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Image 2 of The Adair County news., August 28, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS 2 1 COLUMBIA KY AUGUST 28 1907 iliiiii lI I LIGHTS PUT OUT BY BULLETS STATE NEWS HAPPENINGS POSTAL TELEGRAPH OFFICE AT TACKED BY MOB First Violence NEW PIKE SYSTEM CONTESTED WILL From I Refused Admission to ProbateChil dren at Swords Points Louisville KyJudge Walter Lin coIn refused to admit the will of Mrs Laura S T Rose to probate as the result of the contest recently brought against the document by Mrs Sophia Riddle and John T Ross children of I the testatrix It I was alleged in the contest pro anothreadings ¬ j ¬ i er child had exerted undue influence over the mother during her final ill ness and caused her to write a codicil cutting off two of the children It was also charged by Mrs Riddle that Miss Edith Ross attacked one of her sisters and broke two ribs because the sister had attempted to wait upon the moth ereJudge Lincoln held that no tes timony had been introduced to rebut the charge of undue influence which appeared in the evidence of the con j ¬ I I BACK TAXES CLAIMED on Deposit in Kentucky Lexington KyThe American To bacco Co was made defendant in a suit for back taxes on 100000 for the last five years The suit was filed by D L Hardesty state revenue at large It is alleged that the Amerjl ican Tobacco Co is a foreign 1 ion composed of three of which is the Continental Tobacco Co Hardesty alleges that tha Conti nental Tobacco Co from September 15 1902 to September 9 1904 had continuously on deposit in the banks here 100000 and that on September 9 1904 was merged with the American Tobacco Co and that the American Tobacco Co since that time has had 100000 on deposit here continuously The suit Is equivalent to back taxes on 500000 for one year and if col lected will bring over 10000 revenue ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ to the state Young Girl Slain London Ky Stella Smith 20 of Knoxville Tenn was found dead on N railroad tracks near Cor the L bin Her body had been mangled by a train and two bullet holes were in her head At the inquest at Corbin by Judge Pennington it was found that she had been murdered and her body placed upon the railroad tracks ¬ ¬ ¬ Child Attacked By Dog was Owensboro KyExcitement caused at Livermore McLean county by a mad dog biting the young daugh ter0of W F Trunnell She was bitten The on the shoulder and forehead child was saved from death by her bother who pulled her into the house ¬ 1 Left Her Key Paris KyMrs J P Howell the operator in charge of the Postal Teler graph office in this city announced the Mrs Howell received office closed her Instructions from the secretary of the O R T of which order she is a member Wed on Their Birthday Lexington KyroO celebrate the 52d anniversary of their births Miss Emma Isham of Spencer county and George MoAnnally of Danville were The marriage is a culmina married Lion of many years courtship ¬ Womans Plunge Mad KyMrs Millie Oliver aged 50 wife of Lewis Oliver a paint er committed suicide by drowning in > Benson Creek here It is thought she r w temjporarily insane Frankfort it w 1 s if BY Kentucky Wall Plaster Co r I The Louisville Trust GOrn6rI Company ¬ I imparI jToNewOuarters IJust L HUBER SON ¬ Street 0 ooQ 11OPTICIArtS More Than 25000 in Prizes moneythat ¬ ¬ I Cant ¬ ¬ > 7 EPT16211911 ¬ ¬ LOUI3YKLU ¬ e t- ¬ i V Jl c F M MANUFACTURED LOUISVILLE t r wood J Lexington KyJudge E C Orear the Kentucky court of appeals will introduce Secretary of War William H Taft when he makes an address at Woodland Park Judge Taft accepted the invitation of Charles H Berryman manager of James B Haggins Elmen dorf breeding farm to be his guest during his stay in Lexington Fatal Crap Game Ford Ky Howard King a local em Nashville ploye of the Louisville railroad was shot and killed by Gil bert Young a farmer of Madison coun ty Kentucky after a row over the loss of a dollar in a crap game Young claims selfdefense 21An ¬ of ¬ Aug Gal 356 West Jefferson Taft Going to Lexington Looks Like Silver Lexington KyWhat is believed to be silver ore has been found on the farm of A R Hildreth who lieves be tween Abner and Licking Station in Nicholas county Hildreth has sent a lot of the ore to the state experiment station here to be assayed Angeles armed mob attacked the office of the Postal Telegraph Co at Ashfork Ariz Tuesday and broke every window in the building with a rain of bullets The lives of four of the employes were endangered but so far as known IEXGOV Held ti Killed By a Train Covington Ky Michael Kiczkow ski 32 was killed by a train near the race course in Latonia The remains were removed to Linnemann Moores morgue Kiczkowski was a farmer and lived on the Madison pike about six miles from Covington FIBER PLASTER Reported no one was injured The shooting began at 1 oclock Tuesday morning but the Postal em ployes made no resistance Brook RiverSts1BOTH PHONES 2267 Louisville Ky Superintendent Lewis of this dis trict wired the following to Gov Kib Also Operating HOOSIER WALL PRASTER PLANT Jeffersonville Ind bey Phone 555 Monday