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Image 3 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), March 2, 1905

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

THE CITIZEN j no The OnePrice dash More Keeps what you want every thing nice fresh and uptodate ¬ ff F DONT FAIL DRUGS get our prices before you To Clean pure and fresh Prescriptions a Specialty They are always fresh the cheap = est and delivered promptly at all buy we will save you money- hoursFresh y Toilet Articles We dont charge you for loses because we dont have any We carry a most complete lino of toilet articles perfumes GROCERIES soaps ate Oysters Direct WHY vn hmo something nico for you in too pfoco dinner sots and 56piccc I Baltimore every HardwareI Because we sell for Cash tea set from Friday and Saturday I Glassware c Dont fail to come in when you need anything in that line EAST END DRUG COMPANY Berea Ky I HHtHHlHIH 1 I IIIII IIH The School JOin IIIIJJ WIRT D1HSMORB oJ IJ JI Lincoln IIII at Editor MIMHHfr a Boy The host thing that mn to Hail boyhoxlIN Most of the boyfl time wean spent in rough farm work first for his fatlior thenifor the various moo to whom ho hired as farm haul HP loved plnytimowhon ho could Inlwhnloror He became a early recognized of backwoods orator and was himself so interested in speechmak ing that ho often walk l fifteen miles to attend court Ho hada facility in writing not only prose but poetry An to his virtue thorn could bo no bettor testimony than that given by his stepmother who said Abo was a good boy and never gave mo a DOOM word or look and never refused in fact or appearance to do anything that I requested him Ills mind and mine what little I Ho had Beamed to run together I was n dutiful 6Qii to me always think ho loved me truly I had a son John who was raisedwith Abo Both were good boys but I must say both now being dead that Abu was the best boy I over saw or expect to version WBH to gather lain playmates about a Httimp in thu woods thou muted it and preach and shout at see thorn till thuy were carried away either by laughter or tears dI dII111hfllI Ills stray bits of schooling ho made tho most of but did not limit his study to these periods Isis reading was constant und was accomplished by gathering spice SILAS CHBBVBH wood brush and burning Iint night to got light to read by II I IIJ HIIIII imaginationhe countryblonds When ho was only seven there came the trip from Kentucky to Indiana whithor tho family lad boon tempted to move Life in a pioneer settlement was n constant excitement Ho slept for instance on a heap of dry leaves in a corner of the loft and took his turn at ditching fish and game for the table Often however potatoes worn tho only food tho family had at hand His dtlss likewise would now bo const1Oredastonishing consisting as trousers of roughly tanned deerskin homemade moccasins for shoes and a coonskin cap His shirt wits homo wovon When only ten years old Abraham rnmllyincome day by doing a lingo tango of chores for tho neighbors such ns taking care of the horses chopping wool doing carpenter jobs carrying water and tending tho baby Washington was the hero of Lin colns boyhood and Wcema life of Washington was ono of tho few books tlio boy was ablo to procure and read thoroughly The others thoy mako n good listworo the Robinson Bible Aesops Fables a Crusoe Pilgrims Progress History of the United States and the Statutes of Indiana The boys two conspicuous gifts writing nnd spccchmaking were ¬ IJIIIIIIIIIrrIII FOR FARMERS METHODS IN FAMILY II IJII II II ¬ The Mnnx foniKumic Manx to claimed to be tho best tongue for courting as it has ninety scroll ways in which to say My dear safe Chloroform FINANCE If tho happiness and well being of tho homo circle is influenced by ono thing more than another it is by a thorough business understanding all around whore financial matters are concerned It should go without saying that tho father nnd mother should be as careful and exact in money dealings with each other and with their children as business part nuns are supposed to bo Nobody questions but that a business firm would go to pieces if it wero not run No matter how on such n basis small the laconic ouch member who is of a qualified ago should have a certain sum or have tho opportunity of earning a certain sum of money to spend as ho or she pleases and no questions asked If it is but a small amount