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Image 1 of The Kentucky tribune, January 30, 1852

Part of The Kentucky tribune

3 r A WHIG "5500 PER A.VLflt VOL. IX AO. 25. EVERT miDT MORMXG, John F. Zimmerman k rilC TIMES Villi. TKOPI E? AM) I J'liUUSIIEIiS. JIISC ELL 'Of S, HAN'S JUDGHEriT. T Son, ANE 0 course I am; and to some favor in the distribution of employment, where I present equal capacity with those who U "A good reason him the jub.' hy you declinod Aiv.i7Er ix DANVf LLJ3, KY., FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 30, 1852. THE KENTUCKY TRIBUNE IS FTHJSHED CIlltoSTICLEIt OF Til E CO )Xli l Y. "We shall always be 7ictdridus when wo all pull together!" JXO. F. ZIMMERMAN & SOX, WHOLE NO. Ix a Dilemma. We wer3 "I told. you there was some in the pan m;iseJ by an incident which a try. dear." n.Vn IVnnt Rill nfToin T'nic tWnn ! rMr rol la.) I .. niKa. every where, and up?ct everything tleman who had absent for n consi making a terrible rnkot nmor.ti lh.- rriill.- timf nrl tvhr ilnrirrr l.'ij !)Kiino crockery: but not a drop of milk could had raise J a nrettv luxuriant croo of whi. I J ho find. visited a relative, ker, moustaches, "Cuss the milk," said he, "whar could whose child an artless little girl of five they put it?" or six years he was very fond of. The In a moment he was at the bed room liitleg'rl made no demonstrations towards door again. saluting him wiih a kiss a usual. "Susan' Susan!' said he. "Why, child," said the mother, "don't Susan snuffed iho snore short off jn you know yuur uncle Hiram? Whv the ml, Idle. don'l you give him a kiss?" "What?" saiJ she, raihC tiros this "Why, ma," returned the liule girl, time. wiih the most perfect simplicity,"! don'i I "I there any in the house?" sec aey place!" 4-12- .' j ,. "Iihinkso are le"f needy. ".Maxwell was gfaaily disappointed Br T. SS. ARTHUR. 'What do you rnean by that?' EDITOKS AND PROPRIETORS. know, and his spoken very hard 1 Tfjflirr A plain nry makes all plain. of math Eipfricntf and Snceni, Wei' against me. nut that avails nothing. My 4I wouldn't give much for his chance you are aware that Mr. Ciinton is about TiiirJ Street, north of Main. tTOFFICn. princip'e of nction is to do rijrht, and let W'li.'j open . ?cUol la th9 Jj0eust of heaven,' was ihe remark of a man building a new dam for his mills?' oihers think and say what they please. January i. I'V'' n iA5.i 4) whose coarse, n garments con "I am.' No man is my judge. Maxwell is not, trasted strongly with the dark rich hroadi 'And that he asked for proposals?' S. hool boll. interrstm5and highly probably, aware that I know him thor" whom he referred. useful to h. "Jm.:, . .1- TaToif i?l0lh ' lhe l'trso "Yes.' oughly, and that I have thrown as much PP . .Punctuality, frict ob,Prvance to I). In the tones of the individual who utter be delayed until the clone of the year. the School. aQl dose application "I tried to get the contract I could safely do. Iirmeut in his way ns He is lo study, will be required. IflitriunnnlnraririlKIII FIVE Gubscri' ed this sentence, tvas a clearly appcrant --e ' " .' I "ou' There was more surp rise in not, of course, aware that one of my sons rs and remituug us fit), will receive a copy satisfaction at the thought of his rich this Tuition par Scholar for weeks. ejaculation than the friend had meant overheard him in reference to this very 9a year gratis. neighbor' doubtful chance of final Trinnry Hrnrlie!,. . mill-dasay 'I'm bound to have that IJ All letters and communications addressed tiori. It was on the Sabbath, andsalva to convey. f1 both Common i:n;!ish EraacliM, othrough the post office, must be Certainly! Why not?' was petulant- caniraci, whether or no. I have learned 6l ... had just passed forth from the sacred edi ly tl'irher Knvlih M,t f will not he taken from the office. JJ ilier w remarked. t'ie lowest bid, and have put in a bid still dee 26, '51 if fice, to which each had thnt morning gone "Of course you had a perfect right to lower 'How did you learn this?' was "Yes!" up me avoweJ pjrpjse of worship. so ' asked of him. No matter he answerWell.jvWisJiJ" saiJ he. SfATR HP