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Page 5 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.2 n.2

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Special K. N. E. A. Announcements As indicated elsewhere in this Journal, each county or city sys- tem is invited to enter a stag'e spelling contest. Already, several counties rand systems bave stated tVat they would havee 8 represen- tative at Louisville for the final contest on A ril 15. - The Board of Directors of the K. N. E. A. have decided not'to feature a "State Oratorical Con- test" for 1931-32 because of the fact that too few Congressional Districts have taken part in the last two years. On Friday, April 15, 1932, the K. N. E; A. will feature a Pageant and Athletic Exhibit, followed by a social. Prof. J. S. Cotter of Louisville, has offered prizes for a walking contest in which the various schools of the city would have entries. It is probable that the educational pageant that will make up part two of the program, will feature the celebration of the Bi-centennial of George Wash- ington. The Board of Directors of the .K. N. E. A., after a careful study of the situation, have decided not to offer prizes for Literary and Industrial Exhibits at the 1932 convention. This decision was reached (1) because of a lack of funds due to the bank closing with the entire treasury of the K. N. E. A., (2) because too few schools had exhibits last year and (3) be cause some schools have declined to bring exhibits this year on ac- count of the extra expense of transportation. Any school which would display an exhibit even though prizes are not offered is asked to advise the secretary of the K. N. E. A. at once, so that space may be planned for same. It is probable that some commer- cial exhibits will be featured that will be of educational value to the teachers. A health exhibit will also be featured by the Louisville Public schools. Exhibits will be displayed in the Central High School gymnasium as heretofore. The various committees of the K. N. E. A. as outlined recently by President Anderson, are re- quested to plan meetings at the 1932 convention and to make a report of their activities of the year to the general association. A conference of French and Latin teachers in the various high schools and colleges of the state will be called to meet at a place and time to be announced in the general program. * * * * Prof. E. Poston and several ot- hers have been added to the K. N. E. A. legislative committe. Re- vised lists of all committees will appear in the next Journal. While the president of the K. N. E. A. is elected annually, it is customai"y for a president to. serve two years. It is therefore prob- able that the election of officers will not be a major feature of the 1932 session, this being the end of President Anderson's first year. All other officeis, including the 5

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