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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 17, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

s- THE = a- BOURBON NEWS r XXVIII H to mitten instituted by Henry S Thompson and Charles V vhich the said parties sought ed from jail under a juHg Vrii red against them and others by J < ti suit brought against ih ti fea As BV 1 rlCk- secured judgment k had j urbon Circuit Court against r t I t3 and others for 1500 each an article which he reflection on him and tie hearing of a motion for ain tnat case all the defend into bankruptcy seeking to ired from McClintocks judg- ff rung V vas a i ct nr r a a E V t K t yhad secured their dis McClintock in bankruptcy arrested unde- three c j t I I j i capais ad satisfaciendenum I r r1ed in jail last October They a our writ of habeas corpus in the fcj > l Court and secured their tem r release P= Jr rL rr were argued and submitted Judge Cochran de 7 Lks tat the discharge in bankruptcy affect a ctj r t defendantsjudgment for libei will now have to jr iv no Iigment or go back to jail 7r lJ tioners were represented in thlVieral Court by Hon E M Dick Talbott and J J S1 t November + rr v s< 1 McClintocks interests after by Judge Denis and ed l For Ryeland Whisky Call v Ryeland If you ui i rbest Sold Whiskeyfirstclass at all irie > n 102t Paris Fairbanks 1 c Kdaf a t2via Meeting Interrupted er one hundred negroes B F Hali on Eighth Wednesday night to listen to vtre VVii an eloquent colored speaker Just after the eloquent pit M di begun to warm upon hiss Fairbanks For President ihrK a an alarm of fire turned in from box 23 about two squares from The fire department I L r hall > J and when they passed the re said the negroes came out i ur unceremoniously leaving the orator with only a few c Lie > < Court which on April 4 passed an or ¬ der legalizing the payment of certain moneys to magistrates from January 1902 to January 1906 for services rendered the county in the construction of the court house and remodeling turn ¬ pikes of the county and aggregating nearly 12000 At the time the money was paid out no order of appropriation was entered upon the record of the Fiscal Court and suit was brought by the county at torney in the Bourbon Circuit Court for its recovery the case being practIcally settled by Judge Stout sustaining the demurrer to the amended answers of the defendants whoupon the adjourn ¬ ment of court were granted thirty days further time in which to amend The Ficsal Court then sought by the order of April 4 to legalize the clams in an effort to save the defendants from the apparent technicality which will again be submitted to Judge Stout at the June term of Court as a result of the appeal filed Tuesday ¬ 1t serif I fSir attend the Easter services at the morningApril y Knights are cordially urged to attend and will assemble at the Asylum Sun day morning at 9 45 oclock By order of C M THOMAS Em Com I + enei thing a establishes its level So it IS with the tailprrnen that produce the College Brand Clothes They have developed their capacity by tailoring the finest garments that cat The limitation of a be made I that cost as high as thirtyfive dollars Now then with that exceptionalcapacity is it not logical to suppose that such tailormen can and will produce a garment at fifteen or twenty dollars which is a deal better than if their Capacity is limited to expensive garments Certainly Furthermore the garments prove it beyond contention prove i lj that in fabric tailoring and style particularly tailoring and style College p Brand Clothes at any price from fifteen to thirtyfive dollars more than justify tjgl p That is why Hi Clothes we maintain an exhaustive variety of the College Brand I j i rOD RENT I H I 1 CeIJA1ES t= t4j m mi U mJm u lW2tYf I gr t ttlfK it r h flwKWlI i SPECIAL SHOWING OF Newest FOR EASTER Styles Lowest PricesSee Our Utnrimmed Hats Flowers Feathers and Ribbons I 1t > < Jti m J rr FRANK jCadies JffighSrade MILLINERY I l filA I Spring Shoes made on the right lines Built to match the best attire If you would have your feet well dressed and comforta