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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, May 31, 1887 - page 64 The President of the College read a communication adherred to him by Professors Shackleford, Neville, Helveti, and White praying for an increase of salary, The President asked leave to be heard upon the request of the petitions at a subsequent session, which was granted. The letter con- taining the request was referred to the Committee on the Reports of officers of the College. Professor McClintock representing the Chatauqua University Assembly presented an application to the Board for the services of Prof. Potter in the conduct of a Normal School Institute during the meeting of the assembly in Lexington. Consider- ation of the application was postponed until tomorrow. The Board then adjourned to meet in the Presidents room in the College at 9-30 A. M. June 1, 1887. Board of Trustees met in the College June 1, 1887. Present W. B. Kinkead, Chairman L. J. Bradford Seely. D. C. Buell R. J. Spurr R. A. Spurr J. D. Clardy Philip Bird J. M. Unthank W. D. Nicholas The application of Prof. McClintock was called from the unfinished business of yesterday and rejected.

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