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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 28, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

I bif4uunt> li isj m ftt r i 10COLUMBIA VOLUME ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY AUGUST e km t31 28 1907 NUMBER 42 r ti WEDDING Mr Horace ANNOUNCED Jeffries and Miss Zel ma Todd to be Married This Afternoon > I WILL MARRIAGE BE A QUIET AFFAIR Wednesday afternoon at 5 oclock Mr Horace Jeffries who is one of Columbias successful business men will be married to Miss Zelma Todd a most excellent young lady a daughter of Mr J D Todd who lives near town The ceremony will be impressively said by Rev A R Kasey in the presence of relatives and a few intimate friends Immediately after the ceremony the couple will leave for the home of the grooms parents Mr and Mrs W F Jeffries who live on Burkesville streetII where a reception will be h where the couple will reside until the groom gets possession of his property recently purchased of Mr Z M Staples on Greensburg street The News desires to extend its con gratulations trusting that their lives will be spared to a good old age and that prosperity will attend them as they lovingly go hand in hand down the stream of Time This I I r I Two of the most interesting contests during the fair last week were the har ¬ ness roadster and sweepstake saddle rings the former won by Wilson Steffy of Barren county and the latter by Coffey Bros and Young with a five year old Red Bird Stallion owned by J D Miller Jr of Taylor county He is one of the grandest five gaited saddle stallions we have seen in years and is rIN royally bred being by Red Bird 1st Tates Wilks 2nd dam by Lisle 3rd dam by George Wilks The people of Taylor county should certainly appreciate a horse of this kind ans his be proud of the great shows he made here as he had only been in training about thirty days He met and defeated some of the best horses in Kentucky both at this place and at His development sudden Burksville and thorough in the show ring feather in the cap of his trainer Mr Jo Coffey Jr who never fails to bring out all the good and to show it up at the right time and place Y n 1Wilks 1 Iowner isa p past three weeks left for her home in Coffey Bros Young first and sec ¬ PREMIUMS AWARDED I 4 Mrs Allen Walker Best Jersey cow 2 years old and under Be ¬ Kinkwood Mo Tuesday morning ond 3 R G Price fore leaving she subscribed for the Finest turnout Drye Dinwiddie first News Misses Minnie Wheat and Nel ¬ The Columbia Fair Draws Large Best Jersey cow 1 year old and under Tim Cravens second 2 Mrs J H Young lie Haynes of Russell county ac ¬ Best suckling colt by Jordan Peacock Crowds and was a Success in Best Jersey cow under 1 year old Ben companied Miss Tina to Columbia R FPaull first Grady Smythe Every Particular Thomas second A M Allen third Grady DEATH OF MR JO DUDLEY Best Jersey cow any age M Cravens Smythe fourth FULL LIST OF PREMIUMS AWARDED BEEF CATTLE Mule race Plato Wade 1 2 John Best bull 3 years old and over R F The end came to this wellknown Brock 3rd Paull citizen last Sunday afternoon His Plug race Oliver Willis first Plato The closing of the Fair last Friday home was near Glenville but he had afternoon was witnessed by one of the Best cow 2 years old and under 3 R Wade second Henry Nunn third F Paull acquaintances throughout the county largest crowds that has been on the I FRIDAY 1 He was a man who had many warm grounds for many years on the fourth Best cow year old and under 2 R F HOSSES FOR GENERAL UTILITY personalfriends and will be greatly day This was due in part to the fact Best colt under one year old Albert year old R F Paull missed from the busy walks of life that Thursday was a rainy day and the Best cow under 1 Miller ¬ He was a Master Mason and was further fact that many people regar Best stallion mare or gelding 1 year buried by Glensfork Lodge He was the last day the best one At any rate males owned by one man or firm R F and 2 J Kingery about 72 years old and leaves a wife the Association is wellpleased with the Paull first Jo Smith second Best stallion 2 and under 3 Wilson HORSES FOR HARNESS and several grown sons and daughters attendance throughout and feet that Steffy Best Stallion any age Wilson Steffy the many who attended were not dis- ¬ His health began to fail five or six Best stallion 3 andunder 4 Coffey Bros first Coffey Bros Young second months ago and he gradually grew satisfied with the many fine shows of Young Best mare or gelding 3 years old and weaker until the final dissolution Our stock good music and courteous treat ¬ Best stallion 4 and over Coffey Bros under 4 Dock Drye sympathy is extended to the bereaved ment from all responsible for the entertainment From start to finish good Best mare