this world of sin and pain 7r WATE InG C I 7 the idea among some that many Our hearts with sorrow broken t vi things not their own is theirs if Christ has felt the cruel thorn IE a 7110 they trouble themselves to take He will give back pur darling Ray vc 3fE Rates Reasonable best the market produces morn it As example men of good On the Resurrection Mae Rowena Ky His Friend Lt Fn t1 llIpE 7C standing will go on our creek I lands and haul away gravel and DIRIGO lOmlne 71C convert it to their own use with ¬ n C II Cmmn71CiC7iCTIVlnnCn mmni1 out so much as asking for it Several from this place atten- ¬ Now a thing not worth asking for and yet is beneficial to us ded the faircertainly should have a value in Misses Helena Hundley and someway How much differ ¬ Annie Lee Strange visited their Opened up by experienced Machinist ence is there between the man uncle W L Strange Inroad who goes into your fenced up last week Repairs Promptly and Correctly Made on field and hauls away a load of Engines Boilers and all Machinery Shop well equippedThe measle scare is about over your soil than the one who goes in this section CAMPBELLSVILLE KY A C SURREY on your outside land and hauls Mr Paul Epperson Montpel away a load of gravel If the ier was here last Sunday The New Bobbitt Hotel WILMORE HOTEL former is tresspass and open Robert Yolks of Bakerton will stealing what is the last lecture at Bird School House the NEAR DEPOT Our Fairs have come and gone first Friday evening in Septem¬ Firstclaws Table LEBANON KY The one at Bur esville was good ber He will also make pictures Good Sample Rooms and so was the Columbia Fair at that place that day Feed Stable Neat Rooms Good Beds Good Table Fare and ai but there is something lacking Reasonable Rates Good Accommodations as found anywhere First class la every thing and most reasonable in price These Fairs are created to stim-¬ Charlie Harness will sing at County solicited Tbeipstro isle of Adair W MI3tILMOftE PRO ulate interest among the farmers Independence the 4th Sunday J SON Prop BOBBIn Kentucky and stock men but ddithey serve p m in this month Gradyvllle fi- CAMPBELLSVILLE KENTUCKY Ec6r eEEEEEEgEEEEEEErr E raL r biy it not been for immediate assist ¬ ance she would have bled to death in a short time Since the recent rains prospects are more favorable for Mari I The Limit of Life The Logging business of the McLean Lumber Co has been at a standstill for some weeks on account of teams and hands be ¬ ing employed elsewhere but will open up in a few days with a greater force than ever rC- Greensburg Ky 7C coming crop V ENGINES this purpose The premiums of ¬ fered the agriculturalist are not sufficient to warrant preparation for a display much less to stim ¬ ulate superior effort This ac ¬ counts for the small display of agricultural products The stock features are all right but lets have a division of interest be ¬ tween the stockmen and agricult- ¬ urists COBURG J r NEW WAY GASOLINE HOTELTELEPHONE X Snaths Haying Wheelbarrows Tools Lawn Mowers Grass Hooks Grass Shears AT BOTTOM PRICES vE 1 years old can Wash a Tub of Clothes in 6 Guaranteed to do the Work or Money Refunded minutes i MACHINE 14 Winn C E Luther Roach had a mare to I i nE gq WEED BACK < A COMPLETE STOCK fE YOUR n- 7r n wily BREAK m mmmnn- I1 I AUGUST 28 1907 ROLLINGBURG I Brooks Burress sold his house and lot to Tyler Burress for 225 andwill leave with his family next week for Kansas where he will reside Miss Lunie Paxton is very sick with chills and fever Millard Paxton who was badly hurt about ten days ago as im¬ proving nicely but has not gained his eye sight yet Mrs U N Whitlock Bliss J visited at A W Paxton several days of last week Odie Coomie has moved to Exie where he will run a black- ¬ smith shopr = i i a f

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