r".TCITVi!p oJ Tiff On rn 'Why do you say ihnV asked the do"Of whirls' course I had; and of course my ed, 4I have learned it I tohlvouon iho Vou can't go sqasrs of 1 2 lines or less, first inser- - fiienJ it whom the remark wag addressed. r each "i shelf in the nan - ' Rid,r.i,f,ai iv.,.t,,.. ..i.. ..... bid, though the lowest, was thrown out, lower and build the dam safely $100 n. , was ry in the dining room said Susan, Iipolis, Xenia. Mnnhattcn and Granville Vou know the scriptures eiuurar inr tKV. m.t a ..ITI-awas the and the bid of Jackson, -- J Each additional insertion, ... who manages to said. To which he replied lI can build lironlrinrr .. .... in (.nun ...... U s CM- - if money r il r.(T .,. iiiuum-iiiuI 50 confident answer. "How hardly shall monopolise lot wood.' and Procession Notices, each. every thing in the village, ta- - thb darri, end make a good profit. As to pretty loud italic. w iney who Have riches enter the kingdom Woodman "Yes It Iv.a Lrenyrtlr for 12 lines, or less, tor 3 month, ken. He and Cl by ihc ntire.l the safety, I'll leave that in the hands of That rather scared R.ll and nut him For 14 lines, or less, for 6 mouths. Cnpmin "How do you exchange?" er, and the ofier fur proposals was only a Providence. He'll take care of the poor off his guard. j For 12 lines, or less, for 12 mouths, Woodman "Cord for cord." "ioj ho'nevc. ihou. tint the. mere fart sham nnon On column for 12 months. "W-e-l-- l, Mr. Lee! I felt an in. neotila Lelow.' said he. "is i: tied i The Capiain crowded on steam end ?f hi, Half a column for 12 months, or a column for 01 possessing riches wi.I keep a man out " Th3t s assurr.ihg a good deal, friend ward shudder when this was repeated to up in anytnmg.or rmhtsco it to be to their jusi lying ahout loose?" left. 35 no ;o i iieavenr 6 months, aT?h Maxwell. dj made, therebr me. 1 could not have believed the man j nat was enough, the cat was out of viaarter of a column for 12 mouths, or acolumn No; vmcU'emselveslh,, trouble and expeBM wouldn't like to sat that of 'No it isn't, lis the truth, and noih- - so Ivoid of common humanity and hon- - ihe bag, and no help fur it. 25 00 j. invuutK, vi More Curiosities. The rule of our nj.ermtendJnsr theif ron.truction. lint n.'h.' hnr,l. ing but ihe iruth As it would be impossible !o enorperato li He' the j tckall, and esty. Was 1 not right io withhold from Mrs. Pipkin was awake in a minute, conduct in two joints. HiCii unfit for heaven thepe, uhan!,e9 pertuinin to onr Cdmois the lion him Such a contract?' and the way Rill got a "caudle" that 1 doubt An eye of the wind. if ri'"he harden the hrart u o1(J CORN EJt. ,lieru.,tomer lo call, tl,t he may 'Vou speak without refiaciion said "You would iiavc been ho better than night was enough io sober tho drunkenesi Horn of our bucket. more than poverty.' was r;JieJ. Irh;.mS,f- - A the fiien !, mildly. " he if you had given it to him was ant husband in creation. He never got cornA gun used in the war of the elements. i.irt, "How can iiiusiys.i?' wis warmly A PARODY. refunded. "I'm iiot bliml; I cee ,ow things are swered. "And yet, this same man ed again he'couldn't drink milk in his A link of chain lightning. TAI,,iR kV AR3ISTRO.fJ. objeciel Ln't t'ie pverv where tvorke l.onind.V, j jn i, l tf I vocld not dir in tyring time!" acainst the rich and thirks iheir colfee when Susan was ai the table. 10 ihe j.o r? Snow gathered from the the 'winter of To whom was t'.ie tl;)el lou sav vour bid was lower than chance of heaven a poor one discontent.' feent!' Jacfcson S. How du I would not die in Spring time. By Simply because they are rich?' vc Thrive: Tear from the mi nil's eye. "The rich and poor spoken of in the thought his bid was von Innw ihmT Dandies of Oldrn Times. When worm begin to crawl; not public "Or, it might with more truth be said, A corn from the- foot of time. I tit :r word f Old fashions they say, come new I. do not, it When cabbage rT,J,'nr p.n sti n "I knew it. The iruih is, between because ihey will not yield to his covetr.lMljo.NABLK A mosquito's hid receipted. And frogs lejiii o'vm,I; 1 i ji .in. iih ai. j. th ry years; some how