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Image 1 of The Adair County news., February 20, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

1l aAit J VOLUME COLUMBIA 10 h F KENTUCKY FEBRUARY WEDNESDAYS 20 NUMBER 1907 15 I rimony the Rev J A Johnson of THREE ACRES the M E Church officiating The OF GINSENG INCORPORATED plishedbride is the pretty and accomdaughter of Mr and Mrs George B Chatham and is a favorite with the young people of that section Owned by Adair County Ginseng Proposed Road to Come By Camp Mr Dohoney is a son of Mr and Mrs F P Dohoney of the same sec Company W111 be Up in Spring Knox15000 Snbscribed tion and is an energetic and hustling 450 Pounds of Dry Root in young farmer Green County in Our best wishes are with this couple County PIKE COMPANY 1 f ¬ Earnest 1 BURNS PROVE FATAL countyr ker ADAIR COUNTY 1 At a meeting of the promoters of the body of the most enterprising citizens of the town and southeast end of the county were present A motion was made to organize and incorporate for a pike from Greensburg to a point near Ebenezer church in Green county and from that point run one branch of the pike to the Adair county line via Camp Knox and another branch via Miami to the Adair county line inviting and re duesting the Adair county people to meet us at the point best suited to them but an amendment was offered in view of the fact that there was but one man present from the Miami branch and as the CampKnox branch was rep resented by a full and sufficient amount to build their branch that the picompany proceed to incorporate to the Adair county line by Camp Knox giv ¬ ing the Miami branch the opportunity to join the pike as soon as they could raise their funds and inviting and re ¬ questing them to do so at the earliest ossible date It was moved that the Capital Stock be 1500000 and the body proceeded to subscribe the stock raising the 50 per cent required by law to incorporate which amounted to 7 50000 The people of the town and those from the country went to work in earnest an all together the business men leaving their stores banks and offices and spending the day working in the interest of the enterprise togeth- ¬ er with the men from the country to help reach the necessary amount to incorporate They succeeded in hav ¬ ing 7500 00 signed up and the papers acknowledged and now are ready to be sent to Frankfort for license and the books of the company will be opened for business in a few days We give a list of the IncorporatorsJ A Dul ¬ A very sad accident occurred at Eller Ky Tuesday morning Little Hobart Brown 3 years old son of F M Brown while left alone in the room caught on fire and was so badly burned that he died Thursday night about 11 oclock His mother died in July 1905 and his father left about three weeks ago for Marion Ind leaving him with his grandmother The remains were laid to rest in the family burying ground after religious services conducted by Rev W N Coffey The relatives have the sympathy of the entire community RUSSELL CIRCUIT COURT Convened at Jamestown Monday Light DocketNumber of Misdemeanor Cases The Winter term of the Russell Cir cuit Court convened at Jamestown Mon ¬ day with Judge H C Baker presiding and Hon Allen Huddleston in charge of affairs for the CommonwealthA fair sized crowd was at the coun ¬ ty seat and considerable business such as stock trading was transacted ¬ No cases of importance will come u P- at this term a few misdemeanor etc The following named citizens com ¬ pose the juries GRAND ML Coe JuRy Byron Dunbar H T Rexroat B F Carnes J F Franklin B S Kinnett Wm M Cooper Logan Kimbler Orlander C Loy P M Bur and John chett L P Williams Greever PETIT JURY W P Wilson Nathan Antle J W worth C C Christie J J Booker W Rexroat W P Mitchell M L Shep ¬ D Bridgewater Woodson Lewis L herd John Lester Willie Richards P W Coakley J A Hobson J Shreve T Brooks J S Eastham J M Rus ¬ Durham J L Howell Joe Perry B sell M Farmer J M Rexroat J W Penick J A Mitchell J L Dur Wm Hale G S Eastham J T Hart ham 0 H Shively W G Howell E W S Antle N B Falkenburg JC E Perkins J M