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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 14, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

I 4 THEt1AfjXB OtfNTY NEWS q alece profitablei 1901fOiiML Make Ready f I l fc f andcontinues four a the Columbia Pair Jest ever offered by the Association The Directory has the assurance of the THE FOURTH DAY wil be crowded with some of the best shows in stock ever seen in Southern Kentucky and will closetwitJ1a > Si HARRIS Secy Russell Postmaster J am jflJochoun week days 700 to 930 LOUISVILLE pm I DIRECTORY Kv July 30 1901 the excep Intensely hot and with tion of local showers entirely ¬ dry I J weCkIlbe Threo sessions a year Third Itundayio January third Monday In May and bird Monday In September can hardJy be considered in summing I Circuit JuJge W W Jones Commonwealth s Attorney N IL WAaron up the cojjditfpns for the State SheriffJ W Hurt The early corn is nearly ruined in Olert Juo D Corey the western and central portions of Late corn and tobacco are 0janTV CCUBT First Monday in each month the State Judge J W Butler standing the drouth better but arc Coaaly AttorneyJas Us rnett Jr suffering severely Clerk TRStnHsJiilcr S II MitchePastures and gardens are burned up llAssssorG A BradshawPotatoes are being cooked and ruined SurveyorR T McCaffree School SaptW D Jouca in the ground Fruit is drying up or Coroner Leonard Fletcher burning badly on the trees second Monday in Wheat oats rye and hay were gen- ¬ JixrCounTltesuUreaJrt ach month erally saved before being injured by V Atkins idjeJ the drouth and fair crops resulted gep orney Gordon Montgomery CJtacciTCooRT eraljy Stock water is very scarce in many localities and unless rains come soon the situation will be very serious The PRESBYTERIAN BoUKgviLLB following extracts from reports by SiaBBT Rev T F Walton pastor Services second and fourth Sundays n each month Sundayschool at9 a m eveIYI counties DIRECTORYI Sabbath Prayer meeting every Wednesday night i METHODIST Rev W P Gordon pastor Services first Sunday in each month Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer STHEEI meeting Thursday night BAPTIST ReV GBBESsncno STREET sstor Services third Sunday in each month andayschol every Sabbath at 9 m Prayer a neeting Tuesday night OIiniSTIANC- Eld ZT Williams AMPBBILSVIILE PIKE Pastor Services First Sunday in each month Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 am Prayer meeting Wednesday nigh- i WESTERN SECTION tLODGES I T Ji StutTS WM Sect K A H No7 meets first Mouday night In each month J K MUBRELI H COLUirtiA PHAPTEB Secretary Vf W BHADSHAW New Carriage ¬ ¬ and HendersonHot and dry tobacco continues to grow no vegetables to be had pastures burned up Jl opkl ns Crops needing rain badly tobacco looking very well but needing ratnbadlyLivingston1he lagon 0 Shop The fact is every day is crowded with premiums The Benders everything burning vails corn millet and vegetables are doing better since rain but there will burned to a crisp not be over onehalf crop of corn on HartPastures ions good apples scarce II B MERSEY Section Director make onehalf crop if conditions arc favorable from now on The Country Merchant Lincoln All crops injured but to The country merchant is making a baccp sorghum peaphes r apples and cow peas stand drouth better than great talk about mail order houses in the big cities who are getting trade other cropsMarionWheat crop about two away from him but with all his out thirds of average j Irish potatoes al- ¬ cry he is really making no serious effort most a total failure everything need to stop him says the Adverting World You cant stop people from buying rainMetcalfe Wheat about all threshed where they think they can buy thp fruit shriveling from intense beat no cheapest simply by the use of Ipvec Live The only way the country mer ¬ rain for six weeks Nelson Continued drouth wltla in chant can hope to compptp with the tensely hpf weather has damaged pail order housps is by meeting them cprn pnphalf and destroyed pastures on their own groundsby advertising There is absolutely no hope for the Pldham = Weather very dry and hot of the country merchant un- ¬ drying up wheat threh business all vegetation til he corrects a few of his time worn ing about over yield good oats about Advertising views about advertising an average crop apples about one is simply telling what we have to sell fourth crop peaches are sunburnlng and the price It makes no difference smallwenCorn badly worms are if your ads are not written by an ex ¬ pert or illustrated by a high priced ar playing havpc with tobacco and it Is tist you can make them effective and firing terribly gardens ruined wheat result producing if you bear in mind turned out unusually well the one point that an ad should tell Pulaski Crops are suffering terrjbly about what you have to sell and not from aroutb corn drying up badly simply about yourself gardens sufferinAny kind of advertisement is of