or other knee win p ,!'ss you an J 1, I managed to find nut just what ous and envious sjiirit. He is not con- breeches dont come round anv Tie thn Ihe pMsstre f"W of charms, A spoke from the wheel of the chariot r ILLBOOTS AND SHOPS n ;i.jrl riches, or w ii ar in tmtiiral Dovmora every man was going to bid, and then tent with the rjuivalcnt society renders M" And amile upon the of ihe sun. er. y. RrMiin.!i-- r. ilrt tlif Bible is a rev-e'l- 'i struck a When lambs mid pss trr in 'hir prime, mark below them all, to make back to him for the benefit he confers, They say when Gov. Rowdem reviewed ;f sjnrii.ia1 Hair from the I.tad of navigation. OTJEILL & THOREL his troops of Massachusetts, in f r man's etor- - a ire of the j b I would no perish then. he but wants--. to share what of right belongs 1 The point of a j ko. a v tl.t:?; iiii-- that i s was dressed in a gray wig, cocked hat, announce must RCs?Pi:CTI-UU.I would not die in Summer, T hardly think jourmodeof procc-ur- e to others the public Fruit from an axle-ircliave puimry re:ird i' what is spiritual, j a white broaucloth coat and waistcoat, When trees are filled with fruit; just fair said the friend; "but wai have received a large supply 0f tl o ' ,Ilat Ihey "That spirit I have, often seen him red small clothes, and black silk stock-inA pair of bellows from an o. And every sportsman has gun. uuj teit-- r to man itiietnu. staio rather ving lhat, couid you have made anvihin" manifest. Well, if simple riches are a The little birds to shoot. Finest French C.iIfWUim, A frame of mini. " than to h:s irere worldly ronJuio.i. by the j)b, at vour bidding?' The girte then wear l!ie Lloomer dress, bar to man'i entrance into heaven, how Together r ill, all other material that the Lrd. while on earth, In 17C2, Gov. Hancock received his necewy ' " And half distract the men; "Oh, yes, I'd have mado something the much more so is discontent, envy, malof A Ttrx-th poor inspirit siii: "i rs'-Consul's A'lcire. 'If ever It is the tune to Frrht it out, "IllJIII which was more, a gooi dral, than I can make hy ice, hatted, and a selfish disregard for the nests in a .tu I would not pencil then. HOOTS (not in worldly gn,H.) Tor tLcr- - is th diiy 'a one of fine liner, turned up over ilia sii'e vou marry said a Roman Consul to hi Motk. The fro.t is, I set my heart rights and g of others. The of the velvet one, two or ihree inches. son "Iel 'l be to a aoman who has jude Of every description, in Ihe most superior kirg'om c.f heaven And we nay, on thai j b I would not ie in Anturin, and os a stepping stone to coivract rich have their temptations and so have ii . . i ii enough to drcsi herself. When the new mown hay smHit? sweet; without violenr even to iho i of the .. work; and r.m bitterly disappointed at its the poor, and neither will enter heaven ue wore a uiue aamasn gawn, hncu with ment um me verv best material are rcitin? round, And littio pig W or.l. cone u:lo that uhen He Fpe&ks silk, a white sau'n embroidered wru.tooai. nough to wash her face before breakfast, the. foel cnnf.Jent r u; .f loss. Much pood mar it do both JackFor somelhin? j.oo fat. a nay is bM! . hird for the rich to f ntrr the son and Ciinton. I shouldn't be much unless they overcome in temptation, and black satin small clothes, white silk st ick and rense enough to hold her tongue to &IS ! who b.!I at rtroni . them. Thy w i. 'Tip then hnnl'!i.iu'i wild iiiiloo receive . in C3sa ih. I. when she has nothing to say k:idom f heaven, that onlv the proud sorry to see the new dam swept away by This a purified love of their neighbor. ings,ar.d morocco slioneis. Is heard alonr tiie picu, , Jea?t is my doctrine." rt 1 he ludso of the Sunreme in Fjiiri-- those who rested Ard oysters "cintofiitrn np, Court of ihe next freshet.' . "Of ihe two, I would rather take ClinJ I won! i not perish tiien. u:i iiit-iwuroiy ana naturali wisdom, Dickens in speaking of a friend says "Why. Maxwell! This is not the spir- ton's chance of heaven snid Lee to him- Massachusetts, as late as 1773 wore robes 1 would not die in Winter were mant. That it would be easier for it of a of scarier, faced