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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 29, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

r r THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS yprIIMB s OOLUMBIAAJDAIfi COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY APRIL 29 I PROM TEXAS 1903NUMBER hasIands ¬ < oudleappotntmect > 25 FARMe Alvaroe w system has 450 miles under contract GENERAL NEWS MLRDERED in addition to many extensions which William Cartmel Rusbvllle Ind News of the horrible msr r utllira New Boston April 19 1903 have been located some of which will committed suicide by banging Frank Matthews and bea y autragEDITORIAL COKUESPOKDENCE HT BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER be built this year The Southern Baptist Convention and wounding of her litti laughter honre week days 700a m to 830 p m office Many of my friends and readers of will meet at Savannah Ga beginning Allene air Shreveport L re The News will expect to hear from m COURT DIRECTORY 765 tulles under contract with numer this city Saturday mornir ad plung ¬ Gazette 2 while in the West andknowing that May 8th s other extensions surveyed While ed the relatives and fricds of th CUguiiCouRTThree sessloni 6 yearThlr < consolidation thesejtwo 1IolldaII1Iaulluy third Monday in May mn d these days of push and vim I will will prevent the cf PrInt S3 of Saxonyare to beremarried Hicks family into deep grief The de hind M nday In September constrnction of some tans of the crime are too horrible to W W JoneB therefore devote a short time each Circuit Jndge of these lines projected it will hardly are denied Oommonwealth sAttomeyNH W Aaron relate week in giving a brief letter for pub Fire in the Beaumont Texas of SherUrP W Miller affect any of the work already underresidence of Mr Matthews is lication fields caused aloss of between 800000 way OircultClerkJBCoffeyOouwrT Fall Brother to Norvardine situated in the city of Shreveport and Garnett and myself arrived in in 103 In eaoh The Missouri Pacific Is another sys and 1000000 there were fifteen persons in the house GEO WILES and ELEOTIONER Texarkanua Wednesday at 930 P M JudgeT A MnneU THe Governor of Minnesota and The discovery of the crime was County AttomeyJasOuneUJrmad e Three of Norvin W 8 colts colts sold on the and on the following morning I cam Lebanon market for OIerkT R Sinus has 491 miles under construction ion President Roosevelt got their over by a servant who entered the bed1800 and to this town while he went direct to JallerJ K P Conover scats exchanged the other day and the room at 530 Saturday morning The d Asseesor E W Burton Dallas We came over the CottoGovernor on thrusting his hand in theI entrance of the assailant was through or Burreyor HT McOtffree parted with Belt road from Memphis and while I has much other important work laid School SnpLW D Jones out The Wabash which with the pocketiTrasalarmed when it came in a side window A bloody axe was the had often heard of the Arkansas OoronerOKlluJllell contact with a big pistol It belonged mute witness of the means of the murMonday In swamps I really had no conceptions o CITY OovaTRoplarpourt second systemhas 288 miles under contract to theiPresident who smiled at the der Mrs Matthews had been dead their Immensity but a days ride over t0 of the dam of Aileen each month by be Great Gambetta or ready for bids on its Elstera exten ¬ Governors fear several hours the child was living but wuaJudgeT O Davidson that road will reveal the fact that Ar ¬ Attorney Gordon Monteomry The information is furnished that her skull was fractured her cheste kansas is the wetest land in all th MarshalG T Flowers country It Pine Bluff Arkansas had remaining links necessary to complete It Is contemplated to do away entirely crushed and shoulder lacerated Val- ¬ jewels and three purses contain been selected as the Capital of the its line through to the Atlantic coast with the denominational character of uable CHUBGH DIRECTORY The Missouri Kansas and Texas is the University of Chicago The ideaI ing money were untouched by th Confederate States instead ot Rich 15f hands sired by Chester Dare Is to change the charter so as to murderer showing that criminal asThe Chester Va President Jeff Davis and building 364 miles of a new line most PRESBYTERIAN Dares have sold from 1000 to 3000 Chester Prince is a model sault furnished the motive for the of which is located in Oklahoma and remove all mention of Baptists to BVaxSTlLLBSTJUIJITJlev horse ° his cabinet would have been in a much 1500 to insure due pastor Berrleei second and fourth Sunday the Indian Territories and the Santa mov the Divinity School that