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Image 4 of Kentucky mountaineer, April 26, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

DELINQUENT LIST. (Con't from page 2.) Lyklm, W. M. Delinquent " Lyklni, Tom " Lyklni, R, M.' Lyklni, P. E. Mole, Luther '' Perkins Lewis Pouble A'd Pellnquont Pcrklni, G. W. " Perkins. Wash " Perkins, Vista Poe, Elbert Quicksall, Jonlthaji released Beed, Wiley BoblnotU 0. M. delinquent Double Ass'd Salver, Geo Tackett, Robert delinquent removal Trusty, Comma Trusty, Tone Wilson, Harvy delinquent ' Williams, BUI ii Whlscom, Green Richie, W. B. Poll " " " " " " " l.CO 11 J.CO " l.CO l.CO l.CO l.CO 1.60 l.CO l.CO l.CO " " Is now estsbllsTiel that bv mittm on a sewing macnine, in nnamon in the notice of ,rMent required by law. a notice called a license restriction, the right Is acquired as against the whole world to control th sale of all the materials used In the operation of the machine by tho person who ha bought It. These Illustrations nre not Imaginary. "The ruling now made Is In effect that the patenteo has the rower by contract to extend his patent rights cn as to bring within tbe claims of his patent things which nre not embraced therein, thus virtually legislating by causing the patent laws to Notice to File Claims. cover subjects to which they could not Magoffin Circuit Court. reach, tbe result being; to multiply Plaintiff. monopolies at the will of an InterestVina Whitt ed party." Notice to file claim, vs The derision caused a laugh of deB. A. Akams, &c, Defendants. rision throughout tbo national carttal. All persons holding claims The advocates of the doctrine of tho were overInfallibility of the against Samuel Whitt, deceased, come with chagrin, courts tho supportwhile are.heroby notified to file same ers of Colonel Roosevelt Inquired with with me at Treasurer's office in sarrnstlc emphasis whether the people poll), so frequently denounced the cjty of Salyersville, Magoffin at the"mob" by tho advocates of speas a county, Ky., on or before the 1st cial privilege, could ever do anything day of May, 1912, proven as re- worse. Applying the Recall. quired by law. for allowance. In tho meantime, the attorney genmy hand this 9th dny eral and other administration oppoWitness nents of Colonel Roosevelt fluttered of April, 1912, about In flabborcaated haute to find W. P. Carpenter, some speedy way to recall the opinMaster Com'r. ion; for If sustained this opinion wll tako t&e llf out of some of the moit specta-ul- ar trust busting cults the administration has In Its Incubator. The attorney urneral notified tho defeated lltlcants tv r.t If th.y nero kb hip to try lo secure a rehearing of the case Supremo bench of COL. ROOSEVELT boforc n fullndmlnlMrallontho would he Court, the glad to lend all the aislstanre of which the Dcpnrtnrcut of Juailre was capable. At tbe same tlmo the attorTrying to Have Supreme ney cnornl rommenred the reparatTaft ion of a bill for the amendment of the Court Decision Recalled. patent law. with the Intention of setting rongrcsu looso nt tho Supremo Court Other stops fur tho recall of HIM the ileoltlon were Irai'suratcd by tho JUSTICE WITH CHIEF conimlrsloiier of patents, who also to work on a bill to be handed to Mimeograph Cats Qlvei Qpeelal Point coaireta While tills wns going on In the to Columbu SpeeehAdmlnlstra-tlo- n executive ond of tho government, the Wants Congress to Oversreno on Capitol Hill was equally llvo-lthrow Court's Action. Apparently every legislator In congress wnntcd a copy of tho deFebruary 21 Colonel Rooeevolt cision, fomo for tho purpoan of enOn delivered before tbe constltuUonal joying themselves and others to study convention of Ohio an oration on "A It. In the cenrch for a way to recall It. Charter of Democracy." In which he The supply of copies was onlv normal denounced the doctrine of tbe Infalll end was soon exhausted, but the de bility of the court, a. a grave da tiger menacing American nstl utlons. and ' a,B bm,f(, o at fr r) advocated a slmpl fieJ method for the rU). of recall of court decisions by the people. , ,i(,fn a nm M , At onee be was ansa led by U.e repre- - KlMUUra wl scntatlves of Dig Iluslness TM, plcC(, of Iensil. thn Monopoly as an advocate of Or ua , ,BtBtlon perpetrated bv the anarchy and a living threat against I Un)fiii, atMM Kupteme Collr( the safety of property. a fr. Irnli,, bat this later Instance Of course, at the tlmo he waa speak- nfit Mw ervo M Rn nionr. ing more particularly oi iuj ment of mlnnnl ttomievelt's plea for weeks on jthe rem II of but In Wsa