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Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 14, 1915

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY EARLHAM DEFEATED tempted two; completed one, gain 20 yards; incompleted one. Karlham Attempted II; completed two, total gain 05 yards; Incompleted live; had Intercepted four. Scoring Hnyden, 12; Rodes, 5; oohrader, 10; Thompson, 0; Grabfelder, 0; KInne, 0; Ed Mills, 12; How-e- (Continued from Pago 1) Kentucky. Knrlhnm. I). Cnlvcrt Dcmnsoy . . . .... C. . Clayton ... L. Cnlvert It. (I. I. ... L. Cox L. 0. U. Hrltton Thompson . . U. T. L. Pennington Simpson .. HI Mills L. T. H. . . . Ilrunor KInne It. K. L. L. K. R. .... Hatton Crutcher . . . Q Hodcs Fellers I). Mills Ornbf elder .... It. II. L Hnydon COMING Patronize Our Advertisers DAY Call and inspect Our Big Line of Fall and Winter Tailoring LUBY & ALEXANDER OPP. UNION STATION THE TOGGERY SHOP DY-RYA- CO. N INCORPORATED CLOTHING, SHOES, FURNISHINGS. HATS AND TAILORING PHONE 903 AT MEETING I.I. OF PATTEBSOHIANS THESE LEXINGTON FIRMS VERTISE IN THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. NUF CED AD- Books and Supplies. Tho University Book Store. Lunch Counters and Restaurants. Kresgo's 5 and Store. W. F. Oldham. Metropolitan Restaurant. Martin & Stockwoll. University Lunch Stand. School Pres. Edward's at Work on M, Ml Amusements. Orpheutn. Ben All. Colonial. Ada Meade. Men's Clothing. & Co. Graves-Co- Kaufman Clothing Co. Graddy-Rya- Luby & Alexander. Cluett, Peabody Co. Hardesty's. Women's Clothing. Purcell's. Barber Shops. Eagle Barber Shop. Leonard Barber Shop. George T.- Martin. - Soda week-end- . The Best $2.00 Hat Made G RAD A d IN EVERY EAST MAIN IT " NEW FALL "LUBIES" 145 CROWD ATTKDfinW Karra spent the week-enPlan To Encourage Lit1. with i or (laughter, Miss Kllzabeth, at erary Societies Officials Hedges, Ohio, referee; the Hull, before leaving for Florida. 'uswoll, Georgetown, umpire; King, President and Mrs. Marker arc the Tho Patterson Literary Society met Transylvania, head linesman. Time guests of Mr. Max Darker, of St. again last Saturday evening with a of quarter 15, 1216, 15, 12'j. Mathewlfi. crowded house. President 0. M. Miss Elizabeth Carey, of Versailles, Is highly encouraged and hopes STATE HOPES TO WIN will spend the winter at Patterson to Interest tho Hngllsh Department in hill. tho matter of giving credit for society (Continued from Pago 1) The Christian Endeavor Society of work. He Is placing society work on or a "tooth and clash. Presbyterian Church enter- a high piano and hopes to realize Gady, their most consistent ground-;alne- the First tained with a social Friday evening, more than the expectations of a sucand the only man who was 8, in honor of the new stucessful year. able to score on Mississippi College in October A number of the University. The program was well rendered their opening who was not in the T. dents of girls from the Hall attended. Saturand enjoyed by all. There were sevU. duel will be In the line-uTho sister of Miss Juno Sale will eral new men and some visitors. day. Spurloch, probably their best Kvery imomber Is urged to bring as guard last pass through Lexington Friday en an man, and route to Hartford, Conn. many men as possible and be sure year, Carpenter, left guard, a Miss Helen Record spent Monday and come. The program committee tackle, Jackson, the fullback, guest of Mr. has divided the membership Into Captain Raney at tackle are the out In Lexington as the and and Mrs. Harmon, of Pikeville. teams and the teams will be placed men on the Aggies outfit who should Miss Suzanne Beltz was in Paris vis- - on the program in proper rotation. bo most closely watched by the Wildting Saturday and Sunday. This gives every member an equal cats. Misses Mary Hamilton and Mary show. Carter, University of Virginia, will Ashbrook motored to Cynthiana and Watch the bulletin board in the hall referee; Robins, Vanderbilt, will umspent the week-enof the Main Building for the program, pire, and Kerr, Tennessee, will be Miss Mary Deith Hawkins visited and if you are on, prepare your subhead linesman. her relatives in Versailles the past ject, be on time and bring another. Kd Mills L. II. P Howcn F. H Schrnder for State Hoick Substitutions: Dcmpsey, Salleo for Clayton, Parker for Sallce, Rogers for Hrltton, Howard for Rogers, Simmons for Simpson, Ricket for Thompson, Zorfoss for KInne, Peak for Zorfoss, Itoark for Crutcher, Schneider for Rodes, Davidson for Orabfclder, McKlvaln for Hayden, Poindexter for Schrador, Heick for Hrltton, Hedges for Rodes, Gumbert for Hayden, Dempsey for Helck, Clayton for Parker, Hrltton for Rogers, Simpson for Simmons, Thompson for Ricket, Kinne for Peak, Crutcher for Roark, Rodes for Schneider, Grabfelder for Davidson, Hayden for Mcllvaln, Schrader for Poindexter. Earlham Arnett for Ed Mills, Peacock for Cox, Meeks for Bruner, Canada for Meeks, Reese for D. Mills. Score by quarters. 