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Image 235 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 2006-2007

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

r c ll fpubzic Health ”` ........ ji ,..,..... 5 ..,,..,4. i ,......., 1 `.....4 Io l IMM raf the Cvllese M Puldie Health it Stephen The College also offers a Ph.D. program in Students will complete a curriculum span- ` ` llitllt- U"‘{”J·’ll°’·""""""‘A·‘·""f""’” D""f'4"A"""""l"` Gerontology. For more information, visit the ning the five core discipline areas offered by liffr L°gcL SD:;;;g{ Web site at: the College of Public Health. Typically, afull- _t;t:tilt;,c Dem, ji,,'Ad,,,i_t_,.i,,,,_, and $·,,,dL,,,, Am,rm_ r The Masterof Public Health degree requires time student will require a minimum of three lt it-nit Print-e ix C/mir, Preventive Medicine and a minimum of 42 credit hours of study for years beyond the master’s degree to complete £iii·n·~n~r¢*¤t¤/ Health- Ri¢‘h<¢f¢l Klwieiv it C/wir, completion. All students must complete 18 the program. The program is designed to lll*’—""’l·l’l‘i`·‘· {""" 5”"l‘l' q"'l’· ,H““l{h S‘{';'l"“"` semester hours of required core course work accommodate non-traditional, working, and Epldemm (ml and 12 to 15 hours of specialty work in one of part-time students. ` the tive areas of concentration. In addition, The Dr.P.H. curriculum includes: _ three to six semester hours of field practicum _ Twcnt _S€V€n Semester hours Of r€_ ( The Collgge of Publ'? Iflealih . Experienccfue '°°l“l“’_‘li d€P°“dl“$ On pr°Vi` quiredloourse work in the core curricu- Ardeflhthg ehZ1i3CteflSU€ ot the Hfeil of ousprofessionalexperiencein publlchealth or tum, which Consists Of two advanced title health eil? lm 0** P9¤"'¤**°“ gms &=l=¤¤d¤¤=¤S· UK_St¤¤\<>F et Pttbtte Health (DF-P-·l‘l-) holo tm- a government agency-or related setting will 8 probiembascd Or rcscarcirbased Plllllllll lolos lh il V¤llolY ef Publlc and PFlV¤l€ represent the culminating experience that will project paper demonstrating apr)rOpri_ S€llI|lilS, €.g., lOC21l state rhezlltht depart- result in a written capstone project paper, are disciplinary understanding. nicnts.hcalth care facilittes,un1versit1es, state The Doctor of Public Health is a terminal and national agencies, social service agen- professional degree that will prepare gradu- Applications for admission to the M.P.H. cics. and community-centered health educa- ates to assume professional leadership re- degree willbe accepted and considered at any tion facilities. ln these positions, they can be gpongibilitieg in local, state, national, and time.There is an application deadline foreach involveddirectly with thedevelopment,imple- international public health activities Course program; for current information, consult the mentation and assessment of health educa- work will emphasize the integration and ap- College Web site at: www.ukcph.0rg/. Appli- lion/disease prevention programs, and in ini- plication of new knowledge and theory, and cants are responsible for ensuring that their tiznivcs for improving health care services. analyticakcritical thinking_ and problem solv- applications are complete, and applications Tlic College of Public Health offers the ing skills to address the public health con- will not be reviewed until all materials have M.P.H. degree and the Dr.P.H. degree. The cerns of the Commonwealth and nation_ The been received. hl.P.H. is an applied professional/graiduate Dr,P,H, is designed as a college-wide ad- For furthe,-lnfonnatlon, contact; lcgloo

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