gShelbyshowers fallen course have better than none All adver throughout the county but pone in tising pays in some way or other but town and have been of much benefit the merchant who docs no advertising late corn will come through all right at all because he is not able to afford but early corn is badfy injured tobacbig pages makes one large mistake If co is very yellow but not beyond sav ¬ you cant do the best advertising do ing it rain comes gardens are very the best you can What thebest is that you can do may seem very small dryWarrenWeather continues dry and but advertising is something that pays hot crops all drying up gardens for itself and It increases right along burned up edGravesDrouth not yet broken G A KEMP trot f Topeka Kas Governor Stanley has granted a requisition on the Governor of Colorado for four persons who arc beiicvad by reputable cittzns of La bette and Montgomery counties to be the notorious Benders gctJifri d of 37 murders in Kansas in 187r The af- ¬ fidavits upon which theVtquisition was granted were made by E M Dack TB Smith V A Monejhtmd and M E Sparks who went to Colorado es pecially to see the four suspected per ¬ ¬ InIferlorj ¬ I The steps to bring the suspected ones to Kansas are taken upon the representation of Frank Ayers of Ft Collins Colo who claims that he knows them and the notorious Kate Bender was once his wife He says that they live at Ft Col ¬ lins Colo where the father and moth ¬ er are known as Charles Read and wife and the two children as William Baker and May Baker He says the old man is about 79 years of age and his wife about five or six years younger The other two he says are about fifty In 1871 the Benders lived in Labette county Kas near Cherryvale The family consisted of William Bender aged about CO his wife aged about 54 Kate aged about 25 and John aged perhaps 23 Kate and John were children of William Bender by a form ¬ er wife The house was a frame 1Gx 19 feet and fronted north There was a door at either end and the room was divided by a canvass partition drawn tightly over upright scantlings This partition was the deathtrap The victims nearly all travelers were decoyed to a seat close against the canvass and Kate did the rest Every mjjn they killed had a hors but pnl JtWQ animals the family took When Doctors Disagree When doctors disagree It is hard for tp the farm were found after the unsophisticated laymen to find their flight The horses it is believed were run way out of thes cientitjc labyrinth The other day the eminent doctor out of the country by confederates The clothes of their victims were al ¬ Kooch assured the public that it could eat its steak and drink its milk with ¬ so disposed of in that way The mon ¬ out any doubt as to whether the ani ey and valuables were kept by the mal had tuberculosis If it bad the murderers Nine bodies in all were doctor soothingly said it was of a dif ¬ found but that probably represents ferent species from that which makes only the killing of the last six months its habitat in the human frame NoIof the stay of the family in the coup sooner had the meatcaters and the try Before that it is believed tha milkdrinkers settled down to steak the bodies were taken to remote dis and cup than others claimed the bene ¬ tances as one of the discovered bodies fit of the discovery and later stilt came waS With the exception of a little a chorus from the profession that the baby all the bodies had their throats German medical man did not know cut and all bore marks Jtwo hamwhat he was talking about Now the mers III murdcr of Dr York of Ft babble between the warring Scott a prominent dentist led to an It Is a pity that doctors oannotse ¬ Investigation that caused the Benders tle their differences in executive ses to flee Rewards aggregating 810000 sign retaining a wise and unanimous were offered for them but they have not been apprehended face for the public The world hac- most serious drouth ¬ EASTERN SECTION pota ¬ Bourbon Wheat all threshed qual- ¬ Ity good drouth has ruined early cop pastures are burned up tobacco be looks ginning to tire badly and the bad hemp badly injuredCdmpbeUCorn ruined young clov- ¬ er dying wheat not as good as was ex pected potatoes being cooked in the ¬ A Cal1dicacyI ¬ polit ¬ pastures groundHarlanHottest of many years continues and dryest weather burnt up water very scarce tobacco years corn crop greatly damaged gar ¬ for poor wheat and oats threshed by drouth potatoes and vegetation ¬ t tics to the huckster level He will njat forget that Roosevelt for a time denied the Hanua supremacy within the par ¬ dens perished Irish potatoes rotting damaged to great extent pasturesdry in ground have leased the R C Eubank I Logan Drouth continues corn is upHarrisonCorn shop and will give and tobaeco need Qy i dying and turning white pastures with the chocolate eclair backbone harvested Gapmage 3flagonW6ek dried up tobacco dying and burning rain oats yield aboutand good wheat He