shallI awful crime every safer place from the attack of the en- ¬ In each month Bnndayichool at9 a a Blood hounds were put upon the Fe system has 296 tulles contract in every Wedne day emy Prayer meeting Sabbath He might have been routed but undenominationalThe of the steel trust trail A negro well known in the city would have swamped the whole Un- Oklahoma New Mexico and ArIzona with a still larger mileage than any shows after making all deductions was found a few miles away covered MBTHODI8ion army othergroup and the fact that 422 7from the gross Income there was a net with blood When accosted by officers TBrauTnui STawRev11 M Metcalfe Neither Mr Garnett nor myself de ¬ In each month profit of over 90000000 for the year he made a desperate dash fox a ravine pastor Services first Sunday miles or nearly onehalf of the Bnndayschort etery Sabbath at 9 a m rsire to spend much time in such low ¬ age under contract is credited tomile The trust distributed about 860000 and was shot to death by pursuers this meeting Thursday lands I am now in the Capital City His body was afterwards burned in group indicates that this percentage 000 in dividends and added over 830 of Bowie county border coun- ¬ BAPTIST will be increased ibis year In Okla ¬ 000000 to its surplus In figuring th ty bounded on the North by the In- ¬ Bev GKBHHBBOBQ BTMBT The body of Mrs Matthews will be homa and Indian Territories work is actual profits of this giant combine l as tor Services third Sunday In each month dian Territory on the East by Arkan- ¬ m Prayer in progress on more than 1400 mllesI calculations must be made for the brought to Somerset for burial today dandayschol every Sabbath at9 a sas This town is comparatively new see ting Tuesday night waoer included in the capital stock She was the eldestdaughter of the lateI e having been made the county sea ORRISTIAk Take the watered stock out and th about ten years ago and now has colt comes NCittPEELLVILLEPignEld W K Azblll profits of the actual investment would and married in this city Her husband mare traded or parted with Pastor Services First Sunday In each population of 1800 people with San Francisco and the Missouri Kan ¬ be enormous The consumers foot the is a civil engineer of prominence and month Sundayschool eTery Sabbath at9 ° m healthy growth and doing a thriving was absent on duty at Alexandria on sas and Texas In Texas over 1000 bill Prayer meeting Wednesday nighbusiness the Seaboard Air Line Her mother tulles are under contract while Mis Known as the John Woods Jack JJ black with white points j THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN tLODGES The CourtHouse is built over Mrs Mary Hicks of this city was souri has 681 miles Arkansas 500 miles the stob that marked the geographical As the strength of a chain is measpreparing to leave for a visit to her MASONIC New Mexico 300 miles under way center of the county as established by ured by Its weakest link so the daughter when the message COLUMBIA LOBOB No 98 Fand AMBegn cameIsellers 800 to insure Due when colt comes mare traded or parted hall over bank on Fri the surveyor It is twenty two miles strength of a navy isgauged not by its which announced lar meeting In their A NEAT PROGRAM her death or before the full moon In each West of Texarkanna and in a beautiful with Say arament and mechanical perfection 1Now that the Dedication CeremoMrs Matthews was a beautiful and W A Coffey W about ten miles long and four nies of the Louisiana by the capacity of its crews t ° highly accomplished woman and w Purchase Expo but WD Jones Secretary wide This section is regarded a thin sition the Worlds Fair are so close fight their ships After all is said it appreciated in the best society o COLUMBIA OHAPTEB R A M No 7 meets country compared with the black landman behind the gun who wins Shreveport her tragic death canals fuU moon Friday night to is the patronage solicited further West but it is a fine inns T EMV1U1ELL H P For extended pedigrees and further t great excitement and in the i rticulars address country and well watered The land W WBBADBHAW Secretary way of entertainment to out of whose gunners are most proficient i the here produces from five to eight bar town mar manship has a battle halt won sentiment of the deepest horror and visitors B WflTflEN SURGEON reM of corn sixty to seventy bushels The Henderson Route which is Th sympathy 1 of oats and from onehalf to three armor ¬ armament in the The brothers of the murdered wo LEBflNON KY TELEPHONE 33 a fourths bales of cotton and one of th man are all prominent men in their mysfavorRecently good features in raising cotton here i distinguished German respective homes rendering