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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), April 8, 1901

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

ia yr t 1 e eeoiA thebuj 5 VOLUME VIL The Paducab Sun i THE SUN S indict e t tADUCAH NUMBER 92 MONDAY EVENING APRIL KY IN THE i COURT I Judge Berry Turns Arthur Brewer Over to United States Army Officers WARD CASE anL L eOlllretI Oilj a Few aa heretofore or by Settlement With SUrlff Roger or-t tho delinquent tax list will bo mad Cases I n Police Court Toda Yr Road OueUon milieu Court and bill agatnttt the county allowed Tomorrow MAQISTUATES1 Jullco NEWS OF THE MAGISTRATES COURTS IL Hooka regular courtI I In wiilon U today but will adjourn until after flical court 1 orer li COURTS W ty POLICE John Adams all mlIlI Judge flusbaudi Ili ttlll too Itt t o hold court area Special juilgo W A ferry It again presiding In circuit I court Mr Henry Kattrrjohu was eicutod I from the petit Jury today and Mr Wmr Jonas lnUtltnto1In the caw of John Moore finedI 1 100 Saturday for kirplng a disorderly lionw motion vat maJo for a now trot butnosetc4I pnA reply to the cltya answer was flint bi Vorlrout k Iattcriou In their snit n lnit the city to collect the Ir 000 balance on the trick almttleut Fleming of the V Io A ai1Il aml Mora the cone amt itated1 ithat Arthur Ilrcwvr colored enlisted In the army last week and wan the 1 clay be wn to Irate armtol for steal lug a dog and telling It He asked the court to releaui ISrower rromliiug toeaselt htm to tb Phllln Ints at one Upon rrconiraf rotation of Common wealth Attorney Uradihaw Brewer wat turned over to the llentrnant the luillctment agalnit him Icing Mat COURTI I l named ItarrU was acquitted Sandy Orerby was fined 1 and coat f for a plain drank Joe Prentlti for wile boating was acquittedLee tllat Henry Thomas wonted for beating his wife has not been caught A case against Mow Dottom ft logs I I man from Livingston county charged with stealing i3o from E P Guess was partially heart and left open until Thnmiay > I SHIRTWAIST MAN LETTER The MAY BEDECK CARRIERS THEMSELVES Paducah Be AS WILLIE BOYS Carrion Da Not Very Cnthuiititlc Over Seem to the awayIn the caw of Addle Loving against New Departure Dennis Lovlug a divorce was granted A illTorcn wat grautnl In the caw U W K ngaluit Emma Davis The poilnuutcr general at Waihtng l Ilufe Keren and Jas Chlklen torn has authorlrod the wearing ofr charged with hog strallnrwrn llranlI shirt waist by Uncle Samt letter car ilI a continuance until tbe September rlen this tnnuner and several papert announce that the letter carriers in turnTb their reijwctlv cities will take to I them like docks to water street la now on trial and wily prob In Paducah however tho postmen ibly not be fiulihed 10 not teem to regard the privilege at ono worthy of much enthnilatm flHAND JURY INDICTMENTS Heretofore no matter how hot the The grand Jury hat found the fol weather the letter carrier I y regula b lowing imUctrnentt which will be re lion were compelled to wear eats I lumed In the morning Newt allat while delivering mall The result Too Davis white mulo stealing Ja was anything but plcatant Superintendent of Oarrlert F D cob Kanffman wblL obtaining moor er by lilac pretcnteaffotn U J I xij Athlon stated this ummtff that ho cot had not yet received official notice Mirth Ho oa aid Noah Thomas creJ stun iwearlni Vm Dalton I from Waihlntgon about the shirt white breaking Into the Jlroanway walita but when he doe the carriers I i iburch Ml 1 will be allowed to vote on their From err adoption or rejection HjUITS FIIKD preulont hoard from the cornier 1 U M Oiborn Co Alai anti however they do not seem to want C azalnit J II Wiley and I o Y OglUle shirt walitt Dot hot weather may 1 forIGIIOOD a debt witness a change of heart 10I1aI + y r t e t t tCOUNT COli liT Jmlge Tally held county roost to dray The will t t the late A O Iluddo wat admitted to itobato lie leaves hli estate to hit ton and daughter Mr August Dnddv and Mra Mary Itodfui Mr Bnddo qualified at executor thU morning t A now roadI from I he Paducah and