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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., February 20, 1914

Part of The Big Sandy news.

I AWARDED FIRST PRIZE BY KENTUCKY Don't Ylold to lb tnuwof yjf intUt or ScBtt'i 51 Emoliion EIOHT-PAO- WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY. K Expootant ami Nursing ANDY NEW BIG ex-- - AA PRESS ASSOCIATION AS BEST SPECIMEN OP Mother IuW ttrcaiu. lal rkk blood frorji U trw Bdicl aotwukmat Scott's Emulsion Pura-M- lld Aul Number Volume XXIX. invniam vtom, aut faciam. LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, SsS. DEATH OP T. H. ROBERTS. MISS MARGARET YATES NORFOLK M. FEBRUARY 20, 1014. NEW PLAN TO SELL RANGES. 4 WESTERN R.R. P. CONLEY, Publisher. A. T. PACK. MAYO ARRANGES PAYMENTS The following from the PortsThoma. Roberts, a well OF CONFEDERATE PENSIONS mouth Times will interest many BUILD NEW LINE Louisa, died at WILL SEVERELY BURNED known resident of Little Blaine and Georges Creek L1 borne to tbU city on Saturday people: , to establish a new business which night last. Interment was made In r(11 id linlnnn tn Ho nAnnOntlnn "A. T, Pack, chief clerk for the Fulker.on cemetery on Monday the management of his The Paintsville Benefactor Comes to C. & 0. at South Portsmouth, has on Mr. Robert, had been in Parallel Road to be Constructed tO the OltleSt ternoon- resigned his position to take a betxviuuwuuu uuniuQBB o auuiuer memthe Rescue of Old Soldiers. ter one with the C. & 0. at Rich- Kentucky Side of Tug River. ber of bis firm, and will ; assume Daughter Of Kr. F. H. YateS. Thl. condlUon developed Into an T7et mnn If. Dnnlr . n 4.AA nf.r charge of the ''new business In the acute 11 In egg marked by complica templatlng this change for some near future. tions which did not yield to skillful . . .. . . ..- - time, but It comes aa a ereat aur- . ... . . While traveling in the mountain truntmatif diiH careful nursing. rranKiori, eD. 11. inruugn wa , jveryining is in reau.BB iv. territory for uBlHtlnff in the breDara-- whlln nls many Wends in Porta-an- d Hard efforts of State Treasurer TomRhea Prls the Foster-Mea- d actual constru( . nean on uDQ Soutn Portsmouth. He Co., few years ago, Mr. Sa ,, i th uu realdence ot the L the generosity of Jno. C. C. mouth w.t.rn graves conceived an idea of the " " ,, day last .him Margaret Taxes. Mayo, of Paintsville, the Confeder- - nas Da n tn 8ervlc 01 tha pv. B. M. Keith, parallel line, to run irom " ana tuck, through Kentucky to Iaeger, poBslblllUes in the buBinesB he is ate soldiers of Kentucky entitled to - nve years and has been at hiB . . T. . -- 4 of the M. ffi. cnurcn boum,rothep. I t Of Mr ana Mr.. rranK. . K Ju a pension payment at this time will on the Tug river bank, giving more i tbl. city. wa. bocklngly .burned ooi word, and his presence will they were ample railroad facilities to Ken- -, suitable headquarters can be secur- - receive their pension in money, weather . reaUy missed around theShe bad opened the door of the " . ; ho will install, a stock of the nearly $100,000 in cash, instead of b tucky coal developments now range for the purpose of putting ' South Bend Malleable compelled to accept an Inter-jonMr. Robert, was a skilled builder operation, and those to come on i.jfumou. the something In the oven, when the! addition to his railway duties, con aud had done much work as a afat warrant. The ma-- j Kentucky side of the river. pressure was suddenly lncreasod and tractor. counties adjacent to Huntington, Jorlty of the Confederates would Mr. Pack haa Just finished a two The following Is a brief With the coming of spring,, the which against a mass of flame burst out Includes the northeastern por- - have been forced to sacrifice the TearB' term as police .Judge. f0' tn biography of the deceased: sounds of blasting and digging will, her .clothing, Instantly enveloping Thomas II. Roberts was born in rlng up and down the Tug river val- - Hon of Kentucky. He will sell di- - warrants tc a claim shaver. Mr. town of South Portsmouth which . is . n i ucu4 successfully filled, and hw ner in a nioze annum. um I. England, AuguBt 22. , ey and work on this new road will