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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 10, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

t isVULU UMBER POST OFFICE DIRECTORY J M RUSSELL POSTMASTER olace hours week days am to 930 p m COURT DIRECTORY youThi sessions a Monday in January third Mondaym May and third Monday in September Circuit JudgeIL C Baker Commonwealths Attorney A AlIuddlertonSherifLF W Miller Circuit ClerkJ F Neat CIRCUIT CouarThree in each month F first Monday CoUNTY COUBT JudgeT A MurrelL County AttorneyJas CarnettJrClerkT n StultsJaiIerJ K P Conover AssessorE W Burton SurveyorR T McCalrree School SuptW D Jones Coronerc M RusselL MarshaLG T Flowers Jr W C Clemens BunxaIsvILLn STItEETRcv pastor Services second and fourth Sundays each month SundaySchoolat 9 m every Sabbath Prayermeeting every Wednesday night a MFTfiODIST- a BAPTIST GRLENSBUnG SraEEr Rev J P Scruggs pastor First and third Sundays Incagh month Sunday School every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayermeelin Tuesday night CHRISTIAN n Wroht pastor GAMPBELLSVILLE PIKEW Services First Third and Fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 m Prayermeeting Wednesday night LODGES MASONIC No 96 F and A LRcgnlar r meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night on or before the lull moon in each month Cordon Montgomery W Dl James Garnett Jr Secretary CoLUMBIA LoDGE EJackofallTrades IShells I Grinds Feed Churns Butter Mr W B Patteson James town ws here Sunday Mr Curtis Harvey Marrow bone was here Sunday Runs Cider Mills 8 COFFEY J camped a short distance from the Sta gall house These men were returning A story ur theIr murderous career from RobInson Lick where they also tened around his waIst He was the IN LOUISVILLE VtBennett times He is a man of goo He Is Running the Press character and has many friends Mrs Volford is the widow For This Paper the late S M Wolford and is It costs nothing to keep when notI daughter of Mrs Ann Eubank working It costs from 1 to 2 cents per and is quite popular with he It is our understand hour when working For particulars friends call on or address FairbanksMorse 619 W Main Street LOUISVILLE W KENTUCKY F JEfFRIES SON Agts CANES IFURS I < GLOVES J EDDlEMANul4D8WMARKET SOLE ACENT FOR MILLERS HATS SOLE AGENT FOR YOUMANS HATS COMPItIITE LINEJ OliN B STETSON HATS Advertise in the News IT WILL INCREASE YOU R BUSINESSS ALL II 0 ME PRINT 2100 Sub s c rib e r s NOTICE I sur- titr render The evidence agaInst them was con keeping soon after their return home This marriage is not a surprise as the knowing ones have been expecting it for sever al months Co I e Stanford jail The district court be g in session at Danvllle they were sent to that place for treat At Dan vllle they broke jatland made their es Nut long after this they were heard of in AdaIr county near the town of Columbia where they murdered a I have two farms for sale one child This lithe fellow was walkIng mile southeast of Columbia o- n quietly alone the road carrying a pilIRussells creek See lowease full vf flour when Inhuman Scott Montgomery fiends foully murdered hIm and threw stnholed For SaleSix head of goo mules Fourteen head of long yearling C C Henson COlumbia Ky All along their path toward the of Green river were the marks of destruction murder and robbery wrought by thIs tornado They murRev A L Moll will preach at dered when their was no occdsluu to Union the third Sunday in this rob A little girl was caught by them nd killed night n man named Stagall went Mr and Mrs Jo Russell Robinson LIck to get Salt The now housekeeping on the For SaleFour fine 2 year old jerse y Harptia dresrd themselves nthe o t Methodist preachers and heifers bred tQ fine jersey bulls AUI from fine milk strings J R Smith sought lodgingatStagalla house Mrs Campbellsville Ky Stagall her baby and a lodger were t 4t mulesn montha hillt 0One of them and the other broke loose and ran IIe was soon overtaken and kill- ed StagaU returned home that day and was almost overcome wIth grief and outrage at the loss of his home and family He secured the services of Capt Leeper who was a powerful and tearless man They collected tour stal wart men and started on the search for vengeance When they arrived atthe camp they found only the women there who ups on seeing the armed