Johnson C H Nog Buster Allen Aarons Mose Wilson J gle B M Taylor R L Durham W Wells J K Wilson W A BreedEarly Vaughn J W Durham S H ing H 0 Grider Co Jacob Nelson W E Grinstead Ward Pilson Smith W F Cantrell YOU MUST PAY D T Wilson D T Curd J R Ward J SStrull W W Taylor S A An ¬ derson Miss Exie Dowdy Theo Leach We are now transfering accounts from old to new Ledger and in so do ¬ manThis would not have been accomplished ing we are letting the hammer fall on if every man in the town and in the many who are in arrears We cant country most vitally interested had not meet the expenses of this office and all worked together and while the indulge hundreds of subscribers for work is not done for there are several years scattered all over the country thousand dollars more to raise to com ¬ We are mailing statements and in plete this branch and every man in the many instances are discontinuing the county must give all he can and all paper If you are in arrears remem ¬ those who cannot give money must ber that we want and need the money give their influence whether this first In response to many statements mailed branch of pike will run where it ben Some come in with frowning faces Others appear with Christian graces efits them or not for when this is com ¬ But all the same we only say ¬ pleted others will immediately be be If you get the News you must pay gun and everybody will unite then in an effort for pikes in every direction PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY after realizing the great toll they have paid to bad roads and mud And then the pike from Miami Milltown and Adkins Mt Vernon Gradyville must be built and pikes W H C Sandidge Edmonton from Greensburg to Thurlow Exie and W S Dudgeon Hutchinson School Sum Liletown and to Donansburg mersville and Brush Creek 750000 houseA Kasey Tabor was signed up today Some 400000 J A Johnston Clear Spring more has been pledged Encouraging G Y Wilson Isnt it A great investment to mon T J CampbellPleasant Ridge > Greenbrier ied people a greater blessing to all the F J Barger Creelsboro people Get stock now if you want it Z T Williams Columbia for it all may bs taken and you may H T Jessee Independance be too late Then the other 350000 J C Cook Columbia must be raised or all is lost and we tifallback in the mud forever It is J F Claycomb Columbia now or neverGreensburg Record ¬ ¬ JL at this place last Fall will be present LAND anl have charge of the services Bish ¬ op Carter will also deliver a number of sermons here which in itself insures a large congregation Notification of these meetings will be made through the columns of the News As has been mentioned heretofore the proposed edifice will be erected in Montgomery Addition and will be com¬ pleted the coming Summer The men in charge of this work state that the church building will be strictly modern Mr T B Lyon of Cane Vi 1 ey who and up to date in every detailan horor is largely interested in the Adair Coun- to that section of Columbia ty Ginseng Company was in our office WORK Monday He informs us that his com pany has three acres that will be up next Spring and one acre of it will be The Vincennes Ind Bridge Co have two years old The company has made assessments sufficient to plant two more men at Green River engaged in build acres this Spring and the planting will ing the false work for the new bridge ¬ proceed just as soon as the ground is Some of the iron work has been ship ped and we are informed that within dry enough ¬ The slump in the price of dry roots sixty days the structure will be com pleted last Fall is not a serious matter in Mr Lyons judgment He reports advance PAID LIST in prices and is confident that the market will be sufficiently strong to make its production highly profitableAt present Mr Lyons states that there are about 450 pounds of dry roots News Honor Roll Is Your Name in the county ready for market It is Written There distributed as follows T B Lyon 114 pounds J A Dulworth 140 Sel Ben ¬ I nett 80 pounds H A Judd 45 C P E L Sinciair B L Roberts N M Banks 25 L W Dudgeon 16 pounds and several others