rect to consumers as a dealer in Mayo has cemented to take the h St. Agness, foot. The terrified girl rushed out 1862, and died In Louisa, Kentucky Huntington. InBtead of using the warrants without even a discount. leaving wlU probably end the town be be under way. The work is to ' gotten up by f door, and then bac irno ,5 ,914 aged 61 yearB, pushed to completion as rapidly as peddlers plans of demonstrating Feb While all other state warrants corporation which was ; "ath room, her o "1 wag from wagons going through the issued at this time, as for months Mr- - Pa", and. oers and whioh i -possible in order that the rapidly mo.her and .is ter rying to ca cn he Juy developing iveiiiucny com, ojjeiu--- uo country t proposes to save his n.t. hv " hpn Rtamnad interest has xdone much toward the better- q Wu u&ty a it. 1th ber and extinguish the flam. To vlrg1nla. ' u llla"- - I bearing Instead of being paid, Treas- may not be hampered in marHeting X' blanket, and wrap.. This they range at and furnish a superior DOrn flve cuiidren: their products. . ,. , CTIANGE OF TIME FOR nally .ucceeded In doing but not . CU1 UCCkVA IJ CI J Ul '(.DO JeBSe R. Etho, CUu to secure cash for the old Confed- rao surveys ior iue rnu i until nearly every p.rtlcto of the aU of wnom .till erates. When the flrstpenslon paywlnlam IU1I5 aill.U UOI luuuo! nuvi w w poor child", clothing was burned He will conduct public demonstra menti was made he found that many wcepf. CUud( wh0 dled at tne tlon parties now are organized and A letter has been received from from her body. tions In the larger towns covered of the old BOldlers had fallen Into con. In ar- Ho w f thre readiness to begin work as soon by Mr. Tate., who was at courco. i his contract, holding his first the hands of claim .havers, who the Rev. George A. Joplln, Secretary mMiiry 0( Rev. at the weather will premlt A wa. burrlvdly .ummoned and phy.l-- i 0. F. Williams and united with the n Huntington. A mailing lis took a large per cent off the face, of the Kentucky Sunday School A.All the material for the road u'one ,'sociation, which states that as he . clan, were .ent for. Dr. York was Methodist Episcopal Church South iwenty-eig01 ready for shipment and within a ot all consumers in tne on Feb go to house nd dressed the February OOD at th 'counties will be compiled and In he secured II. 1906. week after spring really sets In the . Knt tr. nra tor 28 he has changed the dates of his burn, aud made ML. Margaret as .K M" H" be uintnfiihla aa Dosslble. At least AT THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. materlals willput on the ground and' a vigorous campaign wlU. be ;;:mr before the present payment -e- eting here to Feb 21 22 and 23. Intoplace. Then ready to be droadfully s of her body is oa "J. "U"""6WU became due he found that no bank ur. jopna win arrive in mi civy , . . On next 8unday night the Rev. will be only a matter of months ,CB"' burned, mostly In front. The Injur-i.u """ could be secured to take them at dc" L. M. Copley will preach in the until the new road is completed. .hat ara called third Mr. Sagrave. was a clever, hust-whl- the face value. He then appealed to sumes that the local officers of the church, the subject be- The Daily News' Information! burn., the most dreaded form. Christian Phllosopby of Victory.' cl f Paintsville, weir and Mr. Mayo, and the Eastern Ken- -' Association will make more deffnite " comes from some of those !L ouid nos- - ng "The w.ii 1 favorably known in this part of the tucky millionaire came to his rescue, announcement. terestod in the new construction, is pecte4 at tbl. time and You are cordially Invited. Ibly be to the effect that as soon as the;stateGAVE BAIL. great pain with much 1 Ja bearing ber BODIES OF GEORGE O. first track baa been laid through to A .klUfull nurse. Mr. jl pif TUnMlC CUflWC fortitude. AND WIFE. BARNES on- Iaeger, a second track will be be- SUNDAY SCHOOL FORCES Dr. Motley,' who had been 'tinuil iiiuuiiiu viiunu Jordan, is her constant attendan ttmrnnA gun alongside the first, giving the .L. T.BWMIin. niint foil The victim of this unfortunate The following. from the Danville TALENT AS A