men warned rite tar1es who had gone Into the woods KINof t i AdmrsI LIVE STOCK Ii MARKET LOlATION ClT11 WATER STREET Extra shippIng t 5 2X5 50 WADE IL EUBANK Llghtshlpping 75 525 Best butchers OJ4 75 GOING TO THE WORLDS FAIR Fair to good butchers 37C 4 UO AT Common to medium btch r 3 fiO oJ 1 j3 Roes Choice packing and butch to 300 lbs ers Fair to good packing 160 to 2ootbs Good to extra lIght 120 to > St goodu I LOUISUSE 6 50 560 shippingSheep3 S1 H6n06rSOn RoUt6 THE LINE THAT BEYOND A DOU- FREE BTRECLINING CHAIR CARS OFFICIAL ROUTE i FOR- KENTUCKIANS T- St BUFFALOI i IS- COMFORTABLE OLOUIS ASK GEO FOR OUR RATES L GARRETT J L Tray Passr Agt louisville IRWIN Gen P Agt Kentucky 7 CIE9 wiSEMAU 4 SON + ithI mlHI asu livd wouldntlyou resiiIeiilkB Year E E P POSTED righf frlendwhoseI I f YEfR courseyed save 61 CENTS 60 your g accomStorieAHfriend That would be a great er pllces They were tried and acquit work than raising the dead trlehd orneysAtlaw ted Stagall and a party of follower s Perhaps the Master had this In Intended to murder the women after KEiiTU Y mind when He said works JAMESTOWN Greater they were acquitted but Judge Orms than I docGcCommoner by ordered the women back to jail I Will practice in the The sheriff locked them up but ono ticurts in this and ad ingahat they would not be safe fro m A two headed girl was horn fnOalro the mob toolt them cut secretly atler iningc 0 tin tio s dark and hid them iii a sink hole The Greatdamageisbefngdoncbyseve re o r Special Attention next night he removed them five miles weather throughout Chili given collections y- i 1 t Stone 0 Illf i Tiuwork Woodwork sub all kinds ot repairing a specIalty Luulsvlllc Live I aID prepared to do your buggy Bourbon Stock repairing on short notice phoUe 5uwmd t am preparl a to fix pumps orseshooing and Blaeksmithing Reported by the Stock Exchange Yards MasonI J f Kn I wortbI anhe count This farm is well wateredand the timber is good Also one tract known as the Logan Murrell land upon which is a good dwelling one and a half miles from Columbia For particulars address L P and U D Hurt Columbia or Montpelier Ky IPI K Young has had both tit night The best room was given painter and tinner at work on his W try home and the change is equal to to the preachers and every atteItWork all kinds ot Buggy Carriage and monmaking the old new ibn poSsIble was shown them RepaIring Wo are also prepared to apply Ill kinds of new Mr Elzy Feese who has been in In the load ot night the IIetpes crept RUBBER TIRE Memphis Tenn for five months re down staIrs after murdering the lodgWe keep a stock of the best material and re turned home Monday er and brained Mrs Stagalf and the pairs Work done at our shopis guaranteed in workmanship and prices Shop located on de potBear in mind that the Columbia Fair baby They set fire to the house and street near MaIn Give us a calLwill open August 23 and continue fo leftur CLARK PARSON CampbellsviUe Ky Mar so- lydays Tbey came across two men who had V in grass and corn 160 tbs 5 c0suszr AND LAMBS BRAIN LEAPS l You cannot break a bad habtby Good to extra 50 trying to bend it fhenutlawsrouu to kflla traveler Fair to 2 5UQ 300 Fame Is dearly bought at tile ex ed theIr horses and rode oRln dliferdnt Common to medium 1 75 pense of conscience directions > The man who trusts God is nut 5ULeeper singled out Big lJarpe and X1 DIG FOUR followed him with tagall whose Splcluus of his neighbors The man who profits by his own was not su neet In the rear LItTho Best Line to ee horse INDIANAPOLIS tle Harpe succeeded In making good rolstakescountselear gains v ORIA hIs escape One of a young mans grayest errors CHICAGO After chasing Big IIarpe about nine Is to mistake foolishness for courage in Iudiitrna miles Leeper came wi thl u gunshot and Whats the use or bavlug a million tired The ball passed through the dollars it your stomach wont help you CLEVELAND outlaws thigh and entered the horse enjoy It was riding which tell seal its the be The man who does not care what horse tell Big IIarpoa gun was wrench ed from his hand and the horse pinned him to the ground Information cheerfully far Leeper ran up to where the outlaw Wished on application at was lying and found that one leg was IWOUd be a very lonesome place CIty Ticket Office Big r trouble about moving Is that Folic Route No 259 crushed