with black src o iiisr. hoots and mors christian man. Envy, malice self, as he went musing away, "even if in summer, black silk gowns. velvet; and he was so long in the legs, he looked For oue might freeze to death. a camel to go through the eve of a neeGentlemen like the afternoon shadow of somebody these are what the bible condemns in the he is a rich man' Lady's XVrea'h. When L!ust'r:np fiorens sweeps around. dle than for such rich men to enter the wore coats of cverv variety of color, pen. else. And takes away one's breath. plainest terms; and fur these sins, the SHOP is en Main kingdom ef heaven, is plain from our erally the cao and collar of velvet, of a When s"eij;h be jingle boriw snort. poor have quite as much to answer for The "l ar.kce Rlade says, that the tooth- Moore & IJcer', Ta.ior shojf Lord's words, when .Se set a little child as ti And buckwheat cakes are tall; e rich and perhaps more. If vou How tlr. Pipkin Elowcd Himself. different color from coat. In fact, this is a ripht good world TlIOIiEL. in the midst of his disciples, and told go from In 17G3, Gen. Washington arrived in ache may be cured by holding in l.e ort HI,'.! church on the Sabbath with no I U tthi not cie at all. them thai unless they became as lit bener ihoi New York from Mt. Vernon, to assume hand a certain root the root of the achRill Pipkin had'nt been married vory gh;s than ihese, I fear you are tle child they could riot etter the kingtho duties of the Presidency. He waa ing tooih. quite as long, and had'nt habIin.UTTIFITL PIIAVKR. dom of heaven. Not ex'ertully and :as you f ir frm ihe kingdom of heaven it of taking a quite got out of ihe dressed in a full suit of Virginian home White par.ts, in consequence of the have iupposed Mr. Clinion to be little punch at drinking naturally as that child, for that wbs imspun. Un his visit t'j Aevv Imland. very unfavorable weather, have been "Uood da T said Maxwell, turning cfif. frolics with his own friends on particular Lord! b'es and preserve that dear possible; but p or in spirit, teachable, "Small PrcfiJs and Quirk Sales. abruptly from his friend, anJ taking a occasions, lie was tirst rate at making soon afier, he wore the old continemal hung up till next summer person whom tho i 1:? s chosen to be my and innocent as a child uniform, except on the Sabbath, when he path that led by a nearer course than the excuses for staying out all night now and A tailor in N. Y. has just invented a husband; let liis liTe be long and blessed, The first speaker, whore r.Smc was one ih which thev comf)rtable and holy; and let me also Maxwell, were to his then; he was terribly pressed with busi- appeared in black. new fashioned coat it has neither seam tossed head; and slightly homo John Adam3, when Vice President, ness, and he took very good care never to become a great blessing and enmfoft uhto eurltd his lip. as he or opening. To get in:o it you have to ! Saddlery, Harness, Trunks, &c. rep'ieJ &c. A few weeks later, the person with come home liim, a sharer in all his jo'?: a refreshhis wife never wore a sword, and walked tho streets with crawl out of your trousers. I believe jut what the Ilible says. his hat under his arm. whom Maxwell thus conversed had occ uu imii;, hiiu an weiu on verv ment in a'd his sorrow,: a meet helper As for your forced Miiipcuicu re,prtrulU irn.ur.rM t I 1 "Do you keep matches? asked .i wag, J. At his levees in Philadelphia. Presi- castsmersnd the pnblic that ho ha fir him in all the hcrldents and chances to them. A plain, meanings, never go sion to transact some business with Mr. well. One night, however, Dill got more mattcr-of-fac- t man, 1 Clinton. He had rendered him a bill for than ho could carry straight, but he did dent Washington was clad in black vcl of a retailer "Oh, yes, al kinds," was now en hand (and - still manufactnrinfO th of the world; anl make me amiable for understand what Is s written in a plain, work done, and calicd to was powdered, an J nather- - lhe reply. "Then I'll take a ironing largest and lest stock of vet, rver before his eyes, and very near to matter-of-fareceive pay not find it out till