CARTOONIST Kentucky side ample track faciliweek, awaiting trial for accident 1. In her 14th year, a very PLEASE TAKE NOTICE Messenger will be read with inter several ties for the handling of the vast homicide, was . taken . to Elllottt favorite. attractive girl and general est by the older resident, of Lou E, volume of business the new section f The accident wa. a .hock to the v isa. where the famous evangelist f i. expected to put forth with the recovcommunity and her ultimate and Miss Marie were so well known Judge Redwine. The defendant was Louisa Lad Gets Into the Newspaoers coming of a railroad. ery la ardently wished. This railroad will mean a great Institute for S. S. Workers Feb. 21. and loved: brought before the Judge who heard on the Pacific Coast. Mrs. Delia Bogle received a tei- - and grantjj(I ft mot,on for ball deal to the future of Williamson N. K. W. O. 22, 23, at Louisa egram from Mr. Will Barnes, .tat- was given In the sum of IIO'.OOO and the surrounding West Virginia inK that the bodies of hi. parents. and Dr. Motley was released. as well as to all other adjacent terHis v'-- . Vannlaon Woman'. Club i KenRev. and Mrs. George O. Barnes, rama in aat for trlnl at thn Anril The following write up or a ritory, and especially Eastern February 9. met with Mra. Horton tucky. WllllaniBOn Dally News. Resolutions were adopted at each had been shipped from Sanibel Is- tem Qf Lawrence clrJult court. lad appeared in a recent It being annlvenary day the paU'.ue of the Los Angele.Expre... Jack of our last wo County Conventions, land and would arrive in Danville -; of a review of con.l.Ud As stated in the MeasenRUINED HIS DUMMIES." ry bright .on of Mr. and DEATH OK HORSES AND MULES. calling on the Executive Committee today. A most enjoyable feature of'U the year and County officers to hold at Lou- - ger several weeks aeo. friends of of this C. Thomas, Mrs. the meeting wa. the privilege of city, J. was born In Louisa. At ' The death of horses and mules lsa an institute for Sunday School the famous evangelist decided to Fire, which broke out In the disaud permitted to have our re--,, Kentucky worker.. For eood reasons It has exhume and remove the bodies to play window of the D. Brown Dea very early age he showed much In various sections of treatment, .erted in the room with 4 ....tinDku uijiowiui. t troTitnAT resembled not iDeen pracucuuiw vratnfnra tn aDu.unj . Thfiv were burled at partment Store, destroyed the en- was for along time from a disease which minister, tlpe win(jow fun 0f goods and was Mr and Mr.. R. T. Burn., who promise but by 111 HIb spinal meningitis has caused an in - comply with the request of the As- - Sanibel, the home of the health. handicapped .. . . . . rx i i were at the time unable to be ,"t. -4 4i al- - rlooth nAvnral not cnecneu . untu nevsrm. mm na- tt t iu? 4imA be glad to learn ves'.igauon lo oe maae oy xi. xj. sociaiion; ou, we uuw uave u vy ui, ii.. umo o friend, here will We felt a. it we were really lay in a row in front of the pin asBiHtnnt Rtdtp veterinarian. nortunltv to have with us on years ego. ures condition has year, old when Mr.. Horton brought that his physical the. Upon arrival in Danville, T. Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Feb, . onndlna on it. itroatly Improved and that his tal- Eleven horses on the farm of W. 1.1. General' Secretary Dr. G. A. caskets will be taken to aeiieyue dlaDiay "dummies" from the win picture making ha. brought Dohonev. in Adair county, were the Th meeting wa. considered by all lent for irlolrt Worker. r.mterv and nlaced In a vault. On dow, clad in the height of fashion. examinations, Joplln, Elementary We him to the favorable notice of the subject of present a very enjoyable affair. regrets These animals died within thirty - Miss Maud L. Dance, State Superin- - Snndav afternoon at 2:30 o clock They gave the appearance, however, tout the club will have many more; big city dallies. The NEWS Jack s bIx hours, the investigation showing tendomt, Mrs. Agnes L. Elfort and the bodies will be buried. There will that a number of persons had been reproduce y anniversaries On account of the its inability toas