it menus n good deal to own outright just that much income By this method tho mom hors or tho family will acquire an insight into natters of finance and thrift which they would never gain by being constantly dependent on another to manage their affairs for them Fruit on the Farm The absence of fruit or nt least a variety of fruit on many farms is a recognised and deplorable tact ami no doubt this state of affairs is duo to lack of time of the average farmer to combat successfully the numerous At nn ImiueHt recently the anncsthct 1st fur one of the large London hos your sysloiu- Thoro is no fat food that is so easily digested and assimi lated a- Improvedhealth WIVES riHliwl in 3 JMltOI OVeiisea Soil Ire impoverished soil like impov Wood needs a proper tVrtiliwr A chemist by analyz ¬ matter herself ing the soil run toll you what Our Slate experiment stations fertilizer to use for different make tho pathway plain and easy nnd it takes nojnoro timo to road up products on fungus diseases and insect pests If 3Qur blood is impoverished than to study out an intricate patters of Battouburg or toread tho latest yiitir doctor will tell you what novel and it is far more interesting you need to fertilize it and give A spray calendar may bo had for it I ho rich red corpuscles that the asking and when ono becomes familiar with tho subject a little are lacking in it It may be you reviewing each spring is all that is need a tonic but moro likely you Tho numerous spray need a concentrated fat food necessary pumps on tho market mako tho work so easy that a child could spray nail fat is the element lacking small fruits and trees like the cherry A plum and quince costs or less bring PIlI11Ithnt The Farm MASON fungus diseases and insect posts which make fruit growing so difficult But unless tint farmer raises his own fruit ho usually goon without it and if ho is too busy with tho rush of spring work to givo it the necessary attention his helpmeet should come to his assistance and attend to tho ¬ pitals stnted that he timid administered chloroform to between 3000 and 4000 patients unit only one hurt died under the Influence Hniiiln nt llir Dmerti It is supposed that the average depth of the sand In the deserts of Africa U from thirty to forty feet ¬ College Fudge 1ut into a pan one pound of brown lItotntu Inbrl in on tIll of every Kiuii French Market Cuiloin rapper bottle of rinul BOWHE- CllKMlSTS 09PeailSjewYort floe and 100 All Druggists Forty words in the English language are spelled the same forward and buck ward A + you bud SCOTT Odd Word Tulip CF Hanson LICENSED EMBALMER AND UNDERTAKER In France a man or woman who goes to market on the day of time saint whoso nauio ho or she bears receives n All calls promptly attended to night bouquet of cut flowers or a pot of trn grant roses or graceful lilies attrac and day tively dressed In their still white paper collaret Berea Ky Telephone No4 r o o oWe o- o So io bargains ever offered in Berea em out regardless of price i o We mean ° o o- o o 0 Pants from 89c to 249 The best line oi Overalls in town from Calicoes 5c per yard 0 0 0 e o 0O ga 0 o o manya o o o o o week We deliver at all hours Successor to B R Robinson ¬ USE ECONOMY i ¬ The origin of tho names of plants Is Tulip often curious If nut quaint comes from a Persian word moaning turban and having reference to time shape of time flower v S ° Mens 150 Hats for 98c o sScotts Emulsion w Arbuckles Coffee 2 Ibs for 25c of Cod Liver Oil Sugar 84c Beans 4c Potatoes 60c It will nourish and strengthen the body when milk and cream Macaroni 2 pks for 13c foil to do it Scotts Emulsion Flaked Hominy 3c is always the snore always o palatable amid always beneficial Bakers Bread 4c a loaf whore the body is wasting from e o Country Meat 84c Fresh Meat lOc anyM cause either in children or adults Dry Salt Meat 7c Lard 7 and 8c a lb o t Vc will send you a sample tree e Best Burning Oil J6c per gal sugar one teacupful of milk one ounce of butter two ounces of grated un Boll for fifteen sweetened chocolate minutes then add ono teaspoonful of vanilla extract and pour at once into buttered tins Mark into small squares before It lioness Forty 0oeo00000oeo0oeoeo00000000800oeoe0 o Phone 77 0 0 o o ° o 0 oJM J AZBILLo o Opposite BICKNELL EARLYS Berea Ky S ioeoeoeooooeoeooeooeooeoeoeoooooeoeooeoo Subscribe for The Citizen 0 o

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