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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 17, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

t 1bnitl0 nntu Lmbe VOLUME 7 COLUMBIA POST OFFICE DIRECTORY J M LOCAL JOTTINGS DIRECTORY COURT COURTThree sessions a ycarThlnl Monday in January third Mondaytn May third Monday in September Circuit JudgeH C Baker CIRCUIT V Duller oE of the weekof Crocus first SherltLF W MillerCircultClerkJ F Neat I have opened a resturant at my stand Call and see meT CoUNrr COURTFtret Monday to each month JudgeT A MurrelL Count7 Attoml7Jas Garnett Jr G up your RASNER Bear in mind that the Columbia will open August ZJ and continue fo ClerkT R Stulta days JallerJ K P Conover W Burton SurveyorR T McCafIree School SuptW D Jones CoronerGM RusselL orE daughteBertha e improving d Royal Arch Masons from a distance can see some excellent work by being in Columbia Thursday and Friday evenings Fair week- crrr CoURTRegulsr court second Monday in each monthJudgeJas G EubankAttomeyGonon Montgomery MarshaLG T Flowers Jr Elsewhere we publish a health noticei One of the county officials requests us CIiURCII DIRECTORY r REMEMBER THE DATE AUGUST J B1 1 COFFEY W C Clemens STREETRev pastor Services second and fourth Sundays In each month SundaySchool at 9 m every Sabbath Prayermeetlnl every Wednesday night President C1 Again we say if you do not wan t shot keep out of the patch 200s BURRfSyILLE 31stI thelate dwellingbarns in grass and corn This farm is well watered and the timber is good Also one tract known as the Logan Murren land upon which is a good dwelling one and a half miles from Columbia For particulars address L P and U D Hurt Admrs Columbia or Montpelier Ky Iam I LIVE STOCK MARKS premiums are offered and afirstclan I band will furnish the music The man- I Reported hy the agement will please accept the thanks Stock Exchange of this office for complimentary tickets delighh Pj MASONIC faitlift IlLr lMrs lAt of Mr the public testimonial In after his hone- Middlesbod daughterleft HEPumps FeedJ bey 2llirs TAYLORy Sopf hia Marshall George Bryan ir to good Common tn medium 3 253 2 504 Sci11 1 0 i5 RTIBIG to hitJent invalid Maryslast And LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY be 17 in the county I HENRY W EDDLEMAN408W MARKET STLOUISVILLE Kv SOLE AGENT FOR MILLERS HATS SOLE AGENT FOR YOUMANS HATS COMPLETE LINEJOIlNB STETSON H- AIdvertisc 2100 M E Ii S NOTICE W ELof tiVRepairing klnda of new RUBBER TIRE We keep a stock of the best material and reo pairs Work done at our shop is guarantecd In CLARK PARSON ut the stomach USE THE pldlady daughterMiss ROUt6 THE LINE THAT IS- COMFORTABLE BEYOND A DOUBT FREE CHAIR CARS ASK FOR OUR RATES GEO BOSTONI Information cheerfully fur wished ou aplJlicatiou at CIty Ticket Ollice Big Four Route No 25D or write to 1thI IAv HBnOBrSOn 0 L GARRLTT L Tray Passr Agt J r IRWIN Gen P Agt DUISYieKentucky + CI M WISEMAN SOL + S J Gate Alt Pusegr Depart meat LOUIsville Ky c TIllS IS A l Yedr nKp POSTED and to the brain and stupor and WEEKLY COURIERJOURNALvartla blindness the effects It freIIE ItY VArrEnso Editor quently happens after overeating one 12 Pages issued every WpdlHsday clover or vegetables of any kInd horse Is usually found standing In astupd manner 1S though asleep p fectly quiet and perhaps with mouth full of food he Is oblivious to1SOOt1Yt1R REVENUE REFORM JEWELEUS and OlTJCJANS 0 Dealers In Diamonds and Precious stones eclat attention given to work and aU ordersot goods In our line 132 West Market between 1st and 2nd Opolte Music Hall L OUISVILLE KENTUCKY Wilmore Hotel W M WILMORE Gradyville Prop j Kentucky meetinglbany mailty raised heLouisville 61 CENTS 60 sublvC ezerciloo inheTYhalfday obtaindl daylast Harw pWe depottreetlyt r30 CampeJlaTUle X7 AT Is nu stop other and he will leave It so prick him SOCIAl REFORM T HERE at the better place to hotel than aboved named at and he will wake up for one fnstant MORAl REFORM Good sample