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Image 1 of Mount Vernon signal., November 2, 1906

Part of Mount Vernon signal.

r an xxMT i Published Every Friday FVOLUME = o Established 1887 VERNON n rlJ mJjl f ROCKCASTLE = to i i 4- i r es Not that want to boast But things are coming W I n TO LilJUEN SOME TALK IN STATE 0 i Damaging uji the Leingtcn Iet all BrecKin ridge editor of tat pryi vaa struck in the face by Lawrence 101133 of the Paul Jones Uistillins Co at the Seel Facts SUbmitted to SlioW That Gullion Is Double r f Dealing 1 if oe thelhad slight flesh wounds my fact have been ever since ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ handledi tsrouithe Shoes I f S Douglas throughj t200 and 250 Shoes IlulIng IIcape for the working 300350 PO d450 for the fine dresser in 250 l I dpI 1i tDOUGLAS t 1 Douglas is the password to every bo excuse 1 t > is ecognizedeverywnere as the best Shoe Made You could buy no other Shoe so stylishand substantial as the Louisville 1 XVSlioest v1 last twice as loll rir < eF- i ¬ m ¬ ShackI r J tit I I f 1 i ¬ ¬ May Have Favored Wrong Measure In reply to your question as to Mr E A Gullions attitude on the state normal school matter and as to whether he ever appeared before the house appropriation committee In their interest I desire to say that I rio not remember his appearance be ¬ fore that committee on any subject though he may have done so I attended nearly all the meetings of that committee and remember distinctly the appearance of Hon R W Miller and others in the interest of the nor mal bill but do not recall any part that Mr Gullion may have taken in the questionI remember the appearance of Pres James K Patterson in the interest of the normal appropriation for the State colee at Lexington rnd i may be that Mr Gullion was interested in that matter thus confusing the two normal school billsTruly your friend LOUIS P HEAD Member Appropriation Committee buildingWhile we would regret exceedingly to lose his services yet we can not say too much in praise of him as a wideawake uptodate educator We are proud of him Very truly R L RALSTON President H H SPRAGUE Secretary WM WALLBRECHT Treasurer ¬ Board of Education City Schools ¬ WHAT Middlesborough PROMINENTSCHOOL MEN SAY From Prof T J Coates Supt Prince ¬ ton City Schools Supt M O Winfrey of Middlesbor ¬ ough Ky stands in the very front rank of school men In this state As a member of the State Board of Exam iners as President of the Kentucky Educational Association as President of the Educational Improvement Con mission of Kentucky as sunerlitPTi dept of the city schools of Stanford and Middlesborough as institute in struqtor and platform lecturer he has proven his right to be ranked among the brightest truest and brainiest young men of the south He is in the prime of life hardly forty yet ambi = tious energetic a tireless worker with superb hp ltii and splendid onur age The sch f the ststf jr sin cerely believe would be ast ynfu1c ¬ ¬ havelabored theltgislature hs nd 4 ¬ IfTno works > hee wels ¬ ¬ 7 ¬ a j y Teni Superinb withd schoolsd ¬ ¬ ¬ bya ¬ ¬ c ¬ ¬ ¬ instntci ¬ thesetablishing tion re possessed by a candidate the iReopJe should not hesitate to cast r their votes for him on election day FortunatPly for the educational in torest of Kentucky there is such a candidate In the person of Prof M O Winfrey superintendent of the Mid r dlesbqrdugh city schools Vej respectfully ¬ I ¬ 7 cJOH c ¬ T MORRIS From Prof W F Pate Supt Lebanon Graded Schools In my long association with Prof Winfrey I have altos s known him as a man of leJP9ialJohnracter as an z earnest Jls worker In any cause that he considers right as a ¬ ¬ tions No man has ever worked more Is better equipped myhumbly r rte < < > can happen to the educational Inter r axis of our state Is to elect him tothe C position he seeks and begin a now and more progressive era In KentuclcyI Kind Ytu Nato Always It of no other one has done such ef1 fsctive work for the establishment of ¬ QA AThl TO Bean the for the duties that ¬ Little Early Risers About the most reliable on thematkeif Sold by Chas C Davis Vy j BoardI tthe ford oarthe himI inct pitis ut frt I Jt I tord r Why did he try to con Middlesborough School M O Winfrey is most thoroughly equipped plished school have ever had the pleasure of know ng Besides being highly educated and a strictly moral upright Christian gentleman ne is one of the most ac tive and zealous educators within our acquaintance He has within four years revolutionized our schools He has brought order out of chaos Ha Is peculiarly fitted for his work being gifted with exceptional executive abU ity and the power of enlisting the community In the cause of education As a result of his good work here we are straining ourselves financially to erect for him a 30000 high school Tliestdents subcommittet selectingIllsSuperintendentn attenden cognizanof c j libel billI do recall very d3ti ctly that