will not forget that Roosevelts threefourths of up wheat yield about onehalf average threshed sturdy Americanism makes unsafe as a Work done special attention a crop ¬ LaurelCorn on highlands suffering ¬ by me will be firstclass Pro cord ruined melons are a failure too badly pastures drying up millet cut crushing Roosevelt as a menacing fig ¬ duce taken In return for work bacco greatly damaged gardens burnt short gardens not growing any Irish ure in the path which be has marked potato crop damaged by drouth S F EUBANK Out for the Republican party to follow upOhioWeek hardest of season on LetcherWheat crop best In years I prospered reasonably welljn its ignor ¬ It Dazzles the World And he will have three years to com ¬ ance of some things while the doctor I No discovery in medicine has ever crops pastures nearly burnt up has always stood upon a high pedestal created one quarter of the excitement CENTRAL SECTION The people can continueto eat their that has been caused by Dr Klnrs White Man Lurjnod Yellow BarrenDry and hot l forward corn New Discovery for Consumption Its meat MadisonSome local rains in codnty ruined tobacco badly damaged by hot BURKSVILLE STREET severest tes ts hive been on liopelcSI any moist weather wheat all threshed young but bulk of corn h n Neuralgia Banished Columbia Ky ylctims of Consumption grass and closer almost a failure ure 10 Thcre isno more severe oj stubborn Hemorrhage Pleujlsy a Bronchitis Ky when they saw he was turning vegetation dying Prop Brcckinridge All yellow His skin slowly changed col JUNIUS HAN Magoffln Everything burning up pip thaq neuralgia A remedy that thousands of whom aQjUurnlng up todacco very poor and also his eyes and he suffered errs it has restored t =o pastures wheat and oats all cut jnd are fair Will cure it will pure any pain Dr G perfect health For Coughs Colds lor His maladywas Yellow wanting rain fearfully bad bly Jaundice props the worst drouth that ever vis S Stivers Dentist Louisville Ky upAsthma Croup Hay Fever Hoarse ¬ He was treated by the best doctors 6Mli hove Hotel has been reF burnt Ited this community says iHy wife suffered over two ness and Whooping Cou3h it the quick but without ben fitThen he was ad ¬ Gran trEvery thing s u fT e r In and is now ready ttcdi threshing about completed yield gI Qwsey =Weather dry corn burning years from very severe neuralgia est surest cure in the world It i the comfortable accommodation of small grain I remedy an up gardens of all kinds burping up which several physicians failed to re- aoldby Paul who guarantees s he writes fAfter taking two bottles guests Table supplied with the b tGralson Early corp and pastures lieve I then got Morleys Wonderful oats all cut pasturesdoinffno good refund money Large I was wholly cured Eight which relieved her In five min- ¬ A trial proves tile market affords Rates reasonable dyipg late cprji seoiously Damaged partially broken by a utes and soon effected a pereraanent tSlitlstaCtiOOor ILndSlOO Trial bottles its matchless merit for all stqpaach Feed stable at good sample room Green Wheat i very llg twl1 no t PJke DroHth ¬ Sold by agent in every town liver and kidney troubles Oaly SOc Y exceed twafltths of a crop l1t r alp on the 25 hot weather still pre cure tht- despalrt 1MuhlenburgDry t Rooseveltdubbed sTqe imperialfists 1 I fliiIcock Hotel Republict Imeadows th9I I snot I pck ¬ phd toodI T1 t ih qt > r L ir t I2t f < < j iFlirlJ I- 7 f f ti rl Is f J l r hayaI I am surprised to find you guilty of so seri ¬ ous a matter as about to bring whisky into camp You know that one of the strictest orders one sought most to be enforced is to keep out whisky Now I wish to impress upon you the im ¬ portance and necessity of this order and I want yon to understand that if you ever go out of the lines again for that purpose you will be severely pun Ished You may go now but remem ¬ ber the Injunction not go out for whisky But Billie I wish to say to you that if you should disobey this rule and go any how as you come back please call by my tent Before morning Billie called at the Generals tent and from behind a well held tentrtlap stuck in a quart The only sign of complaint heard was the popping of a corkBardstown Record A ministers Good Work a severe attack of bilious wipe got a blttle of Chamberlains I had Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy took two doses and was entirely cured says Rev A A Power of Emporia My neighbor across the street Kan was sick for over a week had two or three bottles of medicine from the doctor He used them for three or four days without relief then called in another doctor who treated him for some days and gave him no relief T so discharged him I went over to see him the next morning He said his bowels were In a terrible flux thatthe had been running off so long that it was almost bloody flux I asked him if he had tried Chamberlains Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and he said No 1 went home and