rooms and a frstclttsa Smythe Sec and Treas Miss but subside again as quickly try to n The OourierJournal issues the table Rates very reasonable Feed Marcum Supt of Primary Won n OtMiss Marvin BaUou who has been on lead him ana he will stagger again atbPet Almanac published StJud G W Staples House to House 35 stable attached list is slowly improving any object that way be In hit way talk she her hand Rev W C Mr C C Loyd who has been in The proper treatment Is W entp avenward and when she breath Ho COLUMBIA MARKET has the stomach as quickly as possible Convention then adjourned to meet at ed her last her hand in OOURIERJOURNAL CO a time and place hereafter to be set Put the horse in a place where Ky the der catnot injure hlmseJr and remove to meet her there whi REPORTED BY SAM LEWIS allBy a speeialarrrngementyou can get The News ford gIve him very IIlrtle water and and Weekly CourierJournal six months for we pray God he may strive to d iraggie Rowe Florence Wcolgive On last Sunday the Rev Thos May God comfort and gusto 03iisses a dose of purgative Inldkloc Illt 7th fellows Wool Grease clean 21 ns him and sanctify his trials Washed Wool Six drachms Barbadoes aloes one 27 erhis eternal happiness Our all day meeting at Beech Grove E Beeswax schoolhouse and among plat raw linseed all mix well and g22 In last weeks issue a notice of was largelyattended last Sunday number was Mr Piner as one dose As soon as he Is suOJclent Feathers Now 44 Old 10 Ili 30 MiSs Eula Cook of Wayne coon was given to watennel vey Sr who is 80 years old HIdes Green 5 ae was the guest of Miss Marvin Bal tO Hides Dry purgative does not worknu tbe Tilden Burton who lives in t last Saturday and Sunday Ginseng 45C course or 24 hours glue inJectlon Eastern portion of the count y In spite of the fact that near is 9 Spring Chicken warm water and soft soap eyery he was locked in the county jail last every patch in the whole coitn r Old Hens 7 KENTUCKY ea JAMESTOWN It is charged that he is under shotgun protectio n Dr P V Ballou is having a come Eggs 10 lightly on food such as attempted to shoot a man named some will take the risk of being oua dwelling house erected Guinea Eggs 6 a Dooley One report is that he captured or shot Will practice in the On °d Dried Apples 21 shot at Dooley but Deputy Jailer night two entered the ocurts in this and adYellow Roots 40 tch and their hasty flight kept MisS Stella Stephenson euteraa mad evpning To avoid the disease feed Sue little graIn but plenty of dry hay joining em out of the reach of shot and a good feed ut bran mash atleast trouble though several loads were fired sick for some time Is no better 1 three times tI week Spf3cial attention given collection for revision WO < lp- > PRINTt Subscriber ALL H 0 r RO WENt Presiheavek heme monthsat reby h1G unC persoin thet0 in the News IT WILL INCREASE YOU R BUSINESSS and the amount of 355 visitier y came home Mrs Stone had been a Christian for seven previous to her death She ey as one would speak of making a visit admon fishing all who visited her to li reat joulne acceived sociation > Collection was Ioprgcmcnt 0 e AND YOU MUST iwpressluuns r FairbanksMorse BLIND STAGGERS This s a sleepy dumpish FAIR KENTUCKIANS CLEVELAND BUFFALO NEW YORK rrBSiOBnti processions WORLDS FORe St LOUIS IPEORIA I EUBANK RECLINING c eatheis tcatiandht bWycfit Lieer Running the Press This Paper gray GOING TO THE 50 300 FOUR Texaspurchasc ve at the age of three yearsj R Hindman at the LindsayWilson School building in Co- and Charlie died when two years Runs Cream Separators lumbia iy July 30 1904 After de of age Little Sophia Marshall Thursday for 75000 aril will remo to it about the middle of Sept votionalexercises which were conductp Runs Printing her mother to the c by Eld W B Wright the C R Dudgeon and wife visited ti and other machinery program which we previously arranged just ten days It is seldom one was carried out Able addresses were IS called to pass through sac t He Is