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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 14, 1915

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

f ill- t mtm THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA State University of Kentucky VO. VIII. LEXINGTON, HOPE TO WIH AMATEUR NIGHT TO BE WILDCATS GAME FROM MISSISSIPPI A. & HELD ON OCT. 14 1915, K. NOVEMBER 5 WRITE Strollers' Annual M. JAS. KENTVCK Y, WILDCATS SCHOOL , I ' ' j j j j ( ap-o- - - : i DAY.) 54-1- PARAGRAPH 3 Scrub-Fres- COLUMN OE i h- man Team "Amateur which for The October issue of the Kentucky years has been looked upon as one of Alumnus, which is published by the FRESHMEN H. S. HERE the real big events of the fall season, Alumni Association of the University will be staged by the Strollers, the appeared last week, and contains Many of us will journey over to crack dramatic organization of the many attractive features. J. D. TurStoll Field Saturday afternoon to University, on November 5, and at ner is still acting editor. The announcement is made that in watch the Freshman team trounce the that time all students wh'o wish to beLexington High School football war come members of this society will be the next number of the paper will ap Slvn an opportunity to display the pear the first Installment of a history riors, and to witness the inter-clas- s track meet, however, the thoughts of 'alents they Possess. Cash prizes will ot ..he University to be written by all will be away off in Dixie Land, be slven to the best acts in the respec-wher- e President Emeritus, James K. Patter-- I and those who son. President Patterson Is perhaps the Blue and White Varsity will ' "'ve classifications, hft hnftHnfr the Mlsalssinnl Airirles. show that they have the requisite abil- - better than anyone else thoroughly or-ijuaiuied with the history of the school They expect to win the game and so ity will be admitted to membership. t a meeting of the Strollers last since he has been closely connected do we. Each must win to keep in the Tuesday a committee was appointed with it from the time of Its foundarace for S. I. A. A. honors. Coach Tigert witnessed the Transylv- with full authority to act, and prelim- tion. ania-Mississippi 1 he paper also contains the an A. and M. game inary arrangements have already been last Saturday and believes we have a made to make thls year'3 the great- - no'incfcinent that Mrs. M. A. Scove'l, st Amateur Night the Strollers have wJff of the late head of the Departstrong chance to win. ver had. It is probable that prizes ment of Agriculture, has consented to "I do not believe the 'bear' stories being circulated that Mississippi is go- - will be awarded for the bsst single write a history of Maxwell Springs, for boys with which famous place Lexington ing to make it rough for the Kentucky act for Srls best sInSle and for the best act wlth tw or niore and the University is so closely conboys, and I think that we are going to ' be given a fair deal. They consider Participants. All kinds of acts will be nected. In this issue there appears the firs; us more dangerous than Transylvania J Permitted to go on the stage and jWJii. oejnaae.. .py impartial in'italiment-o- f Professor ArM.Miller's' ..and will1 put forth an extra efforMo awaras. beat us. If our linemen play up to Midges selected by the Strollers. All History of early athletics at State, " m we will repeat the dose admin- those who contemplate entering are which is written in an entertaininr, manner. Professor instructive istered here last fall," were a few of requested to hand in their names to Ham Sliipnick, stage manager of MJller was for many years chairman the comments made by Dr. Tigert last th Strollers. If you cannot find him, of the athletic committee and knows night. Kentucky is weak on the defense tell any of the other Strollers of your the period of which he writes thor uglily. This article will be continued and strong offensively. Mississippi's ambitions, and they will be delightweakness is on the offense. The game ed to see that you are entered. Am- in later installments of the magazine. The Alumnus contains many otlur will therefore be of an entirely differ- ateur Nisht will be a gala event, and nature from the one played in no one need fear to trust himself on articles of Interest to the alumni and ent will be the students. One of especial int Starksville last Saturday. If the Ken- - '1 stage. The audience Tlendly and every effort will be f tc students now attending the tucky line can withstand the onslaught rTnivrsity is a comparison between heavy Mississippi linesmen the Prec,ated y the The Strollers start this year in the scholarship of fraternity and nonshould bring home another ' ''"ndld condition for the biggest year fraternity students for last year, which victory. thelr "story. The society has one shows that the students The men who will be sure to make have an average grade which is a llttla the trip are Captain Schrader, Rodes, of he handsomest and most ' Grabfelder, Thompson, venient rooms on tl,e campus, fur- less than one per cent higher than nlshed ln lts entirety by the organlza those of the fraternity students. "rutcherDempaey, Simpson, Britton,' Kinne, Clayton and Manager Fay O tion itself, a good sum in the treasury and a reputation of half a dozen sucTownes. NOTICE! As Coach Tigert expects to take cessful productions behind it. A numStudents are urged to patronize the about 18 men, others who will prob- ber of students will be admitted to the ably be taken, are: Corn, Gumbert, aramatic ciuo this year, and ir you downtown merchants who display our Zerfoss, Hedges, Ricketts and Heick. come out for the Amateur Night cele- athletic association membership cards. The possession of this card indicates The Freshmen class Is making prep- bration you will be one of them, in all probability. Full particulars can an active interest ln the welfare of the arations to give them a good send-of- f by hauling them out to the Q. & C. be obtained of the stage manager or University. A list of members will be published depot Thursday