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Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 21, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

- - .1 - THK KENTUCKVrfTEILNEL, Friday. Oct: 21. 19S5 f tj -- .; t 4 '.1'rnrui vr' t Tie Workshop ., i it ' iI ; 'ir Wi i" : "Xv Hi V--:- I A cute youns lady Informed me recently that he and her sorority Mters often sit around the fine environs of their sorority and dolefully wonder ju.t what tvpe of pirl would vo out with : UK Journalism major. Now that wa quite a Miock to rUssmaten, my fellow crew moi of the cigarette-wearconsidered themele eat of the first meow. We begun little survey and futuie newsmen found that we had been given a tag . had been .stereotyped. Woe was our cry when we that many thought of u in terms hps. trench of cigarettc-ludc- n coats, a crushed hat, a raunchy, egotistic and somewhat eccentric makeup, and In general a mass raw nerves. of We figure everyone Is entitled to an opinion and we fiiht jealousy for that right. But we also feel that we have been done a great injustice. Thus we retaliate with our con cept of a few other stereotypes found on the I'K campus. First off Is the music major. He's or an exusually a real long-ha- ir - haired creature. tremely short Most often he is a fairly high-keye- d fellow, rather sharp, and ll noted for his interest in ers. More man uiceiy. me music major will be pretty shaken with the Fugue. Opus, standa. sitza and lie dowrua. Then there's the benefactor of the Bunsen burner the chemistry major. He can be recognixed by the acid stains on his hands, or quite often by the fact he has no hands. (Non trusting girls this fellow with no hands was made for you.) He also Ls renowned for his knowledge of such formulas as II!0, CIO, AFL and IFC. The English major often is a pale fellow who can be heard Vfe ti: -- . ft' always Latvian book "" ' " W II, rv V Ah -' ' ever-movi- Loving Cups urday night. The cups will be given to the Carnival in the fraQueen, plus the winners and runners-u- p ternity and sorority sponsored booths. Ellis Easterly (left), president of Lances, and Jack look over the trophies that Clore, will be presented at the annual Lances Dance Sat vice-rreside- la- nt. Freshman Writes Old About UK Gals, ho Ivy-league- rs Dear Charlie, Well, old pal, I have about made it thru my first Ave weeks at good old UK. This tends to surprise me because there is rr.ire than one time when I think I won't make it. Registration day for example, I and my buddy from Hazard does all right till they sends us down to classify. He takes one look at that colosium . floor and gives up and goes home. And Charlie if vou could have sen it you wouldn't blame him at all. They is 2000 people down there, and it looks just like ihe Board of Trade in 4 Chicago. Of Course thty Ls a uifference in Chicago, they wor.'t let you in unless you has 40 year experience just watching. Here THEY MAKES YOU go in with iz experience at all. Well, I got thru it anyway, except that most of my classes Is on Saturday am's. A 8 am Saturday class is kind of funny. They is people conain' in Ute all thru it; lots don't come at all; one girl came in late and sort of dazed; she stepped on the teacher's foot and then asked her friends 'where's the teacher"? The worst WOke UD all the of it 5a. Snes : uw. uai i nere is no qutra.i'jii k. the first football game was the big event of the whole time. The first footbal game, in cause vou don't know is where all the sirls which mm I n cm ,,, , 1.. eyes at: it don't much matter tho because tryin' to meet; and dreamin' about they can't be much left at Colum-fo- r two weeks shows up with they each of which steady by the way has got on 300 dollars worth of ivy league clothing. This reminds me of the fashion show which they have the first w eek. The models was all unspeakgirls and well ably beautiful groomed young men, but they was all wearing 50 and 100 dollar outfits. Now if you has got on a one dollar sport shirt and a pair of two dollar khaki pants you tends to be a little I wish they would have a fashion show at the other end of the scale showin' some 69 cent tee shirts, plain old wash pants, and some blue denim overall pants. Also they would be no need to get clothes from the stores downtown. They is plently of ready models walkin' round the campus. Gettin' back to that football game, I was lucky to get out of the stands after the game. They was a terrific mob. However I fell into line behind the fellow who plays center for the basketball team here. The people he didn't boy-frien- ds self-conscio- us. "r' out Pretty quick' r,ctr,,rtAr rsf mv ...-j- . v.x,v.. fnor nut- of six has got doctors degrees from Columbia, which makes me won- der if Columbia is so good, what am I doin' at Kentucky? I guess c.Mrus by Dick Bibler tit.. - i- - y$ - , bta with all these guys here. So far the girls I have taken out. lives out in the country by Man C War statue or commutes every day from Louisville. Pretty soon me and the taxi drivers will be eating together. Only they'll be in at the Lafayette Hotel dining room while I'll be stealing fruit from the stand out In front. Therefore please bring your car down here when you come next semester. But be sure it is a MG they is the only kind that goes well with ivy league clothes and lack of parking space both of which is disgustingly common here. So long, Your pal Barf, By E. E. E. If one keeps his eyes and ears open, he can be kept in a constant state of amusement by doing nothing but overhearing side-whispe- rs ouu lumuio. stance one Kappa Alpha aeuuier was pui imu suu. an trinsicallv happy mood by a cute gal smiling at him that he was heard to say "you know, that girl just makes me feel good all over." One blond journalism major was even agreed upon as the "oldest living Theta" by two freshmen spoakin? in low tones in the library. But by far the most unimaginable, unheard of. fantastic rumors ever conceived are those bein? circulated ty certain (some people Al would call t'.ie:n traitors M Hi r women about their mile The adjectives Used to describe v:.