delivered by Rev W C Clemens Prof deep waters as J H Stone has Miss Bottle Cundiff Camp Knox visFor called to go through Mrs ited Miss Daisy Cundilf last week d Miss Bettie Hancock of ColumbIt costs nothing to keep when not Sandidge and others State Fie e P has a large music class ihere working It costs from 1 to 2 cents per W orker T C Gehauer was presen Miss Minnie Kemp one of Columbia hour when working For particulars and by his interesting and instructive husband took her to Delta Colordid much to arouse an interest ado hoping the climate would g best teachers is teaching at Cyclone 2 andenthusiasm among the Sunday store her to health While sheImiles South of this place School Workers of the county Upon improvedsome Co her husbands Percy Johnston who has been in call there were found to be 14 Senda ng 519 W Main Street failed and last Octob Pressesv WATER STREET WADE H 2 St LOUIS shippingr most enthusiastic participants arc met whom I know were active and Intiuen tlal among the gold Democrats tour and eight years ago They are vlth the party now and believe In the prObability of success I think that almost without excep tlon the socalled Bryan men will turnout and help the ticket to their utmost and vote for it on election day I told them that In my judgme nt when the Democratic National Cot ventton voted to send the reply to Parker It voted theguld plank to the platform just as unmistakably as it stated In words But I told the 35 further It made no difference in this asc because the money question Is not at Issue In this campaign 11 shall work for the ticket and talk for It and I think Mr Bryan whit e J active to the campaign In bebalot the ticket Our chances lu IndlalJa and New York are excellent and when carry those two states it Is might y Ilkclq that some otbers will be found ant thfInu CoP YSh THEJ JackofallTrades LOCATION I will accept the nomination and make an Aunt Ruth and myself were two n seven who organized the Beec active agressive and progressive racet1 rs Grove Christian Church 38 years ago A II Baugh lie is able true as steel andwould ° a gallant fight We trust tha A D Patteson has returned our party will see the wisdom in makI have been intimately acquaints from a visit to North Middletown CoLUMBIA CRAnER R A N No 7 meets Friday ing him the nominee He can handle with her for 40 years and I never heard Miss Sallie Patterson is visiting rob either Hunter or Edwards with ease onh say a word unbecoming a Christian rives in Lincoln county she has failed to hear the If the stump and put to flight the heresies ro Republican spellbinders on Instruca for Metcalf he is the man among men christian character CANE VALLEY the Democrat that never tires The funeral services were held at the McClure grave yard conducted by Ed Water HEALTH NOTiCE J F BargerCorn J M Lester In order to improve the sanitary con Segt J C Sublett is in LouisviJIe Grinds Saws Wood is week on business and the general appearance o Churns Butter Runs Cider MillsJ town every citizen is ordered to OllieM Stone wife of 11Mrs Bartlett purchased W E o Runs Ice Cream Freezers clear his premises n backyards back H Stone was called to come u lots outbuildings cut and burn tin higher on Thursday morning J weeds Every one who does not corn ly 28 1904 She was e Gresham visited relatives here last ply with this order in four days wiIJ of age last February was week servedwith a written notice This married to Joseph H Stone 1 Mollie Faulkner opened her means you UL last October Four unusu- school here last Monday with seventy Health Officer ally bright and beautiful children rive scholars She has a State certifi and as a teacher has no ebua SUSD11YSCIIUOL CONVEN1ION e will be assisted an ditfd popular young by Miss Ella Cun The Adair lady No 00 F and AIILRegnlar meeting In their hall over hank on Friday night on or before the lull moon in each month Gordon Montgomery W James Garnett Jr Secretary CoLUMBIA LoDGE Horseshoeiug and Blacksmlthing i am