this chars which contains the complete official military authority criticised the Amer acteristic crime of the south one of that the bowl worm has never bother program T of these ceremonies ed in this part of theState The soil teas navy chiefly on the ground that farreaching effect upon that phase of It is a modern piece of work In every its crews were not homogeneous Be the negro problem of the south so is sandy backed up with clay bottom SUCCESSOR TO ifl and evidence of prosperity is seen In respect printed in green and red molt orly understood in other sections of gray antique cover and high grade en- ¬ are at composite every section Good lands desirable nationality in point our country Mr R C Hicks is com- ¬ MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN of birth or descent this minion of the mercial agent of the Seaboard AirFistulo Pollevil splints spavin or homes can be purchased here at from ameled book stock Inside 85 00 to 1500 per acre Copies will be gladly furnished on kaiser Implied that American men of Line of Birmingham Mr Charles I any surgical work done at fair prices wars crews are riflrafl without pa Hicks late of St Louis is traveling I will spend two or three more days applicationH No 720 Jefferson St South Side Bet Seventh and Eighth guarantee satisfaction I am fixed L J IRWIN in this county visiting my relatives trlotlsm or adequate training or capac- freight agent of the Seaboard with take care of Genl Passenger Agent headquarters in New York Mr S old Virginia friends I find my Ity to be trained We hope this know 8 D OBENSHAV GEO L GARRETT Ing foreigner and other foreigners W Hicks is a prominent citizen and BOOTS relatives here carrying the chief chars and SHOES MADE to ORDER on SHORT NOTICE Traveling Passenger Agent X mile from Columbia on Disappointment acteristic of the old family of Virgin who are slow to appreciate the mag merchant of Somerset wellknown Henderson Route la enjoying life and making merry nificent development of Uncle Sams among public men of the state Som ¬ with friends The Harris family of Lousvllle Zy navy will read the technical report otIerset Journal t this county is headed by John C Har- ¬ the target practice of the American WITSOME DIFFERENCE ris anuncle of wine who is now in fleet off Pensacola Fla 1onbtleRichmond July 13 6 days It ssGirls do not know or did you ever tl Kf S his 83rd year of life and s4 wing they will marvel that a heterogeneous stop to think that more than halt t vitality as many men at Bit navy can shoot so deadly well young fellows who try to make a mss GROCERS and COMMISSION Tnis is said to be an unusually health In the recent target practice refer ¬ AND to locality and the many strong men au MERCHANTS ed to the battleship Illinois broke t 4days4 you e beautiful ladles are evidence of its Louisville Kentucky worlds record with the thirteeninch Danville August 4 4 days world and become a virtuous woman correctness besides the many who guns and the gunners of the Iowa et Mayisonvllle August 4 4 days WRITE FOR ESTIMATES gh have nearly reached the 100th mark tablished a new worlds record wit Lexington August 10 6 days may say your Main St There is a man living near here 102 LOUISVILLE KY the sixpounders They made thirty man who approaches you with respe Fern Creek August 18 4 days J years old and still goes without a cane successive hits out of thirty shots at a may GRADYDENTIST Lawrenceburg August 18 4 days not be as flip as the other fellow range of 1700 yards with the ship It is stated that a short time ago a but you may be sure his intentions are man in this section met an o steaming along at twelve knots an good and that he had rather help you ¬ gentleman or rather a man of seven v hour abd tile target stationary To to be a good girl than lead you to be a SPECIAL attention given to tyfive who was crying and he sake Gold Filling Crown and Bridgeadd to the remarkableness of the pe four days work the troubled soul what was moron formance the sconce was not made by motives are honest will not ma k OFFICE over Russell The reply was as follows My Lath a single gun crew but by three gunI cracks at you on the streets nor u Ky days Murrells Store Columbia whipped me for sassing my grandfath- ¬ crows making ten shots each which language in your presence that would Somerset Sept 1 2 3 4 c er this morning goes to prove that the yankee gunne racause a really modest lady blush The Elizabethtown September 8 4 days The record young man who works hustles pa Just now the wind is carrying a Bowling Green September 4 days are all onto their jobs cannot be duplicated by the crack his debts and acts like a orders solicited and promptly attended to small