have small amounts Tutt Mc C Goode R P Barron Roy Ware W R Lyon Mrs Mildred Strange J W Kerr J S Stults C MISSIONARY SOCIETY F Mantz W A Chandler L L Scott P P Mitchell J R Sandusky W T At the home of Rev J F Claycomb England D J Anderson T F Scott Friday afternoon February 15th a G A Moody Fred Hancock Mary very enthusiastic meeting was held Murrell J C Tucker G A Kemp T with the ladies of the Presbyterian B Lasley G N Roberts J F Martin church which resulted in the organi ¬ H B Simpson Mrs E B Cheatham zation of a womans Missionary Society Jo F Strange 0 E Young Wm Hen Mrs A H Ballard President Mrs drickson J J Simpson Eli Bailey T A Murrell Vice President Miss Scott Montgomery C M Smith E A Minnie Triplett Recording Secretary McKinley W W Jones Geo A Mrs Joe Coffey Jr Corresponding Young J H Caldwell Alvin Rosson Secretary Mrs W R Grissom Treas J E Wilkinson Mary A Melson Hen ¬ urer The society to meet on Thursday ry Hudson G W Garrison J W 230 p m after each second and fourth Faulkner Mrs Mag E Wilmore Allen Sundays Sherer J C Breeding Attes McFar land Miss Lula Allen Mrs Susan SEVERE CUT Page J P Rupe J R Johnston W J Tucker Eld Z T Williams Nora Mrs H C Feese happened to a very Bryant J V White T B Lyon A painful accident Saturday afternoon B Bradshaw Anthus Loy Mrs Ethel She was working among her flowers Pile J A Mitchell Miss Nina Yates and in attempting to press a glass Mrs Lena Miller J S Hunter G W fruit jar over a small rose bush the Cape Miss Emerine Lapsley Miss jar broke cutting her hand to the bone Mollie Hunter M W Odewalt and severely injuring a finger Dr Cartwright was summoned and took COMMISSIONERS SALE three stitches to bring the edges of the wound together ADAIR CIRCUIT COURTOF BEGUNI ¬ ¬ STAPPS SALE Saturday February the 16th the Stapp sale drew a large crowd and bidding was very lively Horses hogs farm implements and household goods brought fair prices The auc tioneer Mr Sam Breeding is par ex¬ cellence in this work and his happy hits with the crowd kept everybody in a good humor As announced elsewhere in this issue the protracted services at the Presby ¬ terian church will begin Wednesday today Rev Joseph Evans will have charge of the services CARD OF THANKS My sincere thanks goes out to those who were so kind and attentiye to my wife Nancy Staples in herillness and death Such services as were render¬ ed will never be forgotten Z M STAPLES CORNER STONE For The United Brethren Church Will Be Laid The Fifth Saturday and Sunday In March SERIES OF MEETINGS Rev A Whitten Presiding Elder of Rev Joseph Evans a noted Presby- ¬ the United Brethren in Christ for the terian evangel st will hold a series of Columbia District informs us that the home of the brides father meetings at the Presbyterian church be corner stone for the new church of his At the y Mr G B Cheatham near Milltown gining Wednesday evening Rev Evans denomination will be laid the fifth last Thursday evening Mr Chapman was engaged in revival work at Monti Saturday or Sunday in March 1 Bislwp T C Carter who it will be ohoney and Miss Fannie Cheatham cello and as soon as the meetings cloned remembered conducted the Conference ¬ at that point left for Columbia vere united in the holy bonds of mat CHEATHAMDOHONEY W W Yates bought last week from Walkup his house and lot in this place for 100 This is a very desirable piece of propety and we are glad to know that Mr Yates is the purchaser and trust he will move his family here in the near future Mr C Gowen one of the tobacco men of Cool Spring com ¬ munity bought a few days ago the purchase of tobacco bought by Coomer and Taylor of Basil amount to 20000 lbs We have not learned the consider ¬ ation Gradyville Cor Y- l I CS 000- oxI W R Janes bought one yoke of ens from Lucian Bardin for 32 Olie Breeding bought one tract of land from J F Gilpin price 275 R L Rowe bought 3 head of cattle one day last week price unknown Curt Yarberry sole one horse for 125 Lucian Bardin sold one horse for 125 Nell Nell our hustling merchants at this place sold J P Hutchinson 345 dozen of eggs and a large amount of