appeared in the that the rapid deaths were caused Klold worker, W. J. Vaughan. be no elaborate service, simply a burned in the fire. Williamson it Mr. Roberts there wa. clever cartoon funeral of ptomaine poisoning due lievlug that It would be an injus-o'th- e prayer and some songs. These are News. a form gf Angole. Japer: ao meeting of the club Feb. 16th. .Los ensilage on whichthey were tlce to ourselves and to the cause the plans arranged today, and there . ck a at th home 1'A cartoon that brings a hearty ... yy , red. Dr. Casey stated that there not to avail ourselves of this splen-lia- v Is little possibility of a change. , , . . . TO LADIES AID M. E. CHURCH. ' A musical Ittllgn IS VI uivio rei a.'-- i 01 Mr., n. v;.uuuo George O. Barnes was the most been about 150 deaths from j did opportunity, we have decided to humanity than a cartoon which re Kate " nrnaram at that time M1b. evangelist Kentucky Tne ladles Aid Society of the quire, .tudy and thought, according this disease recently among Ken-- : announce that the institute asdays widely known Tiooinnlnz his work Freese, leader. quit queBted, will be held oh the stock, and unless farmers to Master Jack Thomas, Soc. MRS. H. C. 0SB0RN, who de-f- lt in the mountains or the rjumihlngs 'Wednesday afternoon, son of J. C. Thomas, who has feeding their horses and mules food (above mentioned. Let all results soon Besideg attending to the regular nnlv fnr anlmaln with two atom- - Hire to Increase their efficiency In of his wonderful d shown decided talent in many other Dulsness of the meeting those pres-StatHOT SCKAP IS EXPECTED. a few week, of study achs, the fatalities will continue, the work of religious educauon.come spread, and he viBlted drawlnir after nt He also went abroad and ent enj0yed a delightful turkey disease, Its it will be worth your while. I. Jordan in the art de-t- n Bulletin, noting the When Senator James returned from undcwP. several years. He was always gerved at four o'clock. The cause, remedy and prevention will A TENTATIVE PROGRAM. . partment of the Y. M. C. A. South he tound awaiting him J. by his daughter, Miss clety Q9Bireg j0 (hank the members Friday Afternoon. has be issued by the Department of AgJack believe, a cartoonist Melvln Hall, of paintsville. an apMrs. Ag- Marie, who was a singer of great oI tna church choir for the gift of 'every chance In the world to serve riculture. 1. Teaching Temperance Dllcant for the postmastership. Hall ahilitv. The couple carried wun J2B. the amount realized from the There have been several deaths nes L. Eiforl. In fact, aa a strong applicant for humanity Just as much, sermons, among live stock in 1. leaarded Catalpa Teens Dr. them a small organ, used to accom- - entertalnment given by the mem- 2. The S. S. and the the a. writer ot essay, or the office, but he lack, the support-, anda although in modest, he h s- - and Hulette section recently, and G. A. Joplln. pany their songs. They sang only berg at Eldorado a week or so ago. Mayowho. however, ha. not inof the familiar old Bongs, the congreEvening. investigation might show that they ww q dbrsetTan applicant v far aa can UiLcB Ml tUAXajytt the opinion that a were victims of the trouble men Saving Dr. gations never being asked to join PROF. COATES FEB. 27th. 1. Is the Boy Worth slous, be I. of be learned. with them. Mr. Barnes was origi- Joplln. a story with tloned In the foregoing. good cartoon will tell a in44A rtnn hofln rAiWved here it. o" " lOjiTji unuj n mlnlater in the 2. A Story Mis. Dance. aa much force and clearness as a DOING WELL AT FRANKFORT. Presbyterian church, but some of rom proI jt coates stating that Saturday Morniug. IN THE SOUTHLAND. article. the he can not reach Louisa Fri 1. A Temperance Rally, conducted his Ideas did not conform with " 'I'm young,' Jack admitted to-phurnh and he drifted out to hlm- - day; and his public lecture, and the Earl Berry, of Blaine, thls'counWhile his friends In Louisa have by Mr.. Freeman, of Ashland, Ky. -- -w x popular uy, la one of the most t Belf, his motto being, "God is Love coiiege rally are postponed till the Afternoon. beon In the grip of the severest Organization, MIbs