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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., December 26, 1913

Part of The Big Sandy news.

V . f AWARDED THIS f1 FIRST PRIZE BY KENTUCKY II to yon what itmrling mtant on tilvtr Scott's Emulsion Uth, Btnutno. Aut inveniatn Volume XXLX. WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY. E nd SANDY MEWS Mark ' EIGHT-PAG- Anemic Girls Tradf Art PRESS ASSOCIATION AS BEST SPECIMEN OF ' Number 15. LOUISA, . Tired Women gather rich Mood and gain itrennth on the nourilhlng In d Scott's Emulsion iam, aut faeiam. LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, DECEMBER 20, 1913. M. F. CONLEY, Publisher. Geo. Corum, former Judge W. j. A.; superintendents then In office, who jthat it Is a big business, an interRardin, Circuit Clerk C. W. Davidmight be need not take PIKE CO. ELECTION esting business, a dignified business," son, and Mr. McCoy. Messrs. Corum, tbe examination, and this, ltt Is beand, when coupled with brains,' in' Rardin and McCoy never regained lieved here, was the intent of the dustry and patience, thq best and I NOW ON THE BOOKS safest business in the world. 'consciousness after being stricken j farmers of the law. and Mr. Davidson wag sick Only a Peyton Hobson, an attorney . of The farm demonstrator or"county brief t'me. Ashland Independent Pikeville, who Is representing W.G. agent" will connect the farm with 'Ab" McCoy wag well known here Potter, Deinocratio candidate, in a the source of scientific knowledge. contest for the Office of county gu- - Case Involving Circuit Judgeship De- -: 'and elsewhere along the Big Sandy, Congress Has Completed Most Impor- He will aid in building up a com Herbert Music, Age Seventeen, Found having been an old time Portsmouth perlnteiidont of Pike county; hog' munity spirit, will aid In "drummer" for many years. He wag cided by Judge Layman, and Govtant Work Done in Haifa Dead in the Woods Near tuken the position that the possesmovements and educational and a genial, generous man and his sion of a certificate 1b necessary, social development, out of which Century. ernor Will Appoint Judge. Glenhayes. regardless of whether the ' incumdeath Is much regretted. will grow a higher type of citizen1, or an entirely new bent is the world's most valuable and neced L. BUCK WILL essary man the scientific, efficient uiuu is chosen for tho office. CounMOVE TO OHIO. M. F. Campbell ty Superintendent ; 1 7 year old son of Robert, the Washington, Dec. 23. President and prosperous farmer. Special Judge Layman, of wag given the certificate in Piko We Eat in 50 Yearn cur- AVIiat James Music, who lives near Gleu- Wilson signed the Glass-Owe- n was at Pikeville last week G. Link Burk hag traded farms hayeg, W. Va., about toil miles south county, and this point was raised trying the contest rency bill at 6:10 o'clock tonight iu When PopuluCion is 200,000,0007 case of J. M. with Mr. Blffell, from Northern We Now Consume: presence of members of the cabof tUU city, met a allocking aud un- against him. RoberBiAi against J.' F. Butler; in- Ohio, and the exchange will be the timely on Thursday of lout week, volving" the Circuit Judgeship of the made within a ghort time. Mr. Burk inet, the congressional committee on 91 per cent of our wheat Mil, AND MUS. 'CLARK. 98 per cent of our corn lie hud ono hunting alone, and district. On Saturday will sell big live stock and farming banking and currency, and Demo-.rac- ti In 1906, cattle exported, 525,000 about four o'clock, his rather beard , leaders in congress. ho decided that this election of 1912 implements at public auction Sat'' ''.-Mr. and Mrs. 15. C. Clark and baby .'.'-a shot, and as the boy had not re; Willi a few strokes of the pen the head. wag void. urday of this week at bis farm, three sou left Louisa Saturday for RichIn 1912,' cattle exported 105,000 turned at dark, search was wade mond, It Is reported tbat Judge Butler, miles south of Louisa. The farm he president converted into law tne head. Va. Mr Clark will be absent .: i. tne Fedfor hm. The search bad hot been hag been serving for a year, will move to is near Toledo. Mr. measure to be known as about ten days, when he will 're- who continued long before the dead body turn la expected eral Reserve Bank Law reorganizing Decline, 75 per cent in six years! Burk is a good citizen,, honest and to continue the work of mak- will appeal the case. It of the unfortunate boy was found In banking and currency In 1906, cattle imported, 16,000 ' ing a complete valuation survey of that the Court of Appealg will bear industrious, and the NEWS takes the nation'a the woods not far from the home cage ag soon as possible. If pleasure in recommending him' to system and furnishing in the words bead. ...