chickens last Thurs¬ daySparksville cor y 000 Investigation of the capacity of hens to lay eggs resulted in the discovery that the egg production of hens de- ¬ creases considerably after the age of four years Thus a hen lays at the of one year about twenty eggs at the age of two years about 120 at the age of three years 135 at the age of four years about 115 at the age of five years about 80 and at the age of six years 60 4 ageI 000 J N Karnes sold 4 trees to a Mr Bar den at Greensburg for 260 S ESquires sold to same party 5000 staves to be delivered at Greenburg at 30 dol¬ lars per thousand J P Cundiff sold to same party 5000 staves at 30 dol ¬ Mr Barden will lars per thousand move his equilizer mill to S E Squires farm as soon as the roads will permit Pellham Correspondent 000 Kelsay bought one sow and Hudson pigs from Grant Collins for 14 from N B Kelsay One hog at 5 cents J A Turner one hog 5i cents J C Shir ¬ ley 2 shoats 6 Thomas Pulliam four cattle 4250 J A Hoover 11 hogs at 5i cents W H Hammonds 1 hog 12 one heifer from Alec Turner for 15 4 000 a yoke of oxen to R T Baker for 4750 J W McClis ter bought a cow from Lee Burbride for 2750 Landy Stotts solda cow and calf to Willie Yarberry for 2750 J M Wilson of Gradyville bought one Mollie G Hunter c Plaintiff t mule from Ed Stotts for 95 and one heifer from G W Stotts for 15DiriRosa E Hunter c Defendent f By virtue of a Judgment and Order go Cor 000of Sale of Adair Circuit Court render ¬ ed at the January Term thereof 1907 Mr Rube Lavender bought a com¬ in the above cause I shall proceed to bined work mare from Bascom Bur offer for sale at the CourtHouse door bridge for 8250 B C Louis sold six in Columbia Ky to the highest bidder hogs to Bennett Co for 590 per at Public Auction on hundred weight Marcus Loy sold two shoats to Harmon White for 7 He 1907 also bought a sow and eight pigs from afc 1 oclock p m or thereabout being Lee Barbridge for 12Fairplay Cor Bounty Court upon a credit of six 000 months the following described prop ¬ An acre of rich clover will pasture ety towit Two tracts of land lying in eight shoats from Spring to Autumn Adair county on the waters of Butlers If good stock these should gain 100 Fork creek 1st tract contains 115i pounds each Can pork be made as acres 2nd tract contains 10 acres cheaply in any other way or is there For complete discription of lard any other means by which an acre of reference is made to judgment recorded clover can be made to pay so well in order Book No 10 page 605 in the 000 Adair Circuit Court Clerks office For Mr James Simpson bought a nice price the purchaser with the purchase approved surety or securities must ex ¬ yoke of cattle from Jeff Page at Si l ecute Bond bearing legal interest from cents Mr Robert Royse of Rugby hogs from Rev R A En ¬ the days of sale until paid and having bought four glish at 575Breeding cor the force and effect of a Judgment BAKER Master Commissioner HT Mr H A Buchanan sold a pair of PUBLIC SALE medium sized mare mules to Wes Ed ¬ monds for 375 J F Campbell sold a two year mule to Charles Parrott for I will on Thursday Feb 28th 1907 175Hatcher cor offer for sale all of my personal prop ¬ 000 erty consisting of 2 mares 2 cows one I Alfalfa meal is a new agricultural good organ one new buggy extra household and kitchen furniture farm product coming into the Eastern mark ing implements etc L T NEAT Gar ets from the West It is alfalfa hay 15tf ground fine and is a valuable feed for lin Ky and poultry bookkeeper at horses cows Mr Jo Coffey 1 G William sold t 4 t ¬ Jr ooo the Citizens Bankslipped on the steps Harris Bros bought two thorough leading to Gee T Flowers barber shop and sprained his left arm The injured bred Aberdeen Angus heifers from V4 member is causing Mr Coffey much B Gill for 50 and two calves for 20 pain but we trust this clever gentleman Mr Gill purchased a sow and pigs from Harris Bros for 12 will speedily recover i I L f > f 000S I 4 1 Monday March 4 SERVICES BEGIN WEDNESDAY fr STOCK AND CROP MF t i > ly I 1J l a f t r ii- Ir

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