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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, August 28, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

KEM I JOKY Kor Hie KiKfitn of the Mountain Tfopte of Kentucky VOLUMES. NUMBER Sa. TEACHERS INSTITUTE .Nol Their Wronirs. SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY. AUGUST THE IDEAL NEWSPAPER MISTAKES BANK CONSOLIDATION mm. 28. WHOLE NUMBER 85. It's Great to be a Teacher. To be a teacher means to be 80 aa lc velop the There beintr nothintr on the sur- - u.u,c lo face of this mundane sphere def,. scones being taught so well that . . thov mm nninv it full.. - tu. Dr. Ruie JohnSOH. Does Hot Convene Until September Waldo P. Warren Says the Ideal ?t- - Editor of a Newspaper Is Not Ual - Lea&if Financial Institutions at Jack per is the Home Paper. 22. School Ad Misleads Many. lible, AU Being Ukely to Err. son Consolidate. to TllU MoUN - The ideal newspaperis the home n't ami certain nut bubble-lik- e In a statement A dispatch from JaekMn The editor of a newspaper is " "uAlk"0VV t?.n.:.Vpon V?r Kinainrrnnirnmonf!,),,;o "pleasures of hope" and cxasper- County Superintendent newspaper. It is a paper which not infallible and makes mistakes taineui bniuiesponsiDiiitynnilln i, - i thnts for d, nunc M.wlm It. Atm-i. i. 'u .i u v.. 5UIii.i..! Ul, ... ntiiie futilitv. I. nfter a wnek'sre. kiivs llwlis so fillrvl w!ih ........ ure uu; uuin uuiuiui ui- uiuuu tui 111 " W1U lUilUUII t10 .lIVCS Of thoso lllwlnr " Magoffin county Teachers' Insti- - j every member of that fog, but no one knows this better two leading financial institution?. cuparation j lenmre upon the r '' ... lute will not convene until Mon it mils a. warm welcome and an than does the editor himself. the Breathitt Ccuntv Hank and "nor 01 tne cnryseaimo ivcmng n1 It vindi- to dav, September 2, on account of eager reading wherever it goes. The nature of the editi .rework the Hargl, Commercial Hank. P e my gift of, oil., Circuit court, which will open It is free from crime and scandal makes his mistakes more con-an- d the format! of the Hnrgs next Monday, aad consequently and unwholesome tilings, nukes .spicuous. After pondering dver Commercial Dank and TrustConi- - " P 1,c Tsu ,KC mw 7,am to nlant within it thnT. -w" .more pride m the quality of its this subi ct rceentlv. mimi nru uiiii v. wii n n rn111r.11 riL nt- v - - vv in nnvorr qna una in rn litf -make use of the court house. it cro uio teacher meets nllf.ti.!,lrn.i,lrr parcels. Superintendent also tells j circulation than in the mere quan- - Evans, editor of the Thompson 000. The will ",B s.r"V,,y..01 f a great soul. t&at the Magoffin Institute's tity. It i3 not boastful nor too) (la.) Ccuri.r, delivered himself 'cupy the new Hargis Commercial I am not the Ruio Johnron who Hie child in its infantile statn THE mountain- - mucn given to finding lauit. it of the following on the errors of .Bank and Trust Company build- - had been writing those potato- - seeks advertisement in an opportunity to ncquire ran, lias led a creat many tcacn- - wins mo commence 01 cue people editors and others: .ing,.in. Main strict, and former iiatch articles for so long and I wcr anu develop, crs of the county to think that by its Bi'mplicity, honesty, purity "Wo have noticed a number o?1 SenatofAlexHiirRls. who is pres- thank the Anointed Messiah who m'-,tatch Bhttenngglimpses blesied the universe with mv ra- it Btetnt tie Teachers' Institute and progressiveness. It handles squibs in our exchanges regard- - ident of the Hargis Commercial of that great sunlit valley of wauldconvenssepteetberl. We the news ot today in a manner ing mistake.'