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Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 21, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THi: KENTUCKY KERNEL. Friday. Oct. 21, 8 1Q. Marching 100 Plans 'American Baby' Show Tlu- - Haby" will n "AMH-rica- lv the "Marching show the tlirine of In- - 1(H)' at tomorrow's tin- - pnu Enjoy The Best In open tlx- At midflrld half-tim- e The band FRIDAY Tit-Tat-- 29. New Guppies WOMEN'S WORLD Are Announced Kay Schroyer, president of Blue Marlins, women's sw imming honorary, announced the new Ouppies today. Guppies are those girls who basis for will be on a try-oseveral weeks to find if they are eligible for the Blue Marlins. They are Linda Hurst, Flo Ter-ril- l, June Mefford, Helen LeVold, Barbara Coffman, Eleanor Fish, Nancy Parlett, Betsy Matlock, Nancy Renigar, Ritap McGuIre, EleaJoan Reid, Gerry Sheridan, Tatty Hart, nor Johnstone, Harriet Warrington, Jackie Mundell, Susie Wilcox, Pam Mueller, Virnita Lee, Lil Moore, Sarah House, Laura Ann Wfiman, Midge Mezera, Whitaker, Nada James, Nancy . . white- 25-26-- 27 m Jean Fcter Richard Widmark Debra Paget - WE PREDICT: 19353 most Infuriating magazine article will be "THE NATURAL SUPERIORITY OF IVY LEAGUE WIEM" November HOLIDAY magazine and that its noted author, Henry Morton Robinson (Columbia '23) will be man most campuses this fall! It's guaranteed to enrage the letter men burned in effigy on non-Iv- y of "Moline Subnormal" and "Turpentine Tech" . . . redden the faces of Mate universities' "profcssorlings" (that's what Robinson calls 'em) . . . wound the tender feelings of every drum majorette in America. management and em- -. You ll smoulder at Robinson's, gibes at courses in chain-stor- e balming! Burn at his references to state universities as "educational rabbit warrens. Explode at his views on mass education for the "denizens of Outer Mediocrity." Jt'i one of a trio of provocative articles on Ivy League men, social life, sports. Don'i, mjss ll U .. CASH AND CARRY n Robt. Mitehum PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET FEATHER Robert Wagner PRESSED Plain Suits Plain Dresses -- I Diana Lynn OCTOBER TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY-THURSD- ut 22 OCTOBER 23 AND 24 WHITE WITCH DOCTOR Susan Hayward Clifton Webb June Allison Van Heflin kauren Bacall in I I 11 John Derek SUNDAY AND MONDAY and 4 Mile from Roads-On- chaff ANNAPOLIS STORY ! Charlton Heston Barbara Hale Fred MacMurray Donna Reed CLEANED Men's and Ladies Moyie Big Double Feoture Action Program OCTOBER 21 AND AND SATURDAY FAR HORIZONS they will form a hile they play. "Yes Sir. That My Baby." Then they will put a diaper on the baby and play, -There'll Be Some Changes Made." Next they will form the fare of a baby and play "Baby FaeV' As the face amiles they will play, -When My Baby Smiles At Me." For the feature number of the the band will play a fame for the audience. f the show they will To climax rin the block countermarch while playing "Chicago Tribune;" then, go into the nationally-famou- s Marching Cats." An innovation at last week's game was the formation of a tunnel through which the football team entered the field. The next appearance of the "Marching: ICO" will be at the homecoming game with Rice, Oct. n Lexington - ftlck figure of a baby sitting down E..Y Winchester Looted on Northern Bel.lin. Between the Liberty and City Limits show xvitii "Dixie Fanfare"; then, conic downfield nlaviiiil "Hombasto." Nvill AMD F Movies At The Drive-I- m O u Pants Skirts JJ JJ J Top Coats November 1 ONE DAY LAUNDRY SERVICE MAGASNi A CURTIS 0 L I DAY . now on your newsstand! - El FOR PICKUP AND DELIVERY High & Lime 921 South Limo 503 Euclid iVWoodlond Ath and North Lime 2-13- , 4 40 Kentucky Cleaners YOU'LL BOTH OO FOR . " ARETTE! THIS-CI- G . OVL & WINSTON TASTES GOOD! - I- w.s - Ms V itfi A I s i " i i VW?--- fcKS. "W .iW a' ti gJfi re in., like a Cigarette gr n . Winston is the filter brand that's making cigarette history. O good College to college, coast to coast, the chorus is the same: "Winston tastes through to you because like a cigarette should!" The rich flavor really comes see! Winston's exclusive filter works so effectively. Try Winston you'll j. itthoici tccco ce - . mc m --m mm m y King-siz- e m. , witon-oft'tAkiM- , n. c. 7 WIN STOW

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