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Page 4 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.13 n.1

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

lected at a joint meeting of the Board, of Directors and District Presi- dents, held in Louisville in October. Plans for departmental programs will be worked out by Departmental Chairmen and members of the Board of Directors at a joint meeting scheduled to be held in Decem- ber for this purpose. The program for general sessions will also be outlined at this conference, in order that the general departmental phases may be integrated. This plan of program making, suggested by President Goodlee and approved by the directors and district presidents who were in at- tendance at the Louisville meeting, should result in a series of profit- able group and general sessions in April. K. N. E. A. WORKSHOP Elsewhere in this issue is an article by Prof. H. R. Merry, prin- cipal of the Lincoln-Grant School, of Covington, and president of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools for Negroes, suggest- ing that the workshop idea, now becoming popular with many educa- tors, be used to some extent at our next session. Your comments on the suggestion are invited. Space in the next issue of the Journal will bd reserved for any sent this office by January 15th. The Domestic Life And Accident Insurance Co. STRENGTH - SERVICE -'SECURITY 21 Years of Satisfactory Service OVER $2,000,000 PAID TO POLICYHOLDERS OVER 500,000 POLICYHOLDERS RESERVE OVER 200,000 SURPLUS TO POLICYHOLDERS Has Purchased $150,000 War Bonds All Claims Paid Promptly And Cheerfully Insure In THE DOMESTIC and Help Make Jobs for Your Sons and Daughters HOME OFFICE - LOUISVILLE. KY. W. L. SANDERS, President J. E. SMITH, Vice President R. D. TERRY, Secretary and Agency Director C. W. SNYDER, M. D., CLARENCE YOUNG, Medical Director Treasurer 4 0

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