. These items lead Bank,' vill he president; J. I'. diaat and .imiling physiognomy truth. funny thinff. Do which appea's to the better c'assi us to believe that other duffers Crawford, former president ofifor Protecting me from such a lielicve this a llereisthe teacher's opportuiii- nnnrv nr iinni n niwi !n rim ictaf nnttM u i!i A t 41. n i. nn im faqfihci'j it ...mi a KusLirdirHiLUiLLiuii ni im.'i i mil ' c "n I)r- - 1Uuc hwrnn, however find keep iwsted on educational prog- - of all people. It emiisasices thehis malady. The editor's mis-- 1 be and John T. " "" " ' 1 have always been puzz.ed and ' ' rcss and the names of the coun- - hopeful features of tfae new ra-- 1 taicea ta,nd t more conspicu.Hiiidnian row cashier of the l'';"e'; ' ty's educaUonal institutions well ther than the distortant orvec. It ously Htaa most other prof esiion- - Breathitt County Bank, will be vcxtd to comprehend just l;ow j , enough not to becoraj "ratfed" has a permanent location for its 'al moa's because every issue of caihierr W. XV. I'eavyhousa will Mother Nature got herself rat- - m , on such simple announcements? special features. Iti3anauthor-'hrayfr is an open letter to the become paying toiler; E. I. Daw- - tled m such a fctato of l(llotlc eonlml her life and her destiiiv .. whwhv mnv ii ;i Ttiipn i a iik . ii iif i niKa wiw e niinenn wmj iiKViiirii!a3. ii. id u uuiuuituutb ii.i u it miiuukunu ivs i n u irv BltsreJ is the child that comes error on the part of theteacherf. exploit. It has a reputation for'along and inform his neighbor will be the bookkeepers. It is of the fame name and yet tolcr- und"r the inlluenco of a teacher - tviitcmna. - mat u au "a ve unuersuiiiu inai iiiuuy jjsuuicgmaua there is a. new set ot twins unuerstooct that tie actual eonso - "lu who demand; a clear concept of jiogs were making preparations vertising pages by reasonable re- - at Hick's nbre.atirf if later it de- - idation Vvill not tnlcn -. utitil And I resent, Mr. Ruie Johmson, this great realm of truth for n hnv Senlemhei- - 1 nt wliipli timn nil any future insinuation that am' to l)c in Salyersville bright and quirement3regirdbgdtsplaynnd.vVja that the twins truth's sake. caily next Monday laarnuag to illustrations, so that tiiepge- rep- - no me pays any aUectio.1 tathe!papers Hnd bu.Vness will be in an "'"Uiostor.' I ,am not a Doc- - Finally the child will acquirp.a. .. f n TAtn . : . . r m,i:,.;.w. .. i a .. i . . . i . f i. .. awo orwnator ot the false rumor. shape to .he transferred. This lJI mcmuui, attend the Toachtrs' lustitute. i ,rc3uriu.axeasiicBwnoie. truthful habit mil weirthnhirl.. t 1 .t conuescenueu 10 nr Don't come so early, because if 'P. Warren. ic appear in inepaper consonuanon gives jaccson the Literature' Itsutsnouio i. ,.i Under the great : . . ..' . 1,l.itmo T?iiolul "Ul,',,,lu" l, i u:i. " " teacher the child acouires scone " ii n,uiiujH ,IC uijiift. mi!, one uiM1.1...1 as originally reported the lather nsst wanKing ".lacilities ol any i iu iuc uesi. jou uujou .1.1 might bs called definitions we ever saw concern- - wi in all probability be down mountain city, having a'so the Johnson merely to sec wlmt loJforits a .month. This nowcr ind wU. We land exchange bullet courtesies First National Rank, whose cap- - 'would say. And, now inai ne dom ing the "ideal newspaper.' .a "Comedy of Errors," eh? for its mind, cars and eyes has said his say, I alKo Miall say. for Superintendent informs us were always of the idea that mat - .with the editor. Attain when ital stock! is $100,000." The hi intellect and wings for its He first tires to engrave upon soul that thei instructor lias not been tervhieh ?satisfies goes farther to- - ' the , village belle chances to get 1 he goal of all instruction . . ry . . i ... cuss, . i 1 1. t i j Doing Big i faU readers' minds that he is a B1,0UU nt--. vara iieriectnu uiun simple iois tied up to some worthless neiecieiii'ta. ijriinj;ai.