he was on his wav ed hair way. As for Clinton, of mem behind in a silk baa: Yellow rdoves. match." S:t(hUcr:j and Harness fiim. Unite his heait to me in the dear- whom I home. He would not have Susan know spoke jut now. repeat that I .youV mado a mlstako in vour bill. he was in such a fix for all the world. kneo and shoe buckles: he held in his An Irishman being asked on a late Ever efTWed fr sale io Danville embracing est union of love and holiness; and mit:e wouldn't give much for his chance. ' said Clinton. and he began thinking; as well ns he hand a cocked hat, ornamented wiih a trial, for a certificate of his marriage, Tail, Qniltrd, sPanih and Plain Sato him in all sweetness, charity and comi Tir-unu in naven, mai nn;re is a ddle, r every description; ungentle-nes"Ah! Are you certain? Keep from me all could wiili his spinning around so, what cockade, fringed about an inch deep with bated his head, and exhibited a huge scar, pliance. and lhat there will come a day of retri"You can examine for y out self. I was best to be done to keep her from black feathers, a Ion? sword ih n whin which looked as though it might have Carriaf. Uzzj, Stare and Waea all discontentedness, and unreasonj; bution. The Dives have their good rr.rtAa nn rrr. scabbard, wiih a polished steel hill hung been made with a fire shovel. The eviC ,.....,. .I UidiB J Bridles, Vhipi, tc, ableness of passion and humor: and finding him out. things in this life; hut our turn will come addit:cns at his hip. TogMher with a psod supply ef Saddler'a make me hunibla and obedient, charitadence was satisfactory. "Hie I've got it zactly," said he " be always noor. . . ilsrdwars, and erery other article noaally kept 1 hen you only owe me ble and loving, patient and contented, afterwards. We shan't : r sixty do ars ' "hie SuSusan knows I'm terribly u hrrntr friiv ilio -- ; I. "Well, John," said a teacher lo his in such establishments. Purchasers are ini. History of Alcohol. useful nnd observant, that wc may de- In7lr:ic went Well, I'll just take a isaid lee, with a disappointment in his fond of td to call and ce my present stock, as 1 feel Alchohol was invented 050 vcars oso. pupil, "who was tho oldest man?" light in each other according to Thv man's door, and was received into Abra tones that he could not conceal. big hieswig of and that'll "How can that be when we confident of giriD? satisfaction. I xif non ham's bosom. blessed word and ordinance, and both of! "Rather say that I owe you a hundred hie fix it all right so, hie she'll nev by ihe son of a strange woman, Hagar, learn from the Scriptures that he cied but (he best materials, employ none bat the be? t workmen, and will sell at in Arabia. Ladies used it with a dow- the loweM pos us may rejoice in Thee, having our por i "u hat has made vou so bitter neainst For the mistake is in your faVor. The er suspect anything poor gal der, to paint themselves, that ihey might l3 fore his father?" John was silenced sible prices. jui nun tu.reu me inena. first column adds up fifty instead of thirlion in the love and service of God for! Home he went, practicing straight ."Country 1'rodnee, Lumber r., because ho could not tell. Reader can ',m not ,)5,Icr against him. in particu ty dollars Montagu. erer.-R- asil walking on ihe way, and studying in his appear more beautiiuit and tins powder you? in exchange for work at cash price--. lar. 1 speak of the rich men as a class. how he should talk straight, so that was called a.cohol. I urir.g ihe reign of "Let me examine ft .C Lee took the mind REPAIRING donoal all tim. William and Marv. an act was naf I Curran's ruling passion was his juke. bill and added up the column three times Susan wou'd not find him out. A Truant Wife. A man out West They are all selfish, unfeeling and op . I. IIARBEK. Look at ihe jrood Clinion before he fell entirely satisfied Then f in nen ne lounu11 latcn, wiucii was encourains the manufacture of sDiriis. In his last illness his physician observpressive. Danville, oclSd, v thus advertises his truant wife: me might do, nsa s'.ewaid of (i.ds bounty, he said Soon after profligacy prevailed to