Cairo grurcl tad to the Paducah and HlnklcTlUe gravel road was citabllih art and the coat inperrlior ordered to t i its HAD RABIES GRAVES COUNTY MAN CAME HERE TO GET RELIEF FROM DOG BITE TUB SEVERAL HELD OVER STATE BATURbA1tTHERESULTS IN BALLARD COUNTY WlcUlffij Aprils Tbo nominee of Saturdays primary are at follow I Sara J Moore county JadgelJake Oorbott county attorney W 0 Nlch olt sheriff Joe Grace clerk Taylor Delworth Jailer J U Oholion at aettor HERE STREET SWEEPER FULTON OOONTV FttmAHV the Ful Fulton Ky April primary Sat The tiki Will The The Petition Tough ton county Democratic urday the ticket nominatedU Coon for the Use of the Street rot ty Judge Hiram Kearby connty court the Carnival clerk Sam D Lute I eounlll ttorDeyi of Henry nemleyi I tnpertnlctadeUi potllo Inttrhctton Miss Dora Smith OF INTEREST NOTES OTHER CITY sheriff George jailer J 0 Noonau IL Carpenter surveyor A O Kolmei Droder Thero was a assessor A Mayor Lang has called a meeting of heavy outpouring of Democrats and the council for tonight toconildei for the first time In tho county history a woman was elected to an several matter The Elk will file their petition for office the one of streets during the carnlral IN OATH BOUNTY and will no doubt get It without dint Owing ville Ky April 8Tho cultyI Democratic primary to nominate can Oglhle A Co will petition didate for aunty ounces Saturday the council fur permlulon to lays wai red hot from start to flnlth The pedal system of sewerage tram tbo following are nominated County cellar of their new building to Ibe Judge John A Dougherty clerk T main tower J Peter sheriff Seth Dotta school The matter of licenses will star superintendent W P Perry I Jailer como up and say changes In the II Baanol Jones assessor John Oakley cent ordloanie will be mad to at to surveyor IL A Sbrout coroner Dr become effectlT before May lit when 8 0 Alexander all licenses become due At Trenton precinct Jolt Letcher The N 0 Bt L will ask the seriously cut Newt Fleming and at council for permission to bully on ild Bethel I Lewlt Grant shot and slightly track acrou Sixth street wounded Seth IlardluMayor Lang salt this mornlug that REPUBLICANS NOM1NAT the city will get gravel from Ill Calhoon Ky April BTho lie ahoy the city temporarily There I li a shortage of gravel Jut now owing pnbllcant of McLean county met In matt convention Saturday soil nomi to the bad weather nated the following ticket i Repre sweeper ar- tentative county Adams George The cltyt new street the Judge rived today and was takes from Ilea F Landrum county at be rued at soon tome once freight It will Walter Newton county clerk aa the factory man anile here to U A MoEnen auettor Barnett operate It Uoram Jailer Boo Thompson RAID a at atilitant to Street Iipector Utter and began work this morning Mr Johnson was a few days ago elect ed county road supervisor back NOTES SCHOOL GRADUATES TEN DANCE DUSYTIIE AT IS VERY GOOD The members of the graduating clan are busy preparing their essays and oration for commencement night The Invitation cards will be selected In the coon of a week or to Superintendent Hatfield In conver aatlon with a Sun repreteutatlve stated that the average per cent of attendance for the year was about ten per cent more than last year Thus he stated was Indeed very encourage IngMIII1Jeulo Sinclair of the Longfellow school teacher of the Fifth grade bat returned her duties after one weeks illness I KICKED BY A HORSE Benton Ky April 8Tho noml nation at Saturday primary are J M Fisher county Tom Foley Htnton clerk David Rereet sheriff Cross Geo Edward attorney 1 school inperlntendent 11 J Fisher assessor J M Johnson jails r TilE GAS COMPANY CONFIRMED AT SALE WILL DE LOUISVILLE TOMORROW Receiver S A Fowler of the lala cab Gas coirpanv received notice today that the tale of the Gat company to Mr Thomas Coffee of Peoria ilL for G8400 March 20th will be con firmed by Judge Evans tomorrow Mr Coffee who hat been here a week will then take charge and begin arrangements for the extenilve 1m provementt ho contemplate TilE WE TA TIER Declined By Big Profit at Taking New York