-the Big Sandy division of the C. the of the president "the machinery for In 1912, cattle Imported '318,000 he bud left not many hours before. '"' his new neighbors, at the same time O. if l'he new Big Sandy bridge Judge Layman's decision is sustain '.. From the position of the body It Is and free and elastic currency and un- head. Is built at Walbrldge Mrs. Clark ea tne uoveruor win appoint a juugn regrettlng to lose him Increase, 2,000 per cent in 6 years! supposed that the lad bad fallen v, 111 controlled credit put at the disposal No again join her husband. The to serve unui January, uio 51,666,-00and in the fall the gun bad been of the merchants aud manufacturers In 1907, number beef cattle, November, TO THE CHILDREN'S HOME. ''.' m.iuy friends of Mrs. Clark regret election can be held next V . discharged. The entire load had taof this country for the first1 time departure and hope for her re- ag the law prohibits such elections In 1913, number. beef cattle 36,030,- ken effect In the, poor fellow's her Conin fifty yeare." to be held at the time when Two bright little children, a boy ) turn at an early day. .' bead aud face. It Is thought the reEnthusiastic applause rap through ooo.,, gressmen are elected. and a girl, were taken Friday by Decline, 30 per cent in six years! port beard by the grief stricken The raee between Robersou and Mr.Jas. Clayton from the county in- the ceremony not only as the presASHLAND MAN 'NAMED. father was made by the shot which Butler was one of the hottest ever firmary to Louisville and were' plac- ident affixed his signature but ag V. S. ten year wheat yields, farm killed bis son. Robt. E. Lee Wesley, of Ashland, held In this part oft the State. The ed in the Children's Home. Each wag he delivered an extemporaneous average,' 14 bushels. The shocking accldeut brings a hag been appointed to be clerk in district is normally Republican, but two years old, and they are now speech characterizing the desire of Farm average.Wesfern Europe, 32 ad Christmas to the bereft family the Civil Service Commission, at a Judge Robersou, Democrat, present- - where they will have an opportun- - the administration to take common bushels. ' of the dead boy. council with the business men of ed evidence which seema to ghow bis ity for making ugeful citizens. salary of $900 a year.' Why? Read on. the country and ,j,he latter's efforts election. So many Illegal acts were FIVE MILLION ADDED TO to meet the government-- advances as ebown to have1 been committed, PRISONERS IN BOYD O. AND O, ASSESSMENT, the constitution of peace. LITTLETON however, that Judge Layman nulli HOW MAIL ORDER PROF. H. The event came at the close of a fied the election. Partisans on both Maygville, Ky Dec. 22. Federal JAIL TAUGHT 10 READ sides resorted to methods that HOUSES FOOL YOU day of rejoicing for congress had reIS NOW CIRCUIT JUDGE Judge A. M. J. Cochran, of the East- -' cessed for two weeks for the first brought this result. em District of Kentucky, listened April. time since it convened last to pleadings of the attorneys for the TUBERCULOSIS NUBSE The Democratic leaders were JubiCincinnati,' New Orleans and Texas C. V. AT ASHLAND Result oi Actual Comparison of Arti- lant becauge they had completed two Fitch, Held for Giving Bad Pacific Railway Company, lessee of the tariff Former teacher and Citizen of Louisa big piecea of legislation Ky., Dec 22. Miss . Frankfort, the Cincinnati Southern, ou the mocurrency reform ln nine months. Check, Teaches His Fellow cles is Favorable to Home and Is on the Bench in tion of the company to enjoin the Marian Williamson, of Louisville, a performance which they considerstate from Increasing the road's fran Prisoners. Merchants. who is employed by tbe