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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 21, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

A IV fa n lM n.: J ra. f M &v i ) , j V .((. r f 1 V - I i ANDERSON LINK CRUTCH ER JETT HOOD FUTRELL ANDREWS SMITH TICE (.11.1 ()(K Lances Hold Annual Carnival,. Dance Seventeen fraternities, all eleven sororities, and 28 campus lovelies v. ill be competing for the five trophies offered by Lances at its annual Carnival under McLean Stadium tonight. Each of the organizations will sponsor a booth and a queen candidate in hopes of capturing the honors to be presented by the junior men's honorary, which started the event ill 1942. on quiz shows and movies Skits, games, and take-off- s are part of the variety which will be displayed on the ' midway from 7:30 p.m. to lO:. p.m. The festivities will reach a climax tomorrow night after the ball game when the Carnival Dance is held in the Student Union. At this time the Carnival Queen will be of the booths crowned, and the winners and runners-u- p announced. The dance will last until 1 a.m., with the girls having 1 :30 a.m. late permission. Lances has announced several new rules for this year's Carnival. Most important of these is a maximum of 15 cents admission for each booth, and the forbidding of any fraternity to use sorority girls in their booths, or " wm also stated that any organiiatlon drinking alcoholic beverages In their booths will be disqualified. In the past, the peneral opinion has been that the carnival has been mainly for Oreeks, which is not true. Lances is emphasizing this year the fact that everyone in It invited to both the carnival and dance. Price of admission to the dance will be $2.50 a couple pre-saland $3 at the door. Charlie Blair and his orchestra will provide the music. Tickets can le purchased in Lames member. the SUB all day today, and from any 2) (Continued on Pane e, Plot UK Gets ' For Six Houses IK IE University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., Friday, Oct. 21, 1955 Vol. XLVII W I Homecoming Plans, Rules Jf 1 ir? No. 5 SUKY Gives 3 " Sorority How Project On Columbia Avenue Will Cost $600,000 A ' i Contracts for the purchase ol land on Columbia Avenue which will he the site of a m w $f(H).(KH) sorority row. were signed this week, Dr. Frank IX 'announced. Six sorority houses will be built acre Suky, for the first time, will on the two and which was bought for plot of land present at homeeomiu a reg- .S3C0O0. Negotiations for the propsi.e tro)hy to the in- erty had been going on for several ular having weeks. one-four- i lVteiwnu.-l'- th lare dependent organization viee-presidenK t h.U- - Alpha are now on Maxwell Street. Kappa Delta is on Kalmia Avenue iuid Zeta Tau Alpha is located on I inc'.en Walk. The sorority row. Peterson said, would operate similarly to that of fraternity row. The sororities will pay a set amount of rent each month, but can never hold the title to the house. After the debt on the houses has been paid, the . n,.. I, . I iiii ...ill niii 1. mu' - lnur i linrvrr. The land faces Columbia Avenue and goes bake by Hoone Alley and then turns into an "L". Peterson also said that at pres. ent no date could be set for when the houses would be ready for oc said that each approximately further stated that each house would be that the same architect, who has not yet been selected, I --J would design all the houses. ..i The pep group made the The six sororities which will after the completion occupv the houses are Alpha Gamof homecoming plans for Saturma Delta. Alpha Xi Delta. Delta day. Oct. 29. Kappa Alpha Theta. Kappa on Zcta. Ihe display will be judged so- Delta, and Zeta Tau Alpha. All the same point basis as the the sororities with the exception rorities and fraternities; however, of Kappa Delta and Zeta Tau ("upancy. : . judging will not be as critical. Suky rules state that only sororities and women's residence halls may submit candidates for Sit homecoming queen. Each candiAmphitryon date's name must be turned in season next Wednesday with 6 The Guignul Theatre opens their to Kick McDonald, phone directing the Jean Giraudoux production of AmphiWallace' Ilrigss (I. to r.) are Kobert Hensley An 8" x 10" picture of the canditryon 38" Preparing for the biff night (Alkmena). William K. Hubbell (costume date (preferably black and white-- ; Davis is one of three commisFayette County Court valued (An:phitvron). Terry Turner must be placed in the Suky mail-- ; earlier this week the property sioners appointed by the Fayette Sylvia Hrandenburg (Leda). designer), and box in the Student Union Building which the University is trying to County Court to appraise the propno later than 4 p.m.. Monday, obtain for the new Pharmacy Col- erty 'owned by Mrs. Turner. ... . - :. Inm Oct. 24. lege Building at $50,000. Davis tesiineu, as a nnrw S4l.?iS Voting for the queen will take The property which belongs to the Turner side, that the Thursday and Friday. Oct. Mrs. Joe D. Turner, the wife of a appraisal of the commissioners was niare fair according to the prices brought 27 and 28 in the Student Union. former UK professor, is immediBiological Science by other property In the area. No literature, posters, or pictures ately behind the Witnesses for the University set are to be used during the cam- Building. The property consists of approximately one acre. paign. the value of the property between was given by a $31,000 and $30,000. Their testiThe There will be absolutely no cam- Fayette estimate Jury after both mony was supported by Dr. Frank in TIk Im s JuCounty Travt-lintfrom a cloud to Amphitryon's palace paigning on the voting floor of D Peterson. UK vice president in Theatres the Student Union. Each ktudent sides testified as to the worth. institute, charge of business affairs. mortal heauty Alkemeua, in Cuiunol UK, as a governmental piter pursues the must vote for three candidates for power to the season, "Amphitryon IS", scheduletl for S::30 p.m. quern. The queen and her at- is given by state law the necessary first play of take property it deems tendants will be announced at the for educational purposes, but the on Wednesday Oct. 20. homecoming game. ' Brings cast consists school must pay what is considered 'adapted from- Mr. Ed Henry: Mercury. of James are a fair market price for It. All campus organizations period. Ju- Piter. eligible to enter a house decoraA witness in tne hearing to deAll students operating cars in the display competition, termine a fair price for the Fhar-mac- y tion must register them by WednesCollege was accused by and in case of duplicate ideas the 2G. t ars can be reenRobert Odear, representing day, Oct. the Dean of .Men's Of-llfirst entry will be accepted. evading questions and of tered at charge to the student. Decorations will be Judged on UK. of at no Marilyn Jones: Echo, to place the site m a Kl.anlha. befn . A fine of $2 will be imposed upu bl- - neatness, originality, and beauty. attempting light. JtalrU W ally lfriSS. Pat llaker: and Que,-,-. arduous." Decorations must be Intact from more favorable Davis was verbally anv student failing to register Realtor J. W. a m. to 9 p.m. Saturday. Oct. 2. his car after this date. disqualify l.e.hcd in the second day of the Professional help will hearing. the display. Ernest Itbodes. medi.i for any actor." .1 -- t. IS." V i r. 1'eterson the lust display, if at least house would He SlOO.Oim. three independent organiza- the design of different, but tions i nter the competition. 3 cost ::&7V Pharmacy College Site Valued Al $50,000 '55-'5- ' Guignol Season Opens With Amphitryon 38 ; Car Rtislration At-'torn- ey ce U-da-

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