such ing in the last morning that he seemed on the wrong side of the door, which On the fifil. of July, on the night of blue it he chose. He might make our wil"So it docs! Well, I should never the wrong way too, he felt around an extent, thai the retailers in intoxica to cough with moie difficulty, he answerMonday. derness, blossom as the rose. Rut set- have been ? f 'iTr ?"H r-rrf- -j any the w iser if you had only in the dark for more doors than there ting drinks put up signs in public p'neos, ed, "ihat's rather surprising, a I have Eloped from her husband, the wife of John tlement day will come, ere Ion, and a paid the eighty dollars called for by the were ever in tha house before, and goi informing the peoplo that they might get been practising all night." And Dealer in Urundv. account of IU stewardship will he footing of the bill. Yon rnirrhl lmvo rn. into ever so many shaped rooms, till he drunk for a penny, and have soiiu s.raw His grief for her absence each day giow sorrv tr, There are three things in the world that Painls, Oils, and Window Glass, have render to get sober on. tninerl" vnnr ndvnntnrra mg deeper, .Mill UUICLI COII" found ihe pantry, where he expected to know no kind of restraint, and are govJ JIain Street, opposite the Rank, n ow do yoj know ihi ihe account tv!' In the Sixteenth centurv distilled soir-- find some milk, lie had no very clear J j Should any one find her he begs him lo wiil erned by no laws, but merely by passion its spread over tho continent of lvjrope. not be approved In heaven?' was ask- Lee said this on ih imnnlP nf th idea as to where it ought to be so, afier may 3m, 'ol keep her! and brutality. Civil wars, family quared in a quiet voice. moment; he Instantly saw a change in feeling about in every place but ihe right About mis time it was into Hie colonics, rels, and religious disputes. "Approved! How do I know?" r jncu- - Mr. Clinton's cn.intrnnnee ifh wpr. one, he came to the conclusion to go up ss the United btates was then called. A Savinij Wife. Widow Crizel has jlated Maxwell, impatiently. Anv man slightly offended. M ood Fawn; to his room and ask his wife where it was. The first notice we havo of its use in pub nn only sister, that s;str in a widow also. can see that he i an unfaithful , hard- IPoxen Collins', Jarje size ICeutocky "Oil, no, not with safety was gravely The stairs seemed to be turned up side lic lile, was anion? tho laborers in tho e: .11 S5 11 O I B K 11 Her lord died lately of cho'ic. In ihe i fi pattern; w;hh-jn-iis'.fw.trM: 'replied. down, and ihe bed room had changed pla- Hungarian mines, in the 15. h century. midst of his msi acir.e pin. after ihe 1 lozu Grain ?hoveV( Ha h oppressed vou?' I should never have found it ces wiih the kitchen, but he made out nt In 1751 it was used by ihe Knglish solRETURN my sincere t'lanks for pit faout I " Corn Shovels y Joi-- u ft:e hard of death hd iou hed him, ind Yes' diers as a cordial. The Alcohol in F.u- vors, aii'l woul l b'7 lpae to ir.funii lite "Rut there's a coming day, with every last to find ihe door. lit r.iiri Trace Chains; wlo'e writhlrg in nony. lus p ntle wife j " Ah! I wa hot aware of rope was made of "rapes, and sold in It Lady portion of the public, that I will continue ihit I did man, when ihe secrets of his heart will 40 Kegs Shoenbcrjer'e Juniata N'aile, asAfier clearing his throat, and saying said to him: sorted sizes; rot ki.r.w rhat you hr.d c'aiins upon stand revealed.' Ely School for Embroidering over his speech so lhat he could not aly and Spain as a medicine. Well. Mr, Shi! k, vou ne o'rtt kick him a an almnnr of any ' 3 bales Cotton Eatfing; heiven auerwards made ii Irom i he Upon the following reduced prices; True! Rut all men dort make any mistake, he opened the door. "Tine! 8 round so and wear out the sheets, if o i bbli double retined Crushed Surar - iy claims are those ol common hu- - think if this .r bid and leaning against the- door, listened to grain, and sold it a a msdicino in bit-tie- Fin-- French Worsted and Brussels, per do are dying. Oil you ha'i know aM, nnd 5 weeks, in anil . under the name of iho water of life. fcts.Mon of &5 3 " Towdered Soj-- r; X0 one is more fully a ware of that hear if his wife was asleep. She was Fine French only, per session, 3 00 3 i.i bb! superfine Sodi; jtidpe for yourself. I am a poor Until the sixteenth century it had only than I am. It is for me, however, to live sound asleep. 