amount of sand but it is not re- ¬ You Kentucky State Fair Owensboro marksmen of any foreign battle ship is the man for you The young man are ally disagreeable I have been out in September 21 6 days cordially invited to call in and see our line when in the who never worKs except when he afloatNo I Henderson Septnmber 29 5 days city I am ready to do Black Smitsmall degree of the strength and works somebody a loan always many a ae h e pride of the American navy is in the looks nice spends his days in idle josh ing of any kind from horse shoe would do good work and should w ng to tho repairing of the finest used One thing I admire here is that be located has been made and the pu 111i3ckie whose weather eye is trained to and his night over a game he can ¬ vehicles I will make a epeoial tyallthe streams on the public roadsare chase price paid The plans for the draw a bead on the vitals of an enemys never learn to play makes cracks at yuuia public and gabs about how you going ten miles 1 crossed building have been adopted bids are hull and send her to Davy Jones lock of shoeing horses with duff eae edbridged In ed being resolved and the contract will er before her conning tower dandles are stuck on him to his associates is u hoofs and guarantee fit know her range has been got This fellow to keep away from It you to paid in eagleeyed My shop is located back of livery gmla SP EUS dont think this advice worth anything and steelnerved man lead in the I have Installments within the next six Ot v avets Maity evry body I have wet months and unless people who have hind the gun may have been born in watt u few days and maybe youll Rohortoor ask Barbee change your mlud Mason Democrat bloomin England or Blngenonthe r wrr4 hi ft ire yauarolnand only found subscribed pay up their subscriptions mp Rhine or his ancesters may ha si K r tit tiiur native Texans as old as at once we will have to borrow money L W OO i FEY and pledge their notes to secure same fought under Lord Cornwallls or Fri Xir wUlneverIf you are loyal to the cause pay ° W l iitiiucl wishes for all 1 close to your subscr grInd with the water that has passed lotion at once and da homogeneous in that sense but You start out in life with a certain JU urtu > rAVcwvand drop In a few lines wait for the settlements to become wbatbc can do with a sixpounder is mount of energy you can use It for x Mtrtk fnim soma other statlou i a caution And as for his American farming teaching practicing law or t CSHABBIS N M Ttrrr Treasurer ism his proud allegiance is to the flag medicine or selling goods Trains run through solid without vj It how 1OK irttj YE IV R R BEING BUILT It matters A double wedding took place in Hop fluttering overhead you allow a multitude of little 01fyvI11a Kentucky Or try 8500 wlltsot new mad under kins county last week The contract whence they came or what their blood leaks in your reservoir to drain oil > tri pois y Mr over 5000 are being log parties were Mr 8 D Rinebanner the men who man the ships of t hey r supply you will be surprised at ar no taut LEAVE SI LOUIS 210 P ptacr t P I fctJH DAILY the Interest of eighteen com and Miss Nellie G Sandlfer Mr JA American navy are every inch Amerl the small amount of water which runs tit the iii ytiih pe1 ijj cans Atlanta Constitution UflicaUhR that thelarger por Rinebanner and Miss Annie 13 Sam > over the wheel to turn lifes macbin worR isjbelnsrCiirrledpu by far The brfitegroqms are brothers GREENS The thljdweeklh August has be enery ot actually do ftes work SucV Kririd tmtmttr After LWISVItlt IT tlickriiatsystewi Th3 Rorkins a J and brldesafe B wtn attached the date of Columbia Fair for years POST OFHCE DIRECTORY J M RURRELL POSTMASTER ann Ite Gouldt toMr Texa 1 218half foalII NCEe orparted GAJMEIAN 207and CabeUs Lexington art perfectsposition mareproves SAP SON mobe classbreederj raisee ¬ Foxd RufusHelm DIxIE fleenpan displacee oute sizes Responsiblef ¬ gour commencingt YETINERI NORVI ¬ rcI Boca anda MI SEASON 1903 Marioncounty ¬ nightI ion ¬ 1The the I1lghtJ a1PRODUCE D poh ¬ JOHN JR EDWARD DUERR S BOOTS stockII LETTERER SHOES AND GAITERS LOUISVILLE KY ¬ S O NEAT HOTTER FAIRSi CO 4days4y WIOLESALEII ICS i I L L1 All Kinds of Building Material gct123125E daysld 21d dayser aymo cxDo JOHANBOEKE whor Hats 0 andhtbe YaMail but peopln pricer toe Ul lfflore Hotel II wil t bf j ii beI pill ENEPGYd j ifriw I fi t y L p li 41 la f ad t LOUISVILLE KY Ifl PAUL A otver litab TtI CO LOUIS A NEW TRAIN nuwny JLJ BROS eWHOLESALE CapsandStrawGoods Scientific Shoeing 7 vv BLINDSh gobe thouh 4daysd 0c 60 HUGHES f j2 nI + trf BuffetPalace it s l1i IIIARh FW Y I VIA NEW ROUTE

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