than three rott decisions If It had March 11, to be exact the Supreme bml mndo to order for that purpose Court of the United States handed Tbe Surt'irie Court Indeed has dn'n a decision, coupled with the dls caught up with Cn'nncl Roosovelt. f three members, Includlug tbat ffi- - than to pull the throttle that toward starts tho " success without a full steam of 1.60 enthusiasm, 1,60 So I would say to make your 1.C0 continuod success, to 1.60 paper a fruits 1.60 get satisfaction from tho 1.60 of your labor, coutinuo to hold l.CO upon and cling fast to Enthusil.CO Yours as over, asm. l.CO Rambling John, 1.50 WALDO, Canada Olivor, of Hunting .creek, has moved to the land of f Kindall Joseph, A. J. Patton, while burning ibrush, had some fencing burned. C. B. Arnett. of Sublett, was on Trace last week seeing about having some ties removed off the land of gome farmers, Born to the wifo of P. B. Wireman a girl. ' The big tide came very near washing awtiy Boyd Miller's saw mill. Frosty Bill Wirenwn, who has been sick about two weeks, died fi few days ago, leaving a wife .and six children to mourn his loss. John M. Howard, son of Sam Howard, who was sentenced to jthe pen for a. term of 3 years, has been pardoned and returned home. Ramble Creek, Apr. 22, 1012. Dear Mr. Editor: I have read every issue of the Mountaineer and must Bay that it is one among the best papers of its size that I ever read, and I must further say that your correspondent's are to be congratulated for jthe excellent articles and news furnished by them. It has been .said that the people of Magoffin .county are good penmen, and now since the publication of vour rvnnlnitn nannr rhpv hsivi demonstrated the fact that they onel Roosevelt's attitude In every parknow how to make the pen talk. tloular. The Supreme Court caught Pulling together is what it takes up with Roosevelt. And the sever! from comments drawn to have a good newspaper and I the advocates of upon himself special privilege am glad to see the interest taken ought now. In all Justice, to be passed on to the Supremo Court and espe- in this work by our citizens. Justice White. For If I notice that your correspond dally a to Chief being voiced a domand human over dents have the courage to oxpresa for tbe recall of a decision of the their opinions on different ques. courts, Chief Justice Whlto did so In opinion. tons, I appreciate men of cour. his dissenting Oase In Point. The age and the world today is needs that of Sidney itenry The ing such men to come to the et al vs. the A. n. Dick company. The :, ,.,, ,,, ri front Rambling time seems to be ov- er out here and on every hand we see that everybody has gone to work in earnest. If the same eealousness continues throughout the Bummor we may oxpoct a "bountiful harvest in the fall. I believe we will have to change the name of our creek from Ramble to Enthusiasm, Our people have learned that enthusiasm is the art of churning real rich results out of a careful mixture of plans, work and ideas. As a general rulo too many want the results without the churning. But we havo learned that no one ever gets thorn. This churning business is dis couraging exercise, as it takes a lot of backbone and patience But it is worth while. Nothing marks the winner like enthusiasm. It is tho thing that warms failure and keeps the blood from dropping as low ns cero. No one ever failed who bad enthusiasm. It is as ginger and spices that flavor the taste. It is as the gol den crimson that fastens the eye upon the glorious sunset. It is f the lamp that lights up the dtrfcfWB to a man's hop Otr nople have been made to mlk th&t the old adage is true: "No'hlng worth while was ever jMhieved without en thuaiusm." that it is i. Wt lutve learned wmk better to tempt the tido of fh wild and roaring Atlantic in berk and wHhM ours nut-me- ffreh g, Local Newspaper It i EXCELLENT FOR HAULING WOOD i i Two Piazfu of Stronc TlmberAx-rapscto Sorve us noclt Very Easy to Con struct. d j Belt There Is no substitute for newspaper advertising when the object Is the expansion of retail business, according to the American Lumberman, a trade Journal Issued at Chicago. Tbe editor of the Lumberman deelares that the local newspaper Is the only medium that will render Ineffective the seductive luro of the mall order copy with which the average farm paper Is crammed. "When tho dealer la looking for business he wants a real medium that will carry a real message," says the Lumberman. "That medium Is his local newspaper. The local paper U ono medium that properly used the will