- - run in the category of banal, immoral, vuicjur. sacn-tiand other slanderous, libelous, and other of course, untrue cliarges. Having remained placid while these exaggerated denunciations smashed us full in the face, it has now come to the point where we have to stand up like men and confront them. The charges are simple enough to defend. They must have gotten the immoral part from observing James Crawford observe the journalism secretary. Doubtless the sadistic accusation came from Ray Hornback stabbing Tom Preston's hand with a spike when he paper-weigreached for an extra sheet of copy col-fcrigu- es. A QK-;-.jTs.- nd u ropy then the here's khaand t "twertl who are our future in the rough The law boy can be recognized by their dusty shoes which look so niter the many spirited pigskin games m front cf Lafferty Hall We might note that one minted out to m that many of the future lawyer are real cases. ki crew non-thinke- rs non-think- er engineer li The another campus figure who's easily spotted. I'nshaven for seteral weeks, grease splattered pants, and long-persecut- ng ed his trusty companion the sllde rule are trademarks of the engineer. It has been rumored that most engineers become so attached to their slide rules that the faith- fu companion often accompanies them on evenings out. The thing is probably used to measure up the fellow date. And of course there's the As major, girls, who is heaven-scen- t. He's an authority on fertilizers, milk pails, wind mills, hog calling, and beefing. Most good Ag major have been trained to take things into their own hands when their automatic milking apparatus goe bad. And too there's the phys ed. major who excels in such courses as "Advanced Perspiration" . . . the commerce major who knows econ-am- y but constantly owes his roommate a tidy sum . . . and the radio arts major who livrs under the assumption that all students listen constantly to WBKY. Take it for what it's worth girK Things don't look too rosy, du they? -- you have been makin' ht tin dr-r- s po: M'vv clef-dwe- Pal earlv and rruclfietl by hi if instructors . di.-coer- ed He U found wtth hl r . Kmc from tTar." y 1 quotes mumbling Ity RAY IIORNBACK . 5 Liechtenstien Student Compares Home With JUS more to his liking than the ones in By GFORGE MAYEKCHAK Are girls in the United States as Germany. He 'said no exams are pretty and friendly as those in given during the semester In their your country? Observing the tra- schools just a final. He prefers ditional neutral position of his having exams during the semester homeland. Gunter Brunhart. a for- because it makes a person work eign exchange student, answered harder, especially "When you are first starting at a university." He "About the same." is also in favor of the informality comes from the PrinciGunter pality of Liechtenstein, an inde- in I. S. classrooms. Gunter has attended two of UK's pendent area between Switzerland and Austria on the Rhine river. football games. He remarked that Switzerland, although it was an unfamiliar like Liechenstein. position dur- game to him. he likes football very ' maintains a neutral much now. In Liechtenstein and ing time of war. footA nuclear research assistant with Germany the closest thing to ball Ls Rugby, a game in which the Physics Department at UK. Gunter 'had attended the Univer- - the ball Ls kicked around but never sities of Cologne and Munich be- held in the hands. The food served at the I K cafefore coming to the United States. In spite of his attendance at two teria is very different from the universities and a position as a food Gunter is used to eating, but research assistant here at UK, he says that it Is very good. EveryGunter has no degrees. He ex- thing seemed expensive to him plained that the lesser degrees are when he first came here. He says not conferred at the institutions he realizes now that the higher he attended in Oermany. Instead, when he has finished his education in an estimated two or three years he will have a Ph D. degree. In comparing school systems, Gunter found the I'. S. system r f salaries paid in the I'nited States make the prices seem higher. After one year ol study and research at UK Physics Department. Ounter will return to Germany ta finish his studies. c. i '111! I 'Til t. . i i . r ( 4 III f3 0 ht piper. M'T i Tnfiwtfifii-- i A HMV' -- o 4 AJftaK scat, was utov Of course the banal charge came about when Bill Eilhter burped loudly after chugging a highly carbonated Coca-ColThe only blight on our record we cannot easily pass away is the vulgarity charge. Pre ton screamed so loud when stubbed that every- J .:: t f 1 1 - a. body heard It. ..(Editor' note: Tbe staff ha already filed libel charges against Ed Easterly's kon.l Another Frankenstein? doing some of his research on a 20 channel differential pulse height analyzer which Is a counter for gamma He is analyzing gamma ray spettrum of an hotope being bombardedVan der Graaff accelerator by means of tM sl' by protons from a dictionaries can be purchased at. Gunter Brunhart Is tilUtion detector., leine the Campus "or Kennedy's bolutocel. ra. ' either

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