prepared to do year buggy noticeve 5d witg Mih Faas Hustrewn I prepayPd to fix pumps Tinwork Woodwork and all kinds ot repaIrIng a speCIalty 1 Exri Fam yean 61 days Sept LAND FOR SALE A Democratic county convenLoulsvlHe L1 tion will be held at the courtBourbon Stock house next Saturday afternoon Yards METHODIST GAITER The object of the meeting will be Farm for sale Apply to W T Shear BulUtESVILLE STREETRev F E Lewis pastor tra shipping 15 2tg6 50to appoint delegates to a Services first and thin Sundays in each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at S a m Prayer LlghtsbIPJllnJ 9 75Q5 25 tion to be held at Somerset callMAKES PREDICTION meeting Thursday night Best butchers 9 601 76 ed for the purpose ofi nominatmg BAPTIST ir to good butchers 375Q4 UO a candidate for Congress fro will carry GREENsBuna STREET Rev J P Scruggs pastor 3 3O the Eleventh district Indian I have been In the State ICommontomedIumbtcbr Fleet and third Sundays in each month Sunday School every Sabbath at 9 II m Prayermce ng Last Friday was Miss Victoria have talked with Democrats who were Choice packing Tueaday night and butch ghes fourteenth anniversary aU shades of Democrats In 1896 an OCHRISTIAN Saturday the 20th Democrats will Besides other friends who tenderly She gave a social to her young 1900 but who are only of one miD B Wright pastor CAMPBELLBVILLE PrREw meet at each county seat in the Eleventh watched over her Aunt rourning War friends now and the result of my observation all responding with a Services First Third and Fourth Sundays In to ZOOtbs 550 Congressional district to select repre- finer came from Lincoln county thre each month Sunday School every Sabbath at 9t cads me to the conclusion that It Is Good to extra light 120 to scntatives to attend the Nominatin 5s m Prayermeeting Wednesday night m quite within the range of politico 160 tbs 6o Convention for Congressman a few days probabllfties that we will carry the LODGES her sisters mind off of the cancer that bared snEEP AND LAMUS later at Somerset Mr Chas Metcalf was gradually taking her life State JIJJES7O UN a days guaranteed 234 DAYS 8 HARRIS Secretary 239 AU who are in need of glasses will do well to call on S N Hancock at The Adair County News office An work tock if you want a nice premhull DEAT1101 RUTH JfcCLURB to state that the county authorities are At 9 ocock p m of the 3d Inst the going to see that the order of thes of our dear old friend left i iso Beard of Health is obeyed A failure mortal abode Abort two years is a fine of McClure was residing with her d Mary Pierce at Liberty Ky Mr James Garnett Jr State CenI that her health was on the detral Committeeman of the Eleventh din cline she decided to come back to her trier expressed the sentiment of the old home where she was born married Democrats in this part of the State and resided until long after the death o frs when he voted against the resolutiodeclaring Cantrill the nominee in the agoHer daughter like Ruth of old rent Fifth Appellate distrIct and also when edout her home in Liberty and has he voted for a primary in the Eleventh watched over her mothsi until the lit Judicial district PRESBYTERIAN Elizabethtown This fair will be the crowning entertainment of Southern KClf ucky You cant afford to miss it r August tJaysGlasgow DAYur of 37 KENT UCNYFAJIW Shepherdsville Four lays of pleasure and profit to all vho will attend Bring No 565 of the Pink TicketS and get a chair at Walkers Iluddlertone NUMBER AUGUST 23 24 25 and 26 Miss Ella Reynolds wiJappear next week t WEDNESDAY AUGUST 17 UJ04 ridd was here the IObituary of ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY New COLUMBIA FAIRl Two of sir W II Gills children arc quite ill RUSSELL POSTMASTER Ir T BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER Office hours week days 730 a m o 930 p m r Mondl a- eveningMrs Stone Stone AttorneysAtLawur 0 o counties 2kThis a 0 r C r +

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