Dr Hume Prof C erry anj rof Winfrey were present at these meetingsI make this statement without any Illfeeling r Gullion i SHELMAN Chin Appropriation Committee Lobbyistu F HUME Chairman Executive Committee Edu eational Improvement Commission I Prof derstanding that le was thi e as the representati e oj the Pre Associa tion in the interest of the newspaper trulyh >1 i j goodI ¬ dek legs J u c Be No Duel DREE j to urge favorable action on the state normal school app priation nor do I recall that he ever ipproaoh ed me on the subject frey as the champion of that bill both s before and during the recent legisla It is a pleasure to me to give these ture testimonials of regard for Mr sVln vs I do not recall that Mr E A Gul frey Very truly lion ever met with the senate com JAS H FUQUA SR mittee on education or that he ever Supt of Public Instruction spoke to me on the subject of state Gullion Attacks Jim Stone Mr Gullion seems greatly worried In Frankfort as the lobbyist for the over the fact that I have selected for chief clerk Hon James E Stone for- ¬ attic hurt mer county superintendent of Bred lc ing Miss Mary Qualls of Norton inridge county for two terms and I Depsey Sent to Asylum was arrested here thereby e chief clerk of the house of represent a Morrowbone KyFinis C Baker a taping an infuriated mob that ha tives for the past 25 years He seen s prominent farmer near here has been been organized at Blackwood to lync CONN LINN greatly distressed over Mr Stones adjudged a lunatic and ordered taken him He was taken to the Wise coun Chairman Senate Educational Com ¬ superior fitness for the place and goes ty Va jail to the LKkeland asylum mittee on to say that this Is not popularity I Students to Shuck Corn Adams Gets One Year contest between chief clerks He Ky Lexington Twentyfive Lexington KyAfter thirteen and seems to argue that efficiency In a st onehalf hours deliberation the jury dents of the Kentucky university will Committee he No1 In the house an trying Daniel M Adams charged wit n hire themselves out to the farmers i e l the murder of Frederick Ketterer re I wonder If this was of figures of turned a verdict finding Adams guilty d of assault and battery fixing punish them iiuanclally but will be a lesso committee and to loafers who feel above work and ment at one year in the county Jail The thousands of friends of Ho e James E Stone throughout the state thus aid In solving the labor problem At the Red from Gullions weak attem Pt Mayfield KyA bloody fightoc Will Enforce the Law all parts of the state but I do not re- will resent Mr to reflect upon Leiuston Ky James Peel game call that Mr E A Gullion attended a Burred at the notorious red shack and Burg Sievers was perhaps fatally warden of Fayette county announces single meeting nor did he by sugg s From stabbed by Bull Hniyer Holyer took that Lie will strictly duiorce the law tion or otherwise render the commit es ¬ to the hills and a general search for prohibiting shooting artimges and years pave rabbits before November 15 hlni has thus far proved futile the way for state normal schools Dur ¬ 8IP7j Therell Lexington inIfact MobY ± > Douglas 1a still as for t yentyfivevyears past a Past Master shoe making No i wonder Douglas tsales eq sales dfij f iv any five kindsw > > > s ffJ WinI lar bullseye target and the silhouette of a man standing He should ever be remembered by the teachers and friends of education in Kentucky as one who has labored faithfully and sacrificed much for the success of this great cause meetings Superirtendert WI buildingand the author Championed the Libel Dill In reply to your inquiry I c ill state that I do not recall that Mr BA Gul lion ever appeared before the commit tee on appropriations at any of its ¬ sess Thei Fought KyAs a result of in tervention of mutual friends of Desha Breckinridge and Lawrence Jones a peace compact has been entered into and the participants in the sensational Floor Gives Way Frankfort KYA portion of the un encounter in the Seelbach hotel In dnished concrete floor second Louisville will neither direct or re Story of the new statehouse gave way ceive a challenge toa duel and carried several workmen dow with II but luckily none was seriousl as mostk ishe l intiIleotl1 Rangen Ing the two years prior to the meeting of the last legislature he did more to mold and develop public sentiment in favor of these institutions than any During the other man in Kentucky session of the last legislature he spent much time in Frankfort and was al ways alert and active for the state normal school bill of which he was fooled all the time Verily he seen the handwriting on the wall to arouse and direct public opinion Four Candidates From Seventh sons opposing normal schools In his along educstonal lines His life his District efforts to deceive the public he goes There are 11 eoagrerscnl districton further and deliberately misrepre In th state a1 nice card totes to b sents his