State Tu V ed unprecedented ln the history of Texas, cblie assessment 'or 1912. ' Judge berculosls Commission as district the country. Cochran decided that tbe company y nurse and who has been on an exThe bill passed the senate must agree to pay taxes to an ln- Twenty moonshiners held for trial tended leave of absence attending you re the type of consumer by a vote of 43 to 25. Three Reir crease of two million dollars on tbe Ashevllle, the first of patient publicans and Senator Polndexter, The following article from the? mall-ordIn the Boyd-co- ., Kentucky, jail and a year at assessment before be sustains the and will be assigned to whose .bible is the retail the possesses a number of foreigners, some of catalogue and whose household Progre've, Joined the Democratg in Morehead Mountaineer Injunction asked for, thus making Ashland to introduce a system of good? whom have not been able t talk are mall order goods if you voting for the bill in its final form much interest to Louisa readers tbe total franchise asseggment 1 Judge Lyttleton and family came to English until recently, are the pu district nursing there. are the peraon who thinks the re this city about 30 years ago and THE EPWORTH LEAGUE. plls of C. V. Fitch, formerly a school house Is always right. tail mall-ordIn the matter of the C, and O. "Ouo Of The lUtrti Ever .Grvon." started the East Kentucky Normal read this: Railway Co., praying for au Injunc- teacher who lives on the upper por On last Sunday evening at the M school. He and bis wife were good On August 30th, 1913, a certain - tion of the Big Sandy river, now In tion restraluinc the state from lnOn Tuesday, December 2nd, Mrs, magazine people. After teaching for some 'ftprenRHTir started an investigation E. Church South the regular ser If a frRnrhlRA AtUMaiiiiint Jail at Catleitsburg for giving a bad Francis Louise Ellison Keith came which was vice gave way to the Senior Epworth time he began the publication of the to consider the compara Ifrow $2,743,350 to 118,798.00 Judg check. Fitch went to Ashland some and gave us an evening of gong and goods and League, which had a special- - pro Lawrence County Index, which larn. i.r... rt,irt 1R (inn (inn n .,, nine ego, ana wane arinaing is saia story, that wag more than well re tive merits of mail-ordgram. The congregation - wag large ter became the Big Sandy News.-Frohave given a bad check for $15 those sold by local retailers lto ordinal assessment. LouUa Judge Lyttleton and ceived. The high school auditorium 0,1 tnl charge he wag arrested. He Taking the catalogue of the big aud appreciative. The young people f th.'.t.i. of Kmi. in ii family moved to Pikeville, where he was well filled with the best of St gest ls UOW bld for trial. house, they executed their interesting program retail mall-ordWkv v. th Adam- - Ernreaa and the wag where very creditably... Miss Kizzie Clay taught school a year or so and. then me scuoui noons ueing usea Dy Albans cultured folk. The event as turned to the front pages Southern Express on the same pleas. pronounced by those who knew nioonshineis, who previously merchandise is sold under the head Burns presided. Rev. Keith gave a went to Texas. - the cochran reserved ms aecisever ings "Any The NEWS Is glad to give place coirtd neither read nor write, and one of the best entertainments article on thlg page 2c," most Instructive lecture on his trip ' lull null wilt Kive uib uuiuiuu nut given thlg public. St. Albang Cor. to Bethlehem, at which place he in its columns to this tribute to the Any article on thlg page 8c," Any for the Italians, are being bought " I Ueck. :. i Layman's Herald. brains, perseverance and pluck of by the men themselves aud article on this page 25c." In other spent Christmas four years ago. the Methodist boy, aud holds the mouutain-bor- n they bought the very goods words Jailor, Sam Deboard, who is greatly COA-AX- D TIMBKH him up as a living object lesson. houses brag the Interested in the conversion of his that the mall-ordA. P. McCOY DEAD. ."': DEVELOPMENT. WHAT OUR FARMERS NEED. teaching all who read what a boy most about. orderly jail Into au educational in can do if he properly uies. Four items were ordered. A dishWhltesburg, Ky.. Doc. 19. The. ".'" The Mountaineer