and Nothing Els.e" George 0. Barnt 27th (Friday of next week) Don't present winter Mr. 1. Elementary weather of the a uvonvrnrr. tta is DriKui., was a man of great mind, and his forget the later date. . " 'I believe I would rather draw W. D. Pierce, of this city, has been Dance. become a aiert and Dolite and ha. to Teach W. J. work reached many people who enjoying himself In the delightful 2. Preparing 'Little PATTERSON-McCLURin the House. He! a Series ot pictures, like would ohterwise have never given Pul or 'Hank and Knobs,' than Just land of the orange and the palm. Vaughan. C. Berry. any thought, to their soul's welfare. la a Kin of E. Evening. your He loft the blizzards and snows of que picture by Itself. 'I'm too .The marriage of Mr. Jasper C. a 1. The Missionary Department, W. He was a soldier in the war with U know much about 'serious' iCen" cky several days ago for HAS RESIGNED POSITION. Mexico and born and raised In Lan- - McClure, of Danville, to Miss Louthought I would confine my rip ;,o Florida and other regions J. Vaughan. so I ise Patterson, of that city, wa. an2. "Children's Rights" Miss Dance, caster. ot perpetual spring, not to return Brad W. Chaffln, who ha. been ieit to drawing 'funny' things."lnter-th- a nounced for Wednesday, February Sunday Afternoon. for two or three weeks. While we "Master Jack appears very an employee of the NEWS office for W. J. VAUGHAN 6 POKE. 18 th. The groom is a son of Prof. Miss com1. Elementary Equipment, past two months, ha. resigned o,ted In the evolution of a news-hl- s shiver Indoor. Mr. Plorco finds W. J. Vaughan, the well known George McClure, formerly of this open air, with an added Dance. position and will devote hi. en- - paper cartoon and questioned the fort in the worker of Louisa, cltr. Dr. Sunday School Deportment, 2. The' he .I.. .im Tith nawsnaper contest membora of The Express art .taff thrill of pleasure when snow reads of Joplln. Adult " Liia biuia made short talks at the sevrealj o a yard weather and procosso. Sun-rin- t, work. He la now conducting a con- In regard to the various A CARD OF THANKS. 3. "Temperance Figures." W. J. Sunday Schools of Catlottsburg subjected deop in the North. on the Methodist Laymen'. an original drawing wa. test tnrannnn. and in the afternoon Vaughan. to before making It. appearance on The widow and children of Mr Herald. .in.r.o,i . wtura it tha Mission Evening. ILLEGAL STILL DESTROYED. the printed paja. In the South Side. Thomas Robert, doslre to express 1. The trip to the World'. Con- Sunday School Revonue officer. Charle. Flanery, "H. D. Cross, director of the FORMER LOU1HIAN MARRIED. He I. one of the most Interested their warm tnana. 10 iu inuuu. hnvi' Hitnartninnt at the Y. M. C. A.. of Webbvllle, and George W, Cos- - vention Dr. Joplln. ".anth.i.ia.tiis Sundav School who o kindly lent their assl.tance S. "A Wall of Men" Mi.. Dance si. -- .i. nlnlrtaaf mar fi.rmerlv hnllatMM thn vminar ..rtUt lias a tie. of Grayson, found and deitory I..... i m .k. .t.t. .nH i. on. of fiurlnir tha last Illness of their bug -v.nh .a.. Ir. ft will onen with an Caney great ed a largo .till on theheadof r manlfesta-Mond- ar of this o'ty. war recently married bright future and predict. e the beat Informed. He will .pend band and father. Tho.e week. The location wa. former- - propriate devotional ""' to Mr. John Peltry, .uces. tor him in the profession he last ,. in Van . the tlon. of sympathy are appreciated ., here In the Interest of . ... u.iu i. .k. n.nfajt.inn w i lo- 'alm 1. work and efficiency. All .e.-l .a l". v " of much diatillinir. Of that place. lue imm i. Independent. and will alway. be remembered. ,.lon. wlU be held U the M.E.Church, Sunday Schools. e. adopt." al and otherwise. to foreman wher-livMr. r.Z'ri r.:T. '. ! -- ; ' , . " llodm r...t ' ' rV XI1 I """"u'. ,,, ,ed sta-bel- ng v: ' . . , r- . ' I- ucr W CUB T - . nt Aheyment ltD' two-third- ' ch ln-j- J-- imm ni.lf Prf rt-- m pro-'Loui- sa ferly j f . .. .. mm. .,. 21-2- 3. ' post-morte- m , Be-b- . j free-han- es. sup-spe- I . mO. j well-writt- en --- ' .i E. i I sub-zer- " ... , i- II (

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