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Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 14, 1915

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

mmmmmmmimmm iA&btitom fmr THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Symphonic Orchestra Exclueive Mutaal and Universal Program of Mtrinr Pictures Meet Me at FIRST-CLAS- IN EVERY S Suits Made to Order THE ORPHEUM THEATRE J. APPOINTMENT H. STAMPER, "THE ONLY GIRL." Dry Cleaning At tho Ben All Friday and SaturTailor Suits Dry Cleaned and Pressed - - $1.00 day and Saturday matinee will be preSuits Pressed 35c-work Guaranteed in this city, Phone 165U-152 S. Limestone sented for the first time a musical comedy entitled "The Only Girl," tho newest work of Victor Benkart & Fotsch, Proprietors Herbert and Henry Blossom. Bo many years have elapsed since these brilliant 'writers have collaborated, a 107 South Limestone Street Opposite the Phoenix Hotel Block fact much deplored, as ono searches Lexington, Ky. in vain among the musical WORK GUARANTEED comedies of today for even anything that is an approach to the finished touch and originality found in "Mile. Modiste," "The Red Mill" and other musical plays of their creation. At Leonard Hotel It is said that one of the many disNONE BETTER tinguishing marks of "The Only Girl" COGSWELL BROS., Proprietors is the refreshing originality of its score, which is rich in melodies of the (Adv. real Herbert swing. LEONARD BARBER SHOP CALAGIS & CO. Metropolitan Restaurant The Place for Good Things Ea to Welcome to Our City After you have settled down to business in your College duties, the next thing on the programme is to have your picture taken to send mother and the "girl you left behind you." The place is Humphrey's Studio Reduced Phone Anything on your mind? That is, Come to the Ada Hair Cut Shave 10c Meade and ask Eva Fay about It. She'll tell you what's coming. (EXCEPT SATURDAYS) Incidentally, the big comedy bill GEO. MARTIN'S BARBER 8HOP. that's playing with her will make you Basement, 139 East Main, forget your troubles right off the Opposite Phoenix Hotel. (Adv.v reel. See It. You need the Insur- ance. He will appreciate your Business. Address 406 City Bank Bldg. CHICAGO QUICK SHOE REPAIRING Why ADA MEADE. 15c are you worried? ask the K. S. U. student representing a conservative, Boston, Mass.. Company to submit a proposition. price. one of the most conspicuous hits in New York last season and promises on tour. to be equally successful Farce seems to be the most popular form of amusement at the present time when the public wants to forget its cares and be amused. Fred Jackson, author of "A Full House," Is one f the most successful of magazine tory 'writers, but this Is his first play. Mr. Frazee provides an unusually good company headed by Walter Jones, and the production will be lavish end in (Adv. good taste. 1635-- x When you contemplate securing Life or Accident & Health Insurance 4Li Unlimited merriment is the promise of "A Full House," which comes to the Ben All tonight. This new farce was SO THE COLONIAL. Monday and Tuesday at the Colonial t patriotic will be seen a great picture, "Guarding Old Glory," which every American should see. The only picture in the world approved by Secretary of War Garrison, Secretary of Navy Daniels, Major General Wood, General Scott, Admiral Benso nand President of the Navy League, Mr. Thompson. This is the picture that made everybody sit up and take notice in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, St. Louis, Cleveland and all other large cities. Programs Each Week Are Displayed in Main Building Hall 3, Oct. Professor Mj'co's Famous Hungarian Orchestra w V play have gore feet by walklnsr on tacked oles when I lew them on for the tame Beat Work and Material Guaranteed This ad and $1.00 entitles bearer to a $1.25 Job P. Leivenson 113 South Broadway d y P. ANDERSON, JR., WINS vwi a aa Every Afternoon and Evtring Don't Fail to Hear It Most Ills trophy In the history of the club, but for a number of years he has taken a prominent part in athletics In Lexington and always figures Extraordinary Showing of y Autumn Wear BOLLING, NEPHEW OF For Young Men PRESIDENT'S FIANCEE Mrs. Norman Gait, of Washington, whose engagement to President Wilson has bden announced, is the aunt of J. Estin Boiling, one of the grad-th- e "ates last year in the Mechanical En- gineering Department. Mrs. Gait was before her marriage Miss Edith ing and is the sister of Estin Boiling's father, Dr. G, A. Boiling, of Louisville. A picture of. Mrs. Gait, together with pictures of Dr. Boiling and Estin Boiling appeared