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Image 16 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 21, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KJ-Tt- KKNTITCKY KKUNKL. Friday, Oct. 21. HE Asian Problems To lie Discussed i - Self Service Laundry Ashland Dr. Edgar J. Fisher, director of of American nff.iir.s student Friends of the Middle Fast, will peuk on Asian problems nt 12:40 pin. Mondav, Oct. 2, at. Ounovan Hall. Those Interested in hearine him may fro through the line in th" cafeteria, or come directly to the meeting No reservation is - jr- -- i Presents a.m., 0 Registration Saturday, October 29 at the l'hoenix, Lafayette, and Hotels, Campbell House, Coliseum, and Student Union Iluilding. Alum Rrunch 11:30 a.m.-l:2- 0 p.m.. Student ITnion Ballroom, S1.25 a person. (iame Kice vs. Kentucky, 2 p.m.7Stoll Field. Open house at Maxwell Dace Immediately following game, President and Mrs. Donovan acting as hosts for 'alums, faculty, and staff. Dance 8 p.m. 12 midnight, Convention Hall, l'hoenix Hotel, all alums and friends of the I'nivcrsitv are cordially invited. Ken-tuckl- an 1. SUPERIOR onsois Lecture Naturalist lecture and a motion picture, 'Cypress Kingdom", will be presented by Alexander Sprunt Jr. of Charleston, SC. in Memorial Hall lectures and colored motion pictures that have been organized by the National Audubon Society. The series is sponsored locally by the Audubon Society of Kentucky and the UK Zoology Department. Cr. Sprunt, a naturalist, is widely known for his personally con- ducted Audubon Wildlife Tours, He uow brings his tours audiences through color motion pictures. DIAL 4-94- OR 21 fer k--r 'I?r y. i ;vtMW' ftlophon for your r Vff'VvV U p4 . - - J Jn,Tl ' ..... v. ; v- - V opfo!ntmnt now j , - " :: MYtRS TOBACCO '? , Wellington Arms Apt. CALL 2 7466 ,w imr. wr)n'ii"if1 ill" m on V in .i M,.il)i..rn i. . riw irf- v' " . -- wi ..r-.i- , n. ... f , -- I , iMGmim ''"'tT', FILTERS ;L,cGtTTi OV . '4M? :! NvvAW- - 'y.'. , , Jl . ; f leem Mm, Wco n.....,, f m, , j V w , r t"1 - r w 5 KING SIZE v S." Adam Pepiot Studio 0 K. O 1 '- Because it is so ".sjciMl" in tli? happiness it brings, wt take spc( ial c;re in tlu posing of Christ m.n gilt portraits. SUPERIOR TASTE L&M s superior taste especially comes from superior tobaccos selected for filter smoking. Tobaccos that are richer, tastier . . . and light and mild. V4 .v v., --- ' :- "I tr : 2. Ir Mil . $:: J4:r FOR FAST CARRY OUT SERVICE! 51 741 ' ' ?i 2-93- ...vwwu fe ;f. - 50c FILTER Only L&M gives you ,r-r KW'vty v,..-....-!-- M0ERAL (CLOSED MONDAYS) -- Portrait .;. SMMJ EAT IT ON THE CURB OR IN THE DINING ROOM p.m.. Oct. 24. This is the first in a series of v:: trNAALAM FOUNTAIN SERVICE our STARLITE DELIGHT 8 - II. SANDWICHES SEA FOOD the superior filtration of the Miracle Tip, the purest tip that ever touched your lips. It's white , . . al white . . . pure white! A i-- 7r0 n MM LETTER Viuliihon Group - drive-i- n 114 -- L, 55 . a i The Central Kentucky Regional Chorus and Orchestra will open the 32nd annual Educational Conference, Oct. 28, Miss Jean McCon-nel- l, head of the music division of the College of Aduit and Extension Education, has announced. The regional orchestra director will be Mr. Joseph Beach, director of music for the Lexington city schools. The chorus will be directed by Mr. Rolf Hovey. head of the Music Department, Berea 9:30-11:3- . DIAL Education Conference To Open October 2 Homecoming Plans For Alumni Given your- Saturday Colonel Sanders RECIPE course. -- Friday E. HIGH ST. 877 6 to 9 8 to 5 8 to 3 8 to 5 Thursday 8 to 5 Monday 6 to 9 8 to 5 Tuesday 8 to 12 noon Wednesday 3Se Nicholasvillc Road At Stone Road 2401 Such were the sentiments of Sandra Stiles as the little lady took an unexpected spill while competing in the Sirma Chi Derby last weekhair, and end. Few injuries other than smeared lipstick, messed-u- p obstacle broken fingernails were reported as a result of the jolly-jroo- d at IUi. - Damp Dried Washed - Triple-Rinie- d Chargo for Drying Additional STARLITE Gc( This Is Tiring . SOAP FREE UP TO O IU 7 Shopping Center Chevy-Chas- e Co,

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