says: . .. was pan, a teapot, a wash-boileverything- nnAMlhm tn mnkn 1h - n and a n or? L.iils coal co., coenuru, va., In Brushy precinct of Rowah-ccr- .' Bl;ho01 picture. The picture never came at success. uur- - nlu8 Well Known Traveling Salesman oi .raized u fw rfnv. I.,. Great Demand for Products Just Fairly! there .lived, not many years ago; a all the other three items arrived uue Jlalmu 18 ala "e 111 tne pose of making exteu.lve coal de--1 little boy who, as to personal ap ln good condition and were immediGreenup Dies Suddenly. velopment on Carr's Fork and Rock- - thlrd reauor wUUe a nu,uber of tu5 Begurr and Must be Met. ' pearance, was very much like other ately compared item by item with hon. ..rek wear of here. In the wouutaiueerg held for brewing moon country boys, but whose opportuninln "luor- - hav wrlUeu Uom 10 merchandise purchased from local coal fieldg of the Letcher-Kno- tt ' ties were not to be compared with retailers. oueh before going border within a few monthg, after tuelr opportunities enjoyed by the A, P. McCoy, one of the best dish-pa'- n wag a had never The American 'farmer needs scien tiir The mall-ordpurchaglng a boundary of about ten ,uto the Jal1 known citizens of Greenup, died sixteen quart enameled, seamless tific aid. Man for man the American boys who live there now.' But, this paper. . ea thousand acres at a big outlay of boy bad Abrahan ' Lincoln's pluck A a certaln hoUr every morning Sunday morning, his death being pan with wire handles, weighed 3 farmer produces .twice as much as canital. J. L. Lltts la mauaeor of aud determination, so, along with due to heart trouble. retoilod at' the farmer of Europe, but he reg the new corporation and will have!afLor breakfast, Fltcb, a man who Mrs. McCoy was. awakened by her pounds aud merchant's-dish-pa- 48c. and other chores was quires four or five times the area his The small personal supervision over the plant "BU laugnl 8CU001 I0r 12 years ln husband's heavy breathing each day, he gathered pine to make and when a 17 quart enamel pan, hollow steel to do it. His methods are poorer. Sandy bills, callg hlg "chil-we- ll th soon to be opened up. 11. Hardaway a torch, which he used to study by she attempted to wake him, wag handles, weighing three and three but his operations are larger. known coal financier of Coe-- dren" to lnoir books and Klveg an night. Other boys whom he outto .do so, she summoned the quarters pounds and matching in In European farming there Is and Congressman C. Bagcom eral cltt8i ssons and Individual In nere it is necessary, Other members of the family and coating, color and design that of the more hand and less machine work distanced in class' and p usefulness hill-toare also known In the cor- -i Btructlon of sucdescriptions than with us. There often the whole and in reaching the Tn mn- - ln B6 a the way from they In turn summoned medical as mail-ordhouse. The poratlon, which was organized with sistance, but in vain as Mr. McCoy given here atiow a difference be- family Is ln the field for long hours cess, have wondered how it happen-jPast 50 though I20 ears 0ld a capital of $1,000,000. mat Heury Lyttleton got through away without regaining con tween the two ltmes of merchandise of gruelling labor. This means aa iBrff narr of thn corunanv'a B0IU of them are slow at their les- - passed Bchool and away from Brushy and .v - aud the difference was almost ex sciousness. fash-Io- n cer- -i peasant farmer, and this we boldingg are along the waterg of sous, plod along ln determined went to college and came back a "Ab" McCoy wag about 56 years actly the same as that between the talnly do not want. aud all are beginning to eke out Rockbouge creek up which tbe Lexgraduate, a scholar and a leader, of age and for many years hog been two pricee. The mail-ord"leader" an elementary Our need 1b the bust farm ington aud Eastern expects to build the rudiments of about whom the young people of the employed ag a traveling shoe gales- - sold for 48c. The home merchant's ma-- 1 that can be carried on by an branch, a contract hav'whole country flocked, and over man aud is highly respected trough- - for .60c. chinery, cultivating smaller areas ' ing already been awarded for Its hotly dish-pa- n ut