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Page 7 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.2 n.2

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Our Annual Spelling Contest Announced The Sixth Annual State Spelling Contest will be held at the K. N. E. A. convention on Friday, April 15, at 9:30 a.nm., under the au- spices of the Elementary Educa- tion Department of which Mrs. Lucy H. Smith is chairman. While this feature will not be on the gen- eral program it will nevertheless be an attractive feature of the meeting. An effort will be Brade to have the Courier-Journal and Louisville Times donate the prizes at the final contest. The K. N. E. A. will also conduct an elmination contest in Louisville and Jefferson County during March to select the local winner. In -Al contests an effort will be made to award lar- ger prizes than heretofore. A1l counties and cities are urged to plan elimination contests at once. Below is a list of the rules to govern the final contest at Louis- ville. They may also be used in elimination contest throughout the State. Rules for Spelling Contest 1. All pupils of the eight grade or lower grades in the state of Kentuckv are eligible. Each pu- pil must represent an educational unit, that is, a city system or coun- ty system. Local contests should be held to choose these entries. 2. A list of suggestive words is being published by the secretary of the K. N. E. A. to help! pre- pare pupils for the contest. 3. The words used in the final contest will be from the list in the K. N. E. A. Journal followed by any fifth to eighth grade words chosen from the State adopted spelling text. Final words will be chosen from any spelling book necessary to choose the winner. 4. Three judges from the vari- ous sections of Kentucky will have complete charge of the contest. Their decision on all questions will be final. 5. Every speller in a contest receives a new word and has one trial on it. No word is given a second time until the contest has been reduced to two contestants. 6. Spellers must drop out after misspelling one word (or two or more words, if so decided by the judges at the time of the contest. the number of entries to deter- mine this). 7. Contestants may request that a word be pronounced or defined before attempting to spell it. It is suggested that each contestant pronounce a word before attemp ing to spell it. 8. Any question relating to the spelling of a word shall be refer. red to the judges immediately. All protests must be made to the judges before a new word is given. 9. The county or school sending an entry to the contest will be responsible for the expenses tof the pupil to and from Louisville. 10. At least three major prizes will be awarded the spellers in the final match at Louisville. Suggestive Words for Spelling Bee abscess absolutely abundance academy acceptable acceptance accidentally accommodate 7 accompanying accomplished accordance accordingly accordion accuracy achieve acknowledgment

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