13 0 0 Earlham 013 28 0 14 1254 Kentucky Kentucky At Forward passes: KERNEL 140 W. MAIN STREET WHERE AM I GOING? TO LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY Miss Miriam Horine spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents. Mrs. Horine accompanied her daughter back to Lexington for a short visit. Mr. W. A. Luktemeier, of Frankfort, will visit his sister, Miss Caroline, Thursday. Miss Elizabeth Gibbs, of Sayre Col lege, will be the guest of the Misses Duncan Friday evening. Mrs. J. B. Utterback, of Frankfort, will come to visit her daughters, Miss es Emma and Mary, Friday. Miss Jessamine Cook's parents vis ited her Saturday and Sunday. Mr. J. Whitworth will come this week to visit his daughters, Misses Anna Lewis and Clara. Miss Charlotte Willis will be the guest of her parents in Shelbyville this week-enMiss Elizabeth Moore visited here last week-end- , and attended the Kap pa Kappa Gamma luncheon Saturday-Mis- s Elizabeth Woods will visit Misses Piggot and Graham this week. Miss Katherine Mitchell has accepted a position as soloist and choir director at the Baptist Church in Georgetown. Miss Lena Clem will spend the week-enwith her parents in Bedford. Misses Mary Ricketts and Lucile Hardin, of Mt. Sterling, were the guests of Misses Josephine Thomas and Lena Clem last Saturday and Sunday. Misses Josle Lacer Hayes, Marie Louise MIchot, Kittle Howard, Helen Record, Annie Lewis Whitworth were mong those who went to High Bridge Saturday. Miss Eyrl Richmond, who is now ill at tho Good Samaritan Hospital, is much improved and expects to return to the Hall Sunday. Miss Jessie Cummings will spend tho week-enwith friends at Georgetown College, Georgetown. Miss Mary; Oglaby spent tho weekend with Mrs. Luther Davis near Valley View. Miss Helen Debow, of Louisville, a former State student, is visiting at the Alpha XI Delta house on Grosvenor Avenue. Miss Florence Hughes, a Senior In tho University last year, and a prominent member of tho girls' basketball d "Lexington s Bigger and Better Men's Store" OFFERS TO THE COLLEGE YOUNG MEN The World's Best Clothing Hartn Schaffner & Marx You, pay no more for these good clothes than you would just ordinary clothes. Won't You Come in and Look? Kaufman Clothing Co. d ) TUG-OF-WA- Photographic Work. Franz Josef Spengler. Humphrey's Studio. R. L. McClure. MAY BE R Fountain and Confectionery. McGurk Brothers. Calagls & Co. Phoenix Fruit Stand. FRIDAY AFTERNOON The the annual struggle for supremacy between the Sophomore and Freshman classes, will probably take place tomorrow afternoon at Clifton pond, in the event of which the University will have half holiday. The classes this year are about equal, the men in the Freshman class numbering 217 and the Sophs 228. Last year the present Sophomore class was victorious and they are confident of winning this year, while the Freshies are confident they will see the arrogant Sophs struggling In the cold, damp water. team, has accepted the directorship of physical education at Miss Woods' private school for young ladles at Houston, Texas. Miss Lucile Hollowell, of the class of 1915, was a visitor in Lexington the past week-enMiss Hollowell is now teaching in the Cynthiana high school. Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley Barnett were in Lexington Saturday enroute to Somerset, their future home, and saw game. the Kentucky-Earlha- Jewelers. Fred J. Heintz. Caskey Jewelry Co. Sporting Goods. Calloway & Co. Shoe Store. Special Shoe Co. Shoe Repairing. Chicago Quick Shoe Repairing. Drugstore. W. E. Stagg. Lexington Drug Co. Insurance. Joe M. Robinson. Hotel. Phoenix Hotel. Tailors. P. B. Robards. Railroads. Queen & Crescent. Printing. Welsh & Murray. Fayette Drug Co. Florist. John A. Keller Co. Dentist. J. T. Slaton. Music. Lexington College of Music. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT WILLIAM E. STAGG, Your Druggist PHONES 2871-91- MAIN & MILL 3 THE PHOENIX HOTEL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITS State University C. D. THE PATRONAGE OF Men and Women Calloway & Co. FOOT BALL SUPPLIES KODAKS 146 WEST MAIN STREET

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