night. Here they will any Stroller. A great many of the board the 10:35 Q. & C. train for the pl'cisent membership went into the within these columns in the near future. South, to the tune of "My Old Ken- club via the Amateur Night route. tucky Home," "Dixie" and others, rendered by the Cadet Band. WILDCAT SCHEDULE. Secret practice was begun the first 33 to 0 October 2 Butler College of this week. The wily coaches are 54 to 13 October 9 Earlham College taking no chances and wish to head October 16 Mississippi A. and M At Starksville, Miss. off any scouting intruders who may be October 23 University of the South (Sewanee) At Lexington In the Blue Grass gathering dope for October 30 University of Cincinnati At Lexington our Saturday rivals, November 6 University of Louisville At Louisville State's men, with the exception of November 13 PURDUE At Lexington Server and Corn, are in good shape. November 26 Tennessee At Lexington News comes from the Southern Col(HOME-COMIN- LUKE M'LUKE COMMENDS j Against For the Fray lege that they, too, are fit and ready (Continued on Page 3) BUNCH THE Only Points of Visitors Are THE UNIVERSITY PAPER Important Announcement Big Jbvent of Fall Season Made By Editors of All of the Team Except Corn SHINNICK IN CHARGE the Alumnus and Server in Condition Night," several j DEFEAT EARLHAM Ts Trv-O- ut No. 5 Compliments the Kentucky GEORGE ZERFOSS HURT Earlham College proved an easy mark for the Wildcats in the second gridiron battle of the season, the husky Crlmsonites being unable to pierce agthe defenses of the gregation. The. only points scored by the visitors were against the. Freshman and "scrub" teams, 'who played during the second quarter. The nearest approach to the goal defended by the Varsity was made in the third quarter when the Crimsons were held for downs and were forced to yield the ball on the line. The game ended 54 to 13, the Wildcats getting the bigger end. The only accident that marred the game came In the second quarter when George Zerfoss, of Ashland, suffered a bady broken nose when he smashed Into an Earlham player. Zerfoss was playing end on the Freshman team and was showing the class that will put him In line for the Varsity next year. The visitors' thirteen points were made in the second quarter when Coach Tuttle, who was engineering the Wildcats during the absence of Dr. J. J. Tigert, substituted ;he for the Varsity, he Wildcats having cinched the game the first quarter. The game was leatured by the aggressive work of. Hayden, Schrader, Grabfelder and Rodes, these speedy tearing through the Earlham line for long gains and tackling like demons. Kinne's work at end was exceptionally good, his tackling and blocking receiving the commendation of the "fans." The Wildcats never playing until the resorted to open-fielclosing minutes of the game, straight-linplunging being responsible for all their gains. On three occasions, penalties inflicted for holding, kept the Wildcats from running the score into the seventies. The Freshman team showed up to aod advantage against the Earlham Varsity. Several men showed Var sity calibre and can be relied upon to fill vacancies ln the Wildcat team i.ext season. Of these youngsters, Davidson and McElvaiu at halfback and Poindexter at fullback showed the ' most class. Earlham resorted to open field play when they realized that their was unsuccessful against the Wildcats. Shifting of the line wus their greatest asset. With a little more team work aud strengthening of weak spots, the Wildcats should grab the majority of their games. The line-uand summary follows: (Continued on Page 3) d under-classme- n back-fielde- d e State Humorists Highly CALLS IT "GOOD STUFF" The students at Kentucky State University or at least those who are connected with the staff of the Ken tucky Kernel, believe that this school is putting out one of the best college weeklies in this part of the world and we have always thought that in some departments, especially the paragraph column, we are hard to beat. Now we know that we were right in our belief since that peer of all present-dahumorists and the man whose' name is a household word in .the entire Middle West, namely, our old friend, Luke McLuke, has complimented our paragraphs in his Bits of column in the Cincinnati Enquirer. In the issue of last Thursday, October 7, the following Item which was headed "Good Stuff," appeared: y The humorists attending the State University of Kentucky last week published an imitation of Luke's Bits of Biplay in the college Idea. They headed the column with an apology to Luke and to the Cincinnati Enquirer. THE STUFF WAS ALL ORIGINAL "AND WAS REALLY FUNNY. The column to which Mr. McLuke refers appeared last spring before school was out and was written by Kenneth Doris, who was managing editor and writer of The Hum of the Gadfly last year. While recognition comes late it is probably because no one sent Luke a copy of the paper, and lest such a thing should again happen, we hereby warn him that he has been placed on the subscription list of The Kentucky Kernel, the successor to The Idea, a copy of which he received and commended. This year's column which is called "Squirrel Food," is modeled after Mr. Doris' Gadfly column of last year, and it is the ambition of the management to make it just as good. Although Mr. Doris is not in school this year, he is located in Lexington, as reporter on the Lexington Herald, and has been of sreat assistance to this year's management by his advice. W. C. "Bill" Shlnnlck is in charge of the "Squirrel Focd" this year and the nutlets are written by a number of different peoAmong the contributions which ple. last week were several by Mr. Doris. Thanks, Luke. The next time you are In Lexington let us know and we will set 'em up to "what makes the Wildcat wild." Its a lot better than that Clncy beer, the excellence of which you praise so highly. And Luke, you know what Kentucky boasts of. Well, the very best looking ones are gathered at Kentucky State and sonic too. of them are corn-fed-

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