-w,.cslIlt in an mathematician, and takes a loop, m.(ni(. atitute t be held here this yeir. 'of it.' Doesn't The Mountain - , whose only nualifications arc that The Stiite Council of theJuuiorj . , . , of convtncing us Wesliall anwunce his name as4EER assuage our readers '.leva he can chew tobaccoand i elite Order of)tlie United Americapltlw-loopiDt'tlionlithl will soanasone has been appointed, i appetite far more than some sen- - suExetstire stories, the whole town Mechanic will meet, at .Trckwn.of it by WoBirmgainatliomaUcian ' metro- - may with impunity revimv tbe a threii-da- y sessio!, beginning to do detective work in locating It is compulsory that every teach- - sational. headline-flamin- g i7 ' V'i ' I II wage- - a when the time does ar- - politan daily, filled wfth news! past hktcay of the t.vo and it'Septemb?.-2-. Five hundred vis- -' the impostor. wsr attend overvt!linfr iint c.0nie3 nlonu- All en- . ... .. rive. JCach teacher should make that t3 about as important to us cuts verv Kittle ice. Hut if the' iting JunKrs are expected. The dime's value of 'Lincoln ' . fit a point to liave as many of his as the preamble of the Russian editor happpns lo spell groom's Hotel Jeinrson, costing nearly iiies" Uiat Mr. Ruie Johnsun can- .. . . . . . -(or her) pupils attend as possible, constitution? name with an V instead of an '1 u'txjv, vwi. IllHUbllVUlIt U( 1UI HVl miwuiv cliild. The most foolish ideas and delegates. Arrangements have of a threshing machine with a Everybody who anticipates at- and overlook to record the fact the most useless and the most Judge Sues Em. ax, leave alone Icok d been made to decorate business battle tending this uutitute should that the bride is a member of the idiotic ways are taken up by the County Judge A. McCor-iCEK- in university-a- t up the issue of Tiiu Mountain- Ladies' Aid society they lioth housesand public buildings. The with h's feigned child at first sight. These actions o Mt- - Sterling, has filed which we reproduced an would be insulted and mercilessly ojon'ng exercised will be held in tained geometry. I dubbed my -- Tpanliers' cool sun in me Montgomery wrcuu lly the editor and his (7'mL't. In3t tutes." i ths court house. letters "tommyn.t" from the f7 and re court against . the C. & O. Rail- truth that they were imitations from the Courier-Journ"What is strange about tlie' rr'i And w, 1, little "Jist" a Joke. (l .1 i. ft ii ' n it f'n I of Mr. Ruie Johnson'n gush. J;ul mrc read it. Jt contained many very mistakes of a newspaperman is . Insistence we could leach -- k f . Visitors to The Mountaineku .. c valuable points and is very time-l- y ncer, and Stanley Squires, fire-are the "tout 'Oflicci are Incessantly i asking.,, "De'thtireainmeadabledleltonanil so Lfll.'ilv if nu 13 - whichiMvilixnt very county teachers. for our . . . errors lie makes in lying . inn iiri oi- nnil nuvu iu iuet-i- "ny .a" me of $30,000 " injuries sustained another man's qualities he never time?" If the que.stk.ners could L, far hUperior to his Hackney. H'e props up. December 12. last, when a PSctBTC Haclsne Factory. wortawu filarney he soon onWo. "ach.e. nro. stands. It layp himself liable to be punctur- - l,., cnnil o t.;.,i . which civilization i, :.. um . ..i ui dispateli from Morehead says: senger train struck a hugay oc- - ce with a thirti-tw- o ,eCam hot under the co.iar Willi . : or lynched. P"" ;m largely thru the teacher that sanctum wc maRino iey W01lui vv "The movinsr picture macliine cupied by the plaintiff and his Indeed, it is a funny old world W gels its first precept of ,L. Iinrp8 