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Page 36 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.13 n.1

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the varying environment of mili- tary life. Efforts are also being made to develop reliable tests and test procedures for the pos- sible evaluation of learning ex- periences. The advisory committee of which Dr. Williams is a member was appointed to aid in the de- velopment of instructional and test materials. It meets monthly in a two day session, assists in the development of policies, in the preparation of instructional and test materials; at the request of the armed forces, reviews the materials submitted and makes such other recommendations re- garding courses and credit, as in its judgment, will increase the effectiveness of the Army insti- tute in its services to men and women in the armed forces. Oth- er members of the committee are: E. G. Williamson, University of Minnesota, chairman; W. W. Charters, Stephens College; Paul Ezssert, Grosse Point Public Schools; Frank Holt, Univ. of Wisconsin; John. 0. Keller, Penn- sylvania State College; Everett F. Lindquist, University of Iowa; C. S. Marsh, American Council on Education; George S. Miller, Tufts College; William F. Rasche, Mil- waukee Vocational School; Paul Rehmus, Lakewood P u b 1 i c Schools; George W Rosenlof, Uni- versity of Nebraska. K. N. E. A. KULLINGS Mr. R. L. Dowery, former prin- cipal of Jackman High Schciol Columbia, is now principal of the Franklin School, Franklin, Kentucky. Mr. A. L. Poole, former prin- cipal of the Warren. County High School, is now the head of the mathematics department of the State Street High School, Bowl, ing Green. Mr. H. A. Yost, former coach of the State Street High School foot- ball and basketball teams, has accepted a position at the Plain- field Reformatory, Plainfield, Ind. Mr. L. J. Twyman, of the Glas- gow High School, has answered his country's call to service. Mr. Dan L. Kenner, of the. Todd County Training School1 has also been called to service in the United States army. Hie is: succeeded in the Training School by Mr. Frank Simpson. Miss Christine Barlow is tea-- ching in the State Street Higb School, Bowling Green. The Third District Teachers' Association met in Greenville, Kentucky, on October 30. Mr. A. L. Poole, president, reports that. the general theme considered. was "Guidance." The First District Teachers' As-- socaton met on October 9. Mrs. M. 0. Strauss, Paducah, is presi-- dent, and Mrs. B. M. Schofield,. Mayfield, secretary. Mrs. Helen 0. Nuckolls, presi-- dent of the Second District Tea-- chers' Association, conducted a meeting of that organization il. the Rosenwald High School, Mad- isonville. Mrs. Pearl M. Patton,. principal of the school, is secre-- tary of the district association. Theme of the meeting was: "Meeting a New Challenge." Mr. Austin Edwards, teache- in the Earlington School, has- joined the armed forces. Mr. Whitney M. Young, Jr., re-- signed from the position of coacbL and teacher in the Rosenwa&ld High School, Madisonville, to take training in the Federal Ra- dio Service. 6

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