ItU Not Relilioni Believed Diplomatic With China 8tn I Followed Hh Seen ln lerrupted GREAT CROWDS ARE MEMPHIS AT New York April 8Tho itock market was demorallied at the open ing today by a bear raid Many of tae leading shares sharply declined and after a big profit taking there Were violent recoveries but not all losses were recouped Washington April 8Tho govern mint offlclalt here do not credit the reports from Pekln of Interruption of diplomatic relations between Ruiila and China The administration li perplexed over a cable dispatch received yeiter day from Mr Squlrert now In charge of the American legation In Feklii The dispatch according to a publics lion today laid The Htuilan minister refuses to rceclre omclal communications from which ear Chinese commluloneri ried tho Inference that diplomatic re latlona between the two countries mar termed would be broken off The officlala are very reticent about the matter and decline to affirm or deny whether It U correctly stated They will go only 10 far aa to admit the re ceipt of a dispatch whoso purport was not clearly understood for which rea ion It was not given to the prep for cablegram Another publication which reached here today from Mr Rockhill the special commiuloner of the United Stateiengaged In conduct ing the peace negotiations made no reference to the matter The Impression pf the olttclalt at the Russian embatiy was that noipeclal significance attached to the Squlren Aooordmg to them It dispatch simply meant that the Russlans bad discontinued further negotiations at this time on the Manchurlan quettlon alone which for the time It held In abeyance r p y J C tat e L a PR elevatorn d Purifier 4p n ofW togivccnUrc HEhi 4 t OR daua ciu a I m Iodide Potassium Blood w ftiAI G k gg tifaction SiOe ce Street Save Life foraiInot tiljCbduring o bt tean1O781J d Leader ear AY y A number o were read dldateaof thoVf Ijo Webb father a l ctor cf thoXliSr > of 10 00 4 r I The Latest Style Ox fords for this season stIle Is the Cuban Heel also the full XV TO SER THEM ASK For something todate at new and Up 1I MODERATE HIKES Youll find it a- tRocks a c Son 1Broadway Geo Rock I I apt A SUIT 4 i Easter Novelties AT HOCHSI THE PRESBYTERY 8 TUMBLE J probablyT All the Very Latest Fads in Memphis April 8There I an 1m U ti Fair The government forecast I tonight IIId Tuesday except possible meow crowd at the race track thii showers In extreme western portion afternoon for the Tennessee derby I I Tuesday Weather I t ideal track I t fait j Famous Duchess of JAPAN GETTING READY Lonodn April BThe Yokohama correpondent of the flatly Mall wiring yesterday and dealing with the alt and Childrens Shots Ladies Misses lade of Japan toward Ruulat Chlnete and Slippers companies Shipping policy says have been ordered to bold their vessels 125 Ladles Oxfords from In readiness for transport service 1 150 and 2 Cruisers on the reserve list have been All commissioned for aotln enloo IP TO J350 leaves have been recalled and officer of the lint reserve hale been warned In Patent Vicl English Enam I for service There I t much popular ex el Vlci Kid and Velours citement DQNT r BOOTLBACKS The Avalon It on her way from Chattanooga hare and will report to- morrow night or early next morning I tnll fr I TilE Merchants and residents along low er Broadway complain that the bootblack despite the mayors order to tho police were worse yesterday than heretofore Al soon as a policeman would leave One corner for another street they would warm back and remain until another copper hove insight This was kept up all forenoon PRESIDENT VICE MFADDEN GOES TO NASH VILLE WEDNESDAY SECOND Mr O W McFaiUen the photos grapher leaves Wednesday for Nasn DeVOnghirel Title to arrange for the first annual meeting of Kentucky and Tennessee I Portrait Delivered In Photographett association on the 16 pool Today 17 and 18 li Mr McFadden I second vice I reel dent of tho allocation and has to te AGO there a week In advance to take charge STOLEN THIRTY YEARS arrange them and of all exhibit make general preparations for the Trial of Cipt Garni It Ripley Begins it