am, Cflrps anent in - " factory, on Katkcad street, of daughter. Miss Florence, result- Everybody makes mistakes. The cease questioning voluntarily. ., . T liia ia ' ,,... v ji inmn' ntllllCraUlU. Oilier IOOI MIIIIKh mill life III tlllS CrO'lt lealm of tfUtll. Bradley and Maggard is about ing in the hitter's death and the nnlv nnljn Ihpm novor Now if this be true let each about as much logic as a completed and will be in opera t plaintiff's injury. A. Sid Hart, arC contain . .l t,,U3: Lct C.e,mf tel let the editor. r.i.. -aThe editor hasn't a ..:,. of nlAMntmwm. M,l are as tcachc! s ,notto rior-tirel- y auminiairawr oi iuiss tionsoon." Tlie stttwlure is en-, ' nuitisnoiunuKcyiiiatsome so shine before men builtof Rowan county free- - ence, has filed suit against same of them are there because the th,"K Qn rnrth 10 do 1,Ul writ0 transcluent. Heharangu.s chief - y.01'r !Ki,t may see your good editorials, garner locals and write y about being a college-bregen- - ll,u Uxy atone. The firm has engaged the. parties asking damages for her doetors also made mistakes Frank P. Hall in Pres- up, search every column of a who lias an excellent fac- - worl.!S- 'em .f.ntir nutivit nf their factorv for death in the sum of $20,000. A i iiiums. tonsburg Monitor. inibiuKo y Jlun(rod other paper.? toscowliat ..- ,.An tUn nil.. mua ulty to perpetrate condensation. several years to the Standard Oil they have said about some one of Ave Maria! His ideas are ob- WHEN WE WERE ONLY grounds that the iwiulsite "f"',,,K w" Company, B. & 0. Railway Com- ed ' ! Tt- - ,, A a his own town or co"ly. set typ?. viously condensed and narrow. pany and other Eastern corpora- crossing signals were noc given; SWEETHEARTS "-- fidistribute type, read proof, do "'Brevity i3 the uoiil of wit," ac- tions for use in advertising and that a proper lookout was not '1"" , " ui displaying their business. The nmnuuiiicu, iu,u i.mi. u ' - Circling 10 Mr. KUIO Johnson and Of iJJ tlu tlnzzlint; Kirln, your own li ,y th h ge,f fl ,, "make up" the paper, wlieMnXeurl. first of these moving picture ma- beinglate, was running tlat o(J )rimitive of Stratford. Un?t .m.akC "P the mail entertain but noSthcr Wor?l.ips at hi. own chines was perfected by the in- rate of speed. "oul J,uu """" : visitors, Keep cue suo'cripiion ,7 nltir In b sadv cu and ' K'n"' ventor, E. K. Maggand, a resiCongress to "Lay to make a like a of bread book jKisted. make an order near- "' . ... dent of MoreheatL " Congress will remain in session to save his life. A boy makes a , '" " '"y C CK ' f(H. slock Uvo d . ' New lalriad tot Morgan Oonty. "until snow flies," and if neces- mistake when he thksheknows jfcit advertisements and set 'em, i"eS A,,"wn K.y a te lvhlcli The Reese Lumber Co., a cor- sary prolong the extra session more than the entire stair o t,uns am, reccive one can uncieiaianci. Vv by blo.som nnd bloom; poration doing business in Mor- until the regular term begins in teachers, including the !pr ncipa ,im(. ,1C K.0C:i 10 Uie Pstol"cc. But I do not believe my Other You mnK enehantlnc ont:, ami like i.'i TU ..I. pencil correspondence for! Monday began tlie December to dispose of tarilT and blue gan county, reveling throngs. r(,a(erfl are a3 shallow us my lit- currency legislation. This was full of mistakes and mistake construction of a railroad from the uevii, answer iaKo auver-- , erary antagonist, and ho flatters' My moot! rai foreign lo gloom I decison of tlie Democratic makers. If the newspaper, man Users, explain why any paper ia Redwine, terminus of the North the free, elfulgent lliot my alfectlon of the Senate, which adopt should take the pains to repord worth a dollar per annum, attend rae rot a iaIe- - jj,, trics to make With u'ft hot Pork railroad, up Straight creek caucusresolution declaring ed a "that them all he'd make the mutaKo;courl ald wccomo visiting attor- - i,,!