this section of the country. purchased from in a better manner. It is better to whom two counties contested Another CoL Mayo Vilts Louisville, construction. From a coal and tim He was active in Democrat poll- - the local retailer for 45c came near- - raise 80 bushels yield, say of corn. for bis service as a teacher. There ber standpoint this will be one , , . Is nothing to wonder about. Heury Mna r Ycs r rr a nrMint anil litn ouu mo nll.' or lo matcning tne retail mau-o-t r ou 30 acres than 30 bushelg yield, " the most Important branch Col. John C. C. Mayo, of Palnts-vill- est son, Jaa. was recently named der 48c item than did the other, on 80 acres. Too often farming large Lyttleton MADE his opportunity, and lines in Letcher county. and ' Ky., member of the Democrat- postmaster of Greenup. so that in two cases the mail-ordareas means two crops ou the same while others hunted and fished fought and playeU, he studied and ic National Committee and millionHe was a member of the Masonic house's leader wag matched 1. , grain and weeds. and land, strove. The secret' of his success, VOiiHHX SUPKIUNTKNDENT aire coal and timber operator in order for many years. An hour cutting weeds ln August beaten by goods sold by home merwag pluck aud push. He could have LAW IN QUESTION. Eastern Kentucky, Bpent Saturday He Is survived by bis wife.a daugh- chants. beforre seeding eaves days fighting been but a rabbit hunter, like many Col. ter of the late Jas. Winter, . and and Sunday in Louisville. tea- their offspring the' next year. To better compare the two Frankfort, Ky.," Dec. 22. The Mayo had been to French Lick four children, Jas., postmaster of pots, let us offer: or other boys, aud could have had A trained farm demonstrator his 'ourt of Appeals may be called up Springs and stopped over in Louls- - Greenup; Purcell, bookkeeper for tbe X, o o o o o o o o "county agent" will carry to the thousands of dead rabbits to credit; but he would then have been u at the January session to decide (vllle on his way home to confer with Union Grocery Company and for o farmer in the field the beet known Mall order teapot, 2 quarts known only to the rabbit world. Ho many years assistant cashier of one o bother county suporintenuentg.wno .Judge Allle W. Young, who is methods and show him bow to ap- chose' tin cover, blue and white e- the better part. A boy can at the last election, soclated with him in business. Col. of the Greenup' banks; Carl, a C. ply them. In otber words, bow to namel, 3 coats. work, his way out of any difficulty, auultl'y holding a Mayo expressed himself as highly and O. brakemau, and Miss Helen. wKbout mid farm profits and how to short oooooooo and the greater tbe difficulty the t iito touchers" a certificate. The .De- - ploused with the achievements of j The funeral serivces were held en his hours of labor by an Increase ooo0ooo0 stronger the boy is after he has of Education had ruled the Democratic national admlntstra-- , this afternoon. rtmeut of brain power. The farm demonHome merchant's tea pot Heury Lyttletou knew .it when the ac( of. 1912 wont In- - tlon aud Congress. He expects to be The death of Mr. McCoy makes In overcome It. strator will quicken Interest quurts.tiu cover, blue aud white effect, requiring county supur- - In Frankfort at the opening of the the fourth sudden death of prom-- i fnrTttlnir nnwtnir tha vntino Ha will enamel, 3 coats. Bcurcely provide the- undents hereafter to hold certlf- - Legislature Just to meet with the so- - lneut Greenup men to occur within .how them the splendid opportunl- - mother could o o O 0 0 0 bare necegsllleg of life, go poor wus itcs or pass an examination equal long and look ln ou their doings. 'a few doorg of each other within ties and the large aud sure reward a State certificate examination, Loulsvlllp Times. t Continued (Continued on page. 4.) the pust tew years. County Clerk farming opens to them; j on page 4.) J scientific BOY KILLS HIMSELF , ; . ' - Eliza-bethtow- n, . Pike-Letch- 1 er w i :" ' ''' 0. ' ' ' . I. ' to-da- er er er ,. er ; i ' er ..... tr ' 1 er . ; er ,e.l " ! wood-gettin- uu-ab- le n, gen-bur- er U er le e, "" Vi . f ' er e-- aa-o- re v ge ; j o-- i v. ""'V

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