brought him my bottle and gave him one dose told him to take another dose in fifteed wonsfindd ¬ ¬ War Story on Gen Lewis The lamented Capt Billie Hill used to tell a good joke on Gen Jo Lewis Billie was trying to slip out through the picketline one night when he was baited by the picket taken back into camp and presented before Gen Lew¬ is After all were out of the tent ex ept mme and the General the Gen ¬ Billie I know your great eral said loyalty to the confederacy you are not suspected by any one of trying to de ¬ sert we all have plenty of provisions your horse is well fed and for the life of me I can not imagine for what or where you were going My real curios¬ ity is aroused Tell me the object for which you were trying to pass through the picketlines Well General said Billie I will tell you Mv mess drew straws to de- ¬ termine who should go to a moonshine still louse over in the hills and I drew the shortest strawThe General raised himself to his full height rut on his severest military look and said Billie you have been a good soldier you have been in the thickest of every fight all except you and two comrades who composedyour original company have fallen vie tams to Yankee bullets you have nev er been in the guardhouse heretofore your conduct as a soldier has been ad ¬ ¬ sons ¬ Roosevelts Whatever may wisdom of Vice announcement at bis candidacy for the Presidential nom ¬ ination In 1901 It must be acknowledg ed that he is beginning his campaign in a somewhat force manner Roosevelts greatest strcnth is in the Wet He makes no very potent ap peal to the voters of the Eastern States and even in New York his own State he is opposed by his partys ma chine If he depended on New York to suggest and compel his nomination for the Presidency in the next Repuo Bean National Convention he wonld be betrayed to defeat It is only by means of pressure from the West where he is most popular that he will able to get New York in line He is in peculiar situation in this respect but it is now evident that he recogni ¬ zes the tactics proper to such a sltua atibn Illinois as one as the Middle West States will make good fighting ground for Roosevelt The Rapublicaos of that State are already resentful of President McKinleys Interference in their Senatorial conflict Governor Yates has come out openly against the administration candidate for Senator former comptroller Dawes and the Yates machine is now in opposition to the McKinley machine in Illinois Yates has also placed himself on record as being unequivocally for Roosevelt in 1904 This will be a good and strong fight for Yates to makeas full of promise for his dominance in Illinois politics as it Is for Roosevelts candi ¬ dacy for the Presidential nomination The RooseveltYates alliance is likely to be formidable The peril to Roosevelt lies in the pre ¬ mature unmasking of his plans His candidacy now openly aligns him against the Hanna machine the most powerful yet known in American poli tics Hanna is supreme master of the Republican national organization He commands the influence and the money of the trusts in his management of Re ¬ publican national affairs He will not forget that Roosevelt at heart con ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ Bell Drouth unbroken Isisb toes no good pastures very dry that will COLUMBIA KENTUCKY = short by drouth up MASONIC Torn is in a perishing condition tobac- ¬ LODGE No 98 F and A MRegu COLUMBIA co looks well some are through top ¬ ¬ ar meeting In their hall over bank on Fri day night on or before the fun moon in each plug pastures have dried up month 2 30 ¬ Ballard = DroutU and high temperature drying up all crops corn crop cutoff fully onethird ground too dry and baked for fallowing for wheat CarlisleWheat all saved in good condition corn medium much in need of rain gardens dried up fruit medium in quality fair in quantity CallowayTobacco badly damaged corn crop is almost ruined vegetation of all kinds burnt upChrfstlanWeather very damaging to corn farmers are very much dis couraged tobacco has grown very slowly during the week pastures com pletely dried up gardens all parch ¬ ¬ BOBKSVILLH I the and the 4000 premium for the best gentleman rider will be won Lady Eider COURT p sThe The Old Gentlemans Riding Ring seventy years old andover BBS Ministers of the Gospel and all people over 70 years of age admitted free will come off in the afternoon of the First Day Come see the old men ride On Wednesday some of the best ring stock in State will compete for pre ¬ miums and close with a 3minute trot and a mule race Thursday the onehalf mile rackngrace The Finest Turnout the double team The Best DIRECTORY KENTUCKY CROP REPORT I NUMBER 40 Best Display of Stock Ever Seen in Southern Kentucky C J 0 for the Columbia Fair f r T f d I entirely cured think it the best medicine that I have ever tried For Jy7 aale by M Qraveos j nor f 41c > J < H tI- I > r Y C1

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