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Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 21, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

1 THE KENTlICItyiKlUtBIfcJfViVi 0Hi3H ' 0d Gory Last spring several UK .students passed by while lowering the flag in a detail of HOTC cadets were front of the Administration Building. The uniformed cadets stood at attention anil saluted while the flag, waving in the chill late afternoon breeze, came down. One of the passing students pointed a finger and snickered. About three others watching the ceremony stopped and watched momentarily. One shook his head, lit a cigarette, and motioned toward the firill. Two women students walked on by without bothering to give more than a curious glace. A town student, anxious to get home to supper, raced his ear around the drive. Only one student, a rathe r hort little co-e-watched the entire- process. Head lightly raised to watch the element, she stood motionless while the flag was lowered. When the- flag was secured and folded, she turned from the circle and xvafted on down He llo Walk. It was admirable that site alone had seen fit to stand at attention While the American flag d, - - w as loweleel. the had because, unlike the It was even' more gratifying that co-e- d shown such sincere respect others, she was a foreign exchange student. The same- scene is repeated t very day throughout the' sear in front of the Administration Building. The flag is raised in the morning and lowered in - L AIM LESS 7 Thoughtless students hurry by, the afternoon. watching, pointing, or simply ignoring. Unfortunately, there are few occasions when a student stops and remains at atttiitloh as the little fore ign exchange student cliel. Bespect to the flag is not something reserved Vhe reasons are rather ridiculous. It's hardly One of the University's grand old institutions is onlv for BOTC cadets. It is a quality tliat should that any boy will begrudge the five probable no on the verge of being scrapped. Because of a misbe found in every citizen. College students are he will miss from the books to hear a understanding between IFC and Panhellinic formal minutes exceptions, by any means. serenade. Most boys do not go to bed before 11:30 may be abolished. sorority serenades Some of the northern colleges, by have finished at the last social committee or 12. Almost invariably sororities The mixup occurred make the raising and lowering of the their serenades long before then. Although neigh- tradition. representative unfortumeeting. The Panhellinic participation. "To things, they national emblem an that IFC was opposed to bors may complain about numerous ' nately got the impression over loudserenades. There's the Colors" and Retreat" are played just the opposite is don't call the police because of formal serenades. However, speakers and every student on campus stops and . not that much noise. approved of the continuTruIFCnainmously at attention until the ceremony is over. do not consider it mandatory that remains Fraternities ance of formal serenades. One college has a cadet play "Taps" every class Pan-lle- l treat every sorority that visits them, nor do the voted they Because of this misunderstanding clay at noon in honor of the American war dead. expect it. to do away with formal serenades at their meeting girls Certainly courtesy to the flag is at a minimum at formal the boys will be in If the serenades are last week. All that is now standing in the way of UK. Fexv, if any, students ever think to stop and Pan-Hbecause they will know motion the house to hear them final abolishment is approval of the to attention during the raising and lowering Formal serenades are come about them in advance. by the social committee. of the Stars and Stripes. only time placed on the social calendar. On the informal If formal serenades are stopped the Worse still, several students have used the flag that a majority of the good chance ' girls will sing for fraternities will be for some system there's a to carry out pointless "jokes. serenaded would miss it staff be special occasion such as a pinning. And then the boys in a fraternity to In uniform or not, respect to the flag demands because they would have no advance information. serenades will have to be before 10:30 p.m. that passing motorists stop their car during a raisSerenades is one of the few traditions that UK ing or lowering ceremoney. The delay would cause The opposition to serenades is indeed flimsy. college-leve- l of good traditions is one- of the no traffic jam and would surely indicate Supposedly fraternity men believe serenades either still has. The lack complaints. It would be a shame to patriotism. get them out of bed or disturb their studies. Also chief student every sorority lose serenades, particularly through a misunderAll students, if in the vicinity of the raising or fraternities feel obligated to feed Pan-He- l and IFC should get together lowering of the flag, should step and remain at that serenades them. Finally the singing disturbs standing. and iron out the problem. attention during the brief ceremony. The general the neighbors. rule should he that if the flag can be seen (beim raised or loxveretO. then the student should stop. The Hag of the United States obviously meant a gre at deal to the exchange student. Should it mean 'ess to American college' studeuti? students pride themselves on being even day critics chance to vote for HomeUK males will have a ask a single male organizacoming Queen this year, even though they were not of l beauty. To not Homecoming Queen ib a slap University of Klntdcky given the opportunity to nominate their choices for tion for its choice for at this pride. the title. t O:'ico at I.cxinpton. Kentucky w nvond I nt.i.a !. I....I.T tho A.t ol March i, 19. Published weekly M..,t.-Of course with fewer candidates, there will be halls and sororities could Only women's residence uud CXAitlS. .It.rni'i .:. l citt lsi',:!;-.scattering of votes in the election. Twenty Homecoming Queen, acless - mc-- per iHtir si use Kiri !e nominate candidates for candidates, howeer, would not add undue Jim Crawccrd more Editor cording to Suky rules. Associate 'Editoi 13:11 Bi'liter confusion. The logic behind this is doubtful. ManasinB Editor Ray Horr.back. the entire UniSororities and residence halls do an excellent job Y vomit Eaton Homecoming Queen represents News Edit or Sports Edito! versity, not just the female population. She is of placing beautiful girls belore the public eye. Tommv Pmtun Feature Editor Ellis i:;isf.riy Society Editor Fraternities however, luxe the extra advantage ot Chrbtic Var.dergntl elected by male vote as well as female vote. photographer Jolm Miu-htlobjectixe. Undoubtubly the girls put up this year are as lu ing more Cartoons t Hughes Bill and residence halls Uep the While sororities beautiful as any male student could hope to nomiKernel reporters: PeuRV Jovce Adams, Marvin them to their nate. But the rules are nevertheless a blow to male trophies, fraternities generally give Elizabeth Chang, Paul Clay Daniel, Frances r. words, they are. interested in Edney, Robert T. Endicott, Orpha Gosert Lowell B. Grit-fi: sponsor. In other ego. Grayson Hambiick, Harriet HateneU, Martha Kuebler, name only. Why shouldn't fraternities be allowed to nomiDayton Maihck, George M. Mayerchak,. Philip Mclntobh, ',. Net year give the guys a break, Suky. A queen John R. Mitchell. Ann Monarch,' Moira Quinn. Virginia nate queen candidates? Are UK majes such poor, Strachan, Walter 'S wet v less a quen because she was nominated by a SnodgTass, David Stewart. John W'allaoe, ftorjertl Wfovte, ' ;fc' is no nam, Jerry Vance, Donald A. judges of feminine pulchritude? ' " '' Thomas White, Nancy Wilder. . Like it or not, Suky should recognize that male male group." TV Singing long-standin- g all-stude- nt el - The Shaft THE KENTUCKY KERNEL co-ce- . t F..-- '. . n, -- k "

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