1 hl.J Putty ; 3 (10 Tencil Drawing for Enibrobierin g, Reattifcl Metaphor. The co.ti. ell been kept at the apothecaries as a medi tin thf.- nrocpnT in; no I rJ n..l U.iwJam 111 C. Co .10 "All ihe belter for that." thought he .i.v- J'.' A session is 5 weeks, 3 Jessou per week. iivi U'JIUCII lli 12 '2 boee Wiii.'norCIa? fbylO, lObyl parison of ihe journey of lifeo a transit "Wiih a wife and fi ur children, whom !Ure wilh shame and repentance Kini'. Susan! Susmi!" said he vry low and cine. During the reign of Henry VII, T, ailies will please cail, if they desire f jri!ir 2 do Tubs, asrted siscj; acron a desert is very felicitiously ex-- r I love as tenderly as Clint m. or ativolierw.,rU- - Mr. Lee. I would nm w brandy was unknown in Ireland, and inforinaliuu. " rinlnd BuckeU; plain i itM.g mi v I sed in tiie following lines by Charles r 1 Mrs. II A. ELLIS. 3 hooped Cedar Tucket. 01 tue nor. can man tr lur- - proij j ii;Mires-soI 110 value ol a single dollar, "Eh?" said Susan, just waking out of soon its alarming effect induced the govWesley: We always have on hand a general assortp sihly love h s wife and children They may err, and do err, lik other men; for, n dciZ'?. "Is lhat you co;r.e home, my ernment to pass a law prohibiting lis B. A few Gentlemen Day Bearderi would N. ment of every article in tbe nrocenr line, be taken on rsa.tou tble by app!vine In are dependent for daily bread upon my to err is human.' "Here in the b"y pent. manufacture. " dear so late? nov 11 Jt)NA..NlCIlULij Mrs. II. A. ELLIS. CO. Absent from Heaven I roam ; daily ! Wiih the sweat of mv brow. About one hundred and twenty vcars "Susan! Susan!" said Rill, not paying Awr the expression of such sentiDanvillr, j in!), 'Z2 tf Yet nightly pitch my moving fut I keep hunger from my door, and cold used as a beverage, especially ments, Lee fell curious to know what Mr. any attention to what she said his !iea.d ago it was A day's inarch nearer home! TTKI REG ALIAS, i, from entering therein among the soldiers to the Lnglish coloClinion thought of, and how he felt to- being full of milk. sloro and far tale v An independent man said the other. wards Maxwell. So, after nies in North America under the prepos TIIKCIUU.S' POPIIER PILL, "What, my dear?" J. 1. SMITH. referring to "Yoj blundering scoundrel' said he "Yes, ihank God! An independent terous notion that it prevented sickness the new mill dam, he said For Liver Coniplaitil, Jausdiee, "Is there any milk in the house?" owner of a crockery store io otic of his man: as independent as any nabob in ihe "Yes, dear but what in the world " and made men fearless on the field of "You didn't take the lowest bid for its assistants," hat did you knock over that land!' battle. It was looked upon as a sevcr- "Susan! Susan!" china sett for? You have broken twenty construction. Do let the nabobs alone was answere:cn specuie. fcisch is a brief sketch of Khcuinalhin. "What dear E wonbl inform our cd cuMomcrt uralgia, dollars worth of dishes." I took the lowest competent bid ed 10 this. are independent, the introduction of alchohol as a bever that we are iiow receiving a lrvm "Oh! Susan?" "Rlessed are ihe piece makers said whv care for therr.T HradachiSj Sick Then you do not think Maxwell com. xortirieul of Why age lhe history ol n h wnvicu in tho "My dear, what can be ihe maKer?' the boy, "lhat ic iSe only excuse I've self 10 be fretted because permit your- petent to the work?' others are wretchedness, the tears, ihe groans, pov Seasonable M9ry Gotttf t, O" Fills are prepared from the most "Whar is the milk?" got. blessed with a greater abundance of erty and muider of thousands. It has Stl.ECT Mriic!:s, without regard to cost; and Which were selected with -- real care iu the "I do not think him a man to be trust "In the pantry, in the dining-room- , 'Give the rascal a dollar for his wit' worldly podst in all of the Eastern cities, and will be sold on the most fa. There is dancclr, ttt this ed, and therefore would not have given dear, but you had better come to bed, it's marched the land with the tread of a gi- may he fouud exceedingly useful and as they give comfort said ihe man rmiKng. "and lei him pel a thing, of going beyond the above U'e have all strength ant, leaving the impress of his footstns to Iho Stomach, reotore Ihe Appetite, give vorablo term. invite the publicthe latest stylet, nahhf. and contract at any price, l ou arc so late." i I n aad cordially ta am i.