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Image 353 of Kentuckian Volume VII

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

C. T. CALLOWAY & COMPANY Sporting Goods Headquarters Bicycles, Sundries, Pennants and Posters, Fishing Tackle, Complete line of Athletic Goods, Eastman Kodaks and Supplies GUARANTEED BY OUR EQUIPMENT. "RIGHT NOW" SERVICE Bring us the work, large or small, you want Right Now WELCH & MURRAY PRINTING CO., INCORPORATED 124-128 N. Limestone Street, Lexington, Ky. PHONES: New 619, Old 617=3 Lexington's Biggest Store COLLEGE BOYS' TOGGERY There are a good many reasons why all dressy young men come to this store for their clothes Hart Schaffner and Marx Clothes is the greatest reason — They're sold here only. DUNLAP and STETSON Hats, too, Shirts, Neckwear and everything that is new in Furnishings for the young men. Drop In and Get Acquainted KAUFMAN CLOTHING COMPANY Team Work Wins Every Time In "Building a Home as Well as in Athletics If you are dealing with this Companv you will find a great exhibition of team work in every department. Each individual in each department works as a unit to make up a harmonious whole. Each division is arranged and systemized to produce the highest percentage of efficiencv. If you have been thinking of building it may be of great advantage to you to come here where you will receive helpful, intelligent cooperation from the first scratch of the pen in making the plans until the keys are turned over to you. Combs Lumber Company INCORPORATED Lexington, Ky.

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