attitude in the fight for state s pass He has crowded nominated for state offices The Sev normal schools and ingeniously con enth district has four candidates in more work Into his eighteen years of ceals his real mission in Frankfort sclioal life than any other young man last winter He has the audacity to I krow He Is a born leader claim that he spent 50 days of the GO nunce TKo cf these fotir candidates day session of the last legislature in c e school children of state Frankfort in the special interest of j and the future advancement of Ken the state normal school bill and that South Trimble for lieutenant gover tuck J will be best served by the nom he did everything in his power to se Ination andhjelectioffof Professor Win cure its passage adding that certain norAs a Ishall cordially matter of fairness and justices him to the other secMons of the ant In order to strengthen the ticket From Prof John Morris For would it not be advisable to distribute Years SUP dent of Coy the candidates over the state rather sentation by persons who were not in than to nominate four out Iny on Schools of nine position to know whether he worked from one section Covlnjrton Ky Oct 23 1906 As a school man I am watching the Supt Fuquas Indorsement were on any committees My opponent has given wide pu which had this bill under discussion licity to a statement which he secure and I In order that the voters of the state from State Superintendent Fuqua af feel that the people should be alive to may know that my opponent is at ter promising Mr Fuqua a place e educational demands of our com-¬ nthe tempting to deceive them in this mat his state board of examinersmonwealth In order to correct any false imprester I submit below statements from may have cause members of the legislature who were sions that this letter man in position to know wno worked for I publish herewith a letter written by should be elected to the office of Suthe normal school bill and who also Mr Faqua a few days ago perintendent of Public Instruction In know what Mr Gullions real business Frankfort Ky Sept 11 1906 I have known Mr 11 O Winfrey number of years and have always ence in tuaI school work He should Senator Conn Linn Talks found him very zealous and active in be a eadin his profession as well I was chairman fthe educational the cause of education and a successas i olar He should know the ed committee in the senate during the ful and skillful teacher He has been beat n al needs of the state and session of 1906 and as such I was a member of the State Board of Ex should be ever ready to greatly interested in the state normal aminers since my entrance into office sonal ease for the good sacrifice per of the state and has discharged his duties faithful Such are some of the qualifications ly and effici ntly He was very scenee takingleis lettee KyMary r t KyT Girl Choked and > Robbed Livingstone a iCyearold girl while doing an errant vas knocked down and robbed by aI logro named Jesse Barnhlll Barnhill arrested and did not deny his uilL t eyare built from best leathers in the j dnce 1 that mann and woman have equal political privileges G ¬ ¬ aunatthe promting provethis N ¬ kinds may seem cheaper frpiif their price but the Douglas Shoes always proves the most economical Shoe because A i P Strader dr iyA Other W KyW of the Ii legislation I rats l world and of KyIobjectionI circularletters i i j5I OE to Spend the Remainder His Life in Prison Enjoined shouk T Sampson cir cuit dark of Oldham county eudbJ a To Depopulize Kentucky lay of strife between the LoulsvIJlc Nashville ralIroadin the Lou tor ill aJ is J t Eastern Suburban road when he is rued an injunction to prevent tl ICea ouisville w Nashville from further 1 facie an Q who scents to have a plan fpi erfering with the efforts of the Louis Mlle Eastern to build the connect depopulating the blue grass state The ng link of their line between Beard a ittle hamlet on the line of both Kentucky farmers to a tract of fertile nd Colorado land LagraneOn Short Curve Compton passenger train e Fort Thomas KyApistol range i he Lexington Eastern railroad was vrecked near Compton Junction and being constructed for the use of the lightly Injured the engineer and sev commissioned and noncommissioned aral passengers The wreck was on a hort curve around a cliff where sev eral small wrecks have occurred L i WL DOUGLAS i Sentenced t Y legislature as the champion In view of the above statements what becomes of my opponents claim that he was in Frankfort 50 days last winter in the special interest of the state normal school bill It is evident that he is trying to de J I eral girls The boy remonstrated wiL lug1 general wholesale whisky and him and Vnolfclk plunged a knife in rectifying business here under the his heart Woolfolks plea was sell r name of R S Strader Sons wale an defense assignment to Attorney E L Hutchi In Favor of Woman Suffrage son There has been no schedule of Lexington