- .I ghter pair of shoes fjr his clumsy feet at arraigning the wisdom of Himwhoset-tet- h him the that the giving way of that I'am awire, Rill did not say a word, but took some in the bones, sinews, and life's blood of brightness lo lhe Eyes, beauty ant color to the Uci) uf our stock. Our kupidy of my expense' up whom he will, and whns Viunty would almost inevitably involve a serious terrible long Cheek, and youth to old nye. They pivo the people. steps in ihe dark; he found Hcady-.'Matl- o Clo'.Jiiij feeds even the young raven. So. g'i on loss of lile nnd property among ihe poor Slep. 'lia' the Nerves, pure awav the dining room again, and the pantry, Is lare ijd well assorte', and we iutend f the Bhu'S and .Mclat:k(Iy, nnd ala, most cer'Dont get Above voor Business." with vour story. What is ihe crime that people who live along the course of the Cure of Toot i ache 'Two parts of tainly, all groand depresNK humors ef the sell ot the )ovtt poewb'e purchaser This is what a lady said to a shoemaker. Mr. Clinton has committed against you stream below. I must regard their safe- but he could not find the milk anywhere. will find it to their interest toail and aee us. Afier trying for about five minutes, he brown sucar. two parts of tar. and one Momach.and disperse all paia. ll.ey strengthVrho was fumbling about trer ancles in and humanity!' ' en the head aud brijrhteu thesens; five tone Pemember, it is no trouble whatever ta whour . c i ty before any jecuninry advantage to .vent up stairs, and leaning agiinst the part oir nneiy prouna oiacK pepper: mix ji ' otder io ascertain the size of her foot. our Goods. to the Mom .cb. and remcve nil lyuiacsno.x 'I am a poor man, as I sfii j. myself; and have given .Mr ."Jack son, who door his wife them cold, and apply a portion to ihe nf. i. B LOO MING DALE & LCCAS. and Debility. to steaJy himself, d "I know vou are; a in. has the contract, positive instructions lo fected part. Repeat this occasionally, sept 26, '51 !Li Prcpsred or,Iy by In an obituary notice of an aged and duiriou. but poor man. exceed his estimates if necessary, in or- again. "Susan! Susan!" said hs very emphat- for a day or two, and a perfect cure will citizen, recently deceased in R..- And as such, entitled to some con-to- n der tfi put the question of safety beyond oniiy by the Facu'tvcf i nave rled it iwice with And Tecommeucd be cuectca. ically. It is staled thai in connection with sideration I Vnow him to be a a doubt. man whom 4 GOOD snpply cf superior Trunks "Iih what!" said she, waking up entire success on my own teeilu Mv Mkwo, and particularly by pracficiuj ofFhy-:- ,' many other good qualities, he took great j "Entitled io a fair return for your ! b I can trui; but I have r.o confidence in cUb3. li'l'vr Nile at Ihe Pruj Slre .,j.,. -- in. neighbors have found a. .V 4 ciareut styles, just ugain. fce io ptyirg in all casts Maxwell received an 1 fer sale by f rioter. nous.- - Sk iritifir American. "Is there' anv milk In the ho't$e" dpclfl, T. . PtniW'tby. ? P BA2:BE dr I S J- j 'I - - I a well-wor- .-- f -f- . post-pai- d, h I JL38hi 150 tt sir-ce.- " n. j j JPO ET'S "'"" 1 'Z-- Indnstrv Tri-'- ; eve-seve- Wl : :h 11 nU s. a-- I .. well-bein- aut! SIMF i . r WR 1 f'EIU, t- j NEW STOCK! cross-legge- "tiBr 1 j Ii)lr s, Uar-Rrs- .. 1 "Me-thusaleh- ." k, ta-k- ! t.i n I,ib..r. - j V. j i j s, - R-j- i man' 1 i I- "Su-san!- 5,000 " DYSPEPSIA, NEW GOODS FenrsNi "lfcu ! hard-workin- : I 1 br nrpcns e-f

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