in one bf the local papers during the past week. Mr. Boiling is at present located in Detroit, Mich. UNIVERSITY ISSELLING SUPPLIES TO STUDENTS Hereafter when your supply of paper runs out in the middle of the day or somebody "borrows" your pencil or you need an eraser or a bottle of ink in a hurry, it won't be necessary lo "bum" it off of somebody or else wait until you get a chance to Just drP Into S down town for uthe postofflce room in the Main Building and there you will find a complete supply of these and similar articles for sale, and better still, you can purchase them at wholesale prices, which, of course, "makes It mighty nice," if that check is still on its way. This is in line with the University's policy of doing everything possible to add to the convenience of the students and this latest action will save many a trip to town. The stock of the accessories for use in the class room is complete and consists of pencils, - ciaacio, inn, JJCUD, uuin, JaJCl ul lair ous kinds and many other things. The ' F. Paul Anderson, Jr., a member of priCe which is charged is the whole-thFreshman class in the Mechanical sale price plus the cost of express, etc. Department, and son of Dean Ander- son of that Department, won the Alex-Mr. John Barrow, of Younstown, O., ander trophy in the golf play at the an old State man, is visiting his fathLexington Country Club, the finals of er, Dr. David Barrow, and family. which were played Tuesday. In or-- , der to win the match It was necessary for Anderson to defeat a number of 'lie best players in the city, all of find here that is new in things to wear; and not only YOU'LL that, but the best of every-t- h ng. You have this advantage here, you choose from nothing but good quality with satisfaction assured. SUITS, OVERCOATS, HATS, HABERDASHERY, SHOES qualities men of good j .dgement s ek. Graves, Cox & Company (Incorporated.) "College Fellow's Shop" m. M.DM.MM-- -j e t RRESGE We do Kodak Finishing and all kinds of photography, flashlights, etc. Films and film packs developed free of charge. The usual prices for printing and enlarging. McClure Photographing & Supply Co., 125 East Main Street. oerves the Best DANCE 15, ... 2 NEW SHOWS WEEKLY 3 - - SHOWS DAILY - 3 MATINEE NIGHT . $1.00 WORTH The Photographer $1.00 FOR 10c in Your Town Has pleased the exacting student and the best people generally for fifteen years. Can he show you? In the City Phoeiix BallrooM 10c Franz Josef Spengler 19I5 GOODWIN'S SAXAPHONE TRIO ADMISSION SUPERIOR VAUDEVILLE SAME MANAGEMENT Benefit of Open Air School Fri. Night, Oct. ADA MEADE Four Item Noon Lunch SUBSCRIPTION The COLONIAL P. M. won in the tennis tournaments. true-blood- Star. ing Sunday Anderson Is prom-.nentl- The Union Literary Society held its weekly meeting Saturday evening at 7 o'clock, with a good attendance. The meeting was practically given to the new members and each respeech. sponded with a The new men will be given every advantage possible with the hope that they may work all the harder to raise standard of the society. The program was carried out on time and at no minute was something Mr. lacking. Hutson spoke on "boosting," Mr. Sellars on "The Freshman and the Literary So-clety," and Mr. Wyatt on "Exercise." Mr. Her gave a short lecture on "Inductive and Deductive Reasoning," which was appreciated and instructive to the society as a whole. The feature of the evening was the speech of Herbert Felix. The business meeting took up about thirty minutes and consisted chiefly in a report from President Gooch. The programs for the society are displayed on the bulletin in the hall of the Main Building. Program of the Union Literary for October 16th: Devotional exercises, J. Lewis. Ttecitatlon, C. O. McCuddy. Debate Resolved, That Every Voter Should be Required to Pass an Examination in Elementary Civil Government. Affirmative, T. L. Creekmore, E. P. Hatter; negative, C. R. Barker, S. F. Grubbs. Democracy, George R. Smith. Open meeting. Critic, J. V. Chamberlain. Short recess. Business meeting. Adjournment. five-ac- SMS M. TO 11:0S them older and more experienced. In W. Morford, SPEAK AT the finals he defeated J. 1 Ralet to Students 341 W. Main St. r "A FULL HOUSE." OPEN 10:00 A. by a very close score. Eagle Barber Shop FIRST-CLAS- S Manager. SOCIETY MEETING the youngest man who has ever UNION AII E Jr., Owner an NEW MEMBERS P. B. ROBARDS, Tailor College Boys 107 WEST MAIN STREET BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY. FINE HOME-MADCANDIES Go Where the Go's Go. For 10c 311 W. Main St. Phone 1092-- y

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