offset the Influence of the catalog and that will render Ineffective the seductive lure of the mall order copy. Newspaper advertising Is one of the first real steps In successful merchandising. Hut It must he of consistent character, planned and executed with such deliberation that Its object will bo clear." n 0., 0., 0., TOLEDO, 0., MICH., DETROIT, NOtTH. AND ALL POINTS ATLANTA, NEW ORLEANS, LA-- , AND ALL POINTS ALL POINTS JACKSONVILLE, TEX., KNOXVILLE, TENN., GALVESTON, SHREVEPORT, North, East, South and West FARES AND AIL0THCR REACHED OF THE SERVICE CAR ROUTE. QUEEN & CRESCENT rod FLA., LA., AND SOUTHWEST. SOUTH VIA THE THROUGH , TENN-- CHATTANOOGA, ALA., BIRMINGHAM, OA., DALLAS, TEX., CALL INFORMATION, WSITt OH OR . II. C. KINO. Pumukt and Ticket Artnt. 101 H. Mln St., W. A. BrXKLCR, Oroeril Puiffllif Agent, thoy know that a paper wa3 published in their home county. To reach these persons we make this offer to our Magoffin county readers; For Un cents wo will send the MOUNTAINEER to any address for one month. In sending in trial subscriptions use thia blank: Name - LEXINGTON, KY. CINCINNATI, OHIO. WATCH Addrras 10 cents must be enclosed with this blank. SPACE THIS IT 6 ill or ccuancN pouitry cure down a chick's throat cures Eapci. A few drops In the urfnktnc water cures and prevents cholera, diarrhoea and other cblck diseases. One GOc bottle nates 12 gallons of medicine At all drucgnts. Sample and booklet on "Diseases of Fowls" sent FREC Bcurtion RemeCy Co. tuinrtoa, Ij " will contain something about FLORIDA next week that may interest you. It Do You Believe In l'ubllc Schools? In tho Restriction of EmmiBratioiiT In the payment of Sick Benefits? In providing for your loved ones, by throwing yfound them the protection of benefits in casa of death? In the education and proper training of th Orphans? IF SO, JOIN THE JUNIOR ORDER UNITED MECANICS. AMERICAN The Order is 58 years of src, with a membership of about RYLAND C. MUSICK, Attorney and Counselor at Law. pleoea of Taku two JACKSON, KY. strong wood U to 12 feet long, each, so as to tit down cut a notch In Maintains a National Home for Civil and Criminal Tracticc in caso-waover hind bolster of tho wagon to the care and education of the orthe State and Federal Courtn. prevent the rack from slipping back-wat- d phans of deceased members of or forward, says tho Homostoad. the Order. Dick company owned the patent on a It sold one of Uso four or six standards on each slda rotary mimeograph. DR. W. C. CONNELLEY, Only costing 12 2 cents per week B. and tho same number of crosspleces, the machines to Miss Christina and $3.00 per York, under a stipule in going for death benefit of $250 Skou, of New so placed that the standard Physician and Surgeon. tlon that tho InkT stencil paper and down through catchoa week sick benefit. tho socket Immediate upon tho enrollment of n CALLS ANSWERED DAY OR NIGHT. other supplies used with the Invention against tho end pt tho orossploce, as Room at The Prater llouto. must be bought from the Dick com- shown in the accompanying sketch. Council in the Funeral Benefit Departpany. The Henry company sold Miss SALYERSVILLE, KY. ment every beneficial member is at mimeograph th3t Skou Ink for the once protected for the full amount of was not Dick Ink, and the Dlclt com250 in Class A, and $500 in Class B, in pany sued the Henry company nrd M. aso of death, even if ho has been a Miss 8kon for Infringement of the ra'-en- t member of the Order but or.e day prior Thyaician and Surgeon. on the mimeograph. On Maroh 11. to his name being sent In. of tho with only seven members Calls Answered Day or Night. Additional insurance of $500 to $3,000 Rick for Hauling Wood, United States Supreme Court sitting, Frish Lint of Drejs In Stock. four of them, constituting a majority, if desired in tlio Beneficiary Degree. decided the rase and held that when Mako the standards tbreo and a half uentn oeneni wo Office Next Door to Salyersville Bank. In addition to tl-feet long. Tbey may be out off afternon-Dicthe Henry company sold the Disability Benefit. Make tbo standard provldo for Total Salyersville, Ky. Ink to Miss Skou and the used It. this ward If desired. Vnr further information apply to an Infringement of the sockets from old wagon tiros to admit constituted D. Hunteh, Special State Deputy, a standard ono and a half by four J, parent Lock Box 2, Cannel Uty, Ky. In a dissenting opinion. In which he Inches and with holes for bolts. Dolt all crosspleces firmly. Or O. S. Conley, Local Deputy, was Joined by Justices Hughes and