by the dead you aiway5 God so many things you AVE or write torWhen IIarpe saw Mr Leeier coming o S J Gates know you had and du not want didnt toward him he became frightened and Guul Agt PUiBgr DbP Ever notice how quickly time lice s begged not be killed Ky when you are trying to make p your rameutLouisville i d Leeper Never tear XIfIEoee mind to begin a particularly bard jolt I Stagall is coming and 1 sval not anSome men quote the seriptual phrase swer for him THIS IS ACnarlty begins at home as an ex IIarpe then begged piteously fur cute for loving themselves above their Leeper to protect bll1l fellows In a few moments Stigall rode up e °d and without uttering AND YOU MUwoman who looked anything like the his rUle and shot the wretch through SK the head The two men then severed the head Tho way to do Uis is to read the Its all well enough to say Speak and stuck it on a pull at the forks of softly and carry a big stick but tit e flues to lIender30nthe road where the WEEKLY COURIERJOURNAman who carries a b g stick usual y Morganfield and lIulklnsvllle Inter LIIENltYVATTEUSOY Editor acquires gruff voice sect and to this day the spot Is known Some men will hunt aU day for an 12 Pages issued every Wedntsdays Ilarpeti Head Little Harpe joined Masonlibaud t outlaws and soon became wealthy Fl within their range u1 vision Wally the baud became so notorious 1sO Weddearly lure to meet some chit d that the governor of yiisslsslpi Terri r who could say as bright things as wc REVENUE REFoltIr tory offered a reward of 8600 for the read about In the juvenile depart SOCIAL REFORM head of ments of the newspapers and magaMORAL REFORM Little Harpe concluded to get the zines reward hlmtieIr so seeing Mason In a The CourierJournal issues the Is there anything that bores yuu thick canebrake counting his money best Almanac published Send 35 oQ his head H be shot hIm and cut grapher who Insists on showing you cents for n copy ty mail carrIed it to the ylllageof Washington orCOURIERJOURNAL CO capital ut the Territory and vacation the reward Louisville Ky Dy n special arrangement you can get Tho News Here ho was recognized by a man and Weekly CourierJ ournal six mortis for who had once been robbed by Mason a friend whose soul wuuid be lost will gang and Little Harpe was at once ar out your help It you lied your choIce rested and placed In Jail He was tried which would you do bring the de l found lZuIlty otmurder and hanged adThis is cash Subscriptions only friend back to lute or save the soul of scriptlons for be sent through this officeAll sub must The wives of tits men were arrests u preacherse MrR where he kept them supplied with food until Stegall and party left Then the wo men made their escape The women told the sheriff that theIr husbands were unce arrested at Knuxvllle and put fn jail for a crime they did not commit After their release they vowed vengeance against mankind and said they would rub and murder until they were kllled The wife of Little IIarp who came of a good family afterward married a respectable man of Mississippi and they reared1 arge family all ot whom were noted for their honesty sobrIety and Industry MIlS G R WiruUis had been for salt The Harpes caught these two men and told them they were 0thisriverd Stanforda leingcapea the county and other machinery LAND FOr SALE The land which was owned by the late W n Hurt is for sale There are 8 HARRIS Secretary ochey theI horset JOTTINGSs left thIs place they took the road leading to Green rIver and day after their departure a wealth man from Virginia was robbed left here for Louisville where and murdered In the Wilderness road they expected to get married up which runs through Rockcastle lllll on their arrival in the city They The Harpeli were at once suspected will visit several other points anda a party of armed men went is par will return to Columbia some it of them next week Mr Bennett recentAfter encountering many difficulties ly conducted a the way they lame upon them while Runs Printing Presses i from Russellville to a cave onee In Kentucky baucheryWhen Runs Cream Separators C BIG AND LITTLE ILiRPE Wilderness road two dars and nights spending the time In drinkIng and de TO JIB MARRIED President = Runs Ice Cream Freezers LOCAL Fix 234 DAYS REMEMBER THE DATE AUGUST Mrs Welby Cundiff of Texas is vis iting her parents