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Image 12 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 54. Hopkins County (Madisonville)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

1. HISTORICAL SKETCH Creation Hopkins, the forty-ninth county established in Kentucky, was created by an act of the General Assembly approved December 9, 1806. The act read in part as follows: "Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that from and after the first day of May next, all that part of the County of Henderson, included in the following bounds: . . . shall be one distinct county, and called and known _ by the name of Hopkins." (1) Its name was selected to honor General Samuel Hopkins of Virginia, a distinguished officer of the American Revolution who had moved to Kentucky in 1797 and settled on the Green River, but who was never a resident of Hopkins County. (2) Original Boundaries The statute creating the county described its boundaries as "Beginning at the mouth of Deer Creek; thence up Green River to the mouth of Pond River; thence up Pond River by the county line to Tradewater; thence a due course down Tradewater to the mouth of Owen's Creek; thence a due north course to the main { branch at the Crab Orchard fork; thence up the main branch of said Crab Orchard E fork until a line at right angles will strike the head of Black's and Newman's I sugar camp branch; thence down the same and Deer Creek to the beginning." (5) A Boundary Changes ( A » Several changes of the original boundaries have been made. On January 22, -_ 1822, the legislature approved an act by which "all that part of Christian County lying to the north of a line beginning where the road leading from · l. William Littell, Ehe Statute &aw_of Kentucky, with_§otes, Praelections, and Observations 2n_the Public ASEE, 1806, III, 546, hereinafter cited as Littell. . 2. Richard H. Collins, History of §EntugEy, II, 545. Z tl, ·_ 3. Littell, 1806, III, 546. ;'_;.·; y n _,

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