meetingOn of being an officer bet reaction TemorroaBoth Sides cannot compete for the handsome Are Ready prizes offered but will have a com pllinrntarr exhibit which needless toThe tA y will bo surpassed by none NEWS OF THE DAY TELEGRAPHIC displays will Include the best work In the south About 400 photographers will bo In Tho convention DexLiverpool April 8Mr Agnew ar attendance rind today with the famous Dnchett ter will probably bo In Lonlivllle stolen SO anti the following year In Paducah of Devonshire portrait yarn ago and never recovered nntil > Mr McFadden will be absent ten short time ago The last time it waa days or two wee- a told It brought over 50000 Where It hat been all this time It left to con kCONTEST FOR MAGISTRATE jecture The name of the thief and its place of concealment all thew JUSTICE HARTLEY SAYS liE year are not revealed by Pinkertona WILL CONTEST NO NO detective who worked up the case TICE YET FILED The portrait wat cut out of Iti frame tested in a box snit the box Hartley of Mawae It It said the Justice II C had never been opened was iu the city today said stated to a picture was stolen to be used In aiding Sun representative that be will today a gang of noted forgers SO years ago to or tomorrow file notice of contest for regain their liberty and they were re magistrate in the Seventh district F leased without needing It F Qholson on the face of the returns hat the nomination by three votes CAPT RIPLEYS TRIAL Tho claim of Jnitlco Hartley U that April 8Doth aides will several uncounted lollott were for Frankfort of Copt Gar him and that the rcdiitrlctiug of the be ready and the trial twit Rilpcr for alleged complicity In county a few weoki ago resulted In the Qoebel murder will begin here to confpilon and hit defeat morrow While It I t probable the notice of I 8 Sbadeup contort will bo flied with the Demo April Montlcello Church a prominent farmer went cratic county committee will turkey hunting and was found dead Eatonaayt tho question In the court I ii two miles from borne The coroner 1 bo Sally settled Investigating I The City of Padncah I t due today r from St Louie for Tennessee river The BUN has no inperlor any way the AGAINST Leathers 1 TUiRTYYEARS Ipltot RICKS CENTS PER WEEK n PIIOTOGRAPHERS MEET In Tennessee I t In at- I tendance at the Presbytery Bayou Dechlne chrnch was selected u the next place of the Preibytery meeting ROT J E Edwards rellghixl al clerk of this Presbytery Elder N ti Ulfneti cf Murray Ky was elected In hit stead Rev D Wrenn Webb and Rev M D Jones were elected on tho part of the ministry and Elder J F S Wahl and N 0 Barnett on the part of the eldership to represent this Presby tery in next general assembly An elder and deacons meeting was held hunt night in which a num bet of speeches were made by vliitlhg The tart members of the Proibytery was made liy the Rev T N Wit llama of Louisville Ky Alt the the city were filled Sunday morning and evening by representative from the Presbytery ll follows Methodist morning by Dr T N Evening by Wllllami of Lonlivllle Dr W J Darby of EvaniTlllo Ind Baptist morning by Dr Thomas of Fulton Evening by Dr Wllllami of LonliTllle Christian morning by Rev E R Overby of Water Valley Evening by Rev J 0 Reldot Paducah Cumberland Presbyterian by Rev J E Edward of McKenzie Thou and evening by the ladles of the 0 P church Missionary society Rev J O Reid and Mr Lacy Threlkeld who are attending the presbytery at Mayfleld will return to night The presbytery adjourns this even ing whose home I t I BEAR Leading Shares JO I WALTER FISHER A MUSICIAN BIDS FOR SUPPLIES PAINFULLY HURT THIS Custodian F M Fisher hat all bidi R O Dllllngham a farmer raM I MORNING lug In Oran county was bitten on in for custom house supplies These t include water fuel light sprinkling the hand by a hound supposed to have hat rablea Thnnday He come to the Walter Fisher while standing near tic and amount to about J800 a MANY MINISTERS ATTENDING Joe Fow a horse at Mn Fannie bakers on year li probable the coal bids will city yeiterady and had THE MEETING NOW IN 1 Fourth Madison be rejected and