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Page 8 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.2 n.2

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

acquaintance activities actually additional addressed adjective administrator admirable Admission admittance admitted advancement advantageous advertisement advisable aff ectionately affidavit agency agreeable agriculturally airplane aisle alcohol alfalfa algebra alien allegiance alleys' allotment allowed all right allusion almanac almond alphabet already altar alteration altogether alumnus always amateur ambiguous ambition ambitious ambulance amendment American amiable ammunition amusement analysis ancestor ancient ingel angle anniversary annruncement ante bellum antecedent antedate ante meridian anticipate antidnte antipathy antiseptic antitoxin anxiety anxious Apollo apologize apostrophe apparatus apparel apparently appearance appease applause application appointment appreciation approach approval approximately aqueduct architecture arctic argument armory arrangement arrival artificial asbestos ascertain asparagus assembly assigned assignment assistance association assortment assurance athlete attendance attitude attorneys attractive auction audible authority automobile auxiliary available avenue audience auditorium aught aviator bachelor baggage ballot banana bandage bankruptcy banquet barbarian bass baste battalion battery bazaar beginning behavior belief believed believing benefit bicycle biscuit blizzard bookkeeper booster borne Bostonian boundaries bouquet 8 breathe brilliance Britain browse buffalo bugle bulletin bureau burglar business calendar campaign camphor canaries cancellation candidacy candidate cantaloupe canyon capable capacity capitalize capitol capsize Caribbean carnival carton cartoon catalogue catarrh cautious cavalry cavities celebration celestial cemetery censure *century cereal ceremony certificate chameleon chamois changeable chapel characteristic chauffeur Chautauqua

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