KYThe farmers of Kenthe assets or the liabilites tiled IJI tucky it is believed a number of liquor deal sion of in attendance at the joint sea the Kentucky state grange an ers In Cincinnati and ether place will the Farmers institute statbe losers in the transaction Stradsr i placed themselves on of the bean record as gives as his reason that the wave of jrphlbitiou through the state has cur ill favor of equal rights for wouiet The state grange has heretofore bee ailed the business until there is no profit Lexington UU fOUTH OF TWEN and a Louisville Ky William Woolfol aged 21 years was found guilty of thy LIQUOR DEALERS HERE murder of John G S Hall aged 15 on June 15 last and his punishment waj Thought to Have Been Caught in the fixed at life in prison Failure at Lexington I KM ISTHEe inrn KyJ Lexington M Claggett one of the former asylum attendani charged with the murder of Fred Kc terer was dismissed by Judge Parkc on motion of Commonwealths Atto uey Allen The evidence introduced i the trials of Fred Pharris and DauK Adams was not sufficient to convic Clagsett Adams began his term c oilsseals Oilthe weIllarmed1he jetween Dry Fork and Daudllck Douglas for the boys and Douglas for the woolen St forr ElBrown liu espectJve sides are sun at large and flenry Brown has sent word that iie r j I Whltesburg KySheriff Crawford two of the men engaged on the Elihu 3rowu aide of the BrownBrown ieud man oflMr measIure proached me CHARLES 1 DAWSON Rcing Member House Educational Committee SUPERINTENDENTS RACE uwnticoncerning bach suffering a bloody PLAIN NUMBER lobbyistfor > r way v f and two To the Democrats of Kentucky 1a men were My opponent Mr E A Gullion Is greatly disturbed over the fact that the voters all over the state are find Recently Mr Breckinridge has been ing out that he is trying to sail into publishing articles in his paper whic the State Superintendents office ua Mr Jones claims unj tstly refiecteJ der false colors and that evidences of on the goods manufactured by ni doubledealing are rapidly accumu firm According to Mr Jones friend lating against him the articles were inspired by the IOE Many persons who Knew the rela of the state fair to Lexintcn th tionship existing between Mr Gullion Louisville man having taken an activ and certain persons in the city of part in bringing the fair to this city Lexington who are known to be un friendly to the normal school move- ¬ MANS FOOT TAKING MEDICINE ment were suspicious from the time of his annorncement that there was a Incased in a Shoe Dragged About by Was His Mania and Caused the Deal nigger in the woodpile This feeling Dog Leads to Discovery of the Insane Patient now seems to be wellnigh universal Recognizing the great popularity of Glasgow K3The body of a man Hopkinsville KyThomas Kennedy the normal rchool movement in the Meatified as M O Flem Payne 30 a trusty patient at the We3tern en state and being conscious that the vas found in the woods three miles tucky Asylum for the Insane dram people generally are speculating en rom Fountain Run A dog was no some medicine containing strychnin the fact that his candidacy has from iced dragging an object about too and died shortly afterward Kenned the first b en strongly indorsed by ard which on investigation was was 55 years old and was sent fro those who opposed ound to be a shoe containing a hu Todd county His mania was takir bill my opponent the normal school comes out in the nan foot Later the skull bones and medicine and to please him the do clothing together with a watch and tors would often give him doses of w ter which he took to be medicine 1 is thought he found a bottle of tank dderable amount of money the pock- containing quinine and strycnnine and etbook contained papers which esta J drank it fished the identity Near by was a NO EVIDENCE ree which had been struck by lIght ling oust the supposition is that Payne To Hold ClaggeU and the Asylum At tendant is Free I ft 1 NZ Crsc1cik Glasgow KyTwo suits for 20009 and 40000 have been filed at Wl iamsburg Ky in the Whitney couaty ircuit court lor damages for injuries stained in the dynamite explosion ttjllico Tenn on September 21 One t the cults is In behalf of A J Bowlin h o was seriously injured and tu3 then for the heirs of John AdUarij ho was killed The property and personal injury laims arising from the explosion will ot up perhaps to a half million dol ors The catastrophe was cause oy ae explosion of 440 cases of dynamite tick were in a box car on the L t sidetrack and were exploded it is aid by the Southern kicking a car oad of pig iron against it rg fb I 1Inflicted Over the Dynamite Explosion at Jellico Tenn 1906 W L NfREYREPlIES crJ HALF A MILLION s NOV T INTERESTING STATE NEWS In Claims r5 COUNTY KY FRIDAY I z l I Mis Louis Smith the oldest Gypsy in America died in a camp V near Freehold She was lorl years two and 12 dayit j otd o NJ < 1 W r

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