(1V(, ,hat -he i a dean of aes- - Under that tryHttnir .lm tree; to a divide and down Cow ercek, Congress should proceed to con- hinhcockolorum 0f, My of his life and die on the bed ofncy8t carry walcr for thc offlee Buaiw,ntoir tr.1 in.w,hile the eh Morgan county, thence up Elk whole earth was tailing cider and determine legislation the press with h's shirt sleeves Un,i Lm rainmliiilinnAruiiri fork a distance of five miles to a Infinite jasper ten! concerning currency and banking rolled up and his boots on." the dame takes in the club, fon- - Tllm he refers us to the sim-- ! Thru nn fcig boundary of timber. To saw Kmin Euam. Idle the kid when the mother bird plicity of the Apostle Paul, as' immediately following the pas-sa.. . . . . this out the same company is put"- -RentUCay renorming Wonders. i3 on the loaf, bo at by tho he were some reigning pon- - the pending tariff bilL" of ting up a large band mill at the every body from homo Ui the oth- - tifr 0 temporal O mores Won- - self lucky in accomplishing this Justthink what Kentucky-ha- s mouth of Cow creek. Hazel That's No Lie. der what ho could really tell us witluut the aid of gold and col- tell ofThS m?n he ilreen Herald. Nothing adds more to the at- forty-fift- h for for every 0fllc in tho calen.of the old man Paul? Wonder if lege, imagining it good fortune tractivess of a town, or makes a Biuie in illiteracy to me twenty- - oar, wash dishes, pet the frau, Messrs. Johnson, raul and ,oro.,to arouse jealousy with my de Tbe Real Loss of Corn. on visiting first stnte. If its improvemente split kindling, dodge creditors, aster were not classmates in Ox- -' cent English, instead of torturing A loss of 300.000.000 bushels of bfetter no t n H has put it ahead of twenty-fiv- e hump the coal hod, go shopping foni? i willingly admit that I the language with then n com has resulted from the great in states in ten years another ten fifty t men andthe afterncon, n.?CS!' ,ncat 'enes- r?? ? damage wrought by the drouth to church Sunday echoJ have never gone thru college, but, slaw Btreets and al- -i years will put it near the top. give good reasons why h did not "ther think moro of myself for! Readers, just hunt up last and other conditions since July withal a goodly num- - Ehzabethtown News. 'eys, ti,!o ; .iwnnnnnn arrive v r - d nn r mxj or, t ii a I neing no c lo master the rudi - week s copy ot iije mountain- ru..erh- why w.? clon t have rnents of English alone, and Unit BEK and study Mr. Ruie John- True as G less than last year's crop. These j r-- a num up tal shrubbery and flower? ii your c writo " " this rem. s m's nonsencial and gloating as given by gov-- ) 'yards. are the figures The only people wfo ,"-,"nu untuln life for huwuhiu writ-- , ";-"It ia indicative of refine- - rfad ni'vpapers are , lottor" Avaunt! lt s. A-.rrmient experts. etc.; ntc. ITien, fter robU thjup)l. n; tment, You'"' f 'r ourc English, "fii hff tl'i'"' 'vim. Vr.O '! 'j ."'-o- f .r....i.i it. lave you bo.nowetl this issuc? thrift J- vr. oiin'sow. .... ,. .. ' " . rta7. "." nrllHi . . '"l JSZ '' d 1 l"lr ,"""" TT "'". i ' t, 1 1 U iiimii k ! 1 1 1 I ... .... r.i i,. T - 1 , r- i- ih"ihv..v m . I .V. I tin ... ,.,. j-- i ipu. 1 B, i'e ' M . ,;,;. " two-blade- . ,"". "t. 'J'ts. al 1 T ..... .,..-...:..:...- . rJm, J '." Ini-m- shTiS .. . ..w.,.,.,. - in,-h- ? I d " oi-i- . h," kmL iZTlli? If " ,""" Wt.lM.M,, 1 te tof Xhs"rXon LJf, r..J. sA trl rj".' S'u, I go 7.. I ! S's Erosion ' I home-wove- i..,ii f'walk,, r it iu-u- 1 e-- cr - . the-'a-t-

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