night an armed mob attacked our office at Ashfork shooting into the office with revolvers and endangering the lives of our employes They threatened to renew the attack Tuesday night I call upon you to month to superintend the building of protect the lives of our employes and these pikes and the repairing of the the property of the company at Ash fork Please act promptly Gov Kibbey replied that he would act immediately of excellent roads of about 200 Southwest The following is the official report TAYLOR of Mr Swin one of the electrical enFifth and gineers of the company at Ashfork Does Not Believe Powers Said He li We were forewarned that there Obliged to Testify would be trouble so about 9 oclock Monday night we barricaded the front Organized under a special charter for the safe keeping of valuables of Indianapolis Ind William S Tay- and back doors so they could not rush every kind and description and the transaction of a generai trust busi lor former governor of Kentucky U3 charged with complicity In the Goebel ness is authorized to act in any part of the State as Executor Admin At 10 oclock several parties tried murder and for several years a refu- to get in the front door We turned istrator Trustee Guardian Assignee Receiver and to fill every posi gee in the state of Indiana said that all the lights out except one over the tion of trust that can be held by an individual he did not believe that Caleb Powers sidewalk and another over the inside gave expression to the sentiments at tributed to him In an interview in counterThere was not much doing with the It accepts and executes trusts of varied character and its fair which he Is quoted as saying that Tay- exception of kicking on the doors until lor is under obligations to him and tial and profitable management is guaranteed by its large assets its cor ¬ 1015 oclock when we saw a man others to come forward and testify come from the direction of the Harvey porate property its magnificent fireproof office buiUing and its great Taylor seems to think that an effort house He stopped at the front door financial strength is being made to entangle him that and fired three shots I Powers would not be a party to it and One went through a glass door in therefore used no such expression front and another through a glaSs door He says however that nothing official side has come to his notice and he does on thewas quiet then until 215 a m It not care to discuss the matter further when three men fired another volley breaking more glass At 3 oclock the HELD BY WOMAN crowd came again and fired more than While Her Husband Used His Kinfa a dozen shots The lights left burning We beg to announce to the public the formal opening of our New Store at on Lucy With Fatal Effect were shot out One of the last shots fired was aimed apparently at a cot Catlettsburg Ky While Mrs Fan on which Sutton one of our men waa around the corner from fourth avenue nie Elliott held Peter Lucy with his sleeping arms pinioned close to his sides her have been in business at 712 West Market Street andx Ashfork is a small town in Arizona husband John Elliott literally cut him on the Santa Fe and is the chief reestablished there will justify a continuance of public to pieces with a pocket knife and as peating station of the Postal Co be Onr Stock WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY I Lucy sank to the ground mortally tween Los Angeles and the east Five np to date our prices as low as can be had anywhere John men are regularly employed but three wounded his last words were t1EWEI1E Elliott has killed me The affair hap- walked out when the strike order was 1 pened on Chadwicks creek about four given One man has since been sent miles south of this city as the partici there from San Francisco to join theI SXlXSXiX8X SSXSXsXSXS pants in the row and a number of oth ers were returning home from a box companyThe office is now guarded supper at the Oakland church by Sheriff Lowery and two deputies who arrived by special train from Crack Kentucky Shots Lexington KyKentuckys fame as PrescottThe sheriff has arrested a man a producer of sharpshooters will be upheld at the national rifle shoot known as Speck Smooth It is said A State Fair ribbon has the backing of the Commonwealth of which began at Camp Perry Ft Clin however that Smooth is not a tele ton O Among the noted marksmen grapher who left for the camp were SergL VJERKS OF THE DENTIST iler S Morris of B arbours villa Lieut Lowest Rates by Rail and River I Foster Helm Maj Victor Dodge of In Pulling Teeth Broke the Patients You Just Afford to Miss It s Lexington and Cal Marvin Parrent Neck and He Died of Frankfort Come and bring all the folks and the attendance will be swelled to the much desired figure a quarter million in six great days Chicago 111 Aug 21 George Davis French in Marcum Case Lexington KyElbert Hargis John 38 years of age died in the county hos See our new grounds and new buildings costing 275000 steel Abner and Bill Britton charged with pital of what was diagnosed by the and concrete grand stand mammoth exhibition barns fastest trot of Dr Cox are determined physicians as a