ble try Stetsons Oxfords Dr Reeds Cush ¬ ion Soles Dunlap and Korrect Shape Shoes We are exclusive agents III NEW CEMENT MAN i TiAl SpriDgOKfe rds The News has Two story residence on Third street bath McCarthy Thomas fire and wind six rooms hall kitchengarden lights good Good We represent 11 big com- stable water and insurance neighborhood Apply to panies MRS W A JOHNSON 24mtf I- the charge I FOR RENT Jj R U Seed Potatoes Young Men City For New York in Clothes SSxand aI r rol U S Made Eleven Big Companies false alarm B fI Capacit J1 College Runs Into Landslide and See the new cement man before hav ¬ the ECS t > Fairbanks crowd claim air f tire was sent in by a Taft fol ing your work done Cement walks The saloon and privileges together nth i an attepmt to break up the foundations and all kinds of cement Sorely these are work I l y meeting First class work at low prices with the Mbar fixtures in Hotel Windsor apply to Mr JtY S W M SHORT For Republican viv > times for our 829 West St Paris Ky 17 2t Clark a the Hotel I76t fnends was no fire 1 Second Presbyterian church in a body arid will attend in full regalia The steps for this Finest lot of Seed Sweet Potatoes to time and again urged this great im- be had in the city can be had at Wm provement nd the time has arrived Savers opposite court house 14 2t when the people almost demand the removal of this old eyesore and rendez ¬ o vous for footpads ously at once great improvement 1fJ4 Attention Knights Templar The members of Coeur de Lioji commandery No 26 Knights Tem Passengers on board Louisville Nashville southbound train No 31 running from Cincinnati to Atlanta Ga had a narrow escape from instant death Monday night when the train For Sale or Rent ran into a landslide north of No 7 Farms all sizes and prices Some tunnel John Muggridge of Cincin very desirable nati 0 was in charge of the engine propertyB and by his cool and efficient work Real Estate Broker saved the lives of one hundred passen ¬ 17 2t 31 Main street gers He was warmly congratulated after the work by the passengers for staying with his enigne The only Petition Now Ready person hurt was the expressman who A petition signed by five hundred received a slight taxpayers is now ready to be present ¬ Traffic was delayed injury of the arm five hours ed to the Bourbon Fiscal Court ask ¬ ing this honorable body to erect a new For Sale modern steel bridge over the North All kinds of vegetable plants from Fork of Stoner Creek at the foot of North Main street displacing the old the Paris Greenhouse at Baldwins wooden bridge that was erected in both stores JOHN CHRISTIAN 1832 It is the wish of everyone that the lirns t 2sIrvr i- > NUMBER 45 BB IM ¬ + iS f y 4 I 1 rr- t PASTS KENTUCKY FRIDAY APRIL 17 1908 Wins Suit Against County Attorney Moore Appeals lit Hougb from Action o Fiscal Court Clay Thompson and An order of appeal was filed Tuesday in Federal Court in the Bourbon Circuit Court by County in the United Attorney T E Moore I J Cochran Jr appealing Un has handed down from the action of the Bourbon Fiscal s District Court s in the habeas opinion fP r PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE YEAR flil1toc1 tal jl 0 VOLUME 3 v 11 TD Ha61 rOot R l utntt IOiI m m i t WtW2itftYit I1 A VERY ATTRACTIVE LINE OF LADIESand CHILDRENS CO r HIGH GRADE The Ladies Store I Park rJ i 1l J II OXFORDS In Tans Browns and Blacks i1W I I I 5 Ladies Best Grade of Oxfords that Sell every- 8 In order tosell as many Suits before Easter as possible and to induce early Spring buying we make a where at 350nd 3 4 Our Price I Special Offering OF Ladies High Grade I TailorMade Suits A1I Suits that sell Regularly at 40 Special Price 35 2675 All Suits that sell Regularly at 2750 Ali Suits that sell Regularly at i RfIII 25 r 2175 Special Price I I Lace ij 30 2250 20 special ftfce 1 1875oi 575 Special Showing for Easter in Every Department 1 and 1 Silk and Wash Waists = Separate Skirts in Voiles and Panamas = = = Jackets in Fancy Materials Coverts = Silk and Wool Rain Coats m C6 < == == L fi z mifififiRllfiIIi1fiS > > i I Y < 4

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