Falcon, Ky, Lamar, Chief Justice White denounced Havo wagon near by when making the DENTIST. this extraordinary opinion In the most rack, and place the rack so far forSiddlir. First Door Wist tf F. Daniels' biting Inngunno. Stating that the pat- ward that In turning tbe front wheels ent did not cover the Ink In any wnv. Will Just miss tho end. PAINTSVILLE, KY. he demanded that the legislative department of the government amend Indiana Owns a Few Horses. W. R. PRATER, the law so as to make It Impossible Thcro are 1,176.250 horses owned Attorney at Law. for the precedent established by tbe In the state of Indiana. This Includes decision to bo maintained: and then both horses and mules. The valuo DENTIST. Practices in ail the Courts be cited some of the weird and ridicuplaced on the whole la 1143.874,600, lous lengths to which this decision. If This (a the greatest record ever fur. Son. Orfici Over W, r. Cirpintir's Kentucky. Salyersville, It were maintained, would reasonably nlsbed by the Hoosler state, the averSalyersville, Ky. lead. age belpg $113 por head. Views of ChUf Justlos. M. F. PATRICK, "Under this decision It Is now the Up-to-DaBarber Shop. Cheip Fruit. ATTORNEY Al IAW. aw," deolared the ehlef Justice, "that say It Ii cheaper to Some farmers Hair Cuts in Any Style, 15cts. In Stita and Feins! Cccrts. Pikucs when a patentee sells an engine, "that buy fruit than to raise it, but these Shave, lOcts. 1ms a right to bring under tbe patent Estate, Real in are the men on whoso tables fruit la Dealer or electrical energy used laws all eoal AH other barber work servSALYERSVILLE, KY. to work the -- machine, or even the reasonable prices. ed lubrlcanta employed In Ita opeiatlnn A queue or not a queue; that is the Opposite Prater House. Take a patented carpenter's plane. , question la China. The power now exists to confine the J. S. WATSON. ATTORNEY-AT-LAcarpenter buying It to the use of Tbe family cat Is by no means safe lumber sawed from trees grown on In this season of rabbit stews. Practice in all the Courts. the land of a particular person or sawed In a partteular mill. The owner "Don't lie to your wife," says a ChiSALYERSVILLE. KY. nt a patented cooking device can now cago Judge. No use, your honor. I vi)l sell some thoroughbred hold the buyer to use It In connection Poland China hogs cheap. with no other food supply than that preserving tbe bunt-er- a For tbe sake of JOHN H. GARDNER, I will purchase some corn at sold by the holder of the patent. The why not forbid shooting at deerf ATTORNEY-AT-LApurchaser of a patented window frame market price or I will exchange snay now be oompelled to use no maQtrl arrested In Chicago clatma (be Practises in all the Courts. the shotes to corp. terial In his house not bought from tbe is an aviator. The police say she I S. S, Elam, of th patent on the frame. SALYERSYIfE, KY, f)4tf n CINCINNATI, CLEVELAND, COLUMBUS, Almoat every person in Magoffin county ha3 relatives in distant States who would become readers of the Mountaineer- - if very Three Hundred and Eighty and Five Thousand e ILL, CHICAGO, nn J. S. CISCO, D., G. M. STAFFORD, PROFESSIONAL. E. H. ATKESON, at H. H. RAMEY, WANTED. For Sale. acre farm near gas well on, Burning Fork. Terms all cash except 500 in twelve months. G. W. Hoskins. Bradley, Ky. 100 Lexington & Eastern Ry. Effective May 28, 1911. No. 2, Daily pm . EAST BOUND. Stations No. 4, Daily am 7 20 8 03 Lexington 1 35 2 17 Winchester 8 18 L. & E. Junction 2 35 8 6Q Clay 3 05 9 27 3 47.....Campton Junction 9 44 4 01 Torrent 4 25.,.Beattyville Junction... 10 04, 10 30 Athol 4 52 5 19....0. & K. Junction. ...10 57 1105 Jackson 6 25 11 25 Quicksand, City........ No. 1 Daily a m WEST BOUND Stations Quicksand 5 05 5 10 5 35 O. Jackson & K. Junction Athol 6 7 7 8 8 25 43 19 51 05 60 1 25 1 50 1 57 2 23 2 61 Junction.. 312 Torrent 6 03....Beattyvillc C No. 3 Dally p m Campton Junction Clay City L. & E. Junction Winchester Lexington S 80 4 06 4V 4 60 ...685 No. 1 will make connection with the L. 4 N. at Lexington for Louisville, Ky. No. 3 will mak Wlneneiur connection with for Cincinnati, Ohio. Campton Junction Trains No 1, 2, 3 and 4 will mako connection with Moun. tain Central Ky. to and from Campton. rto.ttvvlllB Junction Trains No 1. 2 A and 3 will make connection with Hallway for Beattyville. 2, Sand O. & K. Junction-Tralna- No 4 will make connection with Ohio and Kentucky Ry. for Cannel City and O 4 K stations. Cuas. Scott, G. P. A. I.lno-tnnTri- UN It Mountajneer, $1.00 per year.

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