in Columbia Mr J V White and wife are leaderTheother Harpe was the counterpart visiting relatives and friends at or his brother In appearance except Aliceton Station Lexington Dan- that he was very small of stature ville and High Bridge They Big llarpes Two of the women will be absent for several days wives were coarse dirty and of an exMessrs Gus Dunbar and Wel ceedingly shabby appearance while by Knilley saw the sights at St the other the wire or Little Ilarpe Louis Fair last week but forv equally shabby but was beautiful thoroughbred races they will at- and educated They remained at their camp on the tend the Fair at Columbia TH- 33 dwellingharns This fair will be the crowning entertainment of Southern tucky You cant afford to miss it fasterday n Cneers A M No 7 meets Friday night alter lull moon Horace Jefrries DL P W W Bradshaw Secretary II THOROUGHBRED RACE EVERY DAY MENTION 1 a Saws Wool y Four days of pleasure and profit to all who willattend An attractive rogiammo will appear witlien a few days up yonr stock if you want a nice prelnium reported some better From Louisville Times Mr N B Dohoney who is 83 Many years ago two men and thre years old is quite sick at his women made theIr appearance In Lln home near Milltown cola county Ky and camped by the Mr 11 O Willis and wife of Wilderness road about one mile fro m Cave City are visiting the mother Stanford They gave theIr names as of the latter this place IIarpe and claimed to be emigrants llirs Mary Patteson who is at from North Carolina the home of her daughter Mrs One of the men was very large ofLuther Williams Montpelier was staturl His countenance was bold tewas not so well Saturday nightrroclous and exceedIngly repulsive HIs Dr Anderson Rowe and wife limbs were gigantic OIY and muscuwho have been visiting relatives lar and his whole appearance revealed in Adoir county returned to their nothing but villainy and cruelty His home in Glasgow last week hair was very thick coarse and of a Miss Julia Eubank who has fiery red He wore no hat and his few were filthy and ragged He been at home for the past twoc carrIed a rifle In hIs hauls and a knife weeks left for Hopkinsville and tomahawk In a broad leather belt where she holds a position BUnarsv1LLE STUEETRev F E Lewis pastor Services first and thin Sundays in each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 m Prayer meeting Thursday night HE Dont ask so many questions John Now get the garden hoc Then go in the potato patch And do another row J T JONES Montpelier K- hasn PRESBYTERIAN CoLUMBIA Then dont you think it wicked pa For me to cut them down And leave Gods pretty weeds and grass Te wither on the ground 3H KENTUCKY FJ1Il8 Liberty August 17 18193 days Crab Orchard July 273 days Danville August days Georgetown August 912 days Iiarralsbtirg AUgUSt93 days Lawrenceburg August 164 days Shepherdsville August 234 days Springfield August 241 days Glasgow August 314 days Elizabethtown Sept G4 days AUGUST 23 24 25 and 26 r Mr J H Payne Russell Springs was here to witness the ball game CHURCH DIRECTORY t Why do you ask me Johnny dear God makes them all wo know He put them in this world ot ours Where he would have them grow yPERSONAL CUT CoURTRegular court second Monday in each monthJudgeJu C EubankAttorneyCordon Montgomery r COLUMBIA FAIR CONSCIENTIOUS SCRUPLES Who made the pretty weeds and grasS And Waters them with dew Said Johnny Dogwood to his pa I wish I only knew II T BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER 7z30 Written for the Adair County News v r Y UJWELEUS and OLTICIANIi 0 Dialers In Diamonds and Precious Stoats eclal attention given to work and ourline132 West Market between 1st and 2nd all ordersot goods In Opolte MusIc Uall LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY Wilmore Hotel W M WILMORE Qradyville Prop Kentucky stop IT HERE Is no better place to hotel than at the abed named Good sample rooms and a firstclass table Rates very reasonable Feed stable attached COLUMBIA REPORTED MARKET BY SAM Wool Gronsooloan Washod Wool Beeswax Feathors New 41 Old HIdes Green Hides Dry Giuseug Spring OhiekenF Old Hens LEWIS 21 10tp 1O 4 59 9f 7 Eggs Guinea Eggs Dried Apples Yellow Roots Ma Apple 27 22 30 5 lOt 6 21 40- H 21 This report will be submitted w3ekly for reV I

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