new ones asked when soil leri celebrated mad stone applied to North O K Umond D B Holland sod the wound The itooo was removed streets was kicked on the right arm the summer prices are fixed l I B Wrcnn were appointed commit today at noon and the Injury teemed early this morning and badly hurt I See Langleyi combination shows Progress tl Miyfield Re J C Reid o-r but no bones were broken tlonert to Inquire Into the adTliablllty ouch improved lPtJacth Preaches itOneofiJie Mr Dllllngham laid the dog dltap eitablUhlng a road from the term He It employed there and I an ex under canvass this week opposite it of Admission 10 cents I geared soon after the affair occurred perlenced musician being In one of nation of the ChlldroM road to I Mayfield Churches 11Ostofllcc nail could not be found U tho local bandt It I thought the in Psyna cbool honor The atone adhered from S oclock jury will not disable him longer than The order mate tunic time ago ap prenticing to Mrs Willie Bowlea Ella yettcrday afternoon until noon today several day Mayfleldt Presbytery of the Cum Lne an Infant was this morning tot I berland Presbyterian church met i n See Mist Georgia Aht in lice See Miss Maud Sutton in Urine niother deilrlng to tako her nude the the First O P church Mayfleld Ky f laming fire and serpentine dance poses plastlque at Langteya tom cblld lack The opening at 10 a m Saturday h In tent opposite postoffice admit bination shows opposite postoHice sermon was preached by visiting Mod MASTER OOMSIIBSIONEKS SILIIh Ion 10 cents seats free only 10 cents seats free castor Rev M D Jones of Dexter Muter Commllwoner alp husbands Ky Ills theme was The Simple this morning In pnrsouetwn of an or SaylngTof Jesus to the Simple Galll Iean l lie very beautifully told of he Christians duty towards the J > And said that those itylngi FRANKBOYDOFPfOE I rOO inspire us to greater thing God BROOK HILL BUILDING The constituting prayer was led b7 You cant fall from a Telephone 235Rev J D Klrkpatrlck Safety Ladder nor will Intirtit unit broadway WILL About sixteen churches of the Pros represented bytery are there More lives it upset Thre being from these churches a EAR number of visitors b iidet delegates lost by falls from Lad- Our Compound Exract eleot there are thirteen minister ders than any other WELL present thnt far This number will of SARSAPARILLA t no douIlbe Increase before the close way I sad look well It mule of the Presbytery WITH of good material I That I t the basis of Rev J Dk Klrkjiatrick was elected everything Next comes the tailors Brother moderator uy acclimation Let Us work require talent to tro u Kdoeint trkpatrlck Us one ot the oldest at THIS GREAT dace a wear weil suit but It does require I honesty and honesty I t here In abated well li one of tho strongest member I Your nee Iray little detail hit titration ol the PreibyteiT having belonged t o forty It I livery itltch I t perfect We hive a large the ClRKS stork of bth foreign and domestic yean during Wh4rir basmiiBodl Skin Emttons RluumatbJitters tjothet to vailed that something here rnPfl tg01L4 must please you r b SESSION rMr Vita Derrlngton a former po liceman tucoeedi Mr17IL Johnson keepi i CALLED The City Council vVill Meet To FISCAL OO liT Fiscal court meets toiiorrow la nil night to Transact SpecialJoorned triijonnnd iirobtlly the mot t Business Important matter to loots tap will t the road iiootion maglttrate s Tbo t NOW ON TRIA COUNTY PRIMAKIES u THE SUM Ssenusaaueeeeele t J6i 4 der ot court soUYjs acre of laud 1 ID the county bclongik to J IL Dork holder to the hlW bidder Mr John W Frlitte St Loult Wu thohlghcit bidder Al urchased Iha i p property for O68R The sale wi to satisfy a debtof th Farmers Ban of Hcndcnon Ky a uu a Publicity i all your business needs b e Secure it for it through 25ts tltrtssrsww SPECIAL SALES J d- FOR J J CENTS ONE WEEK J J ONLY J J BUYS Any BOYSS- HIRTWAIST IN With the HOUSE THE single exception of the Mothers Former Prices 50 cents and 75 cents Mothers of Boys t < < e FJ en brand yI Take0otice c EASTER SUITS e

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