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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRRUSTEES,June 1, 1887 - page 68-69 The Executive Committee for the ensuing year was then appointed Viz: Chairman, W. B. Kinkead Asst. Secly. Jas. K. Patterson Philip Bird W. D. Nicholas R. J.s Spurr R. A. Spurr Gentl. Buell Chairman of the Committee on the Reports of the President, Director of the Station, and Professors of the College then reported. The following action was taken on the several parts of the report. On motion ordered that a committee of four be appointed to consider the propriety and expediency of purchasing land, the conditions on which a suitable piece of land can be bought, the probility of getting money to effect the purchase, to ascertain the best options that can be gotten on eligible tract or tracts of land and to report the same to the Executive Committee, should the Executive Committee when thus advised4 adtise and authorize the purchase the Committee thus appointed is in such case authorized to complete the purchase. Dr. R. J. Spurr, R. A. Spurr, W. D. Nicholas and W. B. Kinkead were appointed said Committee. The next section of Gen'l. Buell's report Viz: " Generally with reference to an increase of salaries - While we encourage cheerfully the merits of the Professors (Shackleford, Neville, White and Helveti) who have asked it we deem it our duty to suggest that the College is not now in a condition to render the increase practicable " came up for discussion Dr. Clardy moved its adoption. Philip Bird moved the following substitute Viz: " Ordered that the salaries of certain Professors be increased $250 per annum, the increase to be added when the Court of Appeals decides our case favorably and when Congress makes appropriations for Experimental Station." Judge Kinkead made an earnest and eloquent appeal for an increase of salary.

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