broken neck Davis the murder ting track in the world that their trial shall be conducted at came to the hospital one week ago Ky B F French men- His arm was paralyzed and the day Sandy Hook Trotting Facing Running Races Daily I tioned as a codefendant with them in following his arrival he was attacked the Cox case is not similarly accused with severe pains in the spinal column An amusement program running way into thousands of dollars He is charged with complicity in the Davis told the physician at the hos united with an exhibition plan never before attempted Marcum murder pital that he had gone to a dentist to The tooth have a tooth extracted Investigate Child Labor Newport KyPlre enforcement of was difficult to extract and Davis said the child labor law in Newport is again that the dentist had jerked him se being looked into by State Labor In verelyIt believed by the physicians thai spector T J Scally Inspector Scally is being assisted by Assistant State the dentist dislocated a portion of the Labor Inspector William Young of spinal column in the neck by his jerks Covington and they are making a Slew Son Wounded Father thorough canvass of Newport and Cov Aug 21Frank Memphis Tenn ington Smith is dead and his father W N Soap Odors Stop Factory Smith both of Atoka Tenn is in a they critical condition at the city hospital KyDeclaring Lexington could not endure the odors from the as the result of wounds inflicted with Allen soap factory 35 employes of the a shotgun by Ben Harrell in this city Fayette Brick and Supply Co of this Harrell was taken into custody I city quit work The whole plant is charged with murder The shooting h tied up Superintendent Stone threat the culmination of a quarrel early in ened to sue the municipality unless ac the day over a trivial matter which Capt Knabenshue in his passengercarrying airshipthe marvel tion is talon against the soap com- was resumed afterward Harrell is of the centurywith daily flights and exhibitions and a night ride pany well known in local politics in the air guided by a searchlight Judges Sued By Mayor Balloon races the most exciting of aerial sports and a captive Duckboat Upset Four Drowned balloon Paris KyMayor James OBrien of Sacramento Gal Aug 21ThreE Sensational acrobatic acts free each day I this city in the Bourbon Circuit persons were drowned here when a filed suits against four of the And the worlds greatest living color page of amusement enter Court present members of the Fiscal Court duckboat capsized in the Sacramento prisesPains tc famous Manhattan Beach fire works and the gigantic and four former Magistrates to re river A fourth victim was added expyrotechnic spectacle Eruption of Vesuvius actual reproduction the list when Manuel Greggs an cover money they are alleged to have of the aweinspiring calamity of 1906 given nightly in the infield attending commit- pert swimmer was pulled beneath the drawn as fees for in front of the grand stand tee meetings to which it is contended water by two women who had plunged Three concerts daily by Natiello and his premier band of fifty in to rescue the three men whose boat they were not entitled artists from the Land of Music had overturned Despondent Carpenter Suicides beKyDespondent Louisville 105 Were Killed Remember the Kentucky State Fair was created by the iventucky cause of the failure of the Carpenters Berlin Aug 21The directors oj Legislature and is given under 9f ices ef the Kentucky State union to reach an agreement with the the Shantung Mining Co received p Board of Agriculture contractors and brooding over his ina cable message from Tsingtau announc > Write for catalogue and illustrated descriptive book i bility to support his wife and four ing that an explosion of dynamite had v R E HUGHES Secretary Louisville small children William Payne a strik occurred underground in the Fangtse ing carpenter committed suicide by mine resulting in the killing of twc cutting his throat with a razor r Germans and 105 Chinamen comI I testants A Los Ky Following the Hopkinsville sale of 100000 worth of road bonds the Fiscal Court of Christian County has authorized that advertisements be inserted in the papers asking for bids on 64 miles of new pikes to be built in the county These pikes will be even ly distributed through every section of the county and in many places will reach to the county line About half the pikes will be 12 feet wide with the metal 12 inches In the mid dIe and grading down to 9 inches at the sides while the other half will b9 9 feet wide and with a uniform depth wasI I ¬ on Money Strike ¬ ¬ sE0From Tobacco Trust of AshforkGov Kibbey Urged To Protect Property Will Be Much Extended in Christian County Kentucky ¬ Is a substitute for com ¬ mon lime mortar There LOUISVILLE WOOD is intelligent economy in the use of this material The use of common lime mortar for plastering makes a weak and uncertain ceiling as it is li ¬ able to fall any time and cause several hundred dollars damages You can den it like wood containing no sand you can saw or nailit like r I 10i j 4 H lr r1A I t g r f IiI n

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