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Image 15 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 21, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

is TIIK KKNTt'CKY KKItNKI.. Friday. Oct. 21. 19.r Kittens Fall lS T VaiuVrlnlt's Ii.uuhd Kentucky's Kittens their first loss of the season last Saturday ni.uht at foot-lnillor- 1 ' L Frosh Team Nashville by a score of tv Tow Pre ston Kick I Kirks To Va tidy's 1 UM 1 l r--l --y r. v s he ntui inudi l u imin.ilioii. .hmI I lm l tlinu-lit- N .i IIkv .tuK (I(sn tin nows In iu i lli. in .iinuiu . the m t.t .iiul oit m "111 V(). ;iiish. iikI. Mien t.lull nl In k I 1 In a frame featured by strong defensive play. Vandy broke the scoring ice in the second quarter plunge by Danny with a two-yar- d McCall. A pass from Bob Shackle-for- d to Ronnie Babb, a Mayfield. Ky. boy. accounted for the extra point. Vantle rbilt's second touchdown came in the third quarter after they recovered a fumble by Fred 'Scott on the Kentucky 33. The touchdown came on a pafrom McCall to Tommy Redmond. Ken Howell blocked the try for the extra point. The Kitten's only serious threat came In the first half when Dick Blocker recovered a Vanderbilt fumble t.n the Baby Commodores it ." m t h li. I exiiiRton l.e.uhr l.m .i mm. ill Mt .ilmiit l eldi. Hi .nlliiK tl. "I t ldi Smile (.ets I'.iu.mIm." the item !e.ilt Mlli i p.n .il eil nine nl the c I k middet's l,iil miiline tmu Ik vl.n nielli. WYdiM I hr I N iuiui in .inident. me of ;ijn. ! mriu-i- l a letter from Mis. IVltli his pionu'ss since the iiuident. She wiolc of iiite a nuinhei of things whiih the LtMcle-- failed to pick up and I thought that a few ma he of interest to Allen's main main friends. Me is p.n.ilwcd rum the neck down. Piogirss is slow, she Mates, lint theie has been mailed impinxement. Me an iimuinnt' his .inns. and his neik and slmuhUts are heimninj; wrv Inlluw ini; A lew ,i sciintiN s torn-inent- r 21--ya- rd s I - st vvvnzv i n;. i Allen's spine was mwhIx damaged in the a i tltii l htil is imt nut. l)Ktms haxc.said thai lie will he in the hospital ln a er long time Imt .. that he will some da he alile In the possililit walk still remains intad. Mr has Ixcn taken lid 'r ; ing a lew times and sits up in a wheehhah eci d.n. Spnits news nf KentiK k is one nl his main CjMW inteiesis as his cats neer lcac the i.nli when HMM, FELC'II (lu- liiji I'.hie has n ;iinc. (Allen would liae had two seasons of eligibility at I'K.) His address is: VA Hospital. Mines. III. Waul IT.!. .) 34. Two penalties and a fumble pushed the Kittens back to the 48. however, and they were forced to kick. Don riunkett, former end for Lafayette Hith school, caught Kentucky's longest pass comple tion of the night, an 18 yarder in the second half. Other outstanding players for the Kittens were tackle Ken Howell ajid end Doug Shively, an- other former Lafayette star. - Kentucky wont get a chance to DIM I. on the gridiron for a (ouple ol leading punnis is Vandy as pected here Saturday night. .even the series with 'they had last season. The f rosh I lorida's Don Chandler is the nation's leading gridders were one down to the a year punter with a 17. 2 acragc on 1.1 hoots. IM jVis a Baby Coif.modores this time ago but evened the play a month pill tx lair kicker in sophomore I .on Michaels. iTe later. ' ' is sixth in the nation, averaging . The Kittens though, don't face ' J j Vandy, again in '55. Instead, they young 'uns Novem-- . play Tennessee's JIM Shanks. Sports Editor of 4 he Missksippi St. ber 4 on Stoll Field. j . f - tt$V C, For leisure wear, the Wesboro Style W1079 $6.95 For campus and street, the Wesboro Style Vl1041 095 ', ; - ex- i ..". ill III 71 l lI HI UIM CUOlll the nluc- 1 IV Vl' Sine-l.rass ma ie the l)os Irom Kentucky's oldest hotel, the sure, it will he one ol Phoenix in Lexington, was opened good. n t one thing lor 's on its present site in 1800. as their toughest game s nl the season. I he Maroons Tavern. CHANDLER just hae a had hahit of spoiling predictions. (Say had hahit of spoiling predicticms too. Ini. Kentucky seems to have only theirs work the wrong way!) , ..Hg Ssyi I V - For "dress up" occasions, the Wesboro Style W1085 Postl-thwait- .. mat 3 pair CRAVEN'S oh Cnnens. where art thou? State Police are seeking old sweet the whereahouts of this t'K liosh gi idder and his heart. Thev have heen missing for a week. 17-ye- EQUIPMENT FOR FOOTBALL Mills Leaves For New York CONVERSE BASKETBALL SHOES nut i utiuu-iltt-itu- i SPORTS TWO LOCATIONS Southland Shopping Center Downtown 238 E. Min 58 A Chart. or writ Dept. CN10, Diitioo ol International Shoo Company, St. Loula 3. Mmourl. Ak your dalr, P1r, I)elr. vquUc. iyin t your Alo makers of fin Wenhoro Shoe City Club Shoe . . . from $8 93 U $17.95. fMf livhr In t Wwt anr Smith button-dow- j ns medium-sprea- d im-- v.v.f 5 I? 40 and Delivery mm v'j " :r'i 'ts;-i- v . i :: 1T i ' J -- ff 18ftS Of Cleaning Jr DUWWS THE "SCHOLARLY DRUG STORE" A. B. in Fountain Service B. S. in Cosmetics M.A. in School Supplies M.S. in Prescriptions Ph.D. in Service .4 ' HempeFs cleaners SINCE 1883 BEST BY TEST 380 EAST MAIN AT SOUTHEASTERN -- j C Pick-u- p 'o..-1 for only '23 of Wcuhoro Se the hundrfdii Xv St Prompt CI imhk collar, plus the same checks and shirt style in colorful window-pan- e solid colors! Oxford, white or solid, with B 3-36- f tEEl H.lplul W.tboro DrtM Plenty of authentic white Arrow A DIAL mmm shirt election that looks best on you? A When You i ' What's our formula for The Always Beautifully Cleaned mm mm smartness... ARROW For 100 Robert L. Mills. tJnlversity registrar, left Tuesday for New York to serve as a consultant on a committee for the White House Conference on Education. The White House Conference on Education is part of a national plan to enlist citizen action to improve education. Dr. Mills has been working with the committee since last summer. He is working specifically with a subcommittee on school finance problems. The conference is scheduled to take place from Nov. 28 through Dec. 1 in Washington. v r i Do on rrD Drug Co. LIME AND MAXWELL 7'i

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