or gelding 1 and under 2 Best mare or gelding 2 and unde 3 Cof family order was maintained but unfortunate- ¬ Smith Bros fey Bros Young NEW FIRM ly for some they took too much of the Best stallion 4 and over Wilson Stef Best mare or gelding 3 and under 41 fySocial drink and were placed behind Wilson Steffy Best stallion 4 and under 5 Coffey Best mare or gelding 4 and over Wil ¬ Dr James Triplett who has been the bars to sober up and pay a fine to Bros Young son practicing denistry for a number of become wiser if not better Best Snallion 2 and under three Wil- ¬ There was more good stock on the Most beautiful colt R F Paull years and whoSe work is wellknown in L son Steffy GENERAL SWEEPSTAKES FOR SADDLE Adair and adjoining counties has form- ground than has been seen there for Best stallion 1 andxUnder 2 J M King a number of years The show of hogs Best stallion mare or gelding Coffey si ed a partnership in the dential business Young first and second Bros with his nephew Dr J E Grant laJke was the best ever seen on the grounds Best stallion under one year RF and while sheep and cattle were not nu- ¬ Wilson Steffy third of Louisville Dr Grant is a graduate Paull merous yet the grade was as good as FOR GENERAL GENERAL SWEEPSTAKES of the Louisville College of Denistry UTILITY any section could produce The mules Best mare 3 and under 4 Wilson and and practiced successfully in the city Steffy Dinwiddie Best mare orgeldig Drye The only reason for his removel from were well up to former exhibitions and Best mare or gelding Jl and under 2 Best stallion any age Wilson Steffy The ring Louisville is that he has much better attracted much attention Smith Bros Best Lady rider any age Mrs Grover horses were there in fine form and the health in the country The parlors of Best mare under 1 year T R Price Grissom first Miss Louise Cabell Drs Triplett Grant have been in ¬ contests were spirited and close and Best Broodmare and colt A S second ¬ vitingly fitted up and when patients the winners had no easy time The de Chewning Mule race Plato Wade 1st i2nd John call they can be comfortably entertain- ¬ cisions of the Judges were well re Best stallion and three of his colts Gra ¬ Brockman 3rd¬ ed Dr Grant is prepared to adminis ¬ ceived by the exhibitors and the audi Thoroughbred race P W Napier 1st dy Smythe ter gas and makes porcelain work a ence and we can truthfully say that Most beautiful turnoutWilson Stef ¬ W R Moore 2nd F P Wilkinson 3rd less complaint was made on this line Young 1st speciality Consolation Coffey Bros fy first Drye Dinwiddy second than at any similar fair ever held here Smythe 2nd Grady Best New York saddle mare or gelding NORMAL DEPARTMENT So far as we are able to hear the many Wilson Steffy who paid at the gate are well satisfied Fair Mule race Plato Wadelst and 2nd and The stock men left happy and the As ¬ fhe Board of Trustees of the M and Bob Young 3rdr F High School has engaged the servi ¬ sociation is well pleased Below we Thoroughbred Saturday August 31 1907 race Napier first ces of liss Fannie Smythe as Normal give the winners as shown by the Sec ¬ W R Moore secondhand F P Wilk- ¬ teacher for the coming year Miss retarys books t on BurResvllie Street At E H Hughes inson third Smythe has done very acceptable work Best apples JF before and a successful class is looked THURSDAY 3 L for under her management This de ¬ Best watermelons S G Banks Best horse mule 3 years old or over Rates of Admission partment will be a special feature and Best grapes C E Wilson 010 For Persons over 200 pounds Scott Hartfield work will begin the second session Best cantelopes S G Banks 05 Persons under 200 pounds Best horse mule 2 years and under January 2nd 1908All stock admitted per Best white wheat James Butler three Scott Hartfield 01 Water and Feed each Best red wheat Ray Flowers BARGAIN SALE OF SILKS Best horse mule one and under two Premium List Best oats A F Wilson Scott Hartfeld Class A Best white corn WC Yates Best horse mule undergone year M A Best Shepherd Dog any age 0 05 haye about 200 pieces of silks Best yellow corn J D Todd ± t We 10 r Armstrong Vf Bird Dog any age Best from 1 to 5 yards to piece assorted Best beets Susan Fisher 10 Best Fox Terrior any age Best mare mule 3 years and over L C colors which we will sell at wholesale Best onions Mrs Young 10 Best Nanny Goat any age Butler RUSSELL Co Best sweet potatoes Rose East prices 10 Best Billy Goat any age Best mare mule 2 years and under 3 potatoes J W Judd Best Heifer Calf under 3 months 10 We desire to extend our sympathy to Best Irish 10 Bes Steer Calf under 3 months HumbleBest the people of Jamestown who were Best Cabbage R T McCaffrey 05 mule 1 and under 2 A W Cat any age any kind Best M A Hurt 05 bereft of that excellent citizen Dr M Best Tomatoes Best Kitten any kind Paxton display of vegetables Mrs T 10 Brown Hen D Hopper Best Red Rooster The intelligence of his de ¬ Best Best mare mule under 1 year Hudson Smith Class B mise reached this office last week just Conover C R Cabbell 05 Shortest tail Dog as we were going to press The de ¬ Best buck Best pair mules L C Butler first S 05 Longest tail Dog Best ewe C R Cabell ceased was about 73 years oil and had J Tate s 05 Smallest Dog C R Cabell practiced medicine for forty years He Best herd of sheep Best unmarried Lady driver between 05 Dog Largest Boar 1 year old and over Jo was known to every body in Russell Best 18 and 24 years Miss Louise Cabell Class C Smith county as a most excellent man first Miss H P Rodgers second Best Shepherd drivenin harness 101 Best sow 1 year old and over Jo Smith Fox Terrior driven in harness 10 Most beautiful stallion mare or gelding If there is a person who subscribed Best sow under 1 year old Caldwell Dock Dry Nanny Goat driven in harness 10 Smythe first Grady 10 Billy Goat driven in harnes for the Louisville Herald through Miss Bros second 10 Broke Goat to harness Pile and is not receiving it or Best sow lany age W E Todd Lorena Best double team Dry and Dinwiddie Special Class W DKing Manager if the paper has been started out of Best boar any age Jo Smith Young second first Coffey Bros Special by E C Campbell Louisdate those subscribers are requested to Best sow and three pigs Jo Smith Best rockaway mare or gelding Cof¬ ville with Fairbanks Morse Co let Miss Pile know in order that she Sweepstake for harness Wilson Young first Dock Dry fey Bros the Oldest Ugliest YellowSCur 25 may have everything done in regular Steffy second Coffey Bros Young Special by W D King To double second 25 third Dock Drye team of Tom Cats HORSES FOR SADDLE orderClint Special by A A Norris Louis ¬ Saddle stallion mare or gelding Wilson Co have rented and Best stallion 4 years or over Coffey ville The most beautiful Doll every Smith Steffy first CoffeyBros young Young Bros 10 opened a livery and feed stable in the thing considered second Pret ¬ Special byTeM Wilson back of the News office Best stallion 3 yearsjarid under Coffey Tutt Stables Best phaeton pony G P Murphey tiest Girl under 16 that has nerer been Young Bros The firm is now ready for business 25 first Mrs K V Abraham second kissed Best roadster A W Pedigo first Cof- ¬ By the latter part of the week will be Best Best pair of harness maresjorjgeldings Special by W F Hancock Young second fey Bros t reaQyto furnish rigs 15 Team Jf Pussy Cats Coffey Bros Young first Grady Best stallion 2 and under 3 Grady Special by E G Atkins To hand If you are agirl161S years of age Smythe second Smythe somest short tail Dog with dewclaws 25 and want to pay board and tuition by Best fatman rider J B Watson 10 4 100yard dash Best mare or gelding 3and under work apply at LindsayWilson Train ¬ Best saddle mare or gelding any age Gus the vicious Goat will fight Steffy first Plato Wade Wilson 421t Coffey Bros v ing School Young Sport the Dog second Mule race Plato Wade first and second Paul Hughes M and F High School will open Oliver Willis third Best mare or gelding 2 and under 3 i Cirayens Monday morning September 2nd aj Coffey Bros i Young Ralph Hurtsa SECOND DAY V g30 JiP DARNALt Principal < vMahagersl Best Jersey cow 3 year sdldrand under Beststallion mareorjgeldiaganyrage 1 > < < < i toa L 1 PaullI fed ¬ Steffyi Thursday evening of the Fair Misses Mabel Atkins and Katie Murrell enter- ¬ tained at the home of the former in honor of Miss Brownie Leachman of Greensburg and Miss Addie May Jones of Jamestown About sixty couples t put in appearance and several hours were joyfully spent Refreshments were served and delightful music render ¬ ed eryS ¬ Pea Ridge Bros and Young were the winners at the Columbia fair are ready to say There was hot time in the old town Coffey Mlargest Miss Tina Haynes who has been visit sing relatives in RusselL county for the 1 i Pw 1 Reynoldsr J head01St- all I 11 0 JH ¬ t 0 condj > tiA > > j S Y Association I Columbia Hotel has been sold by Smith Nell to R F Paull and Allen Walker Consideration private The present owners have rented the build ing to Mr Coy Dudgeon of Cane Val ¬ ley who will take charge about the first Of September a < > < Dr T S Buckingham of Lexington representing the Anti Saloon League of Kentucky delivered a strong address favoring prohibition at the Presbyterian church last Sunday night He declared that in a short time whisky would be driven from the State that a bill would le introduced and passed by the Ken ¬ tucky Legislature giving the whole people of the State the right to vote upon the question YoungI ¬ xJ A 1- r > S5t fwf t f > > r- A S j I 5Edwin l S rt7 t

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