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Page 6 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.13 n.1

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order that a more equal distribution of federal funds become a reality. These are goals worthwhile, and should mean much to every patriotic citizen who believes in the principles of democracy. It seems that everything short of -the three things listed above will hamper our program of "Education for Victory." The Kentucky Negro Education Association faces another great problem this year. Shall we disband for the duration, or try to carry on? In answer to this question, I will say that we owe it to ourselves to carry on. I know that transportation facilities are bad. I know that the future looks very dark for a change for the better; but in spite of handicaps, we must carry on our program. The pioneers of our state and district associations knew nothing of our present day modern conveniences, but they faced obstacles and suffered many inconven- iences to build the foundations of our present educational associations. Upon these foundations we should go forth fearlessly in a program that will mean much to our country in this present conflict. What is the role of the Kentucky Negro Education Association in this world conflict? How shall we state the import of the present war crisis for Negro teachers and pupils in our public schools? What statement should be made respecting the role of our professional or- ganizations in our democracy and the obligations for service, to the state? These and many other questions should be solved if all people are to participate fully in our industrial, military and civic efforts. I urge every teacher in 'the state of Kentucky to begin to prepare now to attend the Kentucky Negro Education Association meeting in April and participate in the plans of this democratic program, "Education for Victory." SPELLING BEE POSTPONED Mr. A. L. Garvin, who succeeded Mr. G. H. Brown as director of the K.N.E.A. Spelling Bee, announces that the Spelling Bee will not be held this year. This is in harmony with the general announce- ment, made by the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Louisville Times, for several years sponsors of the state-wide contests, that they will sponsor none during the war. JOIN THE K N. E. A. Active Membership and Journal (per gear) ...... ............ $1.00 Honor Membership-Journal and Proceedings-Mention ...... $1.50 Send Fee to W. H. PERRY, JR., Sedretary 2230 West Chestnut Street, Louisville, Ky. K. N